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Thread: How to unpack a .rar on mac

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    Jan 05, 2011
    How to unpack a .rar on mac
    Without using WinRAR because my work colleague doesnt want to install WinRAR or any type of program on the mac, and since im kinda new to mac I have no idea on how to do it.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    This has been covered on numerous occasions. A search of ".rar" only in the Switcher Hangout forum returns the following results: - Search Results

    and a search of this forum returns:
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    There is no way to get around it. You will definitely have to install an application for unpacking but there are other choices than just WinRAR... SimplyRAR, Unarchiver, Stuffit, Zipeg (free).
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    Thanks all, my colleague downloaded Stuffit(?) and it works fine.

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