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has anyone here gotten a Zune to work with their mac yet?
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low sound when using MAudio O2 25-Key MIDI with garageband 3
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Logic 7: MIDI CLICK?
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Garage Band add track
Shared Hard Drive with Itunes Question
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Recording problems with microphone
audio on my BMB stutters even with FW card
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Copying a CD so it's at the same quality
Movie DVD soundtrack ripping to audio?
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Recording My Guitar - Some Problems
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what speakers do you use?!?
Want to stream a radio, but I don't like live365.
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MacBook Pro: Playing Audio input through the speakers
*HELP!* Wheres a good place to DL instrumentals??
Is using Radiolover illegal?
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Using garageband loops off a DVD
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Complete wireless soloution...
How do you beatmatch in garageband?
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No sound in mpg files when i try to play them in quicktime
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Headphones + email (wav?)
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Which would be better to edit music and maybe record some small things here and there
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Which Mac for music?
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Question about Garageband input
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Soundtrack Pro Copyright
my MP3's play fine in iTunes, tinny online
Extract Audio from Video File - Why is it so difficult?
Any Audio App like Foobar2000?
I want to make a basic mac recording setup..
Audio-In Not Loud Enough?
I'd like to start making some music . . . advice please
Difference between Logic Pro and Reason
Asio drivers
Garage Band Question
Behringer 2000BFC
Ultrasone headphones: Where to buy?
Really need your help A.S.A.P
Converting mp3s from iTunes
Converting mp4 to audio files?
Converting FLAC files
AAC, MP3 and iPhoto slideshows
Realtime Audio Effects
Can only do 40 seconds on one track
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iBook G4 Garage Band
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Logic third party plugins
Garageband again
Need Garageband/missing install disk
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Music copywrite length of
How to test if MIDI is working
Any Serato users running macbook CD or C2D with heat problems?
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Wireless speakers?
downloaded language files and now they won't play
Itunes SUCKS, any alternatives?
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reason in rewire?
i really hate doing this...
Switcher/new macbook owner. Question regarding downloading mp3
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iTunes Artwork Screensaver
Cant listen to streaming radio?
Music Producing Porgrams for mac 10.4??
Can't Download WMA files
Can't record audio?
which podcasting plan is right for me?
Help with podcast studio setup needed
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żżż Audacity Is Killing Me ... Sound Settings ???
Having Normal AIFF conform to BPM in Soundtrack
soundcard quality?
Music streaming server up
Garageband keeps hanging
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Creating DVD of audio books
DSS player?
I'm slightly retarded, and need garageband back.
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how to lower size of mp3 for website
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Reason 3.0 is maxing out my Mac!
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Music record software for MAC
Garage Band Question...
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MP3 vs. 3G2
Speakers for DJing
Good stream recorder?
Copying audio from dvd
Software Reccomendations??
Purevolume and Myspace Music Help!
any rock producers out there?
Cubase SX and MBP
Microphone Question
Voice Changer
Record at a faster tempo / beat
Legality of music in podcast...
Audio Player Software
A common sound effect
iTunes purchased music not working
how do i host a podcast?
Blue 8 Ball microphone, trade or Buy!
Recording Garageband vocals with internal mic
Cubase 4 Question...
Music Technology
USB Audio Driver - what's the deal?
dj software
Vinyl to CD suggestions...
DVD Player
HELP!! Pro Tools is freaking out!
acquisition vs. emusic
LEGAL music downloading...besides itunes
DVD audio to iTunes
iMic2 or iBooster?
The new IMacs...thoughts please
Logitech 5.1 Speakers and Macbook Pro
Mac Bluetooth Headphones?
MAC Pro ....and what sound card?
Audio input devices
Using external drive for Logic recording
Mixing MP3 files
Networking speakers?
.something to mp3
can't hear any web-based audio
Music used in the Apple Switcher's advertisement
Shared Music
starting music production
Buying an Apple Mac laptop to do my music on. But which one? Standard or Pro?
Convert .ape
Mayer Garage Band demo...
Slow down music
what should I do....
Audio out on imac
garage band new track problem
divix to mp3?
Saving Mp3's in Garageband? Higher than 64kbps?
help! what software do i need to mix music (tunes) on a mac
Reason 3 is slow on my macbook pro!
M Powered Pro Tools
Audio Interface for Multitracking
Can i convert wma to mp3 for free?
Sound only on one speaker...
Music editing
Recording from the net.
Free Mac Book Pro
M-Audio FastTrack
How do I cut an MP3 track
MP3 player won't read
Garageband won't respond to midi
GarageBand - Fade In and Out's
Garage Band -- how to precisely cut/splice audio tracks.
Burn times: iMac superdrive vs. external LaCie d2
Optical Digital Audio
Dolby Digital
Problems with playback on garageband
Garage Band - Mic
how do I shorten a track?
Plugging An Instrument To Your Mac
Best 1:1 Audio CD burner
Editing music with VLC
Mac Compatible MP3 Player (Not iPod)
HELP NEEDED converting midi to wav
What app do you use?
Stereo (Tape) to Computer Recording Question
good computer to record with??
Bring Back The Disco
iTunes inadequate for CD burning?
Mobile recording solution - thoughts
apps to import lyrics + art to mp3s?
Looking to purchase a Piano
[Semi] Professional recording equipment and Mac
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HELP!! Converting tape audio to digital
Logic 7 Installation Problem
Need microphone help
Hercules DJ console
Help Ipod Broked
Urgent Help - Reason Free Music that you can customize
Keyboard / MIDI Controller Recommendations
Change bit rate
Recording with factory Macbook pro soundcard
Creating New Tracks in Logic... Problems....
installing itunes on external HD
Logic Distributed Audio Processing
Garageband Tunes? Any good ones?
Tiger and Serato
Skins for Soundtrack Pro
Mixer to Mac
5400 or 7200rpm
Simple way to transfer mp3s to a Razr?
Logic Pro Question
Synth program?
MBP vs MB for Music Production?
Unable to access garageband pluggins Hybrid Basic; Hybrid Morph in Logic Express 7.1
Cutting a section out in Garageband
Special Microphones Needed for Mac vs. Windows?
Best way to podcast two or more seperate voices? and other q's
Simple audio clipping
Logic Discussion
iTunes management
Putting together remixes on a Macbook
MacBook Help
Help with logic
wave to mp3 conversion losses
saving mp3's in Soundtrack Pro
Composers: Sibelius vs. Finale?
Rack Unit ID
Recording/Editing stereo audio files?
reinstalling garage band
Benjamin Miracord 50H
Audio Cropping Help Required
mic/itunes/garage band output question in skype
wondering which to buy?
need HELP
GarageBand tutorial
Real Instrument / not very strong signal?
Amplitube in Logic Express?
Nokia N92 For Just......................................$220usd
Antares Auto Tune for Pro Tools
Garage Band Collaboration
ogg vorbis on a Mac
What program do you use for radio recording
Sound Music recorder on Mac computer
External Mic not Working
Reccomend me a keyboard
mp3 mixing
Audio Problems. PLEASE HELP!!!
compressing MP3s
Exporting in Garage Band plus iMac mic Jack
recording programs for my mac mini
My Band - recorded on a powerbook
What to buy for general recording...
Video clips
exporting garageband music
Extracting Vocals
Need Expert Mac Help!
The Error Plans?
DVD Audio
garage band question
isight as an external mic w/garageband
MIC does not work!! Help
Audio connection with home stereo??/ How!!
iTunes folders
honest opinions on garage band
sound mutes automatically
newbie help for garage band issue
Ripping audio from DVD
Basic GarageBand help
Sound Editor
my jbl speakers are playing up HELP ASAP!
Garage Band help
Audio In
What Kind of Interface?
Sony Ericsson w600i and the Mac
Want to practice music while having fun
Speech Recognition?
Imac protools firewire
Sound Card ?
Purchased iTUNES from PC to MAC
Extracting Audio to MP3
GarageBand - New Instruments
Advice Wanted
Transferring lps and cassettes to mp3
.mp4 playback?
Recording with iBook?
mac program for remix music
how to do a mix
Mic: What am I missing?
What Do People Think of Limewire?
Certain part of song
Easy way to make a podcast
Pro Tools...too expsensive...
audio production program
Playing Sirius Radio
Splicing a song?
Accessing MIDI Instruments in Cubase LE on a Power Mac G5
Logic Express alternative
Help with .swf AUDIO files
Chop and Screw
MacAmp Broadcasting
Learning Logic....
Score notation software
Creating enhanced AAC (chaptering)?
Need some help with analog sond to didgital
problem ripping music
Automator Scripts for music and sound etc
Realplayer stream to .mp3
Sound cards etc.
Garage Band worked fine-now it stinks!(core audio problem)
.wmv to .mp4
Altec Lansing Speaker Problems!
Sound editing software for Mac
Looking for someone to design my bands website.
Question for Garageband Users. . .
Help Garageband doesn't save!!!
converting wma to mp3
extracting audio files from DVD
How to get sound into mac, via usb?
Sibelius 4 serial...
Commercial CDs wont read in my g5 iMac
Can I remove a track from an MP3?
Sound output
mp3 Burning
Removing vocals
On-board sound of iBook & Powerbook for Reason 3.0
Audio Filters
Burning Karaoke Cds on Mac
Extracting Audio From A DVD
Good PCI soundcard for my Powerbook
good sound recorder for mac?
Is the Power Mac's built-in soundcard any good?
Pink Mic plug-in
fire wire not working?
Bluetooth Mic Stumper
free audio programs
Convert RAM into wav or MP3 or anything on itunes
DLing Music
Pro Tools LE 6
MP3 track in Garage Band ?
Cassette Tapes to MAC
Logic Express 7 Problems
m-audio hardware help
Smaller GB2 Files?
convert software tracks in garageband
G5 to stereo issues
iTunes Music Store - Final Cut Pro - Quicktime Problems
Cubase LE
Speakers VS. Monitors?
RE:- Mass Music move form my PC
garageband slow, jerky, whatsup with that?
Are You Lonesome Tonight laughing version
song splitter
Finale Notepad
Connecting my iMac to my stereo
alert sounds/menu sound
ipod to mac
Studio Monitors.
ipod to mac