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What's the best way of doing this?
Prolem with garageband/mac
Recording Cassettes to Macbook Pro
My Music on the iTunes store
no sound from edirol ua 25 with garage band
how to convert .flac to .mp3
Trash sound
Keyboard as Midi input
FOR SALE;Apple iPhone 16gb..$300
FOR SALE;NEC 42XR3 Plasma TV -$500
GarageBand question
.rar files
Connecting MIDI keyboard to GarageBand?
Trackers (ie. Mod Plug, Impulse) for OS X
DMX lighting control
iTunes organizing
Recording Quicktime Audio Streams...
WMA to MP3
Bring that beat back....
Question On Garage Band Editing
Logic Express 8
SiriusMac users help!
In need of some opinions
App for Streaming any FM station?
Garageband mastering issues
Inserting audio file into Powerpoint
Beats N Loops 4 Muzik
is there a way to..
iTunes songs
Mystery music on new macbook...
having trouble recording my microKorg in garageband
MTV encoder
Broadcasting FM with Macbook airport...or another mac app???
How to set MacPro to sync an incoming spdif signal?
How best can I Edit this file???
Macbook Pro Keyboard
any experience w/ SongBird player app
Etymotic ER-4P a review
Logic Express 8 & POD XT Live
Major Recording Problem
How to Remove green stripe/bar from movies
LogicPro: Disk is too slow or system overload
Need to encrypt the DVDS for copying!!!
how to change .rar file
GarageBand class!
Any one into DJing?
Voice Decoder Program?
problem using Reason 4 music application
please help, double MP3 files
External sound card for MacBook Pro
distorted sound using usb interface and Mac, help!!!!
Connecting MIDI Piano to Mac
iTunes - can't get album artwork!
Magic Garageband Copyrighted?
Do you know a good app to play .ram files?
Record radio streams
Interface or iStudio Adaptor ?
New to producing music. Need advice on basic music!
Connecting MacBook to Firewire
Syncing one iPod to two Macs
Creative Zen 4 GB and MacBook
Itunes Podcast Prob
iTunes dupes; is there a good way to get rid of them??
Can't set up 6.1 Surround in Speakers Config
Having trouble downloading mp3s from website
Simple Mix and Burn
Don't see all my jam packs in Logic Pro 8
Indexing a mixed cd?
Audio Restoration - Need something good but not too pricey
What is the best way to convert a text file into audio
Best App for creating an audio file straight from the built-in Mic
Remix On Line Your Song With Zvlivemix...
Need more audio Umph!
Any software for Mac that can change pitch of my MP3's?
Can anyone do a file conversion for me?
Problems setting up a midi controller in Reason 4
Easily Identify DRM files
Burning CD's and putting in CD Text
remixing software
how to convert video files to mpeg4?
iTunes sound quality
Garagband...automatically adjusting recording levels?
◊ iTunes: How do you feel about it? ◊
iTunes and 24bit Audio
Updating my old Pro Tools
Korg Keyboard to Garageband
creating a podcast from a DVD
"Convert selection to mp3" error
App for changing bitrate
Audio DVD???
Rockin it Old School...need help!!!!
stop the headphone jack from working
iTunes library blank
iTunes 7.6.2 and #1 Music retailer
Burning Music to a Ridata CD-R?
HELP! HELP! I want my game music!
Importing CD Information
Programming full songs
What are the PB G4, MB & MBP like for Music?
Logic Express Question
problems burning cds
Convert AA to MP3
Keyboard/Piano Training Software
Sansa m240 files not showing
New member-MacBook Pro/ProTools
Automattically Genre songs in iTunes
Mac for music
RealPlayer on iMac
Album covers
Itunes takes 23gb of storage!!!
24" iMac VS Macbook Pro?!?!
Isolating the Audio Track from a DVD
What Audio Interface?
Considering an upgrade to iMac and MOTU
Getting into Audio Editing
M-Audio 410 Firewire Interface Problem
Synth recommendations please (80's and videogame synths)
Cubase Sx Help Please
MacBook vs. MacBook Pro for Pro Tools
A few GarageBand questions
G4 with Pro Tools, G5 with garageband
Live Sound Question
Recording on my MacBook
Should I run Logic Studio on my PowerBook??
Isnyc for nokia
Converting 'normal' MP3 files to iTunes Podcast files?
Pro Tools 7.4 and Leopard
Questions about GarageBand
Latencey in Garageband
a gift for Mac-users from me :-)
Mp3 to CD Audio format - How?
re-encoding a handbrake mp4 file
why is iTunes so awful
How to disable media player on dvd start up?
itunes artwork
linking two Macs
GarageBand Won't Open
Help with iTunes Podcast
How do you convert personal dvd footage to imovie? Is it at all possible?
Could any problems arise from this??
Help with audio for video conferencing
Help with audio for video conferencing
What is this song called?
Setting (powering) up my system
Two Guys, A G4 and a Digi 001
Record Audio Tapes to CDs?
Organising music with iTunes
Sending GarageBand files
Help Me Please Quick!
Free Movie Creater?
What do i need to use my guitar on GarageBand?
Making Tabs in Logic Express 8 score editor
iTunes Tricks by GBMA
macbook/multitrack recording compatibility
iTunes Help please!!!!!!!!
Audio trouble/KVM switch
GarageBand Headphone/Monitor question...
sound editor
What do you use to download music on your Mac?
Mac mini / Yamaha Mixer - No Sound
Garage Band HELP!
Logix Express 8 Drums
Copying music from shared libraries
Sound Cards
time stretching in Logic Express 7
How Do I Convert A .wav.sitx (mpeg1) To An Mp3? Please Help!!! :)
Mute Programs
2 mics into a digital voice recorder-HOW?
iTunes Help
Delete files from Garageband?
iTunes on a wifi network whats the best way for me to set it up
Cutting sound when playing songs with itunes??
Logic Express 7
Two problems with Logic Express
iPod to iTunes
Matching up tracks-Garageband
iTunes question
plugging a hi fi set
Ringtones to Unlocked iPhone
Logic studio update problem
New track volume quiet in studio-mixed Logic project
Firewire Keyboard? Is it pointless?
Help, no sound
iTunes Question
Transfering your iTunes from PC to Mac
Kind of Amplifier used in Macs?
Preamp to External Speakers
voice files
iLife SFX - Royalty Free?/How much?
Garageband quick question
A Good CD ripping program
iPod speakers buzzing?
Radio editing student needs help
logic 7
midi question for Logic and mpc 1000 users
iPod Won't Synch Post Leopard Upgrade
Hook iPod/Mac to surround sound.
New Mac User, Please Help Me With Itunes!!
macbook and logic studio feedback
Media Player 11 alternative
trouble burning artwork in iTunes
GarageBand, Logic Express, recording, mixing...?
iTunes - Alphabetical Order
What Album?
Link G5 to audio phono
PCI card options for ProTools TDM G4
Software recommendation
Recording & editing software
How to create mp3 mixes?
Logic Question
Great site with many useful AppleScripts for iTunes
need someone with knowledge of final cut pro.
looking for some low-key Jazz/Blues
Question about mixers on Mac mini
Rhapsody Sucks...right?
Record internet radio music to hard drive
Making a song on Garage band....
Clipping when splicing tracks together
Amplitube 2 Use
Need a little advice...
iPod file that stores iPod library
Changing iTunes file designation frustration
how to keep cd tracks in order when importing
How to import Dvd instruction media into my iPod?
Pro Tools LE on 10.5 Leopard
Storing iTunes library on External HD???
itunes song file length
iTunes files
iTunes/iPhone sync advise needed.
MP3's from my iPod
iPhoto and music
Old mac mini 5.1 woes
Question about Logic Pro 7
Getting Yamaha P80 to work
need program to copy a disc.
Frostwire frozen
Logic Studio 279.99
Musical keyboard and garageband: keyboard doesn't appear
MP3 File Transfer
Ringtone Folder iTunes
streaming audio recorder
ipod audio itunes
Post a pic of your home studio set-up!
Running Amplitube 2
Running Media Player on Mac OS X...
Annoying garageband problem...what do I do?
Mac Pro and Pro Tools
iTunes question
itunes "purchased" auto back up
USB Mic not highlighting in Garagband prefs
Think your music library is big?
Common Hardrive
Analyzing individual layers in an MP3
garageband not recording
.aif intruments in Logic
Any Presonus users?
Adding large amount of music to iTunes
How can I get my Mac to give a Mono Output
DJing program
iTunes music size
How do you use textedit to make voices in garageband?
Installing Garageband from Tiger Disk in Leopard?
Audio Interface and Leopard Compatibility
New Mac Symphony setup question
Artists in Playlist
Garage band and plugins
Locked Audio Folders
Quality of music on iTunes
Logic Pro 8
MP3 to Midi
Power Mac G4 mdd audio input works like crap
noise from Mac Pro?
Podcast .m4a to MP3?
iTunes to DVD?
iTunes 7.5: burning software and/or CD burner missing
Piano + Garageband. But what Piano!? HELP
MP3 DJ'in software?
simultaneously playing music (sync two room's sound systems)
Audio Recording Programs (suggestions?)
Garageband white noise (problem)
iTunes: Registering more than 5 computers
Converting Pro-Tools FREE files
Garage Band: Symphony Orchestra ??
Backing Up My iPod
Normalising Apple Lossless (like MacMP3Gain)
Attaching Artwork
Delay in in guitar recording on garage band
iTunes delete
Best virtual drum kit for Logic/Leopard/Intel?
Need some help with iDrum....driving mu NUTS
playing m3u files from music store - in iTunes
free audio editor
MS word voice Mac equivilant
Audio set-up help
Pro Tools & Leopard (help resolve an argument)
Importing Playlists
Conversion from Windows Video Files to iTunes
.flac in iTunes
Free DJ Programs
how do i get .wma files to play in iTunes??
EZ Tape Converter could not connect to itunes
No sound from MIDI keyboard
Has anyone used this microphone?
Another Digi/Leopard thread
Garageband DOG SLOW....
Garageband 08 & MP3
Album Cover Display (Mp3s Edited?)
Logic Studio for my G4 (HELP!)
Download over 25 million songs FREE... and Legal!!!! QTRAX!
Leopard and Mbox
Assigning .wav samples to Midi Controller in GarageBand?
Doggiebox on OS x Leopard
Apple Logic Express and Mini Me
bookshelf/desktop speakers
which i/o's is everyone using w/ Logic Express?
Logix Express - Delay Question
Audio output.
Podcasts, Final Cut Pro and Macbook
New 80 GB iPod Classic - no sound
Burning an mp3 cd
>> Cd Burning Issues <<
Changing Instruments/tracks on Garage Band
playing garageband sounds in logic
Quick Question about iTunes
Logic Express Help Needed
trying to create a ringtone in iTunes
iTunes-Protected vs Purchased ACC files
Updating CD Info once in iTunes????
aggregating audio devices
garageband instruments 08
Connecting to home computer iTunes library
Wireless or atleast COOL speakers for iMac
Front Row & iPod Playlists?
Logic doesn't see midi drivers
Using a MBP with M-Audio FireWire 410 problems
What software is good for timed tapings of internet radio? Like a internet radio VCR
Daisy Chain FW HD Vs. USB HD for Logic Recording
Same Track on Multiple Albums
movies on itunes
installing logic pro 6 on a new macbook
Any way to do this without an Airport Express?
Playing Podcasts
Problem with iTunes
file renamer: make the title of the ID3 tag the actual file name
mp4 to mp3 converter?
Taking GarageBand project into ProTools on PC...?
Help needed with 2 way phone conversation recording .
What's the difference???
add music to vocals
hooking up laptop to stereo
Drum software, ezDrummer vs iDrums
downloading software into Mac
Producing Music On MacBook Pro?
Audacity or GarageBand, Which is Best for Podcasting?
ipod shuffle fault
need help asap
New to Macs; Hoping to use GarageBand
I can't edit song info in itunes 7.5!
Can't adjust volume on a GB track
Can't copy songs from computer on same network
Logic Pro 8 doubled packs
Setting up iMac for live music and MIDI
itunes mono output
Drum Machine Software??
Unusual Audio Problem in Garageband
garage band and record help?
Garage Band
Audio Clips
iTunes Volume Issue
Lightsnake 1/4 phono jack to usb connector
xponent for video editing??
iTunes + Time Machine
20" iMac's speakers + store-boughts?
Leopard Protools Question
record what i hear
Garageband loops
Disco DJ (Upgrade)
Samson C01U USB microphone problems
new to mac and want to record guitar and voice
Want to use macbook as amplifier
Default MIDI synth does not sound good, how can I change it?
Loepard upgrade and now protools files will not open
iTunes License?
Imac 1.83 intel duo
Is it fast enough?
limewire to itunes
Itunes 7.5 no skip
Publish Enhanced PCast to non IWeb site
Itunes Library
iTunes automatically playing newly downloaded music - How to stop it?
iTunes locks up my iMac
GarageBand Update
Some Help To A Future Mac User
Music From Mac to PC
Help Garage Band Musical Typing!
Front Row Issues
iTunes Syncing w/iPod
easy way to convert .avi to mp4
I Have No Sound
built in speakers
USB Drum Kit
Christmas Gift Review Part II - Grado SR 60
help with itunes- stop auto import mp3's
PC to Mac Question
PC sound system on Mac Pro
allowing others to access my music
Moving iTunes from Dell to iMac
Merry Jazzy Christmas!
Stream music via FTP
Can iTunes be better?
itunes playlist
Logic Studio - Lowest UK Price
USB/FW Audio Interface or Multirack Mixer?
applying album art question
garageband help
Can you make your own midi files from a CD?
what mac should I buy? i want to run protools l.e.
Seeing my backed up Ipod
Transitioning from garageband to Logic Pro 8... help plz?
Same iTunes under 2 accounts
Transferring cassettes into iTunes?
SiriusMac users help!
Rebuilding Comp. How to save Itunes Lib.
using iTunes library from ext drive
Album Artwork
No audio...Help Please!
Podcasts Vs Music
Audio recording
iTunes problem. Can't put songs on playlists
Propellerheads Reason
Recording radio from online
Scripted recording when interface plugged
I need an acapella...
Album Art and Clutter
Alesis Multi-Mix usb HELP???
Anybody using Apogee Duet?
isight for sound
itunes music burning?
Mac Mastering Software?
Garageband for Dummies...
new to apple, logic 8, motu ultralite, novation - help me ;)
Automation in GarageBand?
Podcasting and Blogs, which is best?
bag for xponent
Anyone know why some midi files work in GarageBand and some don't? Is there any way
Music Recording on a Macbook
Help needed to listen to ESPN Radio
On-screen MIDI keyboard app?
Goldwave substiture
Ableton 6 and Mbox
Firewire VS USB VS Direct In (soundcard)
Garageband won't open!
Copy music to iPod from remote shared library?
Need simple DJ program-help!
PS3 and itunes - tunes
audacity or lame
GarageBand voice recording
any wireless/bluetooth speaker recommendations?
Recording BBC Listen Again programmes
creating a continuous play cd-r with multiple tracks
How to rip a cd as one long mp3 file? with itunes
Alternative to iTunes
Audio III card
Global Hot Keys in iTunes
Podcasts off iPod and External Hard Drive onto Macbook
What software is available to...
Stream music from iTunes to another MacBook Pro
Stream Sirius Through Itunes?
recording lps in the mac
MacBook Pro Optical Out
New Garageband session Logic express incompatible; help
What do you use to change music extensions?
Recording Guitar
connecting a mixer
starter Synthesizer?
iTunes bitrate problem
Mac goes to Sleep - Can't Record Audio
garageband/logicpro8/leopard problem?
Song I Wrote..
Is GarageBand a prerequisite?
iPod won't connect to iMac