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Audio Output Routing
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Onyx 820i vs Behringer mixer
Free pro tools 8 and logic mixing
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Free Audio Hosting Site?
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Lexicon Lambda driver for Macbook?
I found out how to get your Tascam Fireone Audio/Midi Firewire Audio Interface work
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iMac speakers - recommendations?
Can you sing live with Garage Band????
Surround Sound using soundtrack pro 3
Macbook Pro 13" 2009 audio in/out
How to record a band guitar, drums voice etc on garage band and what equipment i need
memory card stuck in disc drive
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Logic & Mainstage updates
multi room control of itunes on same networked machines
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Disc burner or software not found
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Itunes volume adjustment help.
Problem Connecting PS3 with Mac (optical cable)
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Windows media encoding on a mac for streaming
Transfer LE8
A music player with audio device control
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HELP downloading stream videos for MAC?!?!?
FL Studio 9 on the Mac - does not run smoothly
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Multiple Audio Outs?
Voice Changing Programs
Cheap, portable USB audio interface for 13" MBP
Logic Tutorials!
Cubase SX3 and Snow Leopard 10.5
This vs That recording software debate...
VGA type adaptor to Audio on MB
Need help finding podcast equipment
Itunes Multiple Libraries On One Imac User Setting
Transferring iTunes music files to a thumb drive
If anybody can get any of these radio stations to work...
iTunes library
Add songs from another ipod to Itunes
music desktop programs
Can you run Logic Pro 9 on Mac G4
Snow Leopard Radio problem
Trying to listen to BBC radio
saving CD's to Hard Drive?
FLAC converting issue
RM and RAM converter
What leads are needed to connect a G4 QS to an amp?
Garageband mic issue,
Guitar Pedal board to Mac
Alternative to Griffin Powerwave?
opening audio units in logic
Garage Band Issue
Please Help! Problem with connecting speakers
New Tascam MKII122 fussy with Garageband
SoundFlower 5.1 optical digital output?
Powerbook audio card upgrade?
iTunes content on a shared hard drive
Audiophile grade sound
iTunes Music Folder on External Drive
Genius & genius Mixes
is this imac good enough?
FLAC Question
Best Import Settings iTunes/iPod
Presonus Inspire 1394 --> Macbook
Garageband help!
TAS3004 on a PowerPC G4 notebook, stereo or mono?
FREE ALBUM DOWNLOAD-13 song's MP3 (320k)
Need a gaming / podcasting headset + mic
Sonos and Question
Newbie input device question
Need help and advice for digitizing cd collection.
Free or Inexpensive Audio Editor (for Teaching)
shortcut to renaming files in I-tunes
iTunes downloads and track previews very slow
iTunes track skipping
External PCIe boxes to usb or firewire?
Splitting a .cue file
Protools vs Pro logic
Removing Line 6 from mac
Having few problems while moving PC-To-MAC for recordings
Seeking for a freeware that mix music to burn to a CD
Using Mac as an Amplifier and Karaoke
Control iTunes (windows) from a mac.
Keeping and importing music on external HD
Question about podcasting / general advice needed about web hosting services
Garage band 1.17gb file but no audio
software to find key of drum samples
Itunes play sound through different soundcard than system?
For iPhone fans: A nice method to enjoy DVD/video on iPhone
Edirol UA25 EX & my PowerBook G4
Have mac. Have audio speakers. Wireless connection?
Free Automatic BPM Calculator
Sonar files to Garageband 9
iphone ringtone file
Multi Channel Recording on Macbook
DJ software?
How to Find URL?
pc speakers to mac
Problem with Logic Pro Plug-ins
Amateur Guitar player/ Interface, I-drums and Logic Express question
How to record from sound card
Custom iphone ringtones for Mac
Software to determine a sample's pitch
Garageband not incl. in Snowleopard when upgrading from tiger
Logic Studio
Garageband '08 not responding
Can i-Mic output 2 separate audio sources on a G4 Powerbook?
Problem with speed when importing wav into a logic session
Kontakt vs. Kore
Garageband quit recognizing my MIDI
Learn to Play Guitar
Burnning Audio CD's
MacBook Pro New Username can't download songs on iTunes
importing CD into iTunes
Itunes artwork w/ snow leopard and 9.0
External Sound Card Issues With Last gen macbook
Garageband Guitar Recording
I need software To make new song
Old Playlists won't transfer to ITunes Version 9
Update keeps shutting down itunes
Sheet Music Software Suggestions?
New to the scene...
problem with CD burning
Installing Audio Units
I dont want MP3 CDs
Munny Speakers
Is there a MacPro that has a straight PCI slot?
6 channel/5.1 firewire driven soundcard for my macbook
G4 compatibility with logic
Audio Interface or HDD Firewire?
App to pull audio from a saved movie clip
What to buy to record on garageband?
Garage Band Library
iTunes enumerate tracks based on file name
Air Tunes Issues
CD tracks burn but are mixed up
Garage Band Bizarre Exit
DJ equipment
Mixing Board Question
Looking To Buy Some Wireless Speakers
TubeTV Help
How do I eliminate background noise?
bros Apogee Duet
Making Bass tracks and mixing music
iTunes annoying me
I thought I was supposed to have a "Line Out" audio output option on my MBP
The Fishmaniacs Gaming Podcast
Recording A/V from youtube
NEW APPLE iPhone 3GS 3G S 32GB $290
Logic Pro 8 & Reason 4 latency
Audio Jack Extender?
Having trouble recording in Garageband.
1.83 Ghz Intel Macbook- will mbox and Pro Tools work
mac recognizes cd tracks while windows does not...
Garage Band -- multi session burning songs
Excel question - set precision as displayed
How can I replicate/duplicate an entire GB file?
Digidesign D-Show Profile software
What Mac app can open .ses files from Windows?
Have I maxed out GB?
Quick Time problem
Suggestions for audio setup...
Movie Editing
Where to find audio driver for 10.5.6. ? (Logic Studio troubles)
iDrum users: How to get beat into GB?
iTunes making Me crazy - sorting issues
USB to MIDI cable
Digidesign 001
Audio Compression/mixer NOT audio files
12" G4 ibook needs a mic socket !
MAC g5
turn off internet connection?
USB Microphone and Pro Tools
Logic Pro 9
Live Mixing
A Great Speaker Setup For Logic?
take off itunes authorization?
GarageBand - tracks are a step or so lower in pitch
Renaming Music Files
What are the way to connect these speakers
Anybody Familiar With Portable Recording?
SD Card..HD+WVGA format...Quick Time?? Solution?
Best Audio Interface for MBP?
SkullCandy SkullCrushers vs. Hesh
New demos from my Ithaca based metal band
How do can make remixes
itunes and album artwork
iTunes library organizing
'Adding' External library to iTunes for the first time
itunes 9 libary cannot be saved
itunes 9 libary cannot be saved
Does Anybody on here DJ?
Garageband '09 guitar recording problems
Mic/Guitar Input
Inexpensive mic for recording trumpet?
How can I make my macbook PRO to connect with a projector and to have sound 5.1?
not the usual/pro tools
iTunes Home Sharing problem
Is there are free, simple app for itunes playlist mixing
Z-5500 Speakers on PowerMac G5 Dual 2.3 running Tiger
Connecting to Garage Band Problem
Music Software Download?
ripping DVD to mp3
Macbook To Hdtv Sound?
Duplicate Apple Loops in Logic Pro 8 Problem
Wanting my fist mac
"powerhour" playlist - changing songs every 60 seconds
Cheap keyboard for Garageband
iTunes weird Menu
High-quality guitar recording whilst also recording a video
Logic 8/Studio Won't Install Onto my External HD
Listening to Books on DVD
System overload in Logic Express
Can Garageband strip away voice from songs?
files for garageband
Sound null on iMac
pro tools,reason, logic, fruity loops on mb?
Can I do any vocal autotuning with logic or soundtrack?
iTunes wont open when I plug in my iPod
can't add music to itunes library
Need to record minidisc from player direct to Garageband
best way to combine multiple hds to one
iTunes music on Blackberry
iTunes warning
Audio recording with Mac Mini
iTunes library mixed up
Recording Podcast interview with condenser mic
Roxio CD Spin Doctor
Hooking MacBook Pro to HiFi
I lost my audio on my PC, but . . .
stereo to mono playback: software solution?
Applescript and iTunes
LP to MP3
Recording voice for a powerpoint pres.
iTunes Server
My Guitar and GarageBand
Nike Philips Software
mic splitter
3 Garageband editing questions
iTunes 9 not playing well with Airtunes
Alesis Multitrack...splitting tracks in GB?
Where is Media Rage license file on HD?
Uneditable ID3 Tag in iTunes
Logic 8 Project - No Sound!
'restoring previous itunes library'
Deleting an MP3 in iTunes Problem
Whats the best screen recording software for the Mac?
Download 9.0.1 itunes not working??? need help
Midi Drums and Garage Band help?
Can't add songs to itunes!!
Upgrade iTunes and randomly removes songs from library
Painful Frequency Burst
Copy MP3's to Windows Mobile device?
I Love the New Automatically Add to iTunes Feature!
Itunes external playback issue
Numeric key pad on mac book pro 2008?
Logic Express Vs Logic Pro ??
Problem with Logic 8 & Motu Traveler
iTunes 9.0.1 Released
Songs' Buzzing Noise
Which audio editing software do you recommend?
Problem with Garageband + Headphones
Purchases between 2 iTunes
iTunes 9, get iTunes 8 Interface
MAC and the Apogee Duet
Audio Midi problem and USB hubs?
ipod to mac
The New Auto Add to Itunes Feature and Transmission
iTunes 9 rip CD w/o adding to library or other option?
tryna download battery on my macbookpro
want to upload my mac os x itunes library to my iPod
Can I make this setting permanent?
Help with 'Un.rar' download of Jam Pack
New Beatles Remasters and iTunes Bit Rate
itunes Radio in Australia, for a PC
Wanna keep iTunes Library organized, but not organized at the same time
Interface or No?
Alternative to Airport Express to play music
Traktor 3 Crossfader problem
iTunes 9 Issues
How to stop iTunes from adding songs to your library
itunes transfer problem
iTunes 9
Problems with acoustic recording in Garage Band
Miniplayer View In iTunes 9
GArageband - cant hear monitor when guitar plugged in
iTunes Store
Compilations in iTunes Explained
Need an Instrument Keyboard reccomendation
New iTunes 9. come and get it
Which Audio Interface For My iMac
Where can I find this sogn in .MP3 format?
I'm feeling creative but don't know what to use....
Sound input in Parallels
creatve 7.1 speaker on mac
Real Instrument on Garageband [MacBook Pro]
itunes restarted...lost playlist?
Optical out / G3 imac
Podcasts and Splitting
Limewire for Mac
Can't record streaming audio
Record sound from the computer itself?
Itunes - Album Cover Artwork
DJ - having problems.
Applications for backing tracks
Built-in Input Too Quiet?
Amplitube Jimi Hendrix + Snow Leopard
5.1 sound on a macbook
Use line in as a second output (NI Tractor)
still issue with garageband
Wireless Microphone System
Trouble with sounds using Logic
Synchronizing Non-Motorized Faders
Quick iTunes/iPod transfer question - Playlists and full music library
Streaming radio!
GarageBand 2.0 - I'm Going To Go Insane!
Advantages of Live365/streamtheworld over PLS files?
Mac music mixer?
Connecting Stereo and Computer speakers to IMac
Music Downloading Service
Syncing logic pro to the mpc 1000?
Podcast Producer 2
How to create music jukebox on Mac
Garageband "Skip to time?"
is this the best way to create universal CD's?
Where to find instrument pack?
Behringer eurorack ub2442fx-pro Mixer
Importing files to iTunes goes to local HDD and not eHDD
iTunes Automatic Information...?
Media Server?
Garageband 5.0 very slow
Garageband for making ringtones
Backing up iPod to iTunes
Mac connect to TV Question
logic 8 questions
Automating Arpeggiator in Logic
Re-mixing Program
Help required from you lovely people
loops to music hd?
Sync Sandisk Sansa with Mac
Can't transfer my music to new computer
Yamaha Digital Processor DDP-1
mac users and cambridge audio 840c
iTunes 7 not compatible with old iPods?
garageband update => all guitar settings deleted
Delete songs from iTunes.
convert my old cassettes into mp3 files - how to make the sound better?
Record Radio Streams?
Pitch Bend in MainStage
recording audio signal from stereo reciever to macpro hard drive
Line In (Sound input) has dissapeared ! :(
Finding albums easy
itunes song info editing problem
Problem with keyboard USB connection
Somehwat bizzare issur with pitch changing in garageband?
Vinyl Recording on Mac
Sound Lost in Track on GB
Logic Pro 8, using two sound card
help with downloads please!
external hard drive
How to get loops to cycle?
GarageBand '09 Minor Problem
converting itunes to wav or mp3
music via UTP netwerk vs airport express
Streaming Music through the Audio Line In
transferring ipod playlist to itunes
itunes & 2 macbooks
Speakers & Headphones
Is there a way to print musical notation is Garageband 2.0?
Looking for an electronic music creation program
Looking for a USB mic under $100 to use with GarageBand
Getting movies into Front Row
volume in Garageband
MacBook Pro Song
Green screen in imovie '09 won't work
Recover Purchased Music Playlist
having trouble downloading this song
mic make clicking noise
limewire won't work with Mac?
Internet Radio Stream Question
about de authorizing itunes
DJing to mac
display current MP3 Tag in iTunes
iPod/iTunes Transfer Problem
Some Advice on picking the right Mac for Mainstage
Use one computer to manage iTunes on another?
m4r/m4a/ect to caf/aiff
Garageband/Logic Express export chopiness
Record via Input and Output
Need to record a voiceover
Yamaha and MacBook Pro
`Title of a play list
Anyone use Ableton Live on Mac?
New Demos - Feedback wanted!
Need streaming music player on my blog
Itunes music library problem
reocmmend an app to rip mp3's
Posting podcast
iTunes question
MP3 in Finder, but AAC in Itunes
Recording 10 together tracks with Edirol FA-101?
Music Production/Sequencing
processor speed for music
Best way to transfer music from old mac to new mac?
Can't install iTunes
Logic Pro or Express
What's this mic buzzing?
Air Tunes - Does this actually work?
Audio mixing software
Korg Triton into MBP
sharing garageband files
Recording Live Stream Audio
Hollow audio sound on my FCE movies
Headphone Help
Mp3 file(s) instead of microphone input on OS X?
Looking for advice on which mac to buy for a new home studio
Bands that use Apple products in their music?
Turntable Program
iDrum: Why aren't my kits loading on new MacBook?
Static when burning audio CD
Firewire Interface for recording?
Transfer itunes playlist from a time machine backup?
Guitar Rig 2 as a Plugin in Logic 7
Even more new Darkest Ritual
Can't get my favorite radio station to play
Propack apple loops
MIDI Keyboard
Apple loops in Logic 7.1.1
G4 Sawtooth as Server & Player, Remote Control
move undeleted item from trash back to itunes
Spotify problems
Podcasters! A couple of questions.
Best method for recording electric guitar?
Recording through Toneport with GarageBand?
More new music from Darkest Ritual - alt rock
New song demo! Woo hoo!
How do i connect an external recording console to garageband?
CD Burning issue
Connecting itunes to an amplifier - already have a Time Capsule, is it possible?
What caused this in Garageband and Logic?
Music Downloading
is it possible for garageband to record my keyboard's midi sounds?
cpu meter is at its max with logic 8
Recording acoustic videos on iMovie '09
garagebands disappeared
Sorround Sound Application
My first Mac and digital recording....
Wizardgold and Mac 20 Questions
recording internal computer sound into a DAW using audio interface (can Profire 610?)
Audio sample triggering software
How to tell if mac book pro will run pro tools and mbox 2
Splitting MP3s after recording a record.
Unable to locate iTunes library?
how to take audio from a vlc video and make it into a mp3 audio file/
Deleting duplicate songs
Daisy Chain or Adapter (for firewire recording) ?
Music changes key while listening to music via Bluetooth
5.1 on a Macbook 13.3 White?
Convert .M4A to MP3
Music Mixing Software
Record Acoustic Guitar/Vocals AT2020?
itunes dropping my atv
Plugin for achieving throbbing dance sound?
bothersome noise
How to delete recently added songs in itunes?
Making short song blurbs
winamp equivalent
Best External HD for Massive iTunes Library