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    Downloading large file
    Hey all,

    Downloading a VERY large file on my macbook, it clocks in at just under 13GB and it's from Fileplanet. Would use their download manager but that doesnt appear to work on macs.

    Was just curious as to what would be the best one to use for such a large download. I see that firefox has a number of plug download managers, but I just wasnt sure if that was the correct way forward or not.


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    Not that it's any of my business, but what kind of file are you downloading that is 13GB??? That's HUGE!

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    it's the beta client to Age of Conan from fileplanet. Cant leave my desktop machine on over night as it's a bit loud. So the macbook will have to be my downloading tool

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    Over at Disney, they routinely download files in excess of 50 gigs. I'm referring to people in the media design section. They even have a dedicated server for them with special software. Often these are film projects.

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