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want to get macbook air - but slower than my macbook?
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Sandy Bridge
Some Initial Requests and Observations
did i just lose all my photos??
switching with a lot of windows only apps?
hardrive question...
Cannot connect to a Windows PC
Just for fun: likes and dislikes
What else would you recommend we start with?
Need Explorer but don't want to install windows
Explain me RAM usability
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Facebook Fotos
Outlook web access calendar sync help
new one to mac needs help with settings
HP Photosmart C4580 Printer, not working.
Items in dock: ?
iTunes doesn't sort/order files properly?
sparse bundle
New Mac coming anything I should know
Rookie needs help
Streaming movies to an xbox 360
Save As... dialog boxes
What does the number at the bottom of the "Finder" menu mean?
25 year PC Geek - Hope to Soon Be Mac Geek
version 10.6.6 update problem
Wireless and Wi-Fi
Switching to iTunes from WinAmp question
Photo Booth Keeps On Freezing In Effects
YouTube Video Help!
Can you set a specific download folder for the OS X app store?
Need help with internet issue
Need help backing things up
need advice (newbie !!!)
How to remove Workgroups from the log in page
How do I rebuild without my original software disk?
My Mac boots in Safe Boot - Help
QuickTime Player and iTunes completely UNUSABLE to play content stored on a LAN?
Mouse not very responsive
copy music files to hard drive formatted to windows nt
Best place to sell a Mac?
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New to Mac - Help with mail
Remote view for DVR
Change of date to 2001 ?????? eh?
Make an Alias but have it save to a different location
A question about Windows OS on a Mac
Can itunes gift cards be used with the new Mac App store?
iMac Music Question
macbook pro gettin warm
Hello fellow Mac users! Newbie Here! =D
.wmv files
Macbook email account privacy
Black description box and safari issues
virus help please!
Transfer of data question
G5 running 10.4.11
Reorganising Iphoto Library
Folder Actions
Mail takes a few secs to quit in toolbar
Is their a way to copy Favorites from PC to Mac
Web cams
New here and sort of new to Mac!
iMac will not power up
Upgrading from Tiger to Leopard (not Snow Leopard)+installing new internal hard drive
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SetAlphaValue Help!
Time Machine Clock Icon
Macbook Pro Unibody Repair Questions
Communicating between MacBook Pros
how can I read NTFS external hard disk
Mac Pro doesn't support crossfire or SLI?
Help finding a PDF app?
how to make folders listed first
What is Time Machine?
Macbook pro battery, safe to keep charger on at full?
How to prevent Finder to copy
music share across home network
er, Hello!
better for games: mac OS or win7 bootcamp?
Sharing a windows 7 printer to mac
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Help - Xmas present for Son likely to turn bad
getting external harddrives to not appear on desktop?
deleting an admin account
Various questions
App to open .rar files ?
Formatting USB's on Macbook Pro?
Archive thunderbird e-mail
A Switchers guide to recommended free Apps to download to your new Mac
Constant restarts when trying to restore OSX to factory settings
Replacing Broken Mail Pgm
A year later...I'm regretting choosing Mac over PC...
How to an external FullHD monitor?
GarageBand Help Please
Alternative to installing via CD Sharing???
New to the Mac scene, help me out!
New to Mac need help with mail.
Macbook pro from US, applecare in europe
Can I use an iTunes library backup burned on PC to restore to my iMac?
Strange iChat Issue
Google news please stop sending
What is the simplest way to bring my iPhone information from a Windows PC to a MBP?
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Mac schoolwork question
Installation Files Path
How to connect Macbook Pro to HD TV with audio and sound
Jumbo Frames
create bootable thumb drive from pc
.doc and .pdf files on Mac
Which setup would you buy?
Please help!
Itunes Help!!
How to install new fonts?
Browsing list of photos in Full Screen in Finder
My Dilema
In Single User mode, looking for a way around the flashing question mark
Sharing photo albums with iPhoto
Personal settings affecting others.
How does your MacBook Pro stay cool??
Having trouble with VMWare Fusion
How do I upload avi files (movie) to Itunes?
What's the difference between the i3 and the i5?
IMac Randomly Shutting Down
Certain Programs not opening
Delete download
Hard Disk Drive
USB issues on Powerbook G4
Using full screen...
AdobeResourceSynchronizer eating all CPU
Email Conversion: Converting Outlook 2007 PST files to Entourage 2008 MBOX Files
Make iMac boot disk on USB flash drive
MacBook Pro SLI or Crossfire?
Skype won't open
Time capsule
PC to MAcBook Pro
Easy switching between displayes?
Changing picture into folder icon
Imac Headache/Migraine/ Eye Strain
PC to imac
RAM Questions
New iMac - which one?
Help need
Dock problem on IMAC
OnyX Question 101
pda doc synch
Quicktime won't load
Using iMac as mediaplayer?
Macbook - USB slot problem
need to eject windows recovery cd
Information asked !
Safari Issue?
Still having font trouble
Google Body Browser
As newbie as they come
New to forum. Seeking helpful advice regarding iMac purchase.
Which processor to get?
PC withdrawal?
iMac lcd refresh rate windows 7
Do I need special software to play .cdg files?
Font problem
Question on some basic procedures.
Got the Power Mac G5 going...
Hey all! switching to Mac soon
Problem with finding installed app
Snow Leopard upgrade - Clean Install?
OnyX 2.2.1
nexflix and firefox help?
iTunes Help!!!
Need help.
Hi all, new to site just switched
Machine very slow
Macbook Problem..?
Ibook or MacBook?
Time Capsule
Another FTP question
Mac Health?
Default genre in iTunes
Old mac dead - how to sync Iphone 4 to new mac without loosing data (calendar etc.)?
Help with preparing iMac for sale
Wonder if I'm making the right move?
Ftp help!!!!
Mac viruses??
Wife's Macbook Running Slow...
Checked Songs in iTunes
Help! Got a Power Mac dual G5... what to do?
How do you split highlighted text?
Same File In the Trash Bin everyday..VIRUS?
Second user iMac on the way to complete newbie
Emulator problems
Unique Problem...Bootcamp or Parallels?
Just switched over to mac need help with crashing!
Safari running slow and quitting
control hard drive
Printer questions after joining an IMac to a Windows Domain
Help with transfering data from PC to Apple
Help with operating system upgrade....
iMac or macbook a girl decide
in desperate need of help: iWork Pages
getting used to finder
Switched a year ago but...
Help Please - Newbie!!
Need a Little Video Help/Advice
Formating cds
Yahoo, I did it! Added Streaming URL to iTunes!
Files on Hard Drive
Switching Keyboards?
Is a Firewall necessary?
RoboForm to 1Password and back to RoboForm
Ilife 11 where is it?
Converting contacts in an .xls file to contacts in Mail
Newb Q about G5 and wireless...
probelms with graphic card after upgrading to snow leopard
Epson printer offline "suddenly"
Returning to Mac
Samsung Syncmaster 225BW with Macbook
what's best way to use/backup iphoto
up-to-date Safari vs Firefox
email problem
Worth Upgrading Now?
How much is a late 2008 macbook pro worth?
Upgrade from Tiger to Snow??
Mac vs Outlook...winmail problem
IOMeter or NAS Perf Tester for Mac?
What's the best adblocker for Safari?
What group is the mac targeted at, and is it for me?
Can someone tell me if this is possible?
bookmark heading?
Microsoft Mouse -> Macbook
Problem finding Canon MP560 on Wireless
What did I do?
New user printing problem with HP1600
About to make the switch. Questions about what the Apple Store will do.
Zipping files for PC users
Reading a CD
egg timer
thinking of upgrading ....
XP SP2 original or upgrade CD?
Print Christmas labels
Time capsule + PC = ?
Which MacBook should I get?
New iMac user
vga connect to lcd tv
Got a MacBook Pro this ThanksGiving
I need some iPad Mac help
Am I in over my head trying to fix my Macbook?
New MB Pro 13 2.66 GHz
'Chatting or Messaging' over a Network?
Time machine backup and Linksys E3000
strange thing on my mac
Dual screen--I love my Mac!
Battery Charging MBP
Very frustrated. Can't install winrar, please help!
Cleaning up iMac for gift to grandson
A question about onyx
Asus to Macbook Pro 13"
buying music
How to transfer iPod/iPhone files and make iPhone Ringtone
imac user accounts; sharing apps (iphoto, itunes, imovie, etc)
PLEASE HELP get keylogger off my mac. Urgent!
Need a Little Help
iMac question
Why is Internet Slower?
My customers can't unzip the files I zip on my Mac?
mac behaving VERY badly...
Migrating Macbook data to new iMac - Setup Assistant?
Contact manager
IMac and LG TV
Another question
Don't buy an iMac 27 from Best Buy
New Mac user
Cd loading problem
converting video files
mac mail problem
Question about iDVD
widget display
Move Video Files To New Drive in iTunes?
Using Itunes on my work laptop.
How do you sanitise a Mac?
New to Mac
New Operating System Question
Which one is faster?
Questions on repartitioning
Question about video leads.
which laptop to buy?
WD HDD not viewable when plugged in!
Login failure
Tasks as in Blackberry?
how can I edit apps like in windows
Is the 3rd time a charm?
Which is the better Mac Mini?
Considering Switching
Hep With My First Mac
Beatles, Apple Store URL, Safari 10.6
Syncing photos from USB stick to 3Gs
finders search for all image problem
Reassurance please!
iMac randomly comes out of sleep mode
New to mac and have small problem
Sophos problem
Newbie Question
I'm sick of rebooting.
Question about upgrade to OSX 10.6.5
Windows Mail (Vista) to Mac Mail
Help needed with photo's, pretty please.
Entire Laptop Lasting Life
Bootcamp on old Mac hard drive
New Mac user needs help with file share
Is Apple company a sellout?
How do you create a folder on the desktop?
Please help me choose - Macbook Pro 13" 2.4 Ghz, 2.6 Ghz or 15" 2.4Ghz
Flash Player warning
Switched again and this time - for good!
Cant Resize Window
Icon on desk top
Mirror mode
Screen Size monitor problem
Anyone know a quick way to confirm faces in iphoto'11 (v.9.1)?
Stickies like on Windows PC
stupid keyboard/magic mouse question
My Experience (For those considering the switch)
Install theme to print photos
MacBook wont boot from disc?!
MacBook denying my password?!
iTunes Best Seller Books - Download them all in various formats *New Launch*
Can anyone explain this strange Dock problem?
Counter strike source on entry level mac book
Application Sound Mixer/volume control?
Photo Shop Elements
Wanting to switch my mom to a Mac
recording audio from dvr to mac?
G3 or G4
Did I get a lemon?
iTunes import songs
trouble transferring files?
window resizing not staying there
Here's what I find confusing about switching.
OK, is there a "hash" key on a Mac keyboard?
Saving whilst working in pages
Is there a "Start up" folder on a Mac?
Printer problems with I Mac
Planning to make the Switch !
Troubles with New iMac
Upgrade video card in a G4 Mini ... Doable?
help transfering files from 7.6.1
Help! First time buyer
Help getting rid of Epoclick malware
Need help w/ipod to mac transfer
What iMac do I have?
Making the switch
Graphics card switch on Macbook Pro
Backup Info
External Hard Drive Back Up Dilemma!
Is this where I ask about a Magic Mouse issue?
Mac Network
24h/7 days magsafe plugged?
iPhone -Outlook Help
Available HDD Capacity
Landlord Accounting Software for Mac
How to order new OS X install discs?
Emptying Trash
Thinking about getting my first Mac
Black jpg thumbnail problem
iMAC itunes,iphone
Time Machine is not working with me
moving from IE8 to safari 5
iTunes and IPod?
Can Citrix be used on Macbook pro?
Paper 2 virus?
Time machine & Windows help please?
No More "appleuser"!!
help needed
Another Bootcamp Question
Minimize all Windows
Help for partitioning external drive for Time Machine and PC use
Time Machine Mayhem
Total switch from wpf/vb to mac
swapping data on different macs
2004 Power Mac G5 - still a decent system?
Minimize All Open Windows
Reverse Switch! OSX > W7
Is This A Good Priced iPhone 3GS?
Is This A Good Priced iPhone 3GS?
Safari Issues
Wanting to change graphics card in a mac pro 3,1. What are my options?
iCal to Google Calendar syncing problems
Applecare or John Lewis
Bookmarks in Safari
Buyer advice
'closing' firefox and maintaning page
ichat help
Ibook too old to use?
Network Question
Network information program
Macbook white - giving me electric shocks!
iPhoto sharing question
In need of a new macbook. Should I buy new or used?
Mac vs MS Exchange 2003
DirectX for Mac?
Dealing with a Full Hard drive
Address Book Query
multi album sync to mac
I get a Blue screen every few minutes.
Is there a list somewhere?
New user I think I'm happy
error 13014 help!
How to move .mts files from SD card
Amazing Apple Store experience
Please suggest a really simple spreadsheet app please?
How about a non-objective comparison?
New guy with an old question (maybe)
Changing UI sound effects
Cookies Question
Keyboard pairing failed
where did iphoto go?
Private Browsing
Macbook and default mail program
Seeing when e-mail has been read by recipient
failure during iTunes update.
Loss of Magicjack dial tone
Need help trying to install OS X on older powerbook
iTunes and Movies
Webpage Shortcut
Mac to Mac Bluetooth
Best Option when I transfer data to new MBP
Just ordered a new iMac 27 inch i7!
iMac i7 27inch or Mac Pro Quad Core
Desktop file won't delete
Time Machine - Using 2 external drives for backup
Sound lost
iTunes transfer for iPhone
organising music
Dual 21.5" Screens or 27"
Transferring music - Mac Virgin
Is this Apple's standard policy for refurbished products?
new switcher, couple of questions...
Time Machine
Mac OS 10.4 Server
Objective Cost Comparison: Mac vs PC
Burning CD/DVD's
3 wireless MiFi mobile unit
Problem with Track pad
How to save photos from Web pages
Macbook (pro) vs. Dell PC
Software upgarde.
iPhoto question
Trusteer Rapport Software
Printing issues via a USB Hub
Did not just switch, but i just got a new MacBook Pro!!!
Mac internet history
word for eMac?
Mac Mail Problems
New Mac User
Format email
Disk Error Message
Windows Media Player for MAC
Mouse Over
I understand Lion is coming out. End of updates for Snow Leopard?
Upgrading HDD on 13" MBP (2009)
Speaker Issue
Page size
Looking toward the future
Thinking of switching to MacBook 15
Transferring retrieved mailbox
Facbook Link and iPhotos