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hello everybody I am new
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MICRO MV import to powerbook?
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FCP not working after Mac OSX update
can i use PowerBook for video editing?
New MacBook or power book? what is best to edit video on the move?
Problems with MTR, when I try to rip a movie region 1 no problem but with region 4 ..
Specifically for video editing: How do the 800 mhz iMac G4's handle Tiger?
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creating a menu for a dvd? not using toast or iDVD
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Using powerbook as a monitor for video??????
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Rotoscoping in Final Cut Express 2
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What happen when use MTR and the window show you " bad sectors " were found...
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toast question
How can I compress with Toast ?
I just switch to the Imac G5 ( awsome), and want to copy DVD, help me please...
Final Cut Studio on a PowerBook G4?
Final Cut + iMac G5?
idvd 5 vs. idvd 4
PVR to Powerbook recording
G5 & Final Cut Pro & Everyday computer
Trying to get a camcorder
Can I transer a VCR tape to my iMac G5?
Toast 6
idvd settinga
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Screen shot of a dvd
firewire not working right
.VOB to Quicktime
Will FCP Studio work on a IMAC G5
Any idea what to do next?
.mkv player?
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How do I record streamed Video onto my hard drive
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Problem with FCP4 and FC Studio & firewire
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WMV Player trial...
Making DVD from AE .MOV file? NEED HELP!
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Using iMove? Veeky help you to share your video on internet
iMovie thumbnails
editing home movies
Windows Media Player 9 doesn't work on my computer
G4 Quicksilver Video Card
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FCP 4.5 HD drops frames
Final Cut Exp v.2 vs. FCE HD (Training DVD question)
iMovie>Toast>Error Msg
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iMovie but no iDVD
DVD Ripper
New Camcorder
iMovie--new JVC hdd camcorder issue
Compressing with iDVD
Compressing WMV on iMovie
QuickTime Pro--is it worth it?
Can I use my digital camera as a web cam?
Editing Movies burned to DVD
Old Apple video ads!
Playstion on my Monitor
Combining Quicktime Clips ?
Video Compression For Web Use
IDVD Themes
MKV files
hows final cut express?
Backup IMovie Project
Capturing TV on my mac
Linking Clips in iMovie
Video Compressor
DV to Firewire or USB adaptor?
How to Put Avi/Divix so they play on dvd player?
Aging / Morphing Software
dvd rippers/dvd backups
.dmg files burnt with a windows/linux - help for the stupid?
Video Problems
iSight video recording
WMV To...
Transfering video from video camera
music videos?
Editing FCP Files Elsewhere?
DVD editing on iMac 700 without superdrive
Switching from Pinnacle to Final Cut Pro
How do i create an animated .gif in preview?
ram / fcs
Need Help With Imovie Fast!!!
best DVR for a G5 iMac
iMac or Powerbook for FCP HD?
Compressing movie files?
HELP! With Final Cut HD
Exporting Film From FCP To Use ON 5th Gen iPod
iMovieHD editing - clicking noizes!!!
help for iMovie, sorry I am an idiot!!!
Music Videos?
Converting RM or WMV
Video Card for Motion V1.0
Frozen IMovie Screen
help! hard drive problems with powerbook
WMV Converter
Spit files?
Any way to do this
Creating subtitles in FCP 4.5
DVD to .mov
imovie - mpeg 1 and 2?
TV Commercial creation?
Keying Graphics on FCP5
Converting .mov???
Putting movies on your ipod without quicktime pro!
LCD Displays - Pixel Response Rate -Advice needed!
How do i make iDvd...
My Skateboard Video
titles in iDVD ?
Final Cut Pro
Watch this!
Downloading Lost in UK and outdated "iTunes" terminology
FrontRow and Codecs
Changing frame rate in FCP
Video chat with iChat
Burning a DVD, ripped with MTR
TV shows preview
Buying A Camcorder
copy protecting
avi to mp4
Help For Burning!!!
New Music Video Store problems.
Recording DV
i need a reply
Newbie to Video Importing
How do I make a DVD montage using movie scenes?
Project too long
Making a DVD with AVI files
Create Mix DVDs
Sending Quicktime Email Movies?
.ogm conversion
Help with hearing a movie
Help with Downloading Windows Media Player
Final Cut Express vs. Adobe Premiere
Playing .WMV .ASF in Quicktime?
Need to import video via iMovie and play iTunes simultaneously...
Please forgive me: AVI to DVD help
advice please
FCP 5 - Audio Sync on Export Issue
How do I create Dvd from iso that works in player?
iDVD Compatibility Issues
How do I delete Windows Media Player?
How to set VLC as default movie player??
Burnt DVD problem
Snapz Pro X Help
Correct Blank DVD-R Media for my PowerBook?
DVD Movie not mounting
Movie in (.avi) with subtitle (.str) to burn on DVD????
Quicktime 7 question
Cannot burn DVDs
Apple DVD Player can't find external DVD drive
avi into playable dvd?
Ripping of a DVD
iPhoto/iMovie/iDVD slide show related.
questions - before i get a mac....
Bella Professional Series Keyboard for Final Cut Pro..
Putting a DVD onto a Palm PDA
Repair AVI Files
Dvd Format questions
HD video file size
Repairing and old video
DVR-MS Convert / Play
Live Type
Power Mac vs iMac
Promotional music video
adding subtitles
Burn Eye TV Mpegs to Video DVD - HOW?
Fraps Type Program for Mac??
.img audio problems
Screen Capture with iDVD
IMovie & IDVD Capacity
IMoive clip duration
Making a CD Movie
Converting Xvid/Divx onto DVD-R
iMovie and Jpegs
Organizing Clips
Game Videos
iDVD crashes
this sux but is kinda funny......
goood WMV to avi/Mpeg converter?
Monitor + FCP
IDVD Templates
dvd camcorders and final cut pro
splitting video into parts using zip and rar
Where's the itunes?
how do i get my HDTV on my mac ?
iDVD question
How best to make a backup of raw video
Most stubborn video clip ever!!
Outputting Video
Still Have Burning Problem
QUicktime plugin for avi-mpeg4?
??? iMovie and external firewire drives ????
Can't View DVD
DVD Studio Encoding Options
Extracting Video from Dvd
Video too long
using Retrospect 6.0 to back up media files and have a few questions
avi unrecognized
burnt movie "jumps" when played??
Downloading WMP on a Mac...
Xvid codec...I think
DVD Studio Pro - "Track 1" Problem
Final Cut Express Help
Old film look
Streaming Flash Video
Video editing software advice
Best way to backup DVD's *from a Mac noob*
Convert .wma to .avi or mpeg
Toast question
Imovie help please...