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Not sure if this goes here but....
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New Mac/Older Klipsch Speakers
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Must-Have Album art finder.
MP3 files
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For those of you that like iTunes your very own
Please advise a switcher on buying a sound card
Audio Recording
Mixmeister equivelant
iTunes Music Store Previews
Surround Sound
CD Cover Software
Right Click Save Target As...
any program suggestions??
Buying CDs (
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Member Bands
airport express for more than iTunes
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Firewire Solo Setup help
Garageband loops!
wedding w/ibook how hook up mic?
Audio recording via MAC Mini?
Audio Mixing Software?
iTunes Importing Advice...
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M-Audio Radium 49 keyboard
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Sound Cards
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iTunes question- please help
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Audio Programs
Free Olympus m:robe 500i Photo/Music Device !
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Does anyone know where to find this sound?
Soundsticks 2 or logitech 2.1 THX speaker?
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What software to get the best sound out of my iMac G5?
M-Audio Firewire 410 for use with G4-0S10
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iChat with PC user using audio
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DK on iTunes
iTunes Question
Any software for simple music editing?
Audio Editing
Ripping music off DVD?
Firewire Audio Interface 5.1/7.1
.wma to .mp3 converter
getting sound after converting to DV
itunes help
MP3's into Garage Band?
GarageBand Saving
Music with screen closed??
ipod vs other mp3's
How do U convert .wma to .mp3
Garageband 2 Performance under Mac Mini
iTunes and iPhoto sharing
Help Needed - MP3 Software which can Scroll +-5 to 10 seconds within tracks
AAC vs. Apple Lossless
oddiofile sound
Itunes problem!
.ogg to mp3
iBook GarageBand and a Guitar Cable
audio feedback (no pun!)
iTunes visualizer
Changing title of song?
music editing
Connecting Guitar to GarageBand
audio production on a budget: new imac or the g5?
need mac app to convert CD to mp3 for web
Mac iBook and Burning Audio CDs
Need "sound" advice
How to upload music Files in Dreamweaver
What sound sytem??
iTunes Importing Frozen
importing audio from Formac
Convert RAM files to wav or cd audio
Audio Clips
Can't burn much to a CD from iTunes
Lost ITunes Library...!
iTunes created folders.
Sound Studio
logic express 7 and garagebands
Any suggestions on audio editing software?
iTunes keeps losing my imports
How to change star up/shut down sounds?
Wireless Audio fom iBook
m4a to mp3?
Importing audio
iTunes .ogg support
iTunes: Adjusting genre?
Audio recorder/Editor for iBook
Audio Card??
USB Sound (for powerbook)
iTunes LAME help
apple switch commercial music
PowerBook Sound
How do I record sounds??
klipsch//static//audio card
looking for good music score editor
"cutting" mp3 files
Streaming Audio
need to record sound on PowerBook w/Jaguar
cool music website
Ripping audio from a mpg?
New to making music... Can you help?
Problem with my iTunes
Cassettes to MP3
Best surround sound option for PowerBook?
Line In Sound problems
Roland RD-30 Audio Interface Problem
.distorted audio.
What i use to make music...
too many songs!
wma to mp3
Converting Casette to mp3
No Sound On Playback
A few newbie AUDIO questions
Audio Editing?
m4a or acc to mp3
audio on asf and wmv
Converting a Quicktime MOV to MP3???
WMA to MP3....can it be done?...for free?
Splicing MP3s together
Cassets to MP3