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Screw it, I'm keeping my Imac G5 and getting a new 15" powerbook.
Empty unpacked .sit folders?
Windows Media Player download
Making the move finally...
Is there that much difference in an Imac G5 and a powerbook?
ms publisher alternative...
osx on 2 computers
Just switched....2 quick questions
Apple's delivery questions
Renaming files.
"There is insufficient bandwidth to maintain the conference"
Switcher questions
New Switcher... well kind of :)
top bar...
Broadband Tuner
Adium lags badly
How do I truely uninstall XCode 2?
I'm going with MAC!
I just made the switch!!!
Can't get Azureus to work on new iMac
Powerbook - problem with green LEDs on keyboard
Logging out without closing all applications
Minimum Requirements
Finally Done! A Week into my new iMac...
Changing default mail client
Secure empty trash
I really am buying an Apple...
external dvd burners, pathburn, confused
I have got 450.00 / $770 to spend on a mac what should I get?
MacOS X or Windows Xp??
dvd ripping and copying
toast 6 titanium
Bye Windows
Battery Problem
how do i get an higher resolution???
cant update tiger !!
PowerBook Overheating?
mP3 converting program for Mac?
Format Nightmares-i backed up my HD on Windows DOS
External DVD burner for powerbook
Disc burning error
Messenger:mac ......... File Transfer Issues!
bye bye windows
College Discount
Mighty Mouse Problems?
cd burning problems
i need a higher volume
DVD Player for OS X 10.3.9 anyone?
The Switcher Stereotype.
Finally Switching!
front row and movies
pc games
ever have a windows user see you using expose?
Powerbook is squeaking????
Switcher's worries.
On the brink of switching...
Newby iLife File Management Question
Looking for automated S/FTP upload workflow
Panther or Tiger
HELP! I broke it!
Intel Macintosh (MacTel) FAQ.
Can you convert a .exe file?
Apple Holiday deals?
Purchase G5 now or wait for Intel chip
How does OS X allocate ram to applications?
.dmg file
Setup Idea
mac security
Running Multiple Instances of the Same Program
After 5 years of longing...I might finally get an iBook! ^_^
Making an AVI into a DVD movie
How-To: Install new DVD-burner im PowerMac G4 Gigabit Ethernet?
Reconnect to network on boot?
Mount for iMAc g5 with isight (built in)
MacMail Help
Safari Question
Opening web page from an app...
mac wont accept external HD
Need administrator privlages ....
Power Mac G4 Gigabit Ethernet Processor Upgrade
mac preloaded software
New Imac
Need webcam for PB (besides isight), suggestions?
Airport Extreme Card not recognised
another question!
About to switch!
oooh... got my Mac. Now i need some great apps :)
Printer Issues (HP Photosmart 1115) & PowerBook
Printer Configuration issues.
Any advise before making the switch
Couple of quick questions for the experts.
Mac + Pda
bought a what?!
Installing Tiger from Download
Problem - any help?
Trying to upload images NAME LENGTH
Where has it gone!?
New Mac User - 17" Display + Safari Keychain Queries
"Please enter your keychain password"..what is this?
Users folder
What Is This?
Running Virtual PC on Power Book
New Sticky: File extension?
Java 1.5 OSX panther
I Just Switched!! (Sorta) Looking For Tips
question about elgato
Virtual Image
Uninstalling Programs
Copying a CD
Custom Screensaver Settings?
Questions About Switching
AOL instant messenger
Software Update
World of Warcraft 3 : Reign of Chaos
two computers one keyboard&mouse?
switcher/msn messenger/itunes
imovie randomly shuts down
Backups, CDs and iSights
Networking woes...
New switcher. My 3 month experience..
Broken Ipod?
first Mac have a few questions
quick question
KVM problems
Word processing - Pages vs. Office
Itching to go portable again...
iMac- question
Bank of America: Are They Crazy???
Comparisons for potential switcher
quicktime problem. .AVI plays with no pic?
New Mac Owner
Having a problem printing, could use some assistance.
proud mac owner
uninstallation troubles
Splitting myself in half
Terminal service type thing to display mac on PC
Bad Week?
Imac g5
Email Conundrum
HI, newbie here
Need advice for Portable Mac Solution
AHHHH! I think I broke it
advice for avoiding headaches
Budgeting program?
Sync from Mac, over network to Palm connected to PC with serial?
Backing up DVDs - any progs out there?
New Mac Laptop and HD
Getting MPEG videos onto iPod
It is time to do it!
Help Help Help
Halloween Time
Noobie question
Not a newbie question just a simple one
10 vs. 2004
Best reads/FAQ's?
newbie question.
Can XP truetype fonts transfer onto OSX?
formatting HD question
What does "i" stand for?
Utility for freeing inactive RAM?
Transfer Files to DV Input on DVD Recorder
Outlook Express to Mac Mail - How to?
Just got my ibook G3 today..please help with few questions
Got a problem NEED HELP!!!!
Killer Mac Apps?
removing hard disk from desktop
Popcorn/Toast 7
Installing software troubles...
Think before you switch...
Word processor other that MS Word
Xtras will not install in Adium
few questions
Love it, but . . .
Maybe i'm not so poor,
New iPod came in two days early.
Menu question
ibook 14" v pbook 15"
new quicktime(no sound)
RAM and Sound Card questions
How much video ram?
Was I ripped off?
I NEED HELP with subscripts
Ram/cache issues
Why did you switch?
Mac Mall?
Switching for Graphic Design
First time buyer, Should I buy this ibook G3? advice please.
DVD Player
Getan old g4 and keep my IBM Thinkpad or sell the thinkpad and get a new iBook?
Should I wait for new powerbooks
Buy online or at local Apple Store?
Anti virus
Noob problem, need help
Always asking me to shutdown. >:/
New G5 powermacs
17" vs 20"
7200 or 5400 rpm
What prog to play media (mainly mp3s?)
no keey board 323-2-3123-
Is the iMac a bad computer?
Icon switching
ADC Discount question
Veiw imac on tv
PC Network Administrator has switched!
Thinking about switching - powerbook questions
Application has to be transferred in a .sit
m8 forgot his password
Apple, advertise more computers and less iPods
May be a totally stupid question....
Virtual CD ROM
Totally bizarre
Thinking About Switching
Virtual PC on PB G4
Questions about software updater
Disc Defragment and Scan Disc?
installer problem
In Ear Headphones
Saving space
How to share external USB drive?
GRR! Deleted Quicktime... Cant Install! HELP
Considering a total switch
My hotmail account and Mac's Mail app.
Remote Desktop Connection
Apple Mail Signatures
I have Virtual PC and Windows 95 CD, just need boot floppy...
Video Compression
Freezing help
Burning CDs
Microsoft Reader
QT Update - Freeze
Looking for some software
SSH'ing to mac.
safari freezing
ichat for 10.1?
Sell old get New iMac?
Unofficial Apple Updates Discussion
Web Browser For Os X 10.1
"Default Desktop" HELP!!!!!!!!!
"Default Desktop" HELP!!!!!!!!!
Itunes Movies
New iMac or old for me?
Ethernet Port Pins
Odd printing results
Burn one movie on two dvds
software for creating E-cards?
Web Cam
Is This A Good Deal
Help With Tiger Install
Not sure what program I am talking about....
Biggest Hd for a Dual powermac ?
Imac g5, video output
DVD backup
"Switcher's Sweat": a tale.
Audio Hijack Pro
Defragmenting Hard Drive
Apple Mail quits when sent
What should a WMA user do when he switches?
A few generic questions
PB keys
Audio missing from Quicktime files in iMovie?
i need help
How to Install WMP 9?
Just made it over!
Before and After
Mac + PC setup
Laserwriter, paper jam
Entourage Sucks!
Several Program issues
Don't Have OS 9
Mac Mini vs Dual G4 1.25ghz
My System Pref. Windo Logos Have Changed
Stubborn desktop folders
Why is my external dvd burner sooo SLOW!!!!
cut copy and paste
Photoshop CS vs old filters ?
Digital Video Camera's
I can't delete old (os9) system files !!
switch to pc question
Java menus in Safari
No audio in iMovie with Quick
Dual G4 PowerMac
Ichat direct connect files...where are they?
Connecting to computer Via SSH
Rename computer
do you reformat?
How to reinstall Internet Connect?
Unofficial Favorite Freeware Thread
TV widget for Mac
center text on a label
G4 iBook reset itself?!?
Bought my first IBOOK
gmail problem
Finally bought my first Mac...
Q about Apple Refurbished Models
Im buying a new laptop
How do I not make my ibook go idle?
how do you copy cds?
fat32 in OS9?
iBook G4 with World Of Warcraft
Just ordered (read now!!!!!!)
Thinking of switching back after 6 years
DVD questions
Copy paste
What should I use to open a .bin file?
New to mac's
Need PDF Help???
Software: Winamp analog for mac?
how to make a back up on 2 dvds
Question about buying slightly used PowerBook?
Quicktime Movies in iMovie ?
iBook G4 trackpad acting jumpy
Computer Engineering student about to switch
Photoshop and Final Cut
uninstall programs: trash?
PowerBook AC Adapter
upgraded iBook or PB
First time buyer- general questions
Hey all, just ordered ibook G4, few questions
Applications folder
I got it!!!
How do I ......
Hotmail problem?
How do I access folders that contain space in Terminal. (ie. My Folder)
How do I rename a file?
Buying a PB
Internet slow after a few days
PC to Mac Networking Problem
How do I uninstall software on the Macs?
How do I access the BIOS like on the PCs?
Samsung Ram Any Good
Mac G4 or Mac Mini?
Is .app the binary execute file?
Photoshop and Illustrator
As I escaped the desert of Windows...
which external dvd burner for iDVD?
Burning disc images in osx?
He wants to trade PB for my iBook.
HELP !!.Having trouble with dvd drive
how can i burn dvds on powermac at speed x16?
Refurbished Apple
Programe to copy DVD's at x16 speed?
Running Out Of Storage Space
acdsee available for macintosh?? Or comparable product
how to un-install an application on a macintosh
Ram Question
Help - Moving files from PC to Mac
Do you seperate your partitions?
switching soon
Dell monitor not compatible with Mac?
brand-newb. moved important files?
Software installation
Eizo LCD not crisp anymore with Minimac (it was)
OS X basics and maintenance
mp3/wav to midi converter
Which Power Mac G4?
gmail contact list
"New" g4 machine - need to remove old user account
shift-select files in finder
Safar surfin is slow
Should I put shortcut(softlink?) on the desktop?
sharing other folders?
dvd to dvd burning
Windows Registry Pop Up on MAC???
Question about music foler
Help! I switched to ibook having serious problems
New to MAC need Topo software recommendation
one more week.....
So I got a new game for my 14 inch ibook G4..
The Switch!
Airport Extreme/Express
intel macs
External HD question/problem
Delivery times
RAM upgrade for iMac & iBook
Password Protecting a Folder
Suggestions for great label software
UK Refurb
ibook and ext display
three weeks on...
Question Regarding Remoteing into cisco routers
Windows Media Player 10
Can I install OS x from ibook to iMac?
Free Ipod
I made the switch to a Mac tonight, I like it...
Visual Studio.Net installed on Mac OS X?
Adium issue...
I did it and I'm...
It's Here And Holy Puppy!
Anywhere to download Monopoly
The Official Mac AntiVirus and Firewall FAQ
Slot-loading drive in 17" PowerBook
USB 2.0 cardreader not detected by iBook
External Harddrive
getting *.doc's to open in neooffice
weird screen blanking problem after Tiger install
Apple Refurbished Products
Lost iTunes Song
Keynote vs Powepoint.
got my 12inch powerbook
Boot up problems
Cant install iTunes 5... Still open?
Need Advice Which Power Mac to get!!
Favorite Apple II games?
student discount question
Help me someone ... Windoze question!
intellimouse problem
Files in Mac?
New 12" Powerbook (switcher)
Buying advice: 15" PB v. 17" iMac & 12" iBook
Possible switcher HELP!
Shelf MS Office vs. the Trial verions on the new Macs
memory question
If you switched, try Quicksilver for keyboard shortcuts
Where is my HD Space after Tiger upgrade?
Tiger upgrade issue
RSS Feeds Question
Hotel internet connection help
ram install
Switcher Internet Question
Hello from Wales, help req on memory prob..
Educational discount
viewing sites with sounds on safari
sorry if this is a repeat...
Final Cut Express
Newbie questions: saving settings and disk images
Another printer thread....
Considering Switching
Almost there...
recommended ram?
I miss my Windows shortcuts, lol
Put LCD screen to sleep HELP!!!
How to retrieve my Itunes???
New to Apple. Looking for a calendar program
microsoft office 2004
View on Top
Indigio with No OS, How do I install OSX?
Mac Alternatives
Freeware MP3 Player Suggestions?
Just Switched
Will my laptop read a DVD+R disc?
I Did It!!!!!
Problem with waking Powerbook from Sleep
problems /Suggestions for Email App
OS X Shortcut keys - can't find list for me!
What do you guys use to clean your screens.
Home directory and filevault
How Do I Convert An Avi File And Burn It Onto A Dvd To Play On Any Dvd Player
Mac Mail
Filevault Sparseimage - how to open with master pw?
Best way to make my G5 New again.
Login Account Issues
Safari Question
Can you use a convert a windows screensaver??
Internal updates distributions???
Parallel Printer Port ?