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Need a good audio editor...plz?
iTunes from external drive, how to update ipod
iTunes Problem
MIDI trouble..can't connect MIDI to Mac
can't rewire reason 3 and gargeband with leaopard
someone please help me!
Can't Update Album Artwork?
emagic MT4 driver on Leopard
Audio splicing and mixing
DVD burning with Toast
itunes wont connect and won't update
MP3 players compatible with Mac
Audio filters
Someone can send me iTunes 7.4.1 .2 or .3
Receiving message that my computer is not optimized?
ipod help?
Change startup chime?
logic studio/logic express
ipod song order
good headphones...
garage levels
"batch" processing album art?
iTunes account?
Any way to set up a virtual CD drive that I can burn to?
Anyone help me with Guitar Pro problem, please
Pro Tools 7.4
recording cassette tapes to mp3 with macbook?
Complete guide to Ilife and Leopard (with video tutorials )
Garageband help!
iTunes question..
garageband sound fx
itunes and Alpine cd player. compatible??
How to associate Real Player with MP3 files
Speakers for Alu iMac
iTunes Library duplicates removal
Question on Garage Band 08
Garadgeband help.
Mac Pro for Protools?
What to buy for my music setup? (Quick one)
Recording Spoken Word - Compression & Format
saving BBC radio listen again? how to?
alternative to klipsch pro media
Making ringtones?
How to transfer
Proper way to reload iTunes library?
gal upload- ipod to MBP
What was my mp3 encoded in?
Looking for a good text reader
Is iTunes part of iLife?
Logitech? Or Creative?
info on .m4a and converting to mp3
Podcast in Music folder
need help with garage band.
DJ Broadcasting/Streaming software?
iTunes automatic tagging?
Playing downloaded samples immediately
Question for mac guitarists
Sound Gone Error 10202 Need driver
Question about USB device and compatibility.
Favourite Music at iTunes?
leopard doesn't recognize m-audio firewire solo
3.5mm to USB Adapter Question
Good FM transmitter for iPod
Best CD Ripper for Mac?
iMac or Mac Pro recording studio?
Very Basic WMA conversion query
Not getting a signal when trying to use Garageband
Echo Cancellation Software
Song appearing in ichat profile
iMovie sound problem when uploading to YouTube
The Line-in jack dosn't work for microphones.
questions about creating a music cd
.XM audio converter for mac?
iTunes freezes when I import a disc... help
Trying to get into music mixing, but won't any program import mp3s?
Creating MP3 Voice
Chocolate By LG
Turntable/Scratch Program for Mac?
Mbox1 and logic studio
anyone know of anyfree Gargeband plug-ins?
How can i add to a playlist ( whole ) a scaned CD sides ?
Convert video file to mp3/sound file?
mp3 dj controller for mac
iTunes down?
need to upgrade sound card?
playing record player through macbook input line
Garageband Help
Any DVD-Audio players for Mac?
someone help me!
best "remix" software
Transferring Music From iPod to iTunes?
retiming songs
Burning CDs.....MP3 or normal Music..
APE to MP3
splitting tracks with audacity
Burning CDs
Connect Intel Macbook to HDTV?
DJ software
Best MP3 player for mac users?
GarageBand Track Question
Audio input line
Alesis Firewire Mixer
iTunes help!
Can the tide turn against the iPOD?
Live recording setup
Just got logic express
mpeg4 to mp3
Radiohead: In Rainbows
Optical digital Audio connection problem
Upset at iTunes!
Help me out...
Disappeared Music
Problems burning podcasts?
BPMs are out of wack: Imported PC itunes songs into Macbook Itunes
Sony XCP copy protection and iTunes?
editing music
Getting rid of annoying voice...
Garage Band - recording audio sounds muffled, quiet
Sony Mini Disc external drive?
iMac, Bootcamp, and Microphone
music deletion problem
download program / sites
Electronic/techno/drum 'n bass programs
How do you tag (organize) your movies?
Audica 1-2.1 Speakers
itunes not sorting properly
Downloading using Speedyshare
iTunes shuffling
m3u internet music playback
Who uses
My Mac DJ Rig
Question about iTunes library
How do you get a snare drum sound in Garageband?
Printing & iTunes
iTunes Account
Recommended speakers
iPhoto sample music
digital synthesizer?
When recording...
Creating .CUE files
:::How Do I Make Trance Music?:::
Apple Loops
Garageband question
G5 or Mac Mini for Studio??! Please help!
Podcasting radio show
I really need some help!
Making Electronic Beats
Windows Live 6 tracks(savings) play on a Mac??
Amazon's online music, kills iTunes...
Problem installing newest v. off itunes, so cant update new iPod
Firewire-only for guitar?
Audiobooks are they worth it?
Podcast "Chapters" in Garage band 08
Using logic on other pcs...
Itunes from PC to Mac?
Using imacs in the music classroom
embeded itunes art?
Total newbie to mac using garage band please help.
How to delete iTunes account?
Help with remote control ?
Not a Fanatic of Static...
Problems with songs made in iLife 06 when opening them in GarageBand 08 - SOS...
free drum n bass anywhere ? legal
Help buiding a Mac for recording
If I have only 1 firewire port....
Need Latest Reason
iMac G5 sound pops and crackles!!!
For Sale OQO model 01+ Ultra PC
G5 vs new intel Imac?!!
hello kind souls...
what is the best mic?
Garageband Aiff Files
Help with iTunes Shared Library
best way to stream audio from pc to mac?
Pickup question for the guitarists
Logic Studio 8
how to show track names when burning CDs in iTunes
From garage band project to Imovie.
Download music from a Macbook on the net
Logic Studio
moog for mac? without midi
Help - MBP keeps overpowering my stereo receiver -- and is really quiet
Problems with getting Recycle midi into Logic
starting a podcast but need help with skype sound
2 sources to one pair of speakers
Digital voice recorders
Anyone using the Stealth Plug?
iTunes as an alarm clock?
Best audio player for mac?
Specific settings in iTunes?
Need Help Organizing Itunes
Guitar to Powerbook G4
Recording music (live applications, semi studio app)
Monster iStudioLink
Recording and using samples
Reason 3 and Logic Express
who likes iMovie '08?
.VOC help
Alternative to iTunes Store
Recording d band and production?
importing playlists
Wireless Audio Streaming to speakers
RealPlayer for OS X can play iTunes-encrypted music files
Sharing your music
hii guys im new to mac and i need your help
Dealing with .cue + wav files in Mac OS
mp3 cd in itunes?
Couple of questions
Problems with Final Scratch and Traktor DJ
Trying to find the name of an artist
New iPOD to be announced next week...
Speeding up slowing down
How to Delete Duplicate Songs on Itunes
some ideas plz
Question for Mac itunes
garageband jam packs
Reinstalling Garageband
Corrupt Garageband file? HELP!
iTunes Library to Airdisk from Windows Machine
Here's a stupid quesstion
recording tips
Is there a way to exclude songs from shuffle on an iPod?
Garage Band and PodXT
adjusting bass/treble outside itunes?
SMART PLAYLISTS; how to stop the same album appearing randomly?
Convert from FCP to iTunes?
Sound card for Powerbook 12"
::How Can I Stream Music So Others Can Hear?::
trouble listening to WMA file with Flip4Mac
Garageband 08 is not working!!!!
istar karaoke for mac book
Cutting Song Time
Mixing in GarageBand query
Using Studio Monitor Speakers as "Multimedia PC Speakers"?
iPod to iTunes... With Vista.
Flip for Mac and .wm files.
Garageband Upgrade
Haha, this is a great idea.
How much longer will consumers tolerate DRM?
Laptop here, but what software?
Recording concerts
John Lennon
Stop iTunes importing without using "Force/Quit"?
mp3 and wav..flac shn converters
New iMac...USB/preamp/interface question
Having to restart imac every time i open Logic!
Recording LIVE
How to add Fade in/out to a song and save it?
windows media in itunes
problem burning audio
Audio System cut out on my OSX ... a virus?
New to MAC sound chip question
Worship Leaders United
Logitech X-530 5.1
More DRM-less music
Recording audio on MBP through m-audio fasttrack pro
After re-importing, all my RATINGS have disappeared!
Question about partitioning and Korg Legacy
DVD to iPod Suite for Mac is wonderful
Pandora widget for dashboard..
mpfreaker... for windows?
Logic express vs Garageband
need some free music production software
iTunes says my CDs are smaller than they are..
sound card help
Recording Suggestions
Quick soundcard question
Airport Express
New to macs, simple recording question.
Music won't import to iTunes, searched
Still can't stream audio correctly
Taking audio from a DVD on MBP
Logic express plug ins?
Does Intel iMac need imic to transfer vinyl LPs?
Effects for Logic? + Cant hear garageband songs?
Help!!!! :) new mac big audio editing problems!
Looking for a pitch shifting program.
How many inputs will a mac recognize
Howard Stern Show
does mac have this kind of mp3 player?
Shorter clip
audio converter
Recording text to audio?
Soundtrack Pro - help needed
HELP! Sound/Audio on Powerbook Not Reaching Full Capacity??
Pro Vs. Express
Syncing MacBook up to Keyboard/Turntables
Mac based renaming program
Recording audio on a MBP
Need an application for editing MP3s directly
DJ Program
monkey audio
Tenacious D
Performance: Logitech Z10 Speakers with Mac
unzipping problems,music related.
changing garageband wav files to mp3 for myspace
GarageBand 3! Cheers.
How to find the right aplication???
freeware programmable speaker recorders?
Some Guitar stuff I recorded in iMovie when I was bored...
Recording what you hear?
Guitar cable/Macpro
I was wondering...
Trouble with Apple Loops in Garageband
Pioneer In-Dash Receiver -DVD
Want better that 2.1 channel sound out of my macbook
Laser mighty mouse?
Burning Problems on my MacBook
USB Turntables
Mp3 splitter
M-Audio Drum & Bass Rig with GB, I give up!!
Guitar amp -> MBP audio input -> Guitar amp or whatever
Ableton 6 ( Live )
Speed up a song?
Recording voice & burning a CD
Hydrogen PPC and other Questions
PC equivalent of Audio Hijack?
Extra screen? CubaseLE or LogicEx?
can't get skype headset to work through line in on mac.
any DJ's in here?
fruity loops mac
Removing id tags from mp3 files?
Just uploaded new GB track...
Recording a full band on a macbook?
Garage Band help.
Garageband Help
Pro Tools users
How big of an audiophile are you?
editing music?
please help with mp3
Serious problem with garage band plz help
Switching off internal mic (garage band)
Hello new here and new to mac, Audio Question
Pedal Spacebar....just hear me out...
Set garageband tempo faster than usual.
Recording advice
Buying a mac....for msuic
whats the best recording setup?
weird ipod/computer problem
Questions-iTunes, HD's, & Back-Up
Just got first mac
Garageband help.
USB or FireWire IO Device
AC-3 ACM Codec Help!
Slight chorus/delay vocal effect in Garageband?
Fuji Camera & ibook g4 Help
Using Audacity on a MacBook
Garageband Track Names
Converting Vinyl to MP3s
Copying to CDs
Help with importing cd's to iTunes
recording SOFTWARE !
What mac should i get?
Garageband - Exported song quality.
Tascam US-428 and Garageband
Making an audio CD + Data
Can i run Jam packs off external hard drive??
Speakers - wireless?
GarageBand software instruments not working properly
enhanced podcast chapter titles
basic recording setup
need to convert TO real audio.
5.1 speakers
Podcasts on iTunes
which Mac for audio recording?
A program for recording youtube videos?
mic input for mbp
Reason stops my wireless mouse
Techno beat making software
any audio recording program to record from web pages?
skype headsets
Ring tones???
Tracking podcast
What Mic for an iMac?
Check out my track
Recording Systems
free winamp for mac?
Processing by amplitude
reassigning the instrument library
audio monitor-ableton
Advice for composition:
Classic Environmnet
Loop Packs for Garage Band?
Converting audio to play on car CD
hear the mic realtime?
Changing opening sound?
MP3 to AIFF - Software to convert formats
Garageband recommendation...manual and synth
How do I do this? Recording meetings
Bad audio in iTunes with external speakers?
Copying a music CD
Need sounftrack of ads Get a mac
Editing Music
.rfl Files
Recording with soundcard input on GB/iMovie
converting to atrac
Need Mac Beta testers!
problem with speaker
recording voice over music
Music program killing my MAcbook CPU
Audio CD burning software
OS X vs. Pro Tools
32GB on disk for 30 seconds audio, what gives?
Importing music into Garageband?
Audio Hijack Alternative ?
garageband problem
Burning Podcast video into DVD
Recommend piano instruction software or website
Radio streaming, help!
.Mp3 to .Mid
Using External Speakers on MBP
MacBook won't take Memorex Blank CD-Rs
Burning Internet Radio
Question for the keyboard players
CD player says no disc
Pass through to speakers?
Splitting Audio Files?
Audio - Can't hear my voice through microphone
Add RCA outputs to hifi that doesn't have them?
How to extract video’s background music and make it into cellphone ring?
Deleting Cubase audio files
Simple Audio Editing Program
Problems with garageband
Recommend a good GarageBand book
what is the gig with quicktime??
Radio Shark 2
Sound Forge Style App for Mac
Renaming Songs in iTunes
Converting to MP3
iStudioLink Instrument cable import audio from hifi headphone socket?
.Ogg For Dummies
Merging clips
iTunes Plugin?
S2 Sports Walkman MP3 Player
Making wav files louder. . .
Are there any free mp3 to amr converters for mac?
Track Cutting
imic output louder than headphone out on mini mac?
Emergency! 6 channel audio problems University project
Windows Media Player
Apple Ipods
Drum Pads/Drum Machines?
Music on the Mac
DJ Software
Best Music Editing Software
Soundtrack Pro - premature audio clip cut-offs
MP3 Player with drag & drop
Audio Playback in Logic Pro - PITCH ISSUES!
Rm Convert To Mp3
Sound Card
Downloading Music
Audio Converters???
Trader's Database
G4 and ProTools help.
ANY sound through airtunes?
For guitarists out there....
USB MicPlug and GarageBand
Podcast RSS feed itunes help
Music Mixing software
make mp3s "louder" (for cell phones)
linking my decks to my imac?
Cutting files
2 separate speaker outputs?
Multi-channel Editing Software likes/dislikes?
Audio Low - MacBookPro
iPlayMusic Beginner Guitar Lessons
iTunes - messed up text
GarageBand mixdown to MP3
Midi Keyboard
Help with my built in MIC
converting .wav to .aac?
Help With sound!
Pro Tools 7 LE with M-audio FastTrack Pro
How to burn DTS file?
Music Download Software.
drum kits and midi keyboard
What interface to use?
Best DVD to WMV encoder?
Using Two USB Microphones on a MacBook
Recording software for mac
Harmon Kardon Soundstick problems
Eliminating hiss, pop, etc.
Imac for pro tools use??