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help needed :)
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quick question: Itunes and mp3 player phones
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iTunes 7.0.2
New iPod shuffle = old headphones arg. Any suggestions for replacement?
Battlestar Galactica Season 3
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Weird Lettering
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iPod Management
volume levels
updating a windows formatted iPod on Mac
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Help Please!!!
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"Consolidate Library"?
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iPod Shuffle (First Gen) Reset Utility
help plz!
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Backing Up New Files from iTunes 7??
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One last question
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Visualizer Woes.
4th Gen. U2 iPod
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Warranty valid in other country ?
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why me?
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Closing the iTunes store.
Automation for my TV Shows
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My iPod kerploded.
iTunes Won't Stop Quitting
new abilities on 1.2 update
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reformatting an IPod for Mac to windows on a mac.
Songs/Reformatted Comp
iTunes and Ripping Music
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iTunes Book on CD inport
newb question: just switched from xp to osx
Recos for a visualizer
Arranging different albums by different paramaters
How do i customize iTunes Keyboard Shortcuts?
Incomplete Tracks on Ipod & burning CDs but not in itunes
A true video iPod coming....Here we go again!!
Podcasts missing & iPod Update
Trouble with 5th generation iPod
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Blank Libary
iTunes on info cube thing?
Ipod 4th generation error 1418
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Entering names in itunes
getting movies
Help been away for awhile.
Ipod for Newbie questions.
What Is Going On ( VIDEOS )
Movies in iTunes
iTunes: how to play a song without adding to library?
Why does itunes damage itself so much?
This may or maynot be the right place so I'm going to take a shot....
New seasons of TV long?
ipod tab missing in prefs
iPod & iTunes - From Windows to Mac
Importing songs to iTunes
ITunes library from IMac to MacBook
itunes doesn't skip songs, but doesn't play all of the song...
2nd Gen Shuffle Release Date
Compressing video
192 kbps AAC vs. Lossless Audio
Problem with 5g video-iPod
Itunes sharing
iTunes library messing everything up?
iPod music onto PC
guide to iTunes
my ipod is cute <3
Changing iTunes Apple ID away from .Mac
store on 2nd HD
Small iTunes player
ipod wont startup since restore
What headphones
iPod Harry Potter Edition?!
Multiple itunes libaries in windows.
iPod Video PROBLEM...HELP!
My Ipod Video went crazy!
Mute other programs when iTunes is playing
New iPod Search Feature
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Burning tv shows
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My ipod dont like Pcs
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iTunes 7.01 - Release notes?
Weird iPod Problem (4th Gen/20gb)
U2 iPod
Weird video distortion (noise) on 5G ipod
Windows to Mac Playlist transfers?
Way to track iTunes downloads?
Handy feature in iTunes - Artwork
Libra + Automator / Applescript = Nirvana
Another player?
New iPod Shuffle looks sweet!
Two ipods, 2 libraries?
Impressions of new 8G Nano?
iPod formatting itself?
iPod in the car
iPod with iTunes 7 problem
iPod Nano 1st gen. dull white display?
Do album arts and tags really take that much space?
Radtech Sleevz
Exactly how much Memory does it take to update a Tag?!?!
Retrieving iTunes music.
Impressions of the new 5G iPod?
iTunes two computer question
Movie download size question....
iPod Nano 1st ed. connector tight?
iTunes 7
iPod formating
iTunes 7 and audiobooks
iTunes plays all music TOTALLY screwed up, HELP!
TV Shows don't show up on ipod
Video Help
Free itunes Downloads
For ALL iPod owners and future owners!!!!
iPod Alternative?
iTunes 7 - crashes when playing video, no video sound
iTunes "Unknown Error -48"???
Colored iPods?
80 GB iPod arrived today!! :) No firewire support for 5G????
itunes 7 SHOUTING
Get Videos Off iPod
Buyers remorse
TV Shows
ipod mini vs new ipod nano
Quit trying!
iTunes 7 opens on its own!!!
Party Shuffle Error
last song won't download Nike+ challenge!
iTunes artwork screensaver.
Car device to connect iPod in Jeep Liberty 2002...
slow ripping speed
iTunes sharing as a windows service
new mac user..need to move itunes from windows
Got iTunes 4
did apple do away with education pricing on ipods?
iPod U2 vs regular iPod 5th gen
Artwork in iTunes 7.
iTunes System Memory Use
iTunes 7 - needs Admin Priveliges to install ?
iPOD Photo - migrating from XP to iMAC
busted ipod
Sorting by "Album by Year", newest to oldest.
iTunes update
Blue iTunes Skin
itunes 7 issues
ID3 tags
iPod Storage question
Downgrading iTunes (from 7 to 6)??
Cannot Import Videos Into iTunes 7???????
i pod shuffle - warranty???
Randon play within a playlist?
iPod Games? Any good?
iTunes 7.0 Multiple Speakers Issue?
Artwork fetch needs more.......
Downloaded a movie last night from iTMS..
Problem with my itunes libary being split into 2
The problem I see wih Itunes
Mac alternative to MyTunes Redux for Windows?
So is anyone else excited about the new Shuffles?
iTunes 7 ...Your rants.
Choosing The Right iPod
Transfering itunes collection from PC to mac
Automatic album art from filesystem
CD info not showing in itunes
Using Isquint
Getting photos off iPod
broken ipod?
New iPod?
DLO Transpod
verison wireless chocolate phone
iPod,a broken HDD, and a pc
Convert Windows iPod to Mac?
iPod locks up when connecting to iMac
Help with itunes library location
Make a duplicate smart playlist?
Dark Tunes- Itunes skin
Itunes library, deleting files
iTunes music library location
iTunes question: importing songs for the switch
Transferring and Importing music from old harddrive to new
Only certain Genre's on an additional ipod
Choosing The Right iPod
itunes cause my powermac hang
Anyway to maintain 2 separate libraries in iTunes???
My Powerbook Crashed & Now My Ipod won't work
any suggestions on damaged iPod cord
What's iPod good for?
Update on iPod Not Responding When Plugged In To Mac
2 iPods on 1 computer
DJ Mixed CD's
Cheap ipod Case Damaged My ipod.
iTunes is skipping...
30 Gig Video Backlighting?
Why are my movies not copying over to my IPOD g5?
iPod Sync Issue
Storing music on an external drive.
iPod in the car.
Nano question
iPod (G5) trouble....
nano trouble
Quicktime Pro 7
Consolidating iTunes Library?!?!
need help with multi users and one library
Nano not recognized, CPU usage 100%!
Ipod shuffle and psp
iPod Nano Trouble
need to make it happened!
What is this? trying to get to my ipod photos.
deleting songs but keeping them on ipod
Please HELP!!!
MP3 Player for Palm OS
iTunes Themes??
5of5 computers registered with FairPlay AAC? - About Apple Mac hardware software iPod iTunes Buying Tips, Advice
iTunes + .vob
Itunes question
someone help.
Mac Itunes won't copy Music to Ipod from Windows Network Share
Itunes on Windows to Itunes on Mac
Videos wont load to iPod
copy selected tunes to ipod
iPod and iTunes question about updating
playing sounds
Video not playing right in iTunes?
iLuv i1055 7" iPod DVD Player
Controlling File Path when Ripping a CD in iTunes
ipod car interface problem
how do I copy all of it quicker?
ipod not recognised so cannot reformat
Transfer ipod library to new MacBook Pro Itunes
Calender in Ipod
itunes not reading mp3 cds
ripping music from ipod
Strange one...
iPod and iHome woes
Spelling Errors messing up ipod-Is there a fix?
Ipod reformat?
What iTMS Video needs.
Wondering how to convert DVDs to iPod Video?
Can I make my screensaver only stop on mouse click?
iTunes and FTP
Anyone try the Nike+? I have, not that accurate...
Buy Nokia N93 For Just $260
i need convertion file extention programs
ipod crash!
help please
Acquisition or I-Tunes
Free Mac Book pro
Anything that will take them out?
Help finding an app?
Apple iPod Camera Connector
Turn off display while mirroring two displays?
Help Itunes won't install
Putting an AUX. jack in my car.
Nano stuck on lock?
I already have videos converted in my Ipod but canīt watch them...
How do I delete videos from itunes??
missing MP3s
Another PC to Mac Post...
Ipod's breaking down
iPod conversion
watching video on ipod video... screen too small?
podutil 3.0.2 serial
Possible G4 U2 iPod problem?
how do i take the DVDs I own, and put them on my ipod video?
2 different ipods
transfer bar lag
ipod shuffle flashing
Creating Good Playlists
What i just saw on the news.
Ipod 60 gb for sale at discount prize
Tranfering iTunes songs
What use is Sleep option?
iPod Photo Cache
Are there any FREE Mac programs for converting wma to a more useful format?
iPos Shuffle Auto-Update
I'm brand new to the MAC world of doing things.....
putting songs into itunes from ipod
Question about Apple's iTunes Scripts..
duplicate artists
Problems with IPod Nano
universal dock and s-video
iTunes Problem
Playlist Shuffle-video Ipod
Changing albums on one CD
iPod Mini (First Gen) question
Pointing Front Row towards Different Video Dir
Maintaining iTunes library
black or white
iTunes Library Randomly Jumps Songs When Skipping Track
next gen ipods
Dead pod, looking into refurbished
Widget or program for iTunes song info..
itunes and using files over a windows network
iTunes problem
Locating MANY Files
iPod and altitude
iTunes problems
Is my iPod dying? :(
appeal of the iPod
please someone help! damaged itunes folder
won't turn off problem
New user - clueless
Smart Album
iPod Video Problem..
Rate a song on the shuffle
Just got a 60 gig ipod vid
Just got my iPod Video...not I got a few ?'s
How do I keep certain songs off my iPod?
Why cant i burn the video i burnt from iTunes
ihome 2go
RSS importer for Ipod
iTunes settings question
trouble with stream radio on iTunes
Partial iPod Sync
Adding Videos do iTunes
Flash files onto video ipods
trouble with podcast list
Blade The Series-Pilot Free
I-Pod Video Troubles..
When is the new iPod coming out?
Using your iPod when on holiday
iPod Podcast Directory
Please save me friom the chav!!
Help with deleting cloned songs
got some flac files help
trouble with podcast list
iTunes WMA Support?
PC to Mac location of Album Art?
Nano Newbie....downloading pics question
Lyrics in iTunes
Shuffling albums w/ Ipod video
Google video on ipod?
Invader Zim - first episode free
Best In-Ear Ipod Headphones
Duplicates ahhh
Price Drop?
in car solution - FM transmitter
ipod video
song stitching in iTunes
iTunes makes copies of music?
AAC to MP3
Ipod mini dock with Nano?
First Time Mac Owner, Alot of Frustrations
Album Art
Scriptable Converter
Ipod nano wont turn off
iTunes importing issue
Using a Sony Ericsson phone as an iTunes remote control
ipod froze while syncing
Downloads Question
Turntables For Mac
Video podcasts
Newbie has question about MP3 players for iMac
installing itunes on external HD
The "real" iPod wanna-be
New U2 iPods
how do I start from fresh on my work computer
iPod Armbands
iTunes: batch label/tag editor
Song Titles on CD's
Pics on iPod
3g ipods
switching ipod from pc to mac
Do you really use your video on your video iPod?
Livejournal Ipod Community
iPod design?
Lovin' it
Nike/ iPod
Mp4 to Mp3 conversion?
iTunes on MacBook trouble
iPod update.. help!
CD-RW software
.m4v and .mp4
iPod nano questions
Ipod has the sad ipod icon on it
Wife's PC crashed..