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how does the reputation system work?
topic missing - unsearchable
Avatar issue
Editing Posts shows "Vote now"
Unable to use Safari for uploading attachments
How many members.....
Seems a Post has Gawnnnnnnnnnnnn
Javascript function call issue
Links in Mac Forums
User Product Reviews?
changing names
For Web Geeks Only - not bad for!
No replies for a long time
macbook or iMac (Help needed)
: Hello :
iBook dvd-rom help
Rep System
Gray fonts are killin' me...
Can we.... use relevant thread titles?
A quick change to allowed attachments...
What's the point of the Rep. system?
notifications on threads not working
Graphic forum
something's different . . .
Profile pic not showing
Trouble loading site in Safari 2.0.4
Was there really 4,600 users on line?
Log out twice?
15,000 members!
Other themes for forum
Getting Negative Rep
Moderator/Site Admin Please Help
Just got here.
us macpro in ireland
Does this site mean anything to usÖI donít know u tell me??
is it just me?
Giving Rep
the option to contest feedback
security forum
Pulse-8 and MacHeadCase
MF history?
A Gender Option Would Be Nice.
Why do YOU come to MF?
Icons for New Posts vs Hot Thread with No New Posts
intimation of replies to my thread
Error Messages
Things in Sigs
ADs gone wild!
Buy/Sell/Trade forum
Locked threads
forum for mac servers
Shortcut to find a single post by a member?
A modest suggestion for the iPod and iTunes section.
Most users ever online..
DVD Slideshow on MAC
AdJuggler is killing the site
Prefixes in the Windows/Boot Camp Section
Feed the hamsters
Mac Forum Software question.
Fess up, who checks their Rep Points several times daily?
Who have I rep'd?
Editing old posts
Problem viewing icons
How do you make those bars below your..?
I can't just upload images :(
Thanks Schweb!
Member info gone *uhm* horizontal?
Why Can't I open forum pic thumbnails?
Double standard
Forum use: How do I...
Just wanted to say!
how do I track threads?
mac-forums crashed safari
How has Mac-Forums gotten so large?
I just wanna say...
Microsoft on Mac-Forums?
Writers' Corner - Any Interest?
Keeping track of threads & replies
rep question
Site Down???
Before I get in more trouble...
Suggestion for hardware opinion
unique visitor stat?
New iMac design?
GMT and lack thereof.
CODE RED!!! In the Mac-Forums!
Anyone else annoyed by....
unwanted log outs
Its 2007 - Any Chance of New Smileys?
Spam PMs
Deleted Posts Report Thread
The Calendar
green square things
Business Review Thread?
Searching for my posts
User Reputation System
No Avatar Gallery all broken image links
Avatar Annoyances
Deleting Posts
How to Post Thumbnails vs. Images?
What do you guys think about having an Apple smilie?
Is there a reason the Calendar is stuck in 2006?
Suggestion about reputation system
Mac zealots - Better? - Think not, Just different
When to buy my apple????
getting more (active) members
How to mark the whole forum as read?
mandatory reputation
Did anyone notice the spelling error on the board list?
Attachment management
subject matter experts - idea
New Macbook HD -- NEED HELP!
no avatar ?
New Sub-forum?
One thing that I have noticed...
Search First!!
macbook games sticky thread?
What a great forum this is!!
Most users ever online
Screen Problem
Web Designer Looking For Work
"chrono-pay" ad interference?
10,000 members!
animated sigs/avatars
Stupid question! why can't I see my
Your Redesign Wish List
Outstanding Upgrade Bugs
Some gripes
Can you tell me...
Groups Question
Standard Avatars Broken?
New Updates
Great New Look To The Mac-Forums Website!
12" PowerBook screen dead pixel???
Hard drive crash
Apple iSight in Vanilla Sky movie?
G4 or G5?
Powerbook purse
Lacie 80 GB Mobile Firewire drive or 200 GB Lacie (not so mobile) FW drive ???
which speakers
website critique
Moderater trpnmonkey41: Deleting comments at his whim~
Help me for my decision.
PB or IB?
Complain(for a good cause) about anything mac
Pro Mac Movement(PMM)
My Final Thread
Printer quits applications unexpectedly
Apple Powerbook fallen Behind
What's with the Apple site?
Downloading problem
My Most Admired Company: Apple
different between "Mac" and "PC" (the words)
What if Apple did this..?
anti-virus software
What game controllers?
I quieted a mac hater
What benefits/cons 'bout being connected??
Adding memory...
Weird Unix threat
im lost to the mac world
On or Off????
Can't create new accounts on G5
Mac Mini Case
Disk Images
other forums
apple font
Taking photos of screen
what do you think of this website
Hi. I'm new with questions
iBook Needs new Combo Drive Not Covered by AppleCare
Tiger X install problems,anyone? Comments?
iBook sound problems
Help with the keyboard backlighting?!
Please Somebody Help Meeeee!
PowerbookG4's Live Support
About browser **** with Tiger
Publishing software on ApplMac`s
Cannot burn DVDs
Stubborn desktop folders
upgrade imac, now printer won't work
Secure Logins
Linksys Mac /PCpc conections
Networking O.S?
Which Would You Buy
Navigator window is too big for my laptop
opening old disk doubler files
Mighty Mouse, center button
Help!! I Cant Install Anything
How to make my imac version 10.4.4 faster
ibook G4 or wait for the new iBook
Internet keeps freezing
Help !! Bluetooth problem !
Deleted/trashed applications
Bug in iMovie HD?
Email receipts
wanna buy a mac
Site password in keychain
Urgent - permission for Mac SFX
Printer Suggestions for iMac
Icons in dock
Help me please i need to know this answer
My CD Drive isn't Working
Complain Time
I havnt been here in a while but...
Login/Firefox Extension Problem
How to view posts since?
Macforum Links
Mind if I make a suggestion?
my suggestion.....
For a Mac
Admin Support
quote system change?
Just a Great Forum
require threads not be all caps?
can we bring back the FAQ?
Suggestion- pre-OSX
Best forum
Why Ask Why?
Dual Monitors
Must have apps sticky & Tutorials 101
Addition to the buy/sell forum.
Sig Changed
Mac News---------->
MAC Connecting into Win2003svr
First experience on the forum...
How about a "Windows on Mac" forum?
Required Thread Reading
Changing user name?
Can't upload avatar
Online/Offline status
Post Count Minimum for the Market Place
Forum text colour
Thanks to a Great Bunch
Old thread auto-locking
How about a Mac Wiki?
Too much threads?
our own F@H section of the board
How 'bout a Server Forum?
Tutorials Secton
Posting Problem in Buy/Sell/Trade
Negative ratings
SCSI to IDE or Firewire or ???
.Mac & the use of Public Folder
Update signature
Why was this guy banned?
Posting in the buy/sell/trade forum
News Person
Site Chat
add a category
New Categories
Legibility of messages
How can I see my threads?
Changing Username
New user test post please ignore
Angry with WM Player Still
Change name
My threads are being closed/deleted
Song of the Month?
what is up? delete thread
Spelling Error
Ignore members?
Forum Names In Uppercase
for sale threads
can attachments open in a new window please?
User Reputation System Question
Why is this site so slow?
Question to Mods
Mac Forums Widget
Rate the Mac-forums Podcast
Rate the Mac-forums Podcast
Trash Can.
y people were banned thread...
Periphial Reviews
Mac-Forums RSS ScreenSaver
Mac-Forums Server Issues?
Memberator and Moderator?
Mac Forums Widget?
Apple's Motion 2
Member Lounge ?
A big thanks.
double click JUMP
your site is insecure
RSS for this site in Safari?
iMac/ Mac mini
reputation points
Curiosity killed the cat
Don't you Moderators ever check your Private messages ;)
back button on safari is GONE!
More titles for users!
Now that Tiger is shipping how about some tips
alerts on forums
Is it the site or my computer?
new theme
email change problems.
Spreading the Ratings
Auto-Lock old threads
ibook thread
pm enhancements...
Thank You Mods!
Switching Mac-Forums username?
price check forum
vb/forum problems?
Slight problem with Database
PowerBook ship dates thread (suggested addition) and possible deal????
A few questions about
Find All Threads...
Hi. I'm new.
MD widget or RSS feed
Buy, Sell, Trade Forum
Mac-Forums Sticker
shifting pages and general out of placeness
How to Change E-Mail Address?
Mac Mini Topic Area
Mac mini thread
What happened to the pit?
How Do I Post A Pic In My Sig?
the best 'freakin' Mac OS X book!!!
Little more blue?
specific forums
upload formats...
Help me please!!!
M-F widget?
email problems...
problems with profile picture
peripherals, etc...
MF outage....What happened?
Mac Stories, please!
new fonts
Is there an Official what do you look like thread?
picture confusion
new smilies- yaaaaaaay!
Help? MOD?
Great Site!
The emoticons suck
Universal time
Deleting unused names?
To all moderators...
New Forum?
When did these forums start up?
These forums are fricking dead.
Windows Abuse
Sugestions about the Site
Paranoia and a warning system
Legal "Hot Linking"
Canon Smartbase MP730 Photo
log out
back button
attachment size limit?
The new format
Sleeve = Bag?
Hoo runs this site?
wireless internet
More Smilies!!!
HELP Quark 6.0 is driving me loco!!!!!
Unix command master class.
we love macs logo not loading
love this site.
edit posts?
I Like It Here!!!!
Only at
Comments and Suggestions
This place sucks [edit] or does it?
Database forum
Free Advertisement
Signature problems
Web forum
Switch to vBulletin
how to get more members?
need more members
Hardware fora
press releases
Image Forum?
Help Offered
nice site. is it new