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Apple ID is the wrong ID
How can I see this photo on iPhone?
PDF annotation compatible on iOS and OSX?
Lost Apple ID
New Music Update - UGH
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iOS 8.4 deleting contact
Deleting images in Camera+
Apple Music deleted the playlists from my iPhone
Is there wonderful English learning app to recommend?
Tinder App
Deleting contacts iOS 8.4
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Why does iMovie shrink and crop off the top/bottom when exporting video on iPhone?
Mac Login & Password
iOS 8.4's "Music" - The Worst Iteration EVER?
apple music
apple music
hating ios 8.4; too clunky, bloated
Devices not talking to each other
iOS 8.4 update
iOS 8.4 Released
Photo transfer from iphone to imac
SHSH Blob and Unlock
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Can Apps spy on one another?
my Canon PIXMA MP 450
Does Anybody Know...
How Do I Restore iPhone with Local Backup from MobileSync Folder
iPhone photos question
iMessage Search app
Live-Streaming App.
accessing NOTES from iCloud
Podcasts app glitch: multiple entries of podcasts not subscribed to, erroneous info
Can I see the contents of all my devices
Disable "Update Your iCloud," etc.
blocked number question
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Thinking of switching from Android to iOS
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Can't Use Weather Apps without Wifi?
iTunes music icon question??
iPhone / iPad as a Remote Control
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Messages shows message under someone else's phone number
Music draining iPhone 5C
How Do I Empty A Mailbox?
IPhone 5 Screen Problems - can't answer calls or slide to unlock
No Own Number at top of Contacts
Should iPhone 5 auto switch from 5gHz to 2.4gHz when out of 5gHz range?
Trouble Adding Custom Name to Group Messages
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Apps not updating
iPhone Wallpaper (ICE In Case of Emergency)
How to Give Consent (or Not) to Apple for Frequent Locations Data
Why have some apps on my Ipad turned into grey box with lines running through it?
ringtone problem with 8.3
Need corporate contact backup for iphone
Writing on the back of a photo
Problems Updating iTunes on Win 7 PC
Activate facetime after jailbreak?
New Photos app folder tip
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Transferring file to ipad - wired
Is Upgrade to iOS 8.3 a Good Idea?
what the hell is wrong with icloud keychain (iOS and Yosemite)
iPad Air 2 won't boot up
Photostream Issues with new 8.3
Issues with new 8.3 iphone update.....
Problem using my Maps App on iPhone 6
iOS 8.3 Now Available.
Is There a Better GPS Apps than Maps
Gifting a periodical subscription
Recovering Data off Old iPhone with No Digitizer
Not Sure I Understand The Cellular Icon in Settings
Having Problems with Contacts Phone Numbers
Calendar not syncing with iMac
App for One Way Calendar Sync from iPad to iPhone?
I can't generate any new mailboxes on iPhone 6
Unlock your iPhone?
Having problem with ibooks
Can I get Google Drive on my iPad to automatically download articles to read offline?
icloud not syncing properly across my devices
iPad - Supervision and MDM
iPhoto Fog
Question about deleted pictures on iPhone
iPhone 6 latest iOS frozen
iOS 8.3 released as Beta for testing
sms using iPad through my android phone.
iOS 8.2 is now available
iPad Mini will not change to UK Store
No paypal option when purchising apps
Where is the iTune Radio in my iphone?
Music app with FTP?
Strange characters in mail preview
Iphone 6 case with or without port covers
Themes for IOS 9?
Having A Strange Issue Receiving Messages In Group Text
Iphone 6 wifi problems
Unaccounted for Memory in Photos
I messed up again!
Changing Primary e-mail address
iphone 4s issues
Delete account from iPhone without Password.
iPhone 3GS app installing problem
Disable Stop Sharing Dialog From Appearing When Delete Message Converstation
new in iMac
iTunes Equalizer Not Working with Quicktime Files
iOS 8.1.3 update puzzle
Ipad Epson Iprint for Nx400
Weird songs in my iTunes playlist
Xfer Kindle Books from Mac to iPad?
No internet connection after iOS 8 upgrade
Coming from Android. Need some help with SMS/MSS
Apps Store downloads
icloud drive on 2 iphones , ipad and a windows 8 PC
Software Installation on iOS
Getting OS 8.1.2 off of my iPhone 5
Deleted notes
Windows iBook Reader
DNS and iOS 8.1
BT Mail Phone Number 0800 014 8189
AIrplay is to Apple TV as ______ is to Smart TV
Unable to upload mkv files to AVPlayerHD
iOS 8 seeing ghosts ;)
Looking for ios app to overlay audio on top of all other apps' audio
In-App purchased movies - transfer to iTunes?
iPhone 6 offline...again?
Upgrading Iphone
When TestFlight app expires
What's Your Favorite iOS App?
ibooks problem
iMessage sound notification
Safari Issue on iPad Air 2
Notes not synching from Yosemite to iPhone
IOS and PDFs
ipad iphone synchronisation
OS 8.1.2 (issues?)
iPhone 6/Video App/TV Show artwork
Iphone 4s battery laughing at me
iPhone "other data" expanding spontaneously to > 50GB
Retrieving data from an iPad with an expired beta?
VERY new Apple user - iPhone 6 - Photo backups?
Shared calendars
Post software upgrade message
Anyone need a screensaver?
Calendar syncing failure
Mobile Data
How do you write reviews on iTunes without using ipad or iphone ?
Best business email that works with Mail app
iPhone 4, Google Drive, google Docs
iPhone not getting ANY audio alerts now!!
looking for a database app for clients list
Photos on iPad and iPhone
Two audio outputs from ipad
login to icloud failed on iphone
iPhone doesnt send emails at home with WiFi ?
iPad gmail not syncing...
Slow Motion Videos
Reminders not syncing
Youtube app on ipad screen size
Voice to Text Fail on iPhone 5C 8.1.1
PC Backup of IOS 8 iPad
Replay App
iOS 8.1.1
iPad 2 lost cellular data
Organising photos on ios 8
Itunes not working for downloads/app updates
What's happened to the Dictionary app?
Setting an mp3 to alarm... and repeating
iPad Photos - can't find to delete!
Health app tracking cycling distance
Deleting App Icons from iPhone 5S
How do I get PDF's off an old iPad
phone choice
Xcode and app developing
iPhone 5S Password to unlock phone
Scheduled Reminders
Duplicate photos on iPhone and their removal
Keychain set up on new iPhone
Ghost apps?
Upgrade from iPhone 3GS to iPhone 4s
Backing up iOS
iPhone upgrade quirks
iOS 8 Sharing via Extensions
Update iPhone 5S to IOS 8.1
Download or Download and Update?
New iPad - No Purchased Apps
Yellow icon like a light bulb?
Duplicated photos undeletable
Should I do the software update on my iPhone 5s to iOS 8.1?
Siri and languages
Mail protection against theft
Can't sync from iMac
ipad update to ios 8
Installing Java 8?
iTunes 12 not syncing properly with my iOS devices
iCloud drive issues
4s will not sync!
Problems with Calendar on iOS devices
Static appointment times
App problems...
Difficulties understanding Music app - iOS 8.1
Best iPad app
I Can't Get Justin Timberlake off My iPhone
iOS update failed - having trouble recovering data
Anyone installed iOS 8.1 yet?
Pages documents continuously "Update" and can never be opened in IOS 8
Bad unread Mail inbox count
iPad sings in sleep
Minor annoyance
Skype on 4s
Is there a tutorial for iCloud Drive?
Is it me? (iCloud Drive)
Ipad 2 should I update to ios 8
I cannot delete this last song
Bluetooth & iOS 8
iphone 5s won't mount on desktop
podcast manager
Family Sharing
Any way to restore to iOS 7.0.4 with saved SHSH Blobs
Don't allow app to update?
App Dev. Advise
Pausing between phone number and extension
iPhone weather app not right in iOS8.0
Itunes apps for iphone
iTunes Match issue
How well does iOS 8 work on the iPhone 5?
Should I upgrade to iOS 8 on my iPhone 5 or hold off for a bit longer?
Printing and apps
iOS 8.0.2 still has bugs!
Raise to listen, question
iOS 8.0.2 trouble with embedded YouTube videos
Rearanging extensions, but not staying
Siri in iOS 8.0.2
Can Anyone explain Family Sharing
Feature to turn off automatic updates for IOS releases
Required Apple ID in Mail?
Can't type in Web Address in iOS 8.02
IOS8 & 5S - Audio Quality when taking vieo
Is there a way to resync only certain items?
HealthKit homekit
Photobucket app freezing after iOS 8
transferring photos - iPhone to Mac Mini
iOS 8.0.2
iOS 8 Texting
So does the 4s actually have full-on GPS?
FaceTime History
iOS 8.0 problems...
I don't want iOS 8.0.2
iso8 consuming my battery quickly
Safari was totally hijacked on non jailbroken iPad mini
Do indivdual emails back up or just email accounts?
**iOS 8.0.1 Warning**
Is anyone else finding it difficult to download iOS 8?
icalendar sync problem ios7
MIssing photos on iOS8
iOS 8 download now or later?
remove password requirement for 8.0
Creating new Apple ID for my dad
PDF opens blank on iPhone/iPad
Email Issue on iPhone
iPhone 5 messages screen blank
ios 7.1.2 now that ios 8 is out
vpn problem when update to ios 8
iPhone stuck in recovery mode
iOS 8 and updating apps
iphone & ipad not showing in iTunes
IOS Install Failure
iOS8 workaround?
Teething problems?
iTunes Match and new phone - painful!
Updated But Have A Problem
IOS 8 and Slow-mo
iOS8 & iTunes/music/playlists frustrations!
iOS 8 continuity Pain in the ***
Will "Set up as new iPhone" delete everything on there?
iOS 8 is now available for download
Problems Downloading iPad Apps
How to access wifi on non-activated Iphone 5 without a sim card?
iCloud Account password on iPad forgotten/lost - how to update
just a little question between icloud ad my iphone
Landscape view for iPhone?
iPhone video mode is cropped compared to photo....???
Weird image view problem when sending from iOS
Getting nav buttons back in iPhone Safari
Deleting iphone 4s emails
Rows of grey boxes on black screen
Unable to check/select songs on iPod via iTunes
Receiving own message as Group MMS on IPhone 4
iHeart Radio App
Cannot text or call since returning from abroad
Apps for math/chemistry notes on ipad
Lost Messages
How about to make FIND MY IPHONE WORKS?
Unable to get updates from App Store
iOS Safari - Replicating a specific user agent string type
Youtube iPhone app streaming to Apple TV problem
Cash Register / POS
Apple ID help
Looking for a Scanner App
iMotion HD and the iTunes Sharing Folder option
Where are those iphoto folders?
Making iPhone really sync with iTunes
How to put my details on my post
Unregistering from iMessage
App for Multiple Product Listing
iPad reading list problems
iCloud sync with iTalk, Garage Band
asking for app
iphone 5s contacts backup
1 Password for iOS
WiFi connected but not transmitting
No iCloud access on iPad
Is there an iPhone app that can record instruments?
Safari keeps crashing under iOS 7.1.2
App for meeting planner communication?
Postbox for iOS - Alternatives?
AirDrop - maybe
iphone 4s is acting bizarre, please help
iOS/iPod backups on local machine
Microsoft Word app
iOS 7.1.2
Help with iCloud mail?!
Uninstall Nav-links
Templates in Pages for taking notes
Calls go straight to Voicemail
Lost in a cloud!
Solution for access to My Places at “Google Maps” Application?
Remember wi-fi login
Apps Checking Your Contacts
Working Together
Threaded mail in iOS Mail app
How to uncapture an iPhone?
iCloud merging bookmarks?
Straight To Swift or Objective C
Using 2 Email Apps Simultaneously
OLE DB and Office for Mac
Creating App-iness
Downloading text of webpages without images?
Reduce battery consumption by quitting apps?
Drawing App for taking notes
How to make iPhone ring for in-coming Skype call?
iOS8 hotspot
Best handwriting app for iPad
Cannot update apps via AppStore?
Tripit calendar glitch
iPhone auto shutdown
Cancel FaceTime before call connects
How do I transfer all my pictures in 'my pictures' directly to iphone?
Calendar Sync between iPhone5 and Macbook 10.9.2
Office application
Microsoft Word for iPad is actually very handy !!! Without a Subscription.
Duplicate All-Day Events on iPhone iOS 7.1.1
Question about muting contacts
iPhone hotspot with Mavericks
ipad permanently disabled
Home sharing
Converting TS Files to MOV
Is the a way to move a backup from my laptop to iCloud?
Photo Stream issues
Restoring Phone to Factory Settings- Sell Phone
Contacts won't update/sync on iCloud
iPad 3 + iOS 7.1.1 = Slow/Laggy?
Which password for iOS update?
iOS 7.1.1 update now available
put videos on your iPad
Free iPhone Maps for USA
Maps is not showing in location services
Iphone App for taking pictures of documents
iPhone Mail Account keeps failing
Having a problem with Word and Firefox on dual screens
Lightroom Goes Mobile with New iPad Solution!!
page orientation on iphone 4s os7.1
Changing default Apple ID
cannot verify server identity
Playing tunes in track order on iPod
are groups in Contacts possible on iPad?
Transfering phone contacts?
Opening numbers document on iPhone
PDF Reader on Ipad
FaceTime over 3G in iOS 7.1?
Microsoft to hand out free Office 365 subscriptions to iPad owners . . .
Time Stamp
Question about iphone mail
Best free/not free code scanner, app store?
Reading a pdf on Iphone
Printing App
Lockscreen question
Apple Maps app
(iPad) Whiteboard Mojo - The Most Versatile Sketching App
Calendar app for ios and windows desktop?
Is IOS 7.1 a real improvement?
MS Office for iPad
AirDrop Stopped Working
Go and grab the iOS 7.1 iOS update !!
an update problem???
Can't share Instagram photos to Facebook
Mute/Volume icon keeps appearing
Duplicate Songs on iPhone 5S and iPad Mini2
Alternative Audio App
new to iPhone
Downgrading to 6.0.1 is it possible with SHSH
Make sense of album artwork in music on ipad
Alternative to iOS Cal with CalDAV support
Transfer app to computer
Streamlining email on IOS devices
iphone won't sync pics
iTunes store changed itself.
Lost 'authorization' of MBA to iTunes, etc
FaceTime over 3G
Unlocking/Jaibreaking an iPhone 4
IOS 7 a bit laggy on Ipad Mini 1st Gen.?
ipod apps
HELP: my books disappeared from ibooks
Icon went missing - how do I get it back?
Ipad sounds
Instagram help
Photo Stream photos, half of them are Greyed out ?
Mini iPad movies
Share itunes video
Transferring audio from Voice Memos to Music
iPad Mini - Clear Browser History
App Store launches by itself
Photo app shuts off randomly on iPhone 4S
iTunes bits iTunes 10
email on iPhone & iPad
Resetting Messages App
Texts not synching with Mac's Messages
Programs similar to DejaOffice
1.690 "unread" e-mails on my iPhone 5
Locking down my children's iPhones
Separating Apple ID's
Help Manage iCloud Songs\Videos!
Music files download in iPad
Loss of data in Notes
Unable to delete photos w/ ios 7
Unable to register to Tango from UAE, any help appreciated
iPad 2 / IOS 6 ?
Notes Syncing through iCloud
Siri Problem
Notification sounds - IOS 7.0.4
where is wallpaper photo located
Jailbroken iPad 2 (5.0) to 7.0?
What's the best app(s) for MS office documents on iPad ?
PhotoSynth alternative? Globe panorama app
Pandora problems
iMessage confusion.
Why is iTunes copying mp3s out of order
How to Jailbreak iOS 7 - All iPhones, iPads and iPod touches
Is there a way to replace twitter, facebook as default apps w/o jailbreak?
Mail App on iPad4 problem
How to restore the old version of one iOS application
Issue with imail and multiple email address
Mail App: Early emails do not show
How to send email attachments: iOS
Podcast App Tries to Download Unticked Podcasts
Problem downloading newspaper
How to get music videos on iPod Nano gen 7???
I think I hate the iPhone
iOS 7 - Scrollview/audio code
Updating Apps on iPhone
Iphone Wallpaper setting issues
Replying to a message on here from iOS...
I need to login everytime I go to any message forums....
contacts vs phone app
Blocking Domains In Mac Mail
ios7 home sharing issues
Problems forwarding files IPAD IOS 7.0.4
Disappointed in iOS 7
iOS 7 vs. iOS 5.1.1 on iPhone 4
Hung Up
Stuck at Slide to unlock
5C wont download 7.0.4.
Find My Friends
Lastest iBooks update on iOS7
Upswipe on iOS 7.0.4
OK Im done, What is my Bonjour Username and Password !!
iPhone 5s Keyboard issues
iPad timer app that overrides the auto-lock
iTunes Match - duplicate track listings
Looking for weather alerting app
Update for Facebook App
2 iPhones / 1 Apple ID :/ ??
Which is the better camera app procamera or camera+
iOS7 back to iOS6 can it be done ?
Mute icon keep appearing
Why can't I copy contacts from mbp to ipad/ipod
Onyx Ready For Download
Need a recommendation for iPhone locator App for iPhone 4s
Apple support forum
ical groups
Opening docx
Looking for a productivity app