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How Can I Cut or Make Chapters?
Can I Do This In Imovie?
What Cords Will I Need Macbook - Projector
iMovie or Final Cut - Green Screen Help
Green Screen Help
Capture directly from external camera
iMovie '09/ProPresenter 3 with Sony HVR-HD1000U
I Got This when trying to burn a DVD
Convert .MPG file without loss of quality
Mac Video Capturer, free?
Need Help with making videos on my mac
How do i make these videos?
what are the benefits of upgrading to final cut?
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Isolating an Image in a Video
Best Program to Create Subtitles
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MKV file help (1080p movie)
Capturing HD from HDR-HC1E using Adobe Premier Pro CS4
FX for webcam?
Broadcasting PS3 gameplay via imac 27
What software to use
Good HD capcard for mac to record 360 gameplay?
Downsizing MKV to avi
Transferring an iMovie to External Hardrive
Handbrake: where and how used?
Nothing is working...Toast
Image over moving video ?
Videos won't import
copy a video fragment from some video
I need help backing up my DVDs on my MacBook Pro
Youtube problems!!!!
Perian doesn't work, no answer anywhere, please help!
Idvd Issue
ISO file conversion to MP4 files
Question re: Importing in iMovie08
Whats better for video - old sony camcorder or iPhone 4
obtaining material from memory card for iMovie
YAMB alternative for Mac
iMovie audio
HD capturing in FCP splits at scene detection?
External DVD multi drive - how play DVD now?
For film people... (camera question)
iMovie music track fade
Downloaded tv series some episodes show as avi and work others show as wmv?
Stream Video to PS3
Install DVD burner
iTunes TV Show issues
iMovie issues w/ HD Video's from Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W290
All of the sudden, iMovie won't recognize camcorder
Graphic Card Driver to Support OpenGL for FCP6 on OLD COMPUTER???????
How to achieve this effect in iMovie HD
Question about editing in iMovie HD
Audio Sync Issue from iMac to 720p TV
OH EMM GEE!!! (.MOV Files)
Adding pictures in iMovie
adding movies to iTunes
Nikon D90 iMoive best video quality settings? HELP!
Final cut express Q
What is the best burner for mac 10.4?
I can't get iPhoto to read my video clips
VHS to computer converter, anyone have any recs?
How can I reduce sunlight when filming with iSight
Please help with video camera and editing software
DVD Burn folder only burns 'alias'
How to download movies from AOL Video?
FCP 7: Multiclip is not responding properly when angle is switched
Free converter for video files
Unable to drag iMovie events into Project
iMovie/iPhoto questions
inglorious basterds
Best camcorder for Hd & Green screen
How do I print out subtitles?
Final Cut Pro Vs Adobe Premiere for Amateur Doing Greenscreen
Superdrive spitting out DVD's on 'Burn' (iDVD)
iMovie Cloning Effect?
transferring video from a PC to a MacBook
Movie not showing
iMovie09 to FCE 4.0
imovie and other audio inputs
Opening files with wmv.001
.MOV audio wont play in Tiger, but will in Leopard
What is your favorite movies of 2010?
iDVD won't recognise quicktime or DV movies
Help needed for a movie
I need to download Roxio 9.04
imovie help??
Is there a way to do this...
Transferring mkv to external harddrive?
Something other than iMovie and Final Cut Pro
Keynote VS iMovie ?! ?! ?!
Final Cut Matte Question
Blu ray in MAcbook!
video convert and burn
Final Cut Green Screen Question
How to add picture over video to create a lower third look
iMovie HD 6.0.3 problem
iMovie - Title text not displaying when viewing full screen
iMovie HELP!!!
Final Cut Audio/Video sync
Choppy Video Help
FCP Studio Installation/Licensing Question
.mov playback issue on mac..
HELP! Best FLV EDITOR for Mac Snow Leopard????
Simple iMovie question
Best software for getting clips from DVD's
Thinking of switching to Mac for Video Editing..Need advice
Is this even possible?
where can I download imovie HD 6?
Which HD cam exports into FCS and Renders
Help Building a new Mac Pro
Need imovie help...
Help with Imovies exporting Please
.mkv conversion help
free streaming movies or downloads for mac.
Re encoding in iDvd 7.0.4
Best video compression for web
MacBook Pro for Final Cut?
Burning DVD
burning episodes on Toast
Import from Camcorder ?
Plex Media center has Hardware acceleration in upcoming release!
Archiving an iMovie project?
CANON, BAD customer support for new camcorders!
Stop-motion program
AVCHD native playback player
I want to make an AMAZING viral short film. Whose with me??? :D
Choppy Video Streaming
Final Cut Pro External Viewer :: Issues
Video cam recommendation
Having fun with iMovie(need advice)
Is there a way to move Final Cut from one computer to another
iMovie 09 expert help...
Problem with video quality on made dvd
HD Camcorder for a novice
Flip4Mac Export Hijack
How best to deal with AVCHD- "log and xfer" vs. Roxio Toast vs. other?
downloading youtube clips and converting
Hooking up macbook pro to Tv
Iphoto recovery (and itunes?)
Making a show reel DVD using Quicktime and AVI files
Recording Videos Help Needed
Help - imovie project
iphoto settings for best quality small quicktime movie
Trying to convert my .avi
Rendering with iMovie
How edit an imovie HD movie?
Desperate Help With Final Cut Experss
iPhone camera recording on Mac
IDVD help please
Recording from DVR to MBP
Does imovie show times on clips
iMac and pass through technology for Hi8 tapes
Installing FCP upgrade on new machine -- do I need to install regular version first?
iMovie and Final Cut Pro
Burning VOB file... how to?
how can you download hulu videos?
Apple TV and Quicktime 7 Pro
2nd Music video edited with my MacPro
Difference between Export QT vs. Export Movie
iMovie 09 - Combining audio and video tracks
Movie Tag Software
Advice for skipping in iMovie
Macbook and FCE?
DVD Backup Software?
Converting .m4v files to regular .mpeg or similar formats
Imac & Final cut Studio help
Can anyone help me with imovie 08??
iMovie is making my life hurt.
DVD ripping software
iMovie 09 Projects will not open from external drive
imovie to facebook
Widescreen vs Standard - 4/3
Straight up burning a movie to DVD
getting ready to throw in the towel!
Editing in Imovie
How do I copy a DVD?
Need help! My iMovie 6.0 is going wonky on me!
Back up my DVDs
Creating Vids For Church
Can't find videos in itunes.
other webcam other than isight?
Ripping Home DVDs
What's a good free program for editing video?
Share M4p
FCExpress: Apply New Settings to Previous Project?
Saving thumbnails from videos
Why did iDVD stretch the menu after burning?
HD Editing in FCP with MBP ?
idvd burning problem....attempted all suggestions no hours till show time
MPEG Streamclip to convert DVD to FCE
Playing WMV files
.rcproject too large to open iMovie
bring my movie back
Adobe After Effects CS4 trial .dmg file?
I Movie as an attachment?
ISRC Coding
iMac on TV - HDMI vs. 3-RCA cable
Slow Upload?
Best Camcorder to buy? Best format to record in?
Home DVD ripping
Trouble with AVCHD in Premiere Pro on iMac Quad Core
MTS files converter recommendations
Program to edit large vids for clips?
Help with iMovie and Sony Handycam 110
Converting/compressing .mov file
DVD Template
iDVD burning problem....project hangs
Downloads to imovies
Which? Why? How? etc...
Video Auto Remix with Audio
file transfer
does anyone know of any hd pvr that will work for mac laptops?
Looking for a quality vid/cam
Final Cut Express
Quicktime Movie Fade-through-white Grey Box Issue
QuickTime lag
mov to flv conversion
FLV video question...
Mac and SDHC Card
AVI playback
Argh- grey space in Project Library after sending movie to trash
Best brand of dvd
iMovie question
Project Library/Event Library Question about IMovie
Is all iTunes music DRM? Trying to edit with it in Final Cut?
edit via FCP and apple ProRes problem
Fire Rippling Effect
Am I asking too much?
iMovie question
Help - Can't make video on MAC!
iMovie cross refer projects and events
help with video on mac
what should I get ?
EyeTV automation scripts
App for video screen capture - non SWF
2 camcorders to make 1 movie
how would I add a srt to file to a movie
How combine Slideshow and Imovie?
Converting AVI to DVD
Mac mini fcp question!!!
How to split screen in iMovie '09?
iMovie, .mts files, importing and exporting
flash player on mac book pro
rendering w FCP and using mpeg streamclip
Best Format for Downloaded Youtube Videos?
Mac Mini Question
downloading mini dvd movie to an imac
Export files in Final Cut Pro to quicktime
How do I edit my videos from my cannon fs200 on imovie?
Editing music videos in iMovie 09
Used Macbook Pro or New Mac Mini?
iMovie 09
Hooking up HDTV to macbook pro
Toast vs. Visual Hub? Quality?
making AVIs into DVDs with multiple selectable subtitles
Making a large video
copying Home Video on DVD to hard drive (new to Mac)
Exporting from iMovie '08 - help for Newbie
Need software to copy DVD's
Import Mpeg2 files in iMovie
Capture audio from a DVD
New to FCE 4, need some suggestions
Toshiba X100 AVI & Final cut pro PROBLEMS
Converting DVD and Burning
Q's on playing VIDEO_TS.IFO files
iMovie 09 not responding
where to buy final cut studio v1?
Sony DCR-SR50
Avi to mpeg
HD lags on MBP
Need help with my new capture card
Final Cut Express Exporting Problems
IDVD File Sizes
Disk burning problems
mpeg streamclip
iDVD helpppp!!
a video converting app?
Retain 5.1 audio when burning DVD
Final Cut Studio learning curve
DCR-TRV530 problems with IMAC
Final Cut Studio 2 on New Macbook?
Multiple video conversion
Burning subtitles into movie
Best Burner For Macs ???
Motion Blur Problem
Can iMovie 09 handle "AVCHD Lite"?
Where do you find the serial number in the actual Final Cut pro program?
Record computer activity to canon video camera without software.
Advice on connectivity issues with the latest macbook. Help!
imovie import problem
swf. to mov converter question.
No space left on disk!?
Grabbing photo clips from personal video
Imovie question
imovie and idvd chapters
6pin-9pin firewire cable with Canopus ADVC110. Does it work?
Distorted image when importing video to Imovie
Portable Hard Drive??
Uploading video from Sony camcorder to iMovie.
Flip or Kodak Zi8?
Importing imovie project to new computer
DVD Shrink For Macs ???
Handbrake Audio Settings
Problem with Roxio Popcorn 4, help please!
Best cpu for Final Cut Pro?
iMovie 09 - rendering issues (travel globes & maps)
What camcorder works well with a PowerPC G5 Mac?
Sony HD and iMovie CODEC, HD quality downgrade
Hi Res audio and macbook
improve youtube on g3's even the clamshell
need to tweak audio somewhere in vid process
Broken drive? The device failed to calibrate the laser power level for this media
File Converter?
Digital Media Players
I Movie to Camcorder, loss of connection
help with movie file
iMovie: having two clips playing at the same time
quick poll on available video-web sites
Flash Player 10 vs Macbook Pro (2007) + battery
HD Graphics card for a G5?
HD Camcorder Question
Installing Final Cut Studio on multiple Macs
old USB isight issues
best way to upload hd video to youtube
Converting movies for the internet
Burning multiple episodes on one disc?
iMovie problems.
1080i on macbook pro 17" problem
Converting .avi to .mp4 without losing quality
Imovie won't let me add a movie clip in...
Looking for a smaller sized media for VOB files
Problem returning clip from Motion to FCP
Really Frustrated! Imovie 09 Will not Recognize Camera. Will Not Export in HD Youtube
1080p HD iMovie project import problems...
Best 5.1 HD video editing software Mac
Eurosport Player
URGENT! Need help choosing a Mac!
How do I convert an AVI to VIDEO_TS?
Are There Ways To Rip Another Region's DVDs?
.flv to .mov converter
Please answer right now!!!
bup ifo vob files convert to avi
Converting video for Atv
Share feature in FCP 7 does not work, compressor will not submit job
Final Cut - "Dropped frames" error
Cannot watch a DVD on my Mac
Sony DCR-TRV19 -- How Do I Use It Via Firewire On A Mac?
Aimersoft DVD ripping
Desperate help needed.
Teen wants to start filming?
Hauppage HD PVR on a Macbook White?
I need to video record my app demo
Safer way to download movie files?
Final Cut Pro Problem?
Imovie 9 crashes more the windows!!!!!!
Video "Quality" - Final Product
M103 Video?
Stream Video to TV from MacPro?
Making YouTube load faster
How do I control the speed of the otherwise great effect "far far away"?
How do insert black space at the start?
macbook black
Help with picking software
Need to convert AVI files to MPEG4 using free software
Having issues exporting video which originated from a Sony Handicam
transmission (torrent) users - no ul - help plz
wmv files and DRM
Pinnacle Video Capture - Software
Exceeding Maximum time limit on IDVD
AVCHD Plan to use Low HDD, CPU and Memory while editting!
MacBookPro / EyeTV / iMovie HD Help :
On Sequence settings in FCP, and exporting in best quality?
Sony DVD camcorder help needed!
apple commercial 1984
How to get footage from Sony DVD Handycam DCR-DVD92 onto FCP7?
Is there a way to download videos from myspace?
Editing 1080i MPGs without converting
Alternative to IMovie
Remote Professional alternative? Screencasting a connected Mobile device screen
Can't Import Video Into IMovie...
Fuzzy Movies Using Toast...?
iMac 27" ATI Radeon HD 4670, what software can I use to edit HD home movies?
Getting Stills from a DVD?
AVCHD on DVD won't play in BluRay player
Burning DVD Troubles....
best dvd authoring software?
How do you move a project back into iMovie?
Final Cut Pro - Log and Transfer
How to save .gif files from web
2 Part Video Question
Converting from mac to windows
Dvd Can be read but not burned
MOD JVC EVERIO in imovies. HELP!!!
How to convert AVCHD to DVD?
Quicktime 7 Vs. Quicktime V.10 (SnowLeopard)
How can i revisit and rework a past project?
Software for animating videos
Ripping legal DVD's to load on Apple TV
AVI in Imovie
I need some major help imovie09
Mac to Tv Dimming??
Camcorder streaming question.
IS THERE any way to add a Google Earth Tour to imovie HD?
DVD Ripping, Noob Needs Help Please
Editing with a 2.2 ghz mac book
iDVD Crashing
Optical Scene Detection - DVDs to .mov
Best Program For DVD Authoring
Which iMac for video editing?
A few Toast questions
batch capturing with FCS
Problem uploading movies from Sony Handycam.
Question on unpacking video files.
DVD to my mac.
Problem with video from D300s
PC user just got Macbook for Video Editing?
mp4 to dvd using iDVD
Using Toast - Trying to add menus to a disc with multiple DVDs??
Convert analog Hi8 to MBP
Mini Studio
Need to convert from mini-DVD into wmv, mov, or avi
help with an old sony video Hi8 handycam
Toast Titanium question???
Connecting iMAC to Sony Camcorder
Video and photo editing
Need to rip VR DVD to HD for editing.
FCP "The serial number is not valid"
My .avi Movies not compatible with Imovie?
4:3 to 16:9
How to go about selling copy of Final Cut Studio 2
Need portable audio for editing on the go
iMovie PNG Problem I Can't Figure Out
Connect Multiple DV Cameras or Multiple Webcams to 1 Macbook Pro
Facing a tough time using after effects cs3
Having trouble with video
Video to add to Garageband tracks...
imovie 09 maps - audio noise??!
DVD Ripping II
DVD Ripping
Copy DVD Movies to hard drive
Cant view .mov files
iPhoto '09 8.1.1 crashes
IMovie Project Problem...Please help...
best software for stop motion captue and editing?
Best Software for making Highlight Videos
Letterbox in iMovie 09, is it possible?
Video Capture for Desktops?
How to export HDimovies to make them readable by Screenplay Director Iomega
Recording my Xbox please help!!
My Budget: What would your recommend?
HELPPPPP!!!!! Lost iMovie project!!!!!
DVD Screenshots?
Movie files are mute
Sony Hi-8 ccd-tr818 to imovie 5.0.2
A question about the webcaming with iMovie
DVD copying...
Changing movie thumbnails?
Exported from iMovie, can't play in Adobe Premiere
Problems importing viosport helmet cam video to iMovie - 09 and HD
toast problems
.mus files (arg)
Music and Video Production on Mac Computers
DVD Studio
motion 4
1st Music video edited with my new MacPro
163 Mastering Errors with Dvd2One
Why are my files so huge?
imovie 09- VHS stops uploading
Playing movies off Hard drive
Component Video in MacBook Pro (late 2009)
final cut pro and hard drive camcorders
iMovie HD questions
dvd program
moving an imovie from one computer to another
Final Cut Express quits unexpectedly
Panasonic HDC-SD9 and youtube
Lost unsaved data with iMovie HD... Help!
Ridiculously long encoding for Handbrake
iMovie Issues ...
Compatibility with Sony NWZ-E430F Walkman
background music in imovie
Vocals + Vid.......
iMovie09 lost metadata (date when shot)
Will the HD video from a Lumix TZ7 import into iMovie09?
Create a DVD out of an MPEG4
IDVD help...