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Macbook vrs Powerbook
apple keyboard
itunes and simple osx problem
WMV's in iTunes?
Getting a MacBook soon but....
Are there any firewall experts in the house
Network HELP!
Steve jobs OSX 101
IP address
Where's the hash key?
The time has come
iMac won't start
Ms Paint
The time to switch is NOW!
Old PC users wants to switch
do i need a desktop and notebook
Command-Tab Crashed me. Will Pay for answer. Please Help!
iTunes transfer help
Why is OSX so confusing to use??
Macbook Memory
I did it!!!
New iMacer, quick question!
All I can say is wow
Jpg transfer problems
Won't open .rtf file
Install icons on desktop
Organizing icons on the desktop
confused about bit torrents
New to macs.. please help a newb
AOL for Mac?
Annoying system photos
Another Newbie That Needs Some Help
send faxes from an iBook?
imac vs hp t3470
Firefox Question
AppleWorks feature in TextEdit
Must-have Mac Apps?
1st Mac
Parallels software or wait on Leopard?
Sharing Epson CX-5800F between Windows PC and Intel Based Mac...
Do specific folders get automatically created?
Duplicated Pics?
Windows to Mac switch
A couple of questions (Newbie)
I went and did it :)
loads of newbie questions
HP Printer and Airport
PC User wanting to switch, iMac or Macbook?
Normal shipping times...
New Macbook!!!!/Application Sizes
macbook privacy
Is it just me, or has this thread grown?
Contemplating The Big Switch
Finally ordered my PowerMac!
Firefox desktop drive won't eject
Where are the built-in iSight photos saved?
Travelling to Japan: Charging question.
Surplus auctions rule!!!
ROSETTA and intel mac question(S)
Questions about switching
Mac For The In-Laws
Adding a printserver in a mix environment
Question on Spotlight Search
Last question for the day
Everything is good just a few questions
MAC User Opinions??
limited bluetooth
Printer wont work
Proteus Install on Macbook?
Intra-windowing cut and paste?
imac specifics
some questions for a newbie
Good cheap starter mac?
Keyboard Shortcuts on macbookpro
I got my mac and have a few ?'s
Cheap starter mac?
Any hope for WMV files?
Your opinion on my switch
Macbook Pro Lacks S-Video???
Address book on ibook G4
Trying To Save A Pdf But Need More Virtual Memory!!!
I was the most anit-mac guy out there...(you'll want to read this) :)
HP Driver not found in printer setup utility
a BURNING urge to switch
Anxiety abating rapidly
That's It, Ive decided, I'm making the switch!!
Should I buy an Ipod Video?
New Ipod Pictures!
I ordered a combo drive on accident, Help?
Alt Tab Function on the Mac
Cannot empty trash. Can anyone help please?
newbie switcher question
Procrastinating Switcher
i think i'm in love....
Bluetooth Headsets
Should I get it now?, or wait for apples' new OS
Imac first impressions -- whoa!
iChat question
Wow, this thing is fast
iBook 12" SuperDrive
Automatic sync of folder contents
Best system for me?
Mac and the Internet
Interested in iMac - Worried about performance
Switcher ??'s, or Robot Invasion? You Decide!
Software Rec for compression/joining
question about Upgrading
Old iMac, OS X
Ok noob, switcher question
The Deed is done! iMac Core Duo Baby!
It is Done - My MacBook is Ordered
issues playing with some movies (new to the forum)
iMac arrived an hour ago....and here I am!
Mac Bluetooth Keyboard
bluetooth Mic question
Another mac purchase
Good idea? or bad?
New Macbook : a few issues
CS2 on Intel chips..
MBP 17" & OSX First Impressions
Can a Macbook be infected by PC virus & spyware?
I may switch back.
Picture preview in Finder
Dual monitor question
Airport exterme wireless card
Got a Cube today
Its here.
Mac RAM (Canada)
imac intel line in
Intel - iSync Compatible Mobiles
Macbook RAM
Dragging icons from the dock to trash...
newbie got a pretty sweet deal
ram opinion
Which is the one for me?
New mac: Font Issue
Video player
My iMac.
Black Mac
Windows user going to Mac - Where to buy?
Browser with Outlook Support on Mac?
Any "words of wisdom" for iMac start-up?
Safari changed the font on me.
Networking/sharing files between iMac (wired) and Windows (wireless)
Ram for my powerbook question
Did i... overheat my macbook?
mac-to-mac transfers
USB wireless for a iMac G4
control-option keys
PC memory in a Mac?
Download Music
Keychain Issue: Resets Programs Back to Factory Settings
Two New Switcher Questions/Complaints
Thanks Alot, Apple
Not technically a switcher...
Not on the fence anymore
Burning CD on MacBook - What am I doing wrong?
Task Manager
Proud owner of a Macbook Pro!
Need a new mouse....dun dun dun
What's the best Mac magazine?
Considering a Quasi-Switch
Best/fastest thumb drives?
buying 2 PowerMacs
Any AUDIO/VIDEO "switchers" from Win XP to Mac OSX become more creative? ? ?
Mac Delivery Question
mail version 1.1 conversion problems
I'm still on the fence
OK....made the call.
Fresh switcher's first impressions for MB
burning mp3 discs.... HELP
New Macbook User..Need Some Help..
Inferior pix handling?
Ram *OPINION* Question
Apple credit card
My First Mac...
where to find itunes/ipod animated screen savers?
Looking for a program like notepad in windows that will handle html like it in mac
How to open Finder files in the same window?
I am amazed with my iMac.
Par2 software for mac (quickpar equivalent)
dock problem
Just purchased a MBP 17'
wanna buy a mac
PDA phones with mac?
MB vs. MBP
File Viewer for Mac?
G4/G5 vs. Intel
Strange ghost images/display problems
I made the switch and I am LOVING it
What does hide do?
Is anyone else having this problem?
Avi/Toast problem
Problem installing a program
No Sound when trying to play BBC progs
Needing help on setting up ClamAv
iMac RAM
PowerMac G4 into a DVR (?)
Command key in Windows
iMac and MBP mods coming?
iMac and MBP mods coming?
Help with PC to Mac jump
My MacBook Pro Woes. Please Help!
X11 not showing up in Utilities
Overclocking iMac
Video conference with a windows user.
Paid for iMac!!
Durability of Macbook Pro?
So I deleted iTunes helper...
Japanese word processing
cd image
Super Drive
Seeing USB Drive
MacBook or MacBook Pro?
Running XP-home on iMac -- really ready?
Re-Use Linux Icons as Mac Icons?
Elgato Eye 250
Can UK users recommend decent ISP?
Opinions about "typical" switchers.
Help with QuickTime PLEASE!!!!!
Octo Core
I Ordered an iMac Today!!
To Get RealPlayer or not to get RealPlayer
Mighty Mouse
moving to china with macbook?
Intel or G5? (I'm NEW)
One last attempt to switch?
Replacing Icons
No stand by in Boot Camp...
wholesale macs
Mother-in-law needs new computer
20" iMac Monitor
Saw Macbook Pro Today...
Love my Mac, BUT...
What is the speed on the iMac hard drive?
stupid question, heh
Ooops...Keychain question!
Master Password Help
Can you turn off Keychain?
free dvd burning software and stuff
Brand New MacBook Owner Needs Image Source help
USA Macbook
Network Setup
Keychain and RoboForm. How similar?
Someone with iWork06, please help!
Confused! (stupid internet & ethernet cable)
connecting macs
Processor Speeds
MacBook display settings
Can you change an account password with out the old one? (help A.S.A.P)
G5 to MBPro
Friend needs help
Education Warranty
G4 Mac Mini Questions! Help me switch!
Does the Mac store let you play with your machine there?
Had to share the good news...
One week until I can afford the iMac!
Mount Windows DVD drive?
2.0ghz black mb or 1.8ghzmbp?
New Mac
MacBook Questions
my finder home looks different
Boot Camp - Cd Rom Drive Stops Working In XP
Do I need a .mac account to put my padcasts on iTunes?
Mac Buyer's Guide Book Poll. 9.99 OK?
A review after my first week with mac and what I''m missing
SATA 2 in G5 ??
Scanner problem
Screen (MacBooks)
Education Discount
Mac OS Versus Windows
Thesaurus in TextEdit
Associating Files with programs
how do i make a disk image?
iMac superdrive
Keychain - Somtimes Yes / Sometimes No
Firefox ALWAYS downloads files even on "Open"
password protection
i want a macbook or powerbook!!
The iMac I Am Ordering In A Couple Of Weeks
Mighty Mouse Question
Burning cd issues ?
Best iSync Compatible Cellphones?
Switchers Take Note! New Macs Default to Firewall OFF
managing and arciving music
Playing DVDs
RAM on order
Getting ready for Mac to arrive for Granny
Office Questions
Develop software for Macintel or PowerPC?
4 questions - video editing, modem, RAM, etc...
Potential Maccer seeks info
Word processor suggestions
Changing the machine name?
Poll: Sophie's Choice
Cancelled Order lol
Mini Ram
Hardware support on Macs
Your choice?
Dreeeaaamweaver, I Think You Can Get Me Through The Night
PC to Mac
Mini Ordered!!
Network Questions
A few questions form a recent switcher
Mini help, a few questions before buying.
I want a Macbook Pro
Change The Icon for All Files of the Same Type
Sleep LED
Last Time I Ask Lol
Would this ram work in my mac?
PSP program for mac
Macbooks On Sale at
airport and internet connection
Changing the Icon For Desktop Alias
I have good news and bad. Oh and need some help.
Potential Switcher? Need some info on hardware.
Another Switcher!
Looking for a note taking software
invalid web browser
Transfering iTunes Playlists from Windows to Mac
Boy, Do I Feel Dumb! How Do I Install Firefox?
iBook memory in MacBook
The first days with my mac mini ...
Dual Boot?
P2P-Nicotine ??
Converting WavPack ?
New here with questions
Toast 7 - on two macs?
Macbooks vs Macbook Pros
Dvd Burning Program
The deed is done! New (refurbed) iMac on the way
How To See The Files In My Camera
Wireless Keyboard Mouse
Screenshot/Print screen?
Decided To Wait
potential switcher - powerbook vs macbook pro?
Intel Mac - buy now or wait
Hook set...I bit
Newbie has question about iPhoto
mac forums
My New Macbook Pro And My Old Samsung ML-1710 Printer
iMac 20" and its suitability to a former PC user?
Tomorrow is the day!
Thumbnails in Finder?
HELP! Mac OSX vs. WinXP Multitasking Limits?!
mac book pro burning my hands
Is it poss to put windows on ibook g4?
1984 commercial?
Transfer Thunderbird Email to Mac Mail?
HELP - external drive permissions
Few display problems on new iMac
Mac Mini, 2GB RAM....Is this right?
iMac fan
Dual G5 acting up...
[HELP] Selling an iMac, buying a laptop?
New to the iMac...pretty underwhelmed with it
How do I type a path in the finder?
Permissions & Preferences...
Download programs to disk on PC for imac
Finally I made the SWITCH!!! But Needs Some Help with my New MacBookPro and OSX.
double space in pages
Help installing Spanish dictionary in Open Office
Taking my iMac to get fixed
Annoying read-only folders imported from windows
Is it really true?
i cant install stuff :(
Converting .avi ?
What am i doing wrong?
2 monitors
Help water on my computer
Info source for Mac OS X Tiger
Importing photos??
Transfer Photoshop License, Windows to Mac OS-X?
It just keeps getting better and better
moving pdf form to word processing to complete
Photoshop on the Macbook
Removing Software
Key Chain & Passwords..
P2P: Anything out there better than Limewire
macintosh HD on desktop
Help making decision mac or pc
Customizing Finder
Hello! Yet another person whos switched to mac
Screen Cleaner
My Intel iMac dies
Keyboard & Mouse Recommendation
Loving my first mac!
Software Questions from a potential Switcher
Apple Display
Scratches on White Casing of iMac
Adobe Clarification
Which laptop to buy?
PC v. Mac Attitude
Problems with Wireless
iPhoto Filenames?
Switcher question on jpg file transfer
Powerbook - really worth the extra $$$?
Torrents ??
iMac shaking when typing
Will someone expound upon iChat for me?..
1 monitor or 2
WinMedia Player install on IntelCore
Problem with Codecs for Macbook Pro
iMac 2gHz Time Limited?
HELP, got a MAC and can't get onto my fav chat
Wireless internet
New Convert
Copying programs from the application folder?
Email Management Suite
Switcher trying to decide on which Mac
iMac RAM
17" iMac
How do I check my product registrations
How Do I Hide My Folders
Connect to the net using usb?
Upgrading from Tiger to Leopard (question for reference)
19 Days with a Macbook Pro
help on burning files to DVD-R and CD-R
Hard Drives Overall
FireWire: Just Noticed Something
Worst PC Problem
Powerbook G4 Display and boot problems
What are swapfiles??
Dvd-r Dl
Very Disappointed
my pb looks like its falling apart?
Accidental Uninstall
Anyone uses Toast 7 Titanium...need to ask...
Mactel + Soulseek
iMac Graphics Card
To buy or wait [iMac Intel]
[help] Just Switched Intel Imac!! But yikes!
how can i run windows
Mac's Suck!!!!!!!!!!!
Got my iMac might switch it for MBP.
u3 Flash Drives
Downloading Apps
copy web content to word document
desktop variety
iMac Cooling
Folder structure in Mac OS
Alright, I'm Sticking To It
Safari vs. Firefox
Alarm Clock
G5 making very high pitched noise
How well do the new OSs run on the older macs?
mac AIM
*sigh* ok, how does this look?
You Help Is Needed!
All Mac OSX Network
Add-On Graphics Cards
What am I doing wrong
Ipod video
DVD burning program
Unix Command Line Question
Just placed my order. Can't wait.
Networking problem
What email software is best to use with my IMAC?
iMac G3 RAM
Switcher OS X Questions
Recent Switcher: Some Problems (help?)
Unexpectedly Quit
use of/backing up to an external drive
Apple WiFi
Next iMac Speed
new switcher here
Confused About Windows Issue
G5 Fate
Need help on how to network
XP to Mac OS
iSight Mounts and 3rd Party Monitors
Cisco VPN Client
mp3 download from web