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Can't get rid of a reminder!
Log out Appstore
Phone help
iPhone 5s screen sometimes not rotating
Why cant we change the orientation of the home screens?
PDF annotation compatible on iOS and OSX?
iPhone 5s goes into safe mode when someone calls me
Music Won't Play iPhone 5c
Iphone sync failure
View pages docs with my iphone
iphone's usb cable doesn't works
Converting micro to nano sim
Wifi Tethering - Security?
iPad/iPhone and facebook
Why can't I see slo-mo videos when I plug my iPhone into my PC?
iphone 5 problem with color of photos
Iphon Moon App with adjustable alarm
iphone 6 broken
Synching contacts.
Turning off internet
iphone 6 issues
Pandora on iphone 4 in Canada - works then stops
authorizing computer (mac) with iphone
iPhone update?
Desperately need a screen protector: SecondSkin ONE or Spigen Glas?
iPhone 6 and car USB?
iPhone 5c got submerged in water-still working?
iPhone 5 Can't use messenger anymore :\
Should I get Aperture?
Restore backup didnít work
iPhone 6 Vibration Issue
16GB or 64GB
Photos won't upload to a specific Facebook album...
iPhone 6 plus took a shower
Animated SpeedoMeter
Nice surprise from ATT
iPhone:Battery Sudden drain
looking for case for iphone 6
iPhone Calls Linked
Music Transfer
What's the real situation with iphones and authenticity?
How to test used iphone 5s?
Iphone no service problem
How can a Mac/iPhone/iPad be tracked after a factory reset?
where is podcasts in my iphone 5s?
iPhone 5S Email Password Problems
ipod won't respond
iPhone 6+ Keyboard pop-up letters
iPhone won't find Bluetooth device
Need a huge favor from someone who has iCloud
How do I change metro PCS from Android phone to iPhone 4S
airplay icon missing
How to implement mdm on my iphone
site to know if my iphone is blacklisted or bared
Can my iPhone be repaired?
Attachments from 3rd Party Apps not sending through e-mail on iPhone 6+
how do you authenticate an iphone please?
iphone 5 charging cord
iPhone results limited to 1 "screen page"?
Using iPhone when traveling in UK
Bypass Activation Lock 6 Plus
Can not retrive mail on Iphone
Recover passwords
iPhone 5 not charging on 2 amp supply
New iPhone Never Claimed
IPhone Screen Oddly Dim After Software Update
Set alert for when status of item in apple store changes
Photos not appearing on new iPhone
CALENDARS - please help
What is this mark that has appeared out of no where on my apple watch?
Backup battery / charger
Siri broken with ios 8.3?
Recover Accidental deleted POP E-mail account e-mail
iphone contacts not fully deleted
Play desktop audio through iPhone speakers using USB connection
Uploading photos from iPhoto to iPhone
Iphone 5 and IOS 8
is there an iphone app that allows you to locate an iphone with just one login
Please I need help with iPhone 6 in Nigeria!
Time Capsule -USB
Unwanted emails on iPhone
erroneous weather data
Who is pre-Ordering the Watch or buying one on the day ??
Music app on my iPhone won't show albums
Duplicate contacts
Iphone 5s price ..?
What are the best accessories for external storage?
IOS zoom hanging
Garbled iPhone 6 phone calls
iMessage lock screen reply
iPhone iCal suddenly no longer working!
iphone 4s speaker problems
Iphone 5 - Buy or not to buy?
I Don't Understand HD Capacity Ratings
Cleaning iPhone 6 (or other) Ear Speaker
Music Issues on iPhone 6
iphone 6 and recording sound
iPhone 6 Plus Disappearing Storage
Yet another "Best Case for the iPhone 6" thread...
Share iCal with wife's iPhone
Can Contacts be Transferred from Flip Phone to iPhone 6
iPhone 6 screen dim
iPhone 5s simm card backup
Upgraded accidentally!
OS 8.2 Problem
best ear loop additions for Apple earbuds?
AT&T/Verizon iphone 6 on T-mobile?
iPhone won't accept iTunes selections
IPhone 6 Not Syncing to IMac
I can't seem to airdrop photos, videos or anything on my iphone5s to my macbook
iphone 6 plus wifi setting question please
Charge iPhone with iPad charger?
IOS 8.1.3 text messages
New charger cube
Issue resolved
iPhone 6/iOS 8 unable to receive email
Iphone 5 Bluetooth inoperable
Verizon iPhone 4S: Do I need to unlock to use in France?
Photos are gone!
Iphone 6 case with or without port covers
Start my iPhone
Has anyone else had this happen to them
sharing audio file between iPhone
iPhoto Recovery
Jailbreak iPhone 4S/T-Mobile.iOS8.0.2
iPhone signal strength
Remotely view installed apps?
5 to 5S
Speed Test
Using a Verizon iPhone 5 on T-Mobile
Unlock My Phone
iMessages freezes/wont send/wont delete
Restored my iPhone 4G.... can I recover it back?
Problem Syncing iPhone
iPhone 4 not booting and won't let me restore it
Starting a new iMessage
iPhone Network Support.
iTunes deletes playlists from iPhone
Any Way To Stop Bluetooth From Auto-connecting ?
Photos on iPhone versus reported in iTunes
Problems with iPhone 4 after reset
All music on my iPhone has suddenly been removed?
Downloading music to iphone
Does photos stream album take up storage on iPhone ?
Big or huge?
Are iProducts and AppleCare from different countries OK?
iMessage not working anymore..!
screen problem
Apple has ruined iPhone OS!
internet sharing from mac to iphone
iphone 5c won't download or send email
Calendars on iPhone
IPhone 6 plus home button sticking
iPhone 5c problems opening after charging
iphone 5 won't charge
iphone 5s lightning cable frayed
"history" in iphone6
Calendar on MacBook matching iPhone calendar
iPhone 4s No WiFi or Bluetooth
iphone4 ring tones
OT: Thoughts about our devices peripherals like selfie sticks and etc.
Deleted by mistake
Problems with iphone, iOS-8.1.2
Cannot open book in iBooks on iPhone
Iphone 6 touch screen problem?
iPhone 6 and a very strong magnet....
Update gone terribly wrong.
imessage not working... Tried loads of things.
How can I explore my whole iPhone file system from my mac
Subscribed calendar not syncing
Anyone try an iPhone reseller
Selling iPhone 4s
Retrieve disappearing iCal events
Sign in to iTunes Store
64gb memory card for iphone?
apple id on iPhone is my old email address
how to go to my apps on my iphone
5S or 6? Decisions, decisions...
Phone calls going to both iPhones, iPhone 5s & iPhone 6
Additional problems with iPhone 6
iPhone 4 HDTV hookup
Iphone 5 back up?
where is this heading to
Problem with iPhone 6
OT: Thoughts about our devices pheriperals like armband.
Can't Reset an iPhone 5
can my iphone 6s have it's privacy infringed?
iPhone Apple Store question
Not receiving group messages
Trade iPhone 6 Plus for iphone 6
iphone 4s icould
Apple ID/Mail Help
Share my location - not showing up in "Details"?
Edit favorites
iPhone Music
iPhone 5S cold temp problems
Iphone 5c display problem
What's This
Missing App Store Icon
Apple releases new update.for iPhone, etc...
iMessage dictation
What do you like best about iphone 6 plus?
screen only shows horizontally--
Accessing remote desktop on iphone.
IOS8 updates
Need iphone users help for class assigment
Dual Port Car Charger
how to remove a local encrypted backup of iphone
How full is too full?
What kind of excuse will you say to refrain someone from borrowing your new iphone?
how do l delete an old icloud account
IPhone 4s display error
Text Conversation won't delete
"Find My iphone" feature
continuing iPhone alert probs....
Unintentional FaceTime calls
How to Import photos FROM iPhoto TO iPhone 6
iPhone and more storage for update????
DAC for iPone/iPad
Permanently delete imessage from iPhone, iPad, iCloud??
Need advice re activation lock buying used iPhone 5
Locking SIM card - SIM PIN
Can't get iMessage Pictures and Can't See Previews of Videos
sync my iphone to mac
Locked out of unactivated iPhone 6
Should I switch from a LG G3 back to an iPhone 5s?
Android or iPhone with MacBookPro?
IOS 6 functionality in IOS world?
iPhone 6 Plus Playback Volume Issues
iphone 6 plus sleep/wake side button not responding
FB and Messenger can't access photo albums
Silent iPhone
iPhone OS8
selling iphone 5 question
iphone 4s home button won't work properly
[SUGGESTIONS]Selfie Stick for our Gadgets
deleting photos from iPhone
Need iPhone service center in Chennai
iPhone sync issue
BMW/Iphone 6+ pairing issues
Iphone 6 or Iphone 6 Plus
Iphone 6 + Issue
IPhone Locked Issue !
iOS upgrade problems
iphone 5c reinstalling music after sync
Considering iPhone 6 Plus just for Camera/Wifi....Crazy?
Terrible mute switch!
What the best way to disable a lost or stolen iPhone?
Voice memos
I can't bypass the SIM activation screen
Change Apple ID on iPhone 4s
Synch iPhone by WiFi (OS 8.1 to iMac Yosemite)
iPhone 6+ case & extended warrantee advice
iPhone 6 Speed dial
iphone 6 plus keeps crashing
My iPhone 6 Plus is stuck on EDGE (E) data SOMEBODY HELP PLEASE
Personal Hotspot, Not So Hot
Should the iphone 6 plus be fine for me or to big?
iPhone 6 landscape
iPhone 6 - Buy upfront or pay monthly? (UK)
'Maps' doesn't show streets, but still directs me
Can data be extracted from a no longer supported App?
New mophie?
Adobe Reader 11 App trouble after iOS 8.1 update
iPhone upgrade quirks
dead screen on iPhone 5s
iPhone 4S doesn't link to Wifi after iOS upgrade
iPhone Projector
deleting iPhone from cloud group of 4 devices
Flashlight malware
sync photos from computer to iphone
"Update All" not working
Emoji messgessage failure
Does this sound like spyware? How else could this have happened to my iPhone?
Can't sign into itunes store
How do I delete a book from iBooks on my iPad Air/
Review of the first case I'm trying on my new iPad Air 2
Iphone6 not syncing after ios8.1 install
Iphone 6 Apple leather case
Unlimited data on VZ moves to max data
"OTHER" big volume space on iphone
What is a good case to get for my iPhone 6
So glad Camera Roll is back
new iPhone
iCloud iphone 5
Want the iphone 6+ soon
iPhone Replacement Screen
iPhone failed to update, will not open in normal mode
iphone as usb cam?
Imessage remove old numbers
iPhone syncing problems
IOS 8 + Old Routers = Slow WiFi?
lost photos
Change iPhone Battery?
iPhone 5 battery issues? logic board?
App Store Badge shows updates available...
iPhone data usage increased dramatically
iPhone 6 with someone else contact
Brand New Rare Apple iPhone 6 Prototype GOLD 16GB
Using Siri to Play Music: Sometimes cannot detect song
iphone 6 won't restore from backup. need help.
Healthkit not linking correctly with MyFitnessPal
iPhone 5 -- How to get higher-res photos??
Retrieve sms message
Iphone 4S facetime
Who is with Iphone 4s and IOS 8 ?
iPhone broken screen
iOS 8 updates now no audio
How does iOS 8 work on the iPhone 5?
Let's hit the cell companies hard
Slow WiFi Connection with iPhone 6
how to transfer media from iphone 4s to 5s with mbpr and itunes?
disgruntled in Iowa
OTA Provisioning Profile Issue (iOS 8 Issue)
2 iPhones
Is this true?
iPhone mini
Poor sound with audio interface
iPhone 5s battery drain questions....?
iPhone 6 rattles when shaken?
Does Verizon's "alternate upgrade" still work?
Planning to Sell New iPhone 6. Your thoughts?
iPhone Messages
iPhone 6
Got My iPhone 6+ today
Help with iphone maps app
Why a 750p display?
Size of the phone screen doesn't matter that much anymore, GO VR!
iPhone mail sound notification.
Supposedly permanently deleted contacts have reappeared after iOS 8 restore
iPhone 6 Plus Transfer Question
iPhone 6/6 plus music app question
Apple has done it again!
how to identify a fake iphone,mac air and pro
unboxing now
It's Noon On the East Coast
iPhone 6 Plus - Ordered on a different phone number
iphone 6 with both cdma and gsm
Opening Albums Through an Artist's Page in Itunes
deleting from Cloud
Text messaging b/t iPhone and iPad
Can't find iPad or iPhone over Bluetooth
iPhone 6 order time
How to fix problems with iPhone Music app
Will resetting to factory settings, bump phone to ios8?
Why does Apple show so much "restraint" when it comes to specs?
Plan for picking up preorders on Friday
can I swap my 6 for a 6 Plus this Friday?
iPhone 6+ Retail Store Release Day Shopping
iPhone 6 cost in U.S for $199?
iPhones and AT&T plans
iPhone rent/own?
Why Can"t I Buy an iPhone Outright?
Are you buying Iphone 6 ?
iPhone 4S ringtones
iphone 6 practical uses
Will I be able to pre-order the iPhone 6 on finance with Apple?
Ion Strengthened Glass?
iPhone run home
Lightning Connection Clock Radio?
What are some good, durable earbuds for the iPhone 5?
iPhoto back-up
Can i have 2 phone numbers to my 1 iPhone - UK
iPhone backup to iCloud
iDevices timeout connecting to local network server
Another Broken USB cable..Bothering
iphone using 3G while connected to wifi
Used Verizon IPhone 4 question
rotate screen on iPhone 5
Deleting photos from iPhone 5
transferring phones
Is the iPhone GPS 'real' GPS?
Earbuds sound
Contacts discrepancy between iOS and OSX
iMessage waiting for activation
iphone 4s not receiving messages :(
Sent iPhone in via mail after the service request was cancelled, what now?
iPhone 4 battery died in 4 days.
Siri starts facetime
iPhone 4s froze in mid download
Can I sign into icloud on two different iPhones with the same account?
Iphone 5S - How to watch internet videos over cell network?
Salt water on iPhone 5
"Cellular Data is off" screen
i also want to know how to unlock an at&t iphone 5
Wattpad on Apple Mac
Iphone 5, and my macbook pro
iPhone 5 audio issues
Saving texts on iPhone
Synchronize iOS 7 (iPhone or iPad) to Exchange server
Metadata from iPhone 5s image itentifies hardware as 3Gs (repost, don't see original)
5C vs. 5S iphone camera
Deleted text tones on Iphone 4s and 5s
Iphone 4s weather app not updating
Will this scheme work to upgrade before contract is up?
songs to Iphone
How Do You Control Music Through the Dock (30-pin)?
Keep certain photos from iPhone
My iPhone 5 only takes calls on speaker?
iPhone 4s stuck in Recovery, cannot go DFU
iPhone 4s cannot connect to 3G when 4G is unavailable
Stalled video
iPhone connection to iTunes
iPhone 4S and volume button
iPhone 6 better Slow Motion
iMessage suddenly doesn't recognize another iPhone with blue
iPhone cannot be synched issue
transfer music from iphone to mac
dual band iPhone 5s
Photostream not avaliable
Reply to thread on iPhone
When will be the iPhone 6 launch?
iPhone 5 bluetooth
iMac iPhone iMessage issue - Please help!!!
Help me figure out how to update to a newer iphone!
iPhone 4
sudden screen size changes on iphone 5s
Iphone charging issue
External mic not working?
New icon appeared in my tab bar
Car Mount
Deleteing text messages on iPhone
Late-adopter: upgrade to 7.1 or wait for 8?
message syncing across iOS devices & iMac
iPhone 5C quality issues
a freeText to voice app?
Best alarm clock (not App)
Data from App to a new iPhone
Photos back onto Iphone
save data from iphone 5s can't input password
Using text to speech
Sync a ringtone to iPhone without losing library
What case would fit my 5C with a tempered glass screen protector on it?
Caller options for iPhone 5c
IPhone via WIFI without SIM?
iphone 5s not ringing
Clear Instructions for BlueTooth please
downloads won't sync to iphone
iPhone 4 no longer a phone!
iphone 5s charging port
iPhone Media Transfer to PC
EarPods break again
5s screen not working - please help
Volume not working on 5S - only shows headphones
error 69 iphone 5s
iPhone 5 won't use selected text tones
Newer 5c won't let me delete emails
iPhone 5 Battery
Iphone No service
New idea
iPhone SMS Text appears as Email
Iphone 4 and IOS 7.1.1- Lag?
Queueing text-messages
Queueing text-messages
Iphone 4 stuck on safe mode
No alerts for text-messages
Getting contacts / apps from ios7 onto new spare new, older iphone
Change name of iPhone
iPhone 5 stuck on recovery mode error (9) (See video)
iPhone Scam the loot, craigslist. Lee Hall & Mr T Larter
I Phone won't turn on
Why my iPhone 4S run slower now, what should i do?
iPhone 5s t mobile audio issue
Where's the microphone option please?
Home screen magnifies in pocket
Heart Monitor
Can't Send email with Road Runner on iPhone
Haven't they got the message yet?
Which iPhone 5s adapter works with old 4s cable and equipment for charging and audio?
Factory Restore
Greyed out songs on iPhone
On/Off labels no longer does anything since last iOS update
iPhones, 5, 5c and 5s?
New Phone
How does everyone feel about the rumored new larger iPhone 6?
How to improve your iPhone's battery life
iPhone for use in GB, F, and D
iPhone cut off after 5 mins
when i try to jailbreak my phone i am getting error messag
Dropbox folder on iPhone
Phone or SIM failure
updating iphone on verizon and keeping unlimited data plan
Voicemail/Greeting Problem on 4S
Calendar removal
false advertising
Replacement battery
Multi Charger
Travelling Europe with Verizon iPhone 5s
iPhone 5S (iOS 7.1) Intermittent
imei checker
icloud not on my 3gs
Using iPhone 5, 5c, or 5s in Newer Model Cars - Audio Jack Cable
Best IPhones, Best deals
Sync iPhone contacts not using iCloud
iPhone 6 will be a disaster?
IPhone Purchase first time?
Iphone 5s Microphone Distorts Live Video
iPhone 4S 16 GB Storage and Wifi Issues
Do iPhones get hot in use? (Versus Android handsets)