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iMovie Document format - movie clips
HELP!? .mpg MOV files - Lost in Time Machine converted to jpg??!
Converting home made DVD to Quicktime
So im trying to cut they can look professional..what program should i buy?
Unbelieveably long render and export times
converting VHS to DVD
Suggestions for building the ULTIMATE Mac-Mini/AppleTV Media Center
connecting sony DCR-HC28 to computer
Is there any tool for me??
MacBook won't take my discs
JVC digital video camera
Subtitle maker!
.m4v Editing.
problem burning divx files with popcorn?
Which is better?
Which editing programs...?
nice editing software
Looping multiple iDVD slideshows
Converting and Burning DVD's, need faster method
Changing the speed of clips
What do I need to connect a MacBook to a 42inch Bravia
imovie to play on PC/DVD
iMovie 6 Free Themes
Video Capturing from Old 8MM Sony Camcorder.
Can't copy Non-Commercial DVD
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Adding Music to a movie clip
IMovie help!
Making iMovie load projects folder in another path
Problem rendering iPod format in Final Cut Express since OS upgrade
Maximum Content Issue!!
blur-ray on leopard
Final Cut Studio 2 install on MacBook Pro?
Need help with iMovie HD!
How Do I Burn Spider-Man 3 (the actual disk)
final cut log and capture not living up to its potential
iMovie08 Rejected Clips to Trash
Camcorder preference
Unable to initialize video deck.
VHS-C to Digital-Pinnacle
Changing the iMovie "movie projects" path
NBC video
final cut pro 2 help
Problem with aspect ratio (JVC GZ-MG335)
Importing Videos
Video Editing / Graphics!
Video Formats
None playing video attachments
Screenshot DVD's
Question about video...
DVD to H.264
flv viewer
Issue with converting MPG to MP4
*Bleep* language/audio feature in iMovie 08
Pinacle HD Stick for Mac
Which MacBook advice, AVCHD editing , sony vegas or Final Cut?
Quicktime update to 7.5 and now to audio
iMovie '08 Importing Problem?
Can I restrict web cam use?
Slight problem - HELP
The common problems and solutions for iPod Touch
front row no audio with movies
Combining mp4 Videos
"Layered" Quicktimes
Burning DVDs
How to save an old FC file so it opens in 5.0
.mod file format
Export in Shake?
DVD Region Code
Can white balance be corrected after shooting?
exporting with quicktime
Scaling an still image - Final Cut Express
HUGE iDVD problem!!!
My still *work in progress* Don't Stop Me Now music video (by Queen)
My video file can not find.
Do DXG camcorders work with iMovie v4?
Scrolling Slideshow Software
Can visualhub use on2 vp6?
AVCHD Video Editors
Video Display
Converting a .gts file
Toast Issue
Newbie iMovie question
Audio/Video Switch
iDVD speed problems
iDVD and AVI problems
M0RB0 wants to Flip!
Help with iDVD menus
Please help! - SVD? Movie? What?
Final Cut Express 4 - Tutorial?
M0RB0 needs to go faster
Video Editing - What HD Cam?
Import video to Premier Pro
Movie Starts Before Menu Screen
Can I get software to back-up my video files from my ipod?????
MORBO is importing!!
Does anyone know a good video converter for my Zune device?????
application to make pro commercials?
How to join split video files?
Aspect ratio in Final Cut Pro
imovie 06 afflicted by upgrade
avi questions
Help playing movie bluray.dts.x264-hv
Flip Video issues
Best digi video camera that is compatible with a IBook/IMovie
adding video to iTunes
Temp idvd files
Recording an iMac screen with component video
Outputting to DigiBeta
Missing Codec in VLC
Final Cut Express 4.0 not working on 10.4.2
Panasonic HDC-SD9 compatibility question
applying ken burns effect to a pdf
Photo Slideshow??
Adobe Premier V Final Cut
USB Analog to Digital Converter?
iMovie lib3ivxEnc.dylib error
Media Browser of Quicktime?
Effects in iMovie '08
Stop iMovie File Import
iMovies Cannont Export
Can You Pls Help This Newbie
Change Quicktime default language to English
Very basic videomaking on windows machine. Help please
iMovie08 Backwards Playing Clips?
Camcorder Choice
Creating a DVD library on spare Mac
Clarity iMovie 08 vs Quicktime
AVCHD converter
Screen DVD shot
Exporting slideshows to iDVD
iMac-Geforce 8800GS-Final Cut
Toast 8
iMovie HD - Exporting to standard AVI file
my hard drive crashed!! (with my project on it)
Adding Subtitles on Mac
installing isight driver help
Making video
iMovie 08 - Ken Burns Effect question
Need some help with imovie 08'
codec problems
imoves help
DVD Burning Error Code 0x80020022
Basic burning of a DVD
iMovie Help
I need Perian 1.1 Help !
HV20, iMac, iMovie'08 or FCE4 and 4-pin to 9-pin Firewire Cable
Copying dvd
movies and subtitles
iDVD wide screen issue
Is my Video HD?
just tried my hand at screencasting
Tape to Comp
How to store video files
Soundtrack Pro hard disc capacity?
Qoodaa Successfully Solved Video Downloading problems
Final cut studio 2 w/ mac pro
Final Cut Express Ratio Export Problem?
Imovie 08
iDVD6 -Play 16:9 video on a 4:3 TV
Screen Capture
iDVD 5 won't work in Leopard...HELP!
clip delay in iMovie
Quicktime and Toast 9.02
unable to play burned dvds
DVR To Mac - What Software To Use?
iMovie to PSP
Recording video with the built in camera on the MBP....
Can't get Final Cut to Log and Capture...
Compressor takes 15 hours for 2 hour video
slow motion onto imove
Why does video files take so long on a mac?
Easiest way to rip a DVD into Final Cut Pro
why wont imovie import videos to my external hdd?
Final Cut Pro, Export to MPEG2 How????
Screen Recording
iDVD error message
iMovie Compression
isight image back to front in imovie.
video out of sync in photo booth
Poper way to daisy chain camcorder, MBP, & Ext HD
Video to .Gif?
Help with exporting from iMovie
Is it renting video?
iMovieHD muting Video question
Final Cut : )
Importing Help
posting for Youtube
firewire extension for isight SOME PRO PLEASE HELP:(
Make video fit on a DVD
iMovie to WMM
Taking video from a homemade DVD into iMovie, HOW?
Dvd wont play on dvd player
Looking for video management software!
External Subtitle for DVD
Final Cut - Video quality question
Media streaming
iDVD questions
VLC media player - pixel-y results?
.vob to imovie?
importing video from iPhoto to iMovie
not enough free disk space
Anyone knows any good video converter?
Projecting Movies
Imovie not accepting mp2 or mp4
Images In Idvd Are Shaky After Burning
MacBook Pro- 5.4GHz vs 5.5GHz
Apple Product Question
region problems...
Looking for DVD ripper!!
Compressor Issue?
viewing HD 1080p trailers on MacBook?
HELP!! I wanna extend openGLVideo with own slider
Should I invest in Mac Pro for working with Final Cut Pro/After Effects/others
Zoom Software for Mac compatible webcam
No AV Input
AVI Files crash Finder
I think my codecs are messed up??
iMovie to Final Cut
avi to mpeg helppppp
YouTube - 2 quick questions
best free converting software?
Using External Hard Drive as main imovie library
Is it possible to rip protected FLVs (streamed content)
.AVI no audio with QuickTime or I-DVD
Tutorial-- video converter for recipe
How can I run Final Cut Express from my iMac
Saw an iMac for the first time...
How to Copy Select Titles from a DVD-R?
Audio problems with IDVD 08
Splitting audio from video
Video Editing
Help with iMovie
Need to copy DVDS!!!
I'm ripping my DVDs - want to watch them by hooking up MBP to TV. Some audio Q's ...
"Shocktology" a Halo 3 montage.
After effects and iMovie HD problem
Windows Media Video and Powerpoint
iMovie goes black since FCE
My Mac doesnt recognise blank DVDs
iMovie HD, degrades my content when I add effects?
iDVD 08'
Wanting to record Xbox 360 in HD
iMovie 08 from iMac to MacBook
.MKV High Definition to Xbox 360
iMovie Turn Clip
Need to burn avi files to play in normal DVD player
old analog 8mm tapes to external hd
Burning DVDs
tv shows not playing in iTunes
Sony HDR SR12 video file format compatibility
Show off your Vids!
need video editing software
iMovie HD 06 problem
video editing on Mac Pro
Mac Pro Specs for Video Editing
Video transfer problem
trouble with iMovie
New Sony DCR-SR65
Best DVD Cloning software?
creating mp4 files from DVD ?
Problem with SECAM Middle East mini dv tapes
Cheapest Final Cut Express? connector on a Mac?
Elgato Eye Tv Diversity Query
Problem Importing ACVHD Into FCE 4
DVD Region Code.. What A Joke? Now I Cant Watch DVDs...
Ken burns effect in FCE
My own chapter markers!
recording with iSight camera
Which camcorder?
iMovie 08 HD Import Problem
Trouble loading video to iMovie 08
link to download imovie 06
video transfer to iMac
Slow down clips
Importing movies into imovie08
Compressing 26min Film for Fest! Help!
Quicktime Pro Problem!
Twin audio tracks
Apple Color (FCS2) on MacBook Pro
iMovie 08 - Missing Video Clips
1080p problems?
Acvhd And Mac
music video of sorts
imovie 08 an Final Cut express 4 wont recognize my video camera...
How Can I Convert DRM protected m4v files?
Importing old 8mm tapes
Bad Output on DVD made with iMovie08
iMovie '08 keeps "quitting unexpectedly"
Final Cut Pro Problem-Need Help Troubleshooting
Importing WMV in iMovie
iMove 08 and plug ins
Pixelation problems
From Sky+ to iMac
After Effects Render SLOW - Slower than my old PC
music addition
iMovie help
Apple vs Microsoft video
iMovie '08 Compatible HD Video Formats
Audio help from DVD conversion
Camera for Mac OS X with network cable connection
iMovie 08 Cannot Delete Clips?
Trying to create menus
Unable to open project files and XML Translation was aborted due to a critical error
Before spend can you confirm?
Creating a homemade DVD
A couple of questions regarding widescreen and DVD burning
tv turner to monitor
Can I move a FCP project to iMovie?
Better Than Camtwist
Mac Mini enough to HD Edit...
Missing filter in Motion
FCexpress vs FCpro
analog video converter
Backing up/burning DVDs
ATI Radeon 9800 Connector Question
2 conversion ques: wmv to fcp & avi to fcp
iDVD problems burning
Creating Movie on Mac...Burning on PC
Interface/mic and webcam
Snapz Pro X and iMovie
Express or Pro for this?
iTunes movies
Please Help with Final Cut Studio
Help? Which DVD format
Popcorn or Toast? MactheRipper or HandBrake?
Keynote vs ProShow Gold
iDVD 08 menus
Two Video camera shots - Final cut Express or Pro
iMac or Mac Pro for video editing?
compress 20 small videos to 1
does it really take 23 HOURS to burn a 2 hour movie with iDVD????
Importing an .mp3
Question: converting .mpg to iPod
Recording Help Please..........
iDVD and making a custom DVD
what kind of upgrade/update do i need?
Please help! .mpg to .mov
iMovie 08 - Transferring movies to VHS
Toast quits burning DVD half way- any suggestions?
Bit of a noob question
Toast disc support
MP4 Videos Not Playing In Quicktime
New to editing - Best way to transfer to MacBook?
Invisible Clips?
Most platform independent format?
Help (Camera problems online)
DVD media Question
How to superimpose still image in video
JVC GR-D40e DV - Not recognised
please help the computer-retarded n00b (avi content)
Please recommend new Mini-DV camera for under $500 to use w/ MacBook & FCE
Final Cut Pro output to DVD help.
converting avi etc to dvd
Custom video titles in Toast
Anybody use Canon ZR950 with their Mac laptop?
YouTube Compression Quality & iMovie
VLC Player failing
Quicktime Compression for DVD
Satellite TV software
camcorder problems
Putting canvas in second monitor
Question about External Hard drives for Video/3d graphic editing
Final Cut files need help
Just got the Sanyo Xacti HD700
Transition refuses to be deleted and crashes iMovie HD
Ken Burns effect on stills in Final Cut Pro
What is a good free program that will burn torrents onto DVD
Problem importing QuickTime to iMovie 08
iMovie to DVD - Mac mini - please help!
VHS to iMovie Hoo-haa (not again!!)
Sanyo Xacti cameras
17 Imac Webcams To Film Matrix
Adobe Premier for Mac ???
Creating a widescreen movie in iMovie HD
Trying to sequence videos...
iMovie: Video metadata lost on import?
Titles Blurry in iMovieHD (HELP)
My first Reverse Video, commens please
Still from DVD?
Big problem with Mac the Ripper
Editing Performance Differences between a Notebook and a Desktop Computer
NTSC mistake!
iMovie : Video Is Missing After Exportation
MacBook Pro External Display problems
Burning on iDVD
DVD Ripping Quality
DVD's to hard drive
Xserve and
Playing .wvx files
Video compression software
.mkv conversion for Connect360 (xbox360) streaming?
Cool Automated Slideshows with Effects
transitions and short clips in iMovie HD 6
question about purchasing 4 core Mac Pro
Can a DVD be imported into a Quicktime movie?
Final Cut Pro missing smoothcam features
Audio component when exporting movies to TV
Mac newbee needs help!!!
Handbrake settings
Zoom On Photo (final Cut Pro)
Song Rights in Movies
Final Cut Pro to After Effects
Synching Problem
The best way to compress video
creating a james bond like intro?
final cut express or premiere
video camera wont party with G5
Importing files to iMovie??
Just Menu from iDVD
iMovie is eating my HD space
Encoding movies for TV and iPhone/iPod use..
iMovie Automatically Stops Camcorder Tape
Hardcoding Subs
White speckles on footage
How Do I burn a Data CD?
Help to understand
Importing logos into Final Cut Pro
Capturing Video w/ FCE and Canon HV20 --- Please Help!
Video Compression
Problem moving iMovie Project to new computer
Movie-image stabilizer in Final Cut Pro
MBP - video playback (iTunes/VLC/QuickTime) often completely locks up machine ?
VLC to iMovie? can it be done?
My video wont Sync up!!
capture limit?
Video freezes when exporting to Full Quality
How do I import digital 8 clips into Final Cut Pro
Editing YouTube video's
Happy Jordi Productions intro
Audio and video sources
iMovie '08 dvd burn???
Picture Effects in FCE
After Effects / Firefox conflict
ExpressCard/34 slot question
Lost Windows
QuickTime Pro recording freeze
Final Cut Express
Sony codec problem
iMovie HD and After Effects
Massive Video-watermarking project - Anyone got some ideas?
Tricky DVD conversion question
Anyone know how to save swf flash movies?
iDVD ejects incomplete DVD
Add Graphics To A Movie?
How do you do this?
video input comes in as black and white only
Error During Rendering/Encoding iDVD8 and Garageband
Flip4Mac 1080p
youtube and uploading
Installing Just I-movie
stills from film
Lightscribe for Mac
Why does multimedia editing seem better on Macs than PC's???
How much space does Final Cut take up?
video capture devices
a little HDD camcorder help
How to make picture "talk"?
Sony DCR- SR 200 Help!
Reverse of Ripping
Toast Titanium 8
Problem playing embedded .avi movie in Firefox
Intel & G4's when it comes to multimedia editing
Software for video Editing
How would I stream 2 webcams
Bollywood Movie stills
Check out my short film
Black bars when importing to DV Camcorder
FCP and Leopard
VIDEO_TS files in iDVD??
FCE/FCP vs. Premiere CS3
Burning DVDs (Im new)
iDVD burning question - Please help!
Question on a Camcorder, iMovie, MiniDV, et al...
Help with iDVD (newbie)
Best software for creating still image slideshow
What is a good MiniDV camera with passthrough ability to capture analog video?
DVD Playing -> Special Features Disc
Need Help playing .AVI
Problem with Quicktime Movie Editing
importing hd
Final Cut Express.. Need Help fast!
Canon HG10 + iMovie 08 export size
Extend Audio Over Edit In iMovie?
Recording Audio and Video separately in iMovie?
.avi to my apple tv
how to play a .scm video file?
Video Editing Q