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imovie 2015 date and time
final cut pro video editing
Advice Macbook Pro 13" 2015
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iMovie issues, everything went blank but movie can still play
IMovie Theater issues
What kind of monitor is needed to do accurate color correction?
Video Maker (editor) Recommendation?
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Multiple longterm problems with iMovie; must keep restarting
Clone or Drag & Drop?
iMovie vs. Final Cut
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I'd love to hear from doc makers using FCPX as to how they log their footage
VLC hid/deleted a bunch of my files, help please.
Splitting a movie into it's clips
Screen recording with QuickTime with sound off
Final Cut Pro HD
Sometimes my DVD plays choppy on computers and DVD players. Why?
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Which Video Editing software for home video use - Final Cut Pro X?
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Screen capture from DVD movie goes gray.
HMTL5 coding software for web site
Cannot create new project
Converting old video formats for display on a web site
Import photos into iMovie 11
IMovie 10.0.6 and external drive
Hi,is there an app to run
Record video from Tivo to retina Macbook Pro
Digitizing HDV with iMovie
FCP X Question.
iMovie clips
Backing up videos
Creating a Live Stream
iMovie 10.0.6 & Blu-ray
Help! Downloaded QT file won't run!
iDVD in Macbook Pro - Yosemite
iDVD themes
imovie 10.0.4 importing clips help
VOD Conversion???
What would cause this? Video Hardware issue.
MP4's & Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound
play Blu-ray discs on Mac
Cant see what i did today on iMovie
iMovie problems with USB drive
best software to convert formats for use in fcp7
Software: Burn DVD (and/or VCD)
More music than iMovie?
Converting MP4 to .mov??
Working with themes in imovie
Cannot import from camcorder
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Roxio Toast 12 Pro
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Encoding iMovie settings for best YouTube upload
need help convert sonata volume
Macbook Pro-how to download video clips
Editing my DSLR .MOV files
Best program to compress a large video file?
Simplest HD Video Editing Program
iDVD and Yosemite OSX
Damaged clips in Imovie
Best way to export imovies
Importing 1080p into iMovie '11
Changing film speed after the fact
Free Screen Recorder
Moving iMovie projects
Final Cut Pro 7
downloading and exporting
Need help with imovie
Deleting videos from iPhone 4s
Playing back parts of video
Can 1080p videos play perfectly on Macbook pros?
Recommendation for a free program to convert MPG to MOV?
Best video editing harddrive - UK available
Bringing DVDs into my mac for iMovie
Advantages of Final Cut Pro
iMovie empty of projects?
DVD Studio Pro 1 and 10.9.4
Help about french videos
Thinking about getting FinalCut Pro?
Low quality in Final Cut Express but not iMovie
Flixter Blocked Plug-In
iTunes purchased movies transfer
Videos made with iPhone + iMovie
Schafer1986-brand new here!
iDVD takes 27 hours to process/encode/burn!
Why the heck does iMovie keep crashing?
iMovie 10.0.4 + 960p
transfer / copy from DVR to Computer
Suggestions for security camera
Advice on efficient workflow for collaborative editing in FCP 10.1.1 w/ 4K files
iMovie and Safari
Movie won't play in iTunes
background music supplied with iMovie
Identifying an a codec in .mp4?
version 10 of iMovie and chapters
iMovie 11 - AVCHD & Exporting
iDVD not working as it once did
How to change 29.97 timeline to 23.98 in fcp?
Mpeg streamclip not playing ac3 audio on video
imovie and a digital frame to play movies
Application to add subtitles to a video?
Interactive Screen Recording Software Required
iMovie Font size
kigo converter
How to copy a video clip to a thumb drive?
8mm tapes to digital format
iMovie titles
Video is cropped when moved from Events to Project
capturing video (tape)
Streaming to Wii
FCE4 & iMovie AVCHD issues
Printing finished Videos to disc info please
Similar to real player downloader
Transfer movi from DVD
Video Editing for iOS 10.6 (Snow Leopard)
Help Importing
Need Camera Manual
Need Some Video Capture/Recording Advice/Suggestions
iMovie 11 and Export Functions
Best use of DVD+R and DVD-R Discs
The Godfather Trilogy
New Video Editor Suggestions
multiple videos on one DVD, can it be done ? please
I would like to "screenshot" a short video clip
mac to apple tv AVI file
I would like a menu on a DVD for 3 videos ?
Using 60D or similar DSLR for shooting video?
Quicktime X: Autoplay in fullscreen?
.ppt to .mov, with H.264?
Mac to iPad movie transfer?
HELP! Problem with IMovie 11'
Fixing too loud audio in iMovie 10.0.2
SD/memory card reader app.
Can you embed jpg images into mp4 files?
can't play .wmv videos
Best free video converter for mac?
Upgraded to Mavericks, new iMovie is choppy!
FCPX 10.1 project update problem
SSD Corrupt
Video capture tools
How do I digitize my dvd's
video player loop from A to B?
ilife 11 or latest iPhoto/imovie?
Burn video TS folders to DVD?
imovie 13, extracting audio clip to edit in Audacity
Video Editing simple
Streaming audio out of sync
Duplicating iDVD
Export from iMovie too large to burn to DVD
IMovie to DVD
Latest update ditched iDVD?!? Please assist
How to Write iMovie Project to DVD?
iMovie music
iMovie 11 help
Share/Burn AVCHD in FCPX
iMovie creation
Movie crashes when I hit pause?
How to choose iMovie resolution
iMovie editing
Blueray authoring software for mac
iMovie file storage
DVD and or files do not show up in Mac
Audio Adjustments in iMovie 10.0
Should I get an SSD hard drive for editing?
New Imovie 10
A question about the Apple A1023 iSight webcam
Imovie Narration
choosing backup method for 25 day 4k shoot
iMac and 4k video
Cutaway in iMovie 09 Issue
Playing movies on iphone(4)
the simplest video editing software?
Sharing an iMovie
Mashing up and creating new dvds from dvds I own
Format to burn movie for PC and DVD player
.AVI movies in iMovie
Need advice burning home movies to Blu ray...
Video editing (AVCHD) on a MacBook Air 2013
The project could not be prepared for publishing because an error occurred. (-108)
Toast 11 question
VLC Lag?
Old file keeps appearing when importing clips
What's the best way to learn FCP X?
Tripod for iPad mini?
Chomecast vs. Peerless
Simple, basic, easy video editor
Burning 3D Home movies to Blu Ray.
Video editing app for iPad
mac bu-ray for front row
movies burned on my Imac wont play on a dvd player
Can someone suggest an app?
Hi-8 to mac video transfer
Can't open .flv file-HELP!
New Mac Pro
How to make back up on Imovie (I only manage to back up my finnished projects) ?
DVD shrink
Software for Authoring DVD with menus and chapters
QT 7 Pro Playback
Copying scrolling credits title
Movie/Audio editing software
Streaming Video Recorder for Mac?
using a TV monitor
External Blu-ray Burner Suggestions?
De Interlacing in iMovie
auto launch program when connecting camera
mts files
iMovie 7 Tutorial
How to get rid of pixels in my video?
Importing DVD into Imovie for newbie
Black square frame around my video
Cataloging Apps
iTunes TV episodes not downloading?
iMovie 09 crashes during video editing
[Q] Playing video episodes consecutively
iMovie problem
after sharing an edited movie to itunes, what do you do with the "project" in iMovie?
closed captioning
Streaming live video into iMovie
speed control without losing subtitles and audio?
removing corrupted frames from an entire video - final cut express - help please!
iMovie to iDVD in NTSC
Sony Handycam and AVCHD: Dumb guy looking for help from smart people.
downloading you-tube videos
iMovie and audio loss
Can't get DVD to itunes
Screencasting: restore cursor
How to make a video like this on a Mac
CPU temp 205 F using Handbrake
Export settings for small size yet good quality .mov files in iMovie 11?
iPhoto video not importing to iMovie
transferring videos from iphone 5 to imovie HD
can't get rid of my camcorder videos
Making Videos (Reversed)
Final cut pro x question
Two Nvidia quadro fx 4500*video card on 2007 Mac Pro
difference between -r and r mac
How Do I Get My DVD Library Transfered To iTunes?
My imovie wont let me drag or make movies/videos anymore?
youtube video's with PPC
iMovie on a projector
video editing
Why is there a MobileBackups in iMovie with my EHDD?
final cut color swap with blue screen
iMovie will not work?
Moving raw footage to Event Library
Super 8 Film into Mac
VLC Player - LARGE Screenshots
slideshow program?
What program to download saved webinars?
Wedding Blu-Ray in to iTunes
Can't move big file to my HD!
Problem translating Videos
Publishing problem in iMovie
Convert VOB to MKV with subs using Handbreak
animated gif in imovie
Final cut pro x graphics card
Removing "start" option from a video
Trouble copying home movie DVD VTS .VOB file to Desktop
iMovie for Educators
putting a trailer on a movie
GoPro 1080p video laggy
VHS Video to Mac
Can Macs import 1080/50p?
Elements won't run
Handbrake problem
Can't burn dvd - burn button greyed out
Plz help screen recording
Mac equivalent of fraps?
imovie and drift HD
How to create a poster frame in iMovie?
which 27" iMac options for best value
Mac Mini Vs Mac Pro or Imac????
vlc dual
Can anyone help? RE: Quick Time to save?
Any good Video Screen Recorder for gaming on PC side of iMac?
Torrents for Mac
Best hi quality multiple webcam recording software?
Creating viewable HD home videos
flip 4 mac
Downloading HD Videos from my Web Site
one movie
Help with FCP X
New Sony NEX-VG20, thoughts?
FCP X On An External Drive
Re: adding Titles to iMovie
iMovie/Mac won't recognise video files from Sony
Exporting from imovie to superdrive
iMovie help
Really odd effect
Ipad Movie App
Imovie Won't Recognize New YouTube Password
dvd format for idvd
Importing MiniDV into iMac
Converting AVCHD
iMovie Source Clip is Missing?! Please Help!
Mac OS 9 Screen Recorder
VHS to DvD
Final Cut Pro X vs Sony Movie Studio Platinum 12
Final Cut pro X
Alternative offline viewers
Final cut pro lost everything
Why wont my rejected clips go to trash?
Saving iDVD movies
MPG into iMovie or Final Cut
Red line at the bottom of clips in imovie
Ideal video format for final cut pro
MPG into Final Cut Pro
Rip a movie to Final Cut Pro?
Original soundtrack accidentally deleted
No font option in iMovie 09'
Problems finding imported video
Glitchy playback of HD video on MBPwRD on VLC or Quicktime
m4v movie format
Is it possible to change the file type of a movie?
video editing software for mac
screen too dark on macbook pro
best freeware MPG to AVI converter...
Rip a movie to Final Cut Pro?
Sound output in iMovie
A suggestion for present (and future) Adobe Premier Elements 11 Users!
Running FCP 6 under Leopard through Parallels in Mountain Lion
compressor 4 problems burning dvd
iMovie Problem
Audio Problems?
Adobe Flash Player install problem
JVC Everio to Imac
MPEG Steamclip problem- plug-in?
iMovie Help.
Best Video Downloaders for all sites - not just Youtube 02-03-2013,
iMovie slideshow: How to keep large size images from shrinking?
Can't play iPhone video on MBP?
open preview of video files?
wmv to mov
iPhoto Slideshow Ken Burns
Exporting movies not coming out well
iMovie/Final Cut Express split screen question.
AVCHD to iMovie '09
Anyway to reduce latency/clarity on Facetime?
Problems exporting from iMovie 11
rocketfish mini display
ScreenCasting with Internal Audio?
NTSC, PAL & Cinema
DVD copy software
G5 USB ports failing....what are my options?
Manual Entry of Film Credits (MP4)
iMovie imports
MOV to M4V , it possible?
scrolling credits
mac videos very laggy
iMovie 9 Clip Duration problems
iMovie Won't Display Imported Videos
Importing Chapters in Final Cut Pro 7 from iMovie 11
iMovie iDVD Not enough space for burning
Video Conversion Problems After Upgrading to Snow Leopard
Moving films to ipad
FCP7 and Mountain Lion
would like to start working with video - can I with this mac?
Saving imovie project
Video retrieval
Final Cut Pro Graphics Card
iMovie - Green Screen Stopped Working!!
Entering Old Film Serials Into iTunes 11
Steve Jobs - A tribute video made with iMovie
Organising clips in FCP X
old video conversion to powerbook...
video problem
trouble importing to iMovie
ffmpeg avi to mp4
Importing DVD to iMovie
Choppy 1080, smooth 720 playback?
iDVD 7.1.2
iMovie Woes... What else is out there?
imovie error 108
Short Cuts/Tips and Keys to Using IMovies Well
can't hear imovie audio clips
remove unwanted noise in iMovie 11
HELP: Want to share big file without jumping through hoops!!!!
FCPX to iMovie?
iMovie/iDVD resolution---what to choose?
Final Cut Express: Why are my clips importing to the canvas pixelated?
iMovie projects disappearing
Blurays viewable on a MacBook Pro?
File conversion for dummy's
video format for Brookstone Digital Frame
Importing from Drift HD to imovie
Videos no longer playing in please
iMovie sharing
Storing Videos
Video play back quality questions...
iMovie HD video all black! (but audio works)
Analog to Digital Converters
Need a solution: Record from iSight/webcam, but record system output as audio
Ipad Movie clip to Imac
imovie will not finalize project
sony camera clips to movies
iMovie and iDVD movie size
Downloading youtube videos
Final cut studio
iMovie "Unable to prepare project for publishing"
canon vixia hf r21 incompatibility with imovie
premiere pro cs6/ ae and macbook pro
Can you play 3D Blu rays on a Mac?
Can't watch online video's from new mac. Help?!
mp4 and itunes
DVD labels
mac, adobe and AVCHD
Playing Video Files (mp4, m4v, etc.) from external hd on TV
VIDEO_TS folder to a DVD ?
iTunes movie format/ security encoding
iMovie audio clip disappears
Shouldn't iTunes 11 be an update?
Strange dvd studio pro/editing problem :(
burn a project from FCP
HELP-Video burned to DVD will not play on other DVD player
Motion judder
2011 Reburbished 27" OR 2012 New 21.5"?
HELP Please - want to copy family videos...
macbook pro to tv no sound from videos
Need free movie editing software
Play a commercial DVD Thru Airplay ...
Video in iMovie
Import problems: progressive footage from Sony CX to FCP
DVBviewer with a MAC
Quick Time video
Nikon HDMI out to MBP
Need Help with burning homemade movie to DVD :)
DVD ripping
cant seem to get 1080p in final cut pro
Which mac is best for a YouTuber?
DVD to iTunes MP4 and reverse
DVD Copier
can I import footage from iMovie 11 into iMovie HD
SSD upgrade or new machine?
2d digital shadow puppetry
upgrading FCX or premiere pro
MacBook Pro (retina) Question
Copying Movies to my Mac
Customer support on video editing programs - which is best?
FInal Cut Pro X or Adobe Premiere?
iMovie 09 shutting down suddenly
iMovie 11 Problem
Using USB and storage devices
Which Is Better?
Changing project music in iMovie 09
how to import movie?
Adding animations to iMovie
My sequence settings match my clip format, but still have to render each clip in FCP
Please Help. Is a Canon T3i Rebel Capable of Doing this?
Video Projector
VGA vs HDMI Quality
Defugality with new HandBrake feature.
Compression of .mov file for email transmission as attachment
Final Cut Pro export file for Ipad
Mac mini HTPC
Help! MBP keeps freezing.
iMovie Basics Help
iMovie not recognizing camera
Need Great Heaven Effect
LG BD Drives "Riplocked"
best AVCHD 1080/50p to Mac also a Downloader for internet video
Itunes HD 1080P Movies
IMovie to Youtube problem
burning DVD troubles
Mac Capture Card to get screenshots off Wii?
best format to email photo booth video?
Help me with burning a dvd on idvd and shortening it