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Canon HG10 and iMovie 08 troubles
.mkv Files?
Mac Vets your help is greatly needed
Good movie editor (specific task specified)
FCP noob trying to make an NTSC disc in iDVD from PAL
AVI / RAR - sound is not in synch
something like Final Cut Express
CD burning software that supports enhanced CD with mpeg
isquint problem
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NBA Commercial Effect (v.How??)
How to easily copy a DVD
PAL miniDV import to iMovie 08 or Final Cut Express4
Movie Editing Program
Best iMovie Upgrade
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Working Hi-Def Footage on iMac
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Best hardware for VHS to Mac
Object clipping in motion?
Creating RMVB files
HELP: Mini DV Tapes ??
What is the problem with SONY HardDisk camcorder & iMovie??
Netflix "Watch Now" petition -- please sign
Good model hard drive camcorder
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Adding subtitles into .avi file
Pixelating middle finger?
easycap av usb dongle. can it work with Mac
Using FireWire to accept it possible?
Can Someone Please Help Me?
How do you split videos?
frame rate/playback speed issues with .mov file
iMovie and and external hard drive
Dual Layer Disc Burning with DVD Copy
Logic Pro 8
Handbrake Problem
How Do You Strip Audio from an existing video?
iMovie and .Mac publishing
The L Word is Edited with FCP
iMovie cuts
Issues with Apple DVD Player - please help..
Trouble ripping YouTube videos - problem with Leopard?
Camcorders anyone?
.DV to .AVI converter
Make Movie w/ Pics?
taking out white border on Motion?
I made a BIG MISTAKE and now i need HELP!!
How can I put Apple ads on YouTube without getting in trouble
How to Copyright my stuff?
file formats for iMovie
Burn CD/DVD to play in DVD player...
HDV 720P is grayed out?
emailing video files
fce 3.5 vs fce 4.0
Keynote presentation to FLV
wanting good video editing machine for the money...
Jumpy slide show pans in iMovie
Mac-compatible TV Tuner
is converting from avi to any other format that easy?
AVCHD format...has anyone edited it using iMovie or Final Cut?
usb webcam low fps
Convert to which format??
ac3 filter for Quicktime
iMovie help
Question for the PROS! HD Content
iDVD, 107 minute project too long for 4.7 GB DVD?
help Quicktime
FCE stopped adding Cross Dissolves
reinstalled iDVD and...
Handbrake Lite
Handbrake - Video Dimensions
video files
free download videos from youtube, Help...
Need help NOW!
Help With Importing Files
DVD import
Power Mac G4 or HP DV6000 for video?
Problem with external firewire drive and iMac G3
iMovie 08 Won't Import Any Movies
Anyone use this:XLR8 ProView USB for video capture?
Proper way to backup captured video ?
Video URL streaming from iMac to TV Through xbox360
Importing To iMovie! Need Help! (urgent)
Canon's DM-XM2 vs. Sony's HDR-HC1
DVD Studio Pro not recognizing blank discs
Stop motion
Cutting Audio Off
Help connecting an external camera
video fx in iMovie 08???
iMovie: Cannot view my video (viewer is white)
newb question video torrent---->dvd
uploading video
How to "video" my screen
FCE Rendering
iMovie '08 Help
iMovie and MicroSD cards
VLC player Question
Hi Def video and Whether to Switch to Mac?
Problems importing to iMovie 6.04
Editing recorded tv from a dvd?
FCP Problem
Post your HTPC setup.
Edit Images From Home Made Dvd's
3rd party QuickTime plug-in..
Song from Garageband import into Final Cut Pro Problems
best way to keep DV video high quality in youtube
Need external storage space advise
Unwanted Pillar Boxes Importing into iMovie
Final cut express 4 questions
Shake slow on Macbook Pro?
Trouble Uploading Video From iMovie to YouTube
Scratch Ext. Hard Disk For Fcp.
HELP, Moving Still Images from Aperture into Final Cut Pro 6
Vhs > Dvd
Wondering how to do this
Simple Animation App
MacBook and Final Cut Express HD
request: Fashion on Ice - Jan 20
Play DVD's from hard drive onto TV?
Advice for first Mac purchase.
driver problem samsung and final cut
Adding subtitles to a movie using FCE and iMovie
iMovie: no "advanced" menu
Mac the Ripper Error Message
My mac not accessing an mpeg 1 movie file
External DVD burner question..
FCE No Audio!
video decoders
Video progection for live performace
Camera Questions
iMove help
imovie help
Converting from DivX
wmv converter
Simple Annimation App?
Capturing Video?
Region free dvd
.mpg question
how do you fastforward on iMovie?
Toast Titanium 8.0.3
Download Videos for Stage6
Mulit zoning a dvd for a Mac ( previous thread on this dates to 05)
iMovie effects question
Turn Avi/Divx into iTunes/Quicktime Format
rip u tube videos
noob question
Videos to MPEG2
trouble burning DVD to IPOD touch
Final Cut Pro HD canvas quality!!!:(
HELP avi codec
iDVD - misery and despair
iMovie8 Keeps Shutting Down and Clips are Greyed Out...
Adding commentary/main menu button
Why can't I split an iMovie project?
Program To Burn Encrypted DVD
HI-8 to digital conversion Composite vs Hi8
Please Help
Video Converter
Sony HC37E best way to connect to intel imac
Still camera video to i-movie - How?
Multiple Burns
Burning With lightscribe
Burning a DVD
Playing movies on a regular TV
Converting old 16mm film to digital
Simple Animation App?
Can't load :(
Double Layer Discs-MBP can't burn!
Where can I find iMovie 6.0.1 for a G4
connecting wmv movies
Idea's on how to rip small sections of a dvd??
iTunes HD Video Podcast Download Stutters
Digital Video Help
Torn between 3 camcorders
how to run hd dvd files on a mac
Imovie lost clips problem. any help?
Sound effects
Movie Capture, Editing & Formats
Best software for video edit
iMovie08 questions.
how do you remove movie from Web Gallery?
movie formats
Trying to confirm PAL format DVD from iDVD, iMovie
Importing from DV - why out of sync?
i-DVD 4 small questions - advice needed
video plays back in japanese
DVD Error
!!my G4 is streaming videos really slow!!
Looking for a good dual layer DVD burner
QT pro: Export Movie to Flash?
Remove Pictures in imovie
extracted DVD, now what?
Merging Clips in iMovie HD
iMovie support .mov?
playing .AVI files in quicktime
How to edit a DVD???
DVD Player is locked :(
VHS to Macbook question
making play menu for dvd's on ext hard drive
Toast Titanium 8 Burning Issues
Imovie Crushs
change i-sight settings???
Turning iMovie m4v files into playable DVDs
I-movie Flip4mac Issue
Help with Handbrake
iSight Camera Question
Ripping DVD to iMac (This is legal)
Hooking up 360 to G4 via DVI to HDMI?
Avid Free DV and Video Editing
My First iMovie Creation
Video frame capture
Download Youtube Video
copy family guy episode onto mac
JVC Everio GZ HD7/Macbookpro.. problem.
How do I convert VHS to DVD with my Macbook
Adding functions to the end of a video
.ACC file problems
iMovie HD questions
AVI Conversion
MPLAYER OSX - Subtitle issue
Importing DVD Video Into iMac
Imovie to Youtube Compression Problem
DVD Blur and Image distortion SORTED!!!!
music/video cd?
Video Smashing
imac compatibility with Samsung mini dvd
HD Camcorders Compatible with Mac???
Disc and case labelling
playback canon xl1
burning and quality?
Are you looking to buy a camcorder? Read here first before posting!
Backup Solutions: Which to choose?
writing DVD on macbook.
Buying a camcorder for short videos?
Convering 4:3 to 16:9 with duplication problems
Hooking up MacBokk to HDTV via HDMI
idvd - Making slideshows (pics) fit full screen?
Sony Trv-33 And New Imac/imovie 2008 Not Playing Nice
This is Beautiful and I Want to Record It-
DV Compression
Canon Xl1 and Final Cut Express hd
Sony DCR TRV-38 and my new iMac
iDVD help!
6 min movie in mpeg1 format - how to turn it into a loop on dvd?
Digital Converter
Good camera
DVD Back-up
FCS2 and New IMac
Where's Bank Gothic gone???
irecord issues
make macbook multi region
iMovie 6
different region external DVD drive? make macbook multi region.
Toast - DVD - iMac G3 ?'s
Avi conversion help?
stream flash capture save file video
iPod - iTunes Video Help Please
should I start on Final Cut Studio 2?
iMovie Video Issues
So i want a camcorder...
.mkv in quicktime video but no audio
iMovie and AVI????
Europe Can't help! Can The USA help!!
MPG problem
rip + burn etc
Play your Mac movies on your Xbox360
new to mac & digital movies
Stop H.264 increasing brightness?
NTSC to PAL transcoding
Good DVD menu software
your iMovie projects?
Divx stuck on "connecting" screen
iDVD trouble
problem with DVD made in iDVD
movies not playing in safari but outside in quicktime
Macbook and External TV Monitor with Final Cut
Conversion Question
HELP! Question regarding recording audio into iMovie through an interface...?
Pro Dvd & Cd Labeling Programs
Connecting macbook to my tv what cables will I need?
Affordable DVD Authoring software?
Avi Cutter
Video File Size
copying DVDs
Guide: Adding avi and other movies to iTunes
Recording High Definition to DVD??
Merge iMovie 08 clips and remove automatic scene detection
encoding tv recordings
Help please with a legal dvd rip problem
Record iChat Video
Other good slideshow making software
iDVD video support
Import/Edit HD content, then what?
Editing and outputting HD?
No Picture with Quicktime
Good Command Line Video Convert
how to burn a downloaded movie onto dvd?
iMovie - Error During Import (pic from dsktp)
Ready to purchase Final Cut Studio 2 but....
iMovie emergency - please help if you can
High Quality YouTube Video
Please Help?!?!?!
what kind of video camera should i buy?
Getting a Mac Pro: Might use Avid in the future
Rotating QuickTime video with AppleScript
quicktime / slow and playlists... help :]
MBP for video editing
What kind of firewire to get for my sony camcorder?
DVD movie looks crappy, help
Advice on a iMac system for video editing???
After Effects Multi Choice?
iMovie capabilities/functions
Final cut express? New one worth it
that THX sound
Photo viewer
i movie hd for new macs
PS3 HDMI + Fiber Optic Help..
Help me
iMovie Conversion
Lost movie after rotating in Quicktime
Problem opening video for edit
No sound when previewing in iMovie 08?
Photo quality issues.
HDV and FCP 6
Quickest way to make a small YouTube clip on MacBook?
Canon HG10 compatibility
Super 8
Easiest way to use my Net Sharing Camera with my macbook?
G5 SlOW?
Mac media center
Final Cut Pro App Installation on External Harddrive
MacBook Pro - Video Editing
16:9 in FCE through drag and drop
True Widescreen
Is this possible ?
Is this possible?
What program should I use to learn CGI
Conveting HD H.264 1080p videos so i can play them?
Limewire: DL from more than 8?
iMovie '08 - Missing iPhoto videos
VLC player
how do you save youtube videos?
Everio MG-155
Allot More Memory to iMovie?
Final Cut Express 2.5 video capture
HDV back to camera
Quality issues when burning from i-dvd 06
multiple video outputs from mac
Firewire (?) killed my settings!
DVD Copy: Input/output Error on Disk Utility
communication error
Differnt between Podcasting and Broadcasting on the Internet
Authorized computer?in iPhoto slideshows
Burning DVDs to hard drive?
Importing 12 min video to iMov1e: 150 minutes???
HELP! Premiere Pro vid. + iDVD
Final Cut Express 4 Released at $199
How to burn avi file to dvd on mac os x
Viewing .flv files...
Looking for lower end DV Camera with analog-digital pass through
Settings needed to post iMovie 06 vids on Youtube
video editing software for Mac Pro
HI-8 camera
Sony HDV-HC3 & FCE camera controls
encoding dreamcast game footage for viewing
nightmare sony and now JVC too.
Movies in iTunes in the UK when??
WMV and "REAL" to DV ?
Slideshow Templates or Themes for Fotomagico
From iTunes to Quicktime?
Why Buy Quicktime Pro...???
"Real" DVD Slideshow
drivers for a sony handy cam
How do I play uncompressed rgb AVI?
learning how to edit video
How do I Convert old super 8 mm tape to CD or DVD
Blue screening(?)
MV4>??? Convertor Needed
How to archive compressed tape footage?
Weird External Hard Drive and iMovie Issue!!!
Tapeless camcorders and the Mac
My new video - please watch & vote!
Canon Powershot SD550
Need just a little info, can anyone help?
iMovie '08 --> Leopard (gray clips)
Film Festival!
Help Me Please :)
iMOvie'08 Problem/Bug
Creating my 1st Movie Archive from DVD
Rm ---> Dvd
New to iMovie 7.1 - effects?
Fav. Movie Maker?
Video Software Questions
Creating PAL DVD from iMovie
Burning DVDs as 352x240 in Toast/DVDStudio ?
Burning a DVD with menus
Basic Question on IMovie
Missing Codec's in final cut
Help with iMovie.
tell me the name... please
What program can I use to convert movies?
iDVD - Buttons linking to DVD-ROM contents.
Question regarding Final Cut Express HD 3.5 Upgrade
Rip Google Video
iMovie/iDVD Formats
Using iTunes store purchased songs in videos... help
Quality Of Mac Video
i-movie 08 - huge dissapointment
How to Chapter dvds...
Here's an idea
PowerBook G4 video questions/new user.
Can Anyone Help With This
Potential issues with US camcorder
iMovie- Time lapse effect
imovie text wierdness
Horizontally flip a Photo Booth Video
Sub 100 dollar Shotgun mic?
Mpeg/Avi Joiner??
mx video
Burning DVD in widescreen format using Burn
PowerBook's and HD Video Editing/Viewing
Can I stream Internet TV in to Front Row?
Taking Quicktime
Video Player for a Canopus ADVC110?
JVC Everio GZ-MG555 and IMovie
How do I "Print to tape" on Panasonic MiniDV?
iMovie Problem...Please Help....Going Nuts
Burning DVD's on Mac Mini
What Camera to get? (video)
Movie Format Question
HELP sizing a background menu photo in iDVD6
Best way to manage/store iMovie/iDVD projects?
Mini DVD Sony Handycam exporting
Best way to convert DV to mp4?
Burning DVDs for Playstation 2
is there a mac software that can convert rm to avi?
I-DVD - is there a limit?
i-movie titles polemic
FCP5 audio issue
Panasonic GS320 v Sony HC96
Can I play Blu-Ray on my MacBook?
Imovie '08 to '06
Letterboxing without my consent
New Handbrake subtitles
downloading video from internet
Final Cut exporting / iDVD problem
dvd editing prob please help!!!
iMac with Elgato Eye TV.. help.
burning files to dvd?
Importing Video From Panasonic PV-GS300
Divx videos with Optical Surround
Screenshots on DVD
Move from Adobe to Apple Software
No Video Imported
what's the fastest way to go from avi to dvd?
Need VHS conver.
Video clip -> cartoon?
Will this meet my Video needs?
Converting from .mkv
Compatible cameras
Help!!! Technical question...
.avi files
Clip/Segment Size
slow videos
dvd Region
imovie video clip flipping
Firewire 800 and Video Editing
Help with converting a mp4 file
iDVD temp files?
How to Transfer DVR shows to Mac?
iMovie: Firewire camera not found unless OS reinstall
DVD Studio Pro - Filesize huge!
Final Cut Studio 2 (upgrade) Install Question
Final Cut
Does Mac-mini play x264 HD-videos?
FCP: Export file size
help cutting file size for video
i-movie FX judder on TV
Weird stuff going on in my iMovie
Movie Player ------> Desktop
What has happened to Virtix Transitions?
Best Final Cut editing Mouse?
Can someone recommend a camcorder pls.