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I want to hook my mac up to a tv
.srt subtitles
Removing a partition
LG lite scribe internal
MTS Files
New to macs and forums
electricity effect in iMovie HD
I Did an archive reinstall and now my FCE4 is different
downloading video from samsung i8910hd phone into macbook pro
Possible/Program to capture w/out FCP?
New FCE?
PSP Video 9
Camcorder suggestions for easy editing with an iMac and FCP 6?
iDVD is cutting the edge of my movie off
my 1st video I made using imovie
Audio in an iMovie project stored on eHDD
Some photos in iMovie are as clips others are not
Final Cut HD 4.5
losing photo's quality when imported to iMovie from iPhoto
My video cuts to just more than half when I import it to iMovie 09.
video taking up to much memory
handbrake format....
Need some suggestions!
iMovie 09 - Incorrect full screen playback
in the market for a HD prosumer camcorder
3ivx alternative?
flip video
Does any camera work?
Video Scoreboard
imovie 08 Quicktime movie - no audio?
Grainy video from Canon HF10 to iMovie 09
Converting protected video to iphone
imovie 09 video image quality after import
Final Cut Pro 5.1 Registration
Video card upgrade for iMovie on G4?
Synching up audio in iMovie 09
Problems watching HD videos on iBook G4
Loss of TIFF resolution in iMovie
What does Mac have that would compete with NewTeks VT[5].
Help with unwanted Side Black Bars in a Video project
Wrong iMovie dates after import
Can't Connect MacBook To TV, Please Help
download a digital copy movie from itunes
imovie HD to view on PC
What program can play clips together
Facebook cant find my builtin camera
problems recording iChat video
idvd ate my movie!
Multiple videos in iDVD
Importing imovie into USB external hardisk
Converting Real Media file to mp3 or wav on Mac OS X
Tv or Monitor?
DVI to HDMI problem
iMovie 09
what is the best file for editing HD?
Elegato Eye TV 200 Intel Mac Software
iMovie Problem
IMAC for File Cut ?
Mac Mini Media Center
Imovie share to youtube, where are the files stored?
iDVD and MPEG 2
Burning video
Saving stills in imovie8! Driving me crazy
subtitles in Imovie 08
problem with music when burning slideshow in idvd
What cable to i need for.....
iMovie 08 Problem
Ratio problems in Final cut pro
Play AVCHD files
Someone please interpret the iMac graphics performance charts
VD2OneX device failure--optical lens replaced, reinstalled, same error--now what?
Imovie copy detached audio
Issues with Exporting a FCP sequence to QT mov.
Burning iDVD on Leopard
Installing FCP studio on external drive
Saving DVD Image onto Hard Drive
Cannot Hear Audio While Importing Video in iMovie 09
New Camera!
need to make a playable video file to email?
Final Cut - split screen,need to have both video's audio playing in the final product
Problems with DVD Burning
13" mbpro (aluminum) for video editing/photoshop
Image problems with iMovie09
FCE .. Why does the scrolling text shake?
Flip Video data management on iMovie HD
Problem with iTunes and dvd digital copy
Canon Vixia HF20 - AVCHD Video
MpegStreamclip only converts half of file to WMV?
FFMPEGX question Bitrate
First Attempt
how can i put movies into final cut to edit them to music?
need some advice on getting final cut and an external hard-drive
Flash Video
Subtitle letter trouble
Final Cut Studio & File Conversions
avi to dvd software
Help with Older JVC Camcorder
Hooking MacBook up to a TV
Downloading and Converting Video Clips Simply
converting video files
Looking for a Compter to edit video and do graphics
Does anyone know a good video-editing program?
The best imovie camcorder?
iMovie 09 - streaming video to HDTV
How long Roughly?
Soundtrack Pro 2 Loops are "red"
Huge file won't burn to dvd
How do I import video from...
CS3 Premiere wont import .mov
application for real time videos
Mpeg conversion?
Problems with AVCHD Files
Converting ISO video for DVD Studio Pro?
iMovie alternatives?
all projects in iMovie 09 become uneditable after some time
Rip DVD, Cut, Burn DVD
Movies starring Macs
Is there a way to resize or move around a green screen pic?
iMovie 09 downgrade question
Error Question
Playing HD video
iDVD burning
MS-MPEG4v1 Videos on an Intel Mac?
Please help with DVD to ISO
How can I convert m4v to avi? Need help making vcd
iPhoto free
Problem viewing YouTube & other online videos
Apple DVD Player keeps quitting!
Looking For A Video Converter
Video Production: In-House or Outsourcing?
Format types - Mini DV, Harddrive or SD
video file conversions
How do you continue audio after the last video clip?
Camcorders Compatable with iMovie '09
What's the best way to download flash video?
Poor quality video IMovie 08 with miniDV
Using a camcorder with my new Mac
iMovie problem
Media Press X Problem
Do you know of any free/safe green screen background videos/pictures?
Final Cut Pro serial number issue
HD video playback jumpy
DVD to iPhone with os 10.4.11
How to burn DVD with Subtitles?
Macbook connectivity to Samsung p2370
Terms for Selling DVD's to a Retailer
best player to see 1080 HD video on MacBook Pro
Imovie 08 and compatible files
Need ideas for movie
iMovie out of space, what should I do?
How can I copy .avi to DVD?
Problem with Sony DCR-HC42E
.avi in iMovie
Looks like the new FCS is here...
Stripe 2 x "Lacie 2bigs" (mirrored) together?
.Mov wont play from memory stick
Final Cut Pro Horizontal Black Lines
Burning a 2+ hours DVDs
Video Converter
iMovie won't import large MP3 file
will an iMac smoothly run Final Cut Studio 2
Editing Out Part Of A DVD
Media Server
Streaky DVD Rip
Quick iMovie Question
WMV problem
Video Editing
imovie best version ?
Canon HF S10?
Converting Mini-DV footage via Handbrake to edit in iMovie 3.0.3
Some problems exporting from FCP to youtube in HD
Getting movies from JVC Everio to DVD
How can I convert flv files to quicktime?
Need camera recommendations
how can I record what I see on my monitor
Camera Not Working
Stock HD Video for Editing Practice
Problem downloading with Tubetv
experienced writer new to film
.mts files using iMovie 09
How to digitize VHS-C Tapes?
iMovie Distorting Video?
Blank discs don't work
Convert TS file to avi, mov?
Music Videos into Imovie for Itunes for Apple TV
Video has a weird space and is not centered
Mac mini and fcp
Need to convert Mkv file for WD TV
Loss of video / still image quality in iMovie
Is a Mac and final cut pro good for making videos
Problem rendering video in Final Cut Pro
imac good enough for video edit?
HD Camera require HD DVC tapes for optimal quality?
How to make "Side by Side"?
Will a mac work?
Can importing footage via firewire fry my camera port?
Quicktime says my video "is not a movie file"
CS4 Production Premium and PowerPC processors
how to import NON-Commercial DVD into iMovie
How do I export video in 24 fps?
Good video software and flash problems!
Home made DVD into imovie form
LaCie d2 Hard Disk - problems
Transfering mpeg-4 to iPhone
Exporting an event
Missing video footage iMovie 09
convert and play hgd files
iMovie 09 Fonts
How to make a music "video" for Youtube?
best free video editing software?
panasonic SDRSD20K
this is all Greek to me
Audio on DVD stops working
Question about XHA1s and Mac Book Pro
Can I burn DVDs with FCE?
ASF - rubbish playback but not in VLC
The best way to get the most features from Final Cut Express?
Exporting to MPEG-4 using FCE 4.01
Importing AVCHD using FCE 4.01
mpeg4 om imac
Canon HG21 / AVCHD import into FCP in progressive mode?
Need Advice re: Purchasing Startup Video Equipment
IDVD software
Movies for Autistics
VHS to Mac
QT to AVI with the Xvid Codec ?
Opening old projects in iDVD 7.0 (iLife '09)
How to convert video to Ipod ?
Best consumer HD video camera for Final Cut Express
dark knight won't play on ipod touch
Good Mac Video Converter
FCE to YouTube (File too large)
iMovie - laying MP3 from iTunes onto Video
Video Codec Issues.
"There's No Leopard Like Snow Leopard" - The OS X 10.6 Musical!
Avi To Dvd - Audio Cutting Out
Importing large video files into iPhoto
Editing and storing HD video
camcorder compatabillity
IMovie09 and the dreaded spinning ball
Issues Burning DVD with Mac the Ripper, iSkysoft Vid. Convtr., and Toast 10 Titanium
Opening Quicktime Videos in Player vs Browser
iDVD burning issue with external writer
Editing software?
can't get imovie 09 to import anything
How to get back a movie thrown away in the garbage which was the emtied
Best video settings
iDVD error while encoding, every time
Burning DVD's using Toast 7
Need a program that converts videos into individual frames
convert huge .dv file to something dvd watchable
FLV/MP4/MOV > 720p TV problem with Mac OS X
Serious Problem - My iDVD project 4:3, crops on TV. Need an URGENT fix!
Help to add subtitles to mkv files
Sony Camcorder, Mac and PS3
Looking for a Camcorder that Will Work with iMac
DVD playing on Mac the ripper
iWeb/iMovie QT problem
Mac Pro/Macbook Pro Joint Ventures
iMovie thumbnail key photo
Saving home movie to computer?
clicking on video clips also downloads
Best Flip Camera?
What to look for in a video camera?
iDvd 09
Formatting DVD
convert Quicktime .dv movies to AVI/mp4/wmv/mpg or MOV format
Best video editing software?
RealPlayer breakdown
DVD Video on an Audio CD
imovie 08: export still frame??
Need Help with Basic Video Nomenclature
Crosshair calibration for mattes in fcp
Watch live movies channels in pc
quicktime overlay
Book Trailer in iMovie - Text positioning problem
PC Film Maker Searching for MacBook
Changing Formats
Safe way to split iMovie 08 project in two?
very noisey harddrive
iTunes movie import question
opening vid files problems
How Best to Burn a DVD from Recorded Video
Burning to DVD
iMovie '08 question
quicktime movie
I want to use my Macbook as a DVR
Using miniDV Camcorder with iMovie 09
iMovie 09- Best quality & fastest load time, what format?
Trouble opening windows media file on mac
need help with a canopus advc100 video converter
Toast 10 Titanium error on MBP
Recommended Spec and software for mac mini to do video editing
Why no audio on this .mkv conversion all of a sudden?
iMovie question
imovie transitions not working?
Samsung SMX f30 to iMovie
what is the longevity of samsung LN46B530
Slideshow Bob
iMovie 09 questions
Can't find video effects?
.mov to .flv converter
What is the Best configuration for video editing
Watching Videos with Elgato Diversity?
Editing Format on Final Cut
Free video converter for my itouch?
Video Converter .moh .avi
Problem playing HD movies from Mac pro
Beginner question: Why .mov, not .mp4 for web?
List of Camcorders Compatible with iMovie HD
Subtle but distinct differences
Converting .mpeg4 to .3G2 for Samsung Alias 2 cell phone
BAsic Animation for Imovie
imovie 1
Mac Tutorials On YouTube
Want to start editing on Mac
Camcorder Transfer
Offline Media
Final Cut Express camera compatability
Changing .avi Orientation
ScreenFlow Videos
WD TV - Software Workaround
Converting VHS to DVD or iDVD
Splitscreen Video Playback
importing to imovie 6 from imovie 8
Importing Footage In iMovie VS. FCP
Exporting HD video for FCP
.MKV subtitle playback problem
iMovie Problem
Importing MP4 into Imovie3
DVD Authoring software?
Which macbook is OK for video?
Free Powerpoint to Flash Movie converter?
Final Cut Quits
M4V video Crashing Quicktime
mp4 video to other format to burn to dvd
AVI color video's to Black & White
iPhone video. check it out.
how to watch dvd's and copy them on MBP
iDVD Text Question
Capture Stills form a dvd slideshow
My mac just went nuts.
how to delete GIGS of movie clips
Imovie formats
Camcorder Questions & Compatibility
Images added to iMovie '09 causing problems
So I buy a Sony camcorder
Final cut Express versus Studio
External DVD burner
Looking for a programm to cut movie parts!!
Graphics Card Recommendations?
Photo Booth not recording my webcam videos
DVD burn slide show from Iphoto...
pixelated downconverted footage
Editing HD Feature Film in FCP on macbookpro
Required codec is missing (XVID)
I want to use iDVD's OneStep DVD mode
m4v to dvd converter
Loss of video quality
HD DVD Burners
M-Audio Fast Track Q?
Imovie music fading
Imovie music fading
How can I add text where I want in iMovie '09?
iMovie Audio Problem - can iMovie sound adjust louder than 200%?
non techie needs recommon. on analog to digital converting
Problem importing mpeg2
if i want to convert old analog v8 tapes to digital...
Best video format for burning a dvd?
Sony Vegas on a Mac
FCE cuts export short
I have a problem sening subclips from FCP to Soundtrack Pro 2
only able to load about 10 mins before dvd full in iDVD
Editing 3 movie clips continuously in FCP
IMovie 09 IDVD Manual
SFX downloads?
error saying "failed to create dvd xml menu"
Simple Audio & Video Jointer/Splitter
Camcorder Question
There's gotta be a way . . .
Widescreen problems using FCE to iDVD
Using my JVC GZ-MG 730 camcorder as a webcam on mac
Please help [look]
MB or MBP and Camcorders
using imovie in conjunction with FCP - issues?
Photo Booth Video Recording
Burning DVD
Running Applescript when adding Files to iTunes
Avi to DVD on Mac
Mac-compatible HD USB camcorder.
Older Versions of iMovie
Autoplay in iDVD
Can I lower the volume of a Part of a song in iMovie?
Can't get Divx to work
DVD Rip problems(they are my dvds i paid for them)
idvd JUNK or junk macbook pro?
Mac won't recognize Camera
Editing Movies with iMovie
Final cut server system requirements
converting video files to play on Mac
Best Video Output in FCP
Burning an imovieHD file
cannon & mac
iMovie 6.0.3 HD compatible camcorders
Batch frame size increase?
Frame/Sequence settings problem
Missing Codec
Can QT Pro Convert .mpg to an iMovie usable file?
Hook up two cameras to one projector to superimpose images
Imovie Flip Mino
iMovie '09 effect
Shadows in Final Cut Express 4
Hauppauge HD PVR on EyeTV
I want to transfer video from a regular one digital video camera to computer.
external hard drive has a lock on it.
Capturing on different camera = no video?
Video Editing 16:10 in iMovie?
TV on a Mac UNI?
making a dvd?
Waiting for Timecode...Device must be in VTR mode when Device Control is enabled.
Video Camera with imovie 5.0.2
Help with UK DVD tv show how to play?
Final Cut Express Importing Problem
Play backup copy DVD on G4 error
uploading imovie to youtube/too long
Can you film virtual worlds (vSide) on iMovie HD?
video not working
iTunes movies arent syncing on my iPod
Voice synchronization on DVD
Time Lapse on a Sony HDR 10
Screenium and Final Cut Express- Quality Issues
HELP! Surely some way to extract this video??
iMovie format problem
Help I Can't Remove Flip4mac
iSight, Record and Sleep
Opening Viewing old DVD disk images
Capturing through DV convertor produces dropouts
Program to Perfectly Rip DVDs
Toast reducing quality on video file?
VLC command keys
ac3 file to 6 wavs
iMovie O9 - Audio Cleanup
backing up personal DVDs
Burning DVD with Toast Titanium
Sharing iMovie 09 to iDVD 09
iPhoto 08 Videos to iMovie 08
mini display port to vga connector
Registered Software? Final Cut Express 4
Losing my mind with iDVD... DVDs won't play without freezing
What is the best most efficient format to export to?
connecting sony trv11
videos in itunes w/ external harddrive
has anyone tried Final Cut Studio 2?
HDR S11e Sony HD Camcorder
is the mac capable of producing?
Problems formatting DVD
.MOD files
VHS into Imovie (HD6) with Pyro AV Link
Video from firewire and audio from usb
plain text movie files
Getting MPEG4s onto my iphone
How to capture frames into images
Final Cut Express and Soundtrack Pro?
How to Split Videos into Parts
small/medium scale storage?
Do I have iMovie 08 or 09
Not able to import MTS file
DVD to imovie conversion
Final Cut Express - Timing Issue?
Portability on MBP's
Import video from Canon Hf100 to FCE or iMovie on Macbook/ tried it all
Keynote to Quicktime huge file!
download movies?
How to download mov, swf & wmv?
Help getting this video from site?
How can I get Sony handycam DCR-TRV265E footage onto my Mac?
eZeScreen Plug-in
Problems with ffmpegX converting avi to dvd
Please help me with my videos!
iDVD voice sync troubles
iMovie - Won't Accept Audio
MAC .AVI file - DVD-R
video camera to link direct to mac
Recording webcast from MAC to HDD>DVD
How To Do This?
iMovie compression for external backup
New To Burning DVD's
Can I, upgrade FCE2 to FCE4?
Horrible Quality Problems on Burned Disk
Using Toast 10
Advice with Final Cut 3 on Mac G4
iDVD 09 issue :(
Bitten off more than I can chew