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NooB qeustions.
newbie file delete question
A word about CPU performance (hopefully the last one)
Help! Spyware, viruses, adware-What do I need?
Browser bumping: What you use and why.
Opinion needed
Safari or IE
Language Compatibility?
Where has the office programs gone?
OS X fonts compared to Windows?
Cool OS X Features - Enlighten Me
viewing iphoto in windows machines/ other macs
just wandering
First Mac, Have Questions
Dual Display
iBook vs. PowerBook Dilemma
Apple voted the most influential brand
This Sucks
iBook shipping from China?
Network drives
Wanted - Internet speed meter
My iBook problems, help needed please.
Max Storage
Names & Passwords
Good article for any possible switcher, :-)
AIM for Mac
Ram upgrade
advice needed
Install osx on PC!
Speed Sensitive Mouse
Compatable Parts?
FTP'ing from withing OS X
Resizing an Image
Reliable P2P
Two simple questions from a possible switcher
GREAT switcher shirt idea.
"Finder" settings
Does anyone care about my sister's birthday?
potential switcher.... not sure what to switch TO
new ibook!
Mac Mini, Airport + Bluetooth Price reduction
Windows users, im crying
osx mail
file type association
Brand new to Mac and lovin every minute
Got my new PowerMac G5!!
Is this Apple Rotten?
Posting from my new Mac Mini!
alternative DVD player
Need Immediate Help
bluetooth mouse?
Crazy Desktops
Virus question
E-mail, Internet browser, and AIM
how to lock computer in OSX?
Ahh No!!!
a simple question about price
Dead pixel in PB G4 15in display...
Whoo Hoo! Got my iMac!
new ibook
Another convert
Why a mac?
First Post; First Question.
Newbie track pad question
program drive image icon on desktop
How to make a .img
custom OS install
ejecting cd in mac mini
Yet another convert...
cancelling safari history
My "kick the bucket" thread. READ Switchers!
Video cards
Switching, Tiger, and the new Mini.
First Mac, PowerMac G5 or Powerbook G4?
I can't get my audio cd's from itunes to play in my car?!
Clean up computer?
Apple Magazines?
Mac Mini 1.25 Ghz for 449.99!
Now I have to wait another week for my iBook!
My Horror Story
im 15 and stuck in the pc world...
Linux web developer looking for advice!
line termination
Euro Plug end
To Switch or Not To Switch???
Keynote streaming problem
Any suggestions on a good usenet news reader for Mac?
Safari won't accept any cookies?
PC Migration Question
New iBook Owner! Need help with OS X...
Just switched yesterday.
New to the gang
hey guys! the new OS rating site has just launched! :)
Say hello to the latest switcher
Add in USB Card - Sonnet
Salvaging a PC for my new MAC?
Newbie Q. Freeing up HD space on my new PB.
Why Don't Macs Have A Right Click?
Visio and ERwin/ERX 4.0
Looking for good AppleScript tutorial
Ex-Windows Users Who Will NEVER Go Back
Hello All!
1st time Mac user - getting the basics sorted.
Why Powerbook? A PC Users Perspective.
File Extensions
Boot from Diskwarrior
Third Party Memory
Is it right for me?
Win User Drowning at Mac Job - HELP!
Scratched iBook case!
A Few Questions Before Buying!
Why I'm switching
Getting a Mac in a few months, is an iMac or Power Mac more suitable for my needs?
Is this a smart move????
Screen locks every time system goes into standby.
iMac G5 - DVD question
Long mp3 filenames get butchered when sync'ed to palm, but only on my mac
Mac Mini And Windows
PDA - Outlook - Active Synce
New-be sort of question
Getting mac Monday!
Note taking software?
something that keeps the paint to the left & right of the touch pad from wearing out?
Networking/File Sharing Question
Yey I'm a Convert
Mac help in finder
Great Mac Mini Debate at Rage3D Forums
Question about Mini(me)
iMac or Mac mini
Benchmarks - Dual 1.8Ghz vs Dual 2.5Ghz
USB Bluetooth Dongle
Couple quick Q's
G5 Hardware
Bluetooth and Apple
iBook goes to sleep when screen is shut
learning new operating system
Mac Websites
multiple screens ?
iBook vs x86 Laptops in PREFORMANCE - I wanna see real evidence
On My Way!
installing memory in mac mini
Where to buy Mac Mini?
New Mac User
Is 'Overclocking' a pc thing?
Mac mini+car
iBook to Windows folder sync?
audio cd reading probs please help!
Studies of MAC vs. PC?...
Help me please!!!!
Everywhere I look I see Macs
Mac Mini business use... any good?
New user --> accident
switching just became alot
Mac MSN client with web cam capabilities???
Installing programs
Need email help/suggestions for GroupWise
Power Mac G5 or iMac G5?
WPS Converter
On or Off????
G3 Keyboard and G4
Switched again...
My life story...not really, but why I switched
Choices choices.
Video Conference (non-iChat)
apple make a tablet?
Gamer wanting Mac for secondary laptop
12" G4 memory expansion!
Why I switched from PCs
upgrade from my 12" ibook to a powerbook?
Questions from a future switcher
What does...
Switching?? Maybe...
in the need of hlpe //version 2
Hard disk activity
Thinking about switching
custom mac
Printing to windows printer
Convert WMV to MPEG for move to mac???
Initial switch with older machine?
How to increase virtual memory?
just switched and HATE iPhoto with a passion
My switch story (gather round PC guru's)
Any real need for virus software with Mac OS X Panther?
Burning to a CD-RW
When did you switch?
Zapping pram?
Roadrunner (or any other cable connection)
Transfering PC (Outlook Ex.) e-mail address book
HELP How do I find what taken up all of my harddrive?
Made the decision to switch over
About to switch... back
Importing old address book into new
viewing photos in finder?
Print Screen
40GB Multimedia: from PC to Mac? Help!
in need of help
about to switch...need your opinion
p2p software and osx
My little switch story
Battery Juice
Burning an iDVD project in Windows to a PC burner?
File transferring problems...
Copying DVDs
uploading photos question
im lost to the mac world
Video Editing
i seriously need help, please!!!
Recording Guitar
How to adjust sound played through the mac from an external device? Impossible?
My buddy goes back to XPEE!
ibook or powerbook?????
Dreamweaver question
Bluetooth Key?
iDVD Problems
I respect all of your opinions...Help me again...
Problem with windows printing
How to uninstall software
About TIME.
Way of connecting iBook to a PC?
Printer sharing disabling
how to boot from a cd???
win key, alt-tab, ctrl-esc in a FULLSCREEN game
Advice on switch to OSX on my PB G3
Attachment preview
password for mail
Please help
standard to extended os
Powerbook 180c
Holy Crap its here!
network problems
Gettin iMac 20", and some questions
My "Switcher" Review of the iBook G4 12"
I've Switched...
Yet another MAC OSX question...
iMac G5
Sound Problem
15" PB or 20" Imac
Maintenance on a MAC?
Why PC people think Macs are slow
Switch Adobe
Hello All and quick question??
Games on an ibook
I Ordered my ibook tonight...
Expose doesn't work on my powerbook!
Snap to Desktop?
I need your opinions please!
I Betrayed the PC
I B iMacin today!
Full OSX CD with iBook? Can I use tiger?
iTunes music sharing
HELP! PLEASE! Can't install anything on Wallstreet
What can i say, I'm hooked
n00b iTunes question
Yellow Dog second OS=better than Virtual PC?
Today, is a day, that will live, in infamy.....
Keyboard question.
RAM question.
Detecting other wireless networks
Why does Apple use IBM processors?
Another one on the block
Firefox question
I have finally put an ibook on order
My first iBook
The switch is official
Newbie question
Travels w/ the notebook.
Newbie question(first of many)
How do i burn toast?
Cloning a lab of MACs
dual core powerbook?
I Switched
insert key?
Chat Networks
Reading material for noobs.
?? G3 vs G4
problems with windows media player
How Long?
Christmas Macintosh-related Background Wanted!
SNL videos
Give advice to this poor n00b :D
What's First?
switching from PC
Portable Mice for Laptops
Duh, how do I get e-mail?
New user
OS X Boot Nightmare....
Do you PDA?
Display dimming
Apple Monitors
Ibook G4
Newbie Questions
Ibook G4 Worries
Confused Newbie...
New Mac User...
Brand new user
MSN Games?
Just Got My PowerBook
Tax Cut software
Adobe Question
Is there cheap memory?
Question about iLife
MAC OS X boot problems
Gentoo Linux on imac G5
Photo Editing Software Questions.
Newbie Questions
Photoshop CS
Newbie Networking Questions
And for the 8th mouse button...
I want my camera on the desktop...
Turn off or sleep?
Any shortcut to shutdown the Mac?
hard drive usage huge
Hard Drive Types
iDVD and third party burner?
Virtual PC SPEED!
Which Mac?
New to Mac
A new half-convert
Printing is so slow in OS X compared to my XP?
The next step...
Is $2220 good for PB G4 15" 1.5 GHz?
powerbook+ multiple monitors
New User - iBook g4
hey im new and wondering if ...........
I'm missing something here, ClearDock
path environment variable
iTunes Problem/Error
Desktop question
Multiple Internet windows open
Need Help with .Mac
Spyware, etc.
Safari can't find server!
Networking 10 Brand new G5s
Flying with my new PowerBook
Newbie questions, please can you help me decide
Total newbie questions to help me switch
Possible switcher...many questions though
Can I delete xcode, classic etc and reinstall?
How do mac users right click?
Unable to Re-install Applications
iMac G5
Benchmarking software for OS X and XP
Disk Utilities
OS X "Tiger"
Optimizing Volume
Microsoft Project for MAC?
Innexpensive S-Video capture device for PowerBook.
MacJanitor and Mac Sweeper
"Save As"
Finally got it!
p2p on macs (limewire, etc)
Wireless Networking - mac & pc?
Folder actions?
Turn inbuilt screen off?
Tips on how to get Apple to send me a new PowerBook
iTunes Questions
Google issue
Force Quit
My Terminal is messed up.
Problem with Internet Connect
How do I join a workgroup?
AirPort keeps connecting to wrong network!
switch tons of software questions
Just ordered my first mac.
Unix apps and X11
Virtual PC is Garbage!
Modem as Telephone
Cant connect to internet !!
Help!!! can't use help
why did you REALLY do it?
PowerBook or iBook?
Virtual PC
Its here :)
Internet connect crashing
A Question About the "Missing" App
help! control+click doesn't work with finder :(
Slide view instead of notes view in PowerPoint?
Now or later.
Switching between apps using the keyboard.
Filled it...with nuthin!
Quicktime Pro
iBook questions...
Supported font types in Mac?
basic video player setup questions, mac os 10.1.2
Help!! External HDD issue...
Office v. X vs. Office 2004
Switching to a mac(help)!
Cant use Stuffit Expander
iDISK 'Stuck' File
Of SODIMMS and Virtual PC
What the. . .?
replacement player for winamp
iMac vs PowerMac
I am having problems please help!!!
Unix executable on Mac OSx
Video Capture
Checking Temp on new iMAC
networking problems
Switcher with USB 'issues'
Qucik Q b4 Switching (horray)
2 Questions
Noobish question please help!
Free News Reader
An accidental switch.
Help... UNIX or MAC OS X Journaled?
Switch Complete, it feels nice..
Thinking of switching
Average Lifespan
Can someone give me some info?
Switch to Apple Mac
Headphones question
Crash for all the world to see
Keyboard options
Shift-Click wont select all...
outlook and applemail
Successful switch for me. how did others go?
games for mac
"Recycled" folder
plug in and go???
My Own Pics for Screensavers and Background
What happens if...
looking to buy powerbook. some basic questions
mac os 8 lol HELP!
weird Entourage problem
What are the main differences between an Apple and a PC?
Launch Application with a set Keystroke?
office upgrading
List view vs. Icon view - can't see all files
Help with Mac X
Buy now or wait?
transferring work from g4 to g5?
Problems connecting to AOL UK dial-up via my powerbook
Problem with websites
Spanning hack with the iMac
Application launch failure
Questions about Apple Protection Plan
EMERGENCY! I need help fast
Check Media player installations
New apple user
Good Entourage Spam Filter Software
iPhoto Printing Help
Good mac site, for purchasing.
i'm getting a G4 867 dual proc 512meg sys. going to put panther on it.
Hummingbird HostExplorer for Mac OS?
Trash won't work?
Help me choose...
is this what it is supposed to sound like?
Thinking about getting a mac
Setting Default Browser
FONT (virus) problem
Norton Password Manager or Similar For Mac
Delete key??????????
Finder Question
stupid stupid iDisk
is it a ripoff?
Added RAM, computer SLOWER?
Mac DivX
Can quicktime go full-screen?
Repair schedule
Computer game question
Microsoft Office and student discount question
anti-virus software
is there any way i can transfer my music from my ipod to my powerbook?
12" iBook or PowerBook
Old PC new storage drive?
Format an external?
mac/windows software equivalents
Newbie: print in B&W and draft
USB Pen Drives Windows/Mac
Spatial Finder... "unspatializing?"
Question about printing web pages
Internet Radio...this is frustrating
new imac - Can I upgrade the vid card?
Apple Care?
Wanna help me decide?
Possible Switcher
Backing Up
Deleting Partition (no installation cd)
Firefox default?
Something STRANGE just happened...
new iMac G5 and monitor issues
Problem (Direct Connect)
Back and forth
Help Please!!!
another question from the newly emac owner