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Using a large capacity USB stick as iTunes Library - recommeded?
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Multiple AirPlay Speakers for 1 room
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Did my wife buy me the right computer to record with ?
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Aggregate Device function not working properly
Yamaha DTXpress 4 ang GB 10
song files getting rearranged!
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Why has my first ever post been deleted?
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Digital Soundboard
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How to make iTunes the default player for ALL audio
Logic/space issue
GarageBand 10: Where's reverb & fadeout lock?
Powerbook G4 Music Server for Hi End Audio
Apple TV/Toslink to XLR (or 1/4")
Which is better
Rekordbox 3
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Cambridge DACmagic w/ Macbook
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Guitar Link Fail
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Looking for Drum Loops
Main Stage 3 instruments with Garageband 6
iTunes shuffles my playlist when burnt to CD WHY ???
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GarageBand for the amateur - Looking for advice
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iTunes on my mac
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MuseScore Player
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Garageband templates
Doesn anybody know?
Airport Express or Apple TV?
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Questions about hard drives and RAM when it comes to Logic Pro X
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Music!...Can't make it stop!
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MPEG2 metadata editor?
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Itunes newbie. Warning: silly questions inside
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Macbook Pro - Not keeping CDs in drive?
Moving an automation curve in a straight line
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Clicking and Popping
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Share Playlists LIVE with a friend?
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iTunes Radio
Playing MIDI files
How can I share?
is Ableton Live 9 compatible with Mavericks? (or there is something else?)
Itunes 11 - Sorting Albums in Descending Order?
Garage Band
Vip file, hmo file hmp file
Creating an alternate library with smaller files
Getting Itunes Purchases to Instantly Download to Iphone?
Macbook Pro Suddenly unable to handle Cubase 6
Member podcasts
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Online Streaming DJ Apps?
Issue with Genius
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Convert wma in bulk?
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How can i rip to my external iTunes library on windows and then access it on macbook?
iTunes Match: copy file over?
Mac Bogs Down Playing 1080p
recording webcam videos with soundcard as input
How good are the ear pods from Apple?
Best Internal HDD for Audio in Mac Pro
Logic 9/Reason 5: Any issues with Mountain Lion?
Can I downgrade from Mountain Lion?
Startup Sounds
Solid state drive
Cleaning Up My ITunes Library
Audio-DVD-BD Burning Software - Needed?
External Thunderbolt Enclosure
No tab for midi setup
Speaker Troubles?
Load CDs onto iPod Touch?
Finding Corrupted iTunes files
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Migrating iTunes from iMac to new iMac
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Iphone - Music through headphone jack AND charging port?
Music thru Utorrent
HELP with Kies and Samsung galaxy
focusrite scarlett 2i2 - no output
Speaker system on two computers
Itunes Cloud issues
Annoying Issue With Itunes
ordered to play
Itunes Match question
itunes popup
Final cut express 4 Music edits
iTunes Changes Customized Genres On It's Own
transfer itunes library
HATING iTunes right now (please HELP!)
WANTED: itunes Tutor
Improving my sound on my Mac
Lossless (m4a) format to AAC
Getting message - 'The connected device had no output controls'
How do i extract audio files from .BIN?
Batch-fix phasing problems in MOV files
Mac Pro for DJ Disco
Menubar Audio Monitor?
Internet radio app
Enhanced podcasts
Stream Audio To DNLA
I need a great Equalizer program what do you guys recommend?
Shuffle addition problems
Mac air/g drive/ipod ????
AirPlay Problem with Sony Airplay Speaker
Audacity and LAME MP3 encoder
Music Playing (at sports events)
Sound input Roland JV1010 & Logic Pro
good stable DJ app for iphone and ipad?
How to export MIDI in GarageBand '11
Help! Bouncing as WAVs and Mono in Logic
Ground loop hum on Mac - can't record anything!
Stream iTunes to BluRay player?
Focusrite Saffire on Mac OSX 10.8.3
Podcast not updating
Unlocking Locked Songs
Can't burn music CD
Queing and Playing Multiple Podcasts
MP3 from a website
Quickly add a number of mp3s to a playlist
Recording songs to dvd
iTunes List View
can't load music to micro sd card
Altec Lansing 251 buzzing sound
Airplay Outdoor Speakers?
iTunes gripe
Sharing iTunes between multiple machines
How to find khz and bit?
stream MacBookPro audio to a PC?
Is my Garageband finished?
Soundblaster XFI USB SB1090 + Macbook Air
Software for audio journaling?
Audiobooks from CD
Itunes shuffle function
GarageBand Error Picture Attached What does this mean?
GarageBand help - entering piano tabs
Best way to make MP3 for playing on non-Macs?
Logic Pro: using plug-ins from external hard drive
Importing while converting aWMA. file into Garageband
ITunes "free" music stations?
New to Garageband, VERY Frustrated!
Albums on itunes
itunes 11 Artwork Can't Add
error message
true 5.1
iTunes - ALAC & iTunes Plus
audio editing
Logic on SL & ML iMacs
iMac Sunflower G4
NI Massive features
Build a new library just of MP3 files in iTunes
Logic 9 installation problem
sound card for new imac
record streaming audio
ITunes Help
Which Mac ... ?
Lost itunes playlists
Ipod Nano 3rd Gen deleted files recovery
Multiple Mac products - how to change some to new Mac account
itunes shuffling
final cut pro running slow
Is final cut pro compatible with final cut express
broadcasting with macbook and imac I3
Need Help/iTunes Backup Settings
Music effects
Music Files
GarageBand: Mono or Stereo?
Music and data cd's won't load or play
File-Browsing MP3 Player suggestions?!
Audio Equipment questions
listen to .dat file on mac?
New synth. No sound out, Help please.
Logic: How to duplicate track
Garage band on Ipad
Ipad + Macbook pro live
Mac not sorting right?
A/V Receiver
flash player
vinyl on macs
iTunes Sync to iPad
storing itunes library on external drive
From PC to MacBook - iTunes Match
Plugging guitar and Headphones into MacBook Pro
Adding Artwork to Genre Listing in iTunes 11
Garageband '11 Buffer Size
All Mac musicians unite! (collaboration effort)
Pausing music on MBP
No Signal in Garage Band
Using USB and Bluetooth speakers together
JBL Wireless Speakers: How to turn on automatically
M-Audio Fast Track issues with Garage Band 11
streaming youtube from mac to stereos?
Apple earphones with remote and microphone
Logic Express 9 & EZ drummer Nashville
All iTunes music given same name
GarageBand and the Arrange Track
Earbud search.......again
M-Power ProTools FastTrack USB unit won't work
Changing audio device problem
Late 2012 mac mini or late 2012 imac?
New iTunes questions ?
Help! How to Record Audio Playing on MacBook
Embedding Cover Art To Music in iTunes
Will someone please teach me tagging in iTunes?
Analog audio in
Yamaha PSR 420
Keyboard for Garageband/Mountain Lion
AirPlay MultiRoom Sync
Mac Mini For music streaming.
Export iTunes Library list?
all Itunes alternatives suck as much as Itunes
Windows WP7 Connector Music Section
Can this old stereo system play through a studio monitor?
Brand new user to Macs, professional musician
Having trouble with midi controller for basic functions
Help on deleting music
Problem with lexicon lamda on mac (mountain lion)
Garageband - Creating a SLUR and a LOOP
help transferring itunes music from an old operating system (10.4.11) to new iphone
5.1 surround sound on the new iMac?
iTunes albums with more than one artist singing
Logic studio 9 compatibility
Where is the firewire on the new IMAC 2012/ M-AUdio card
recording dj mixes
Please recommend iTunes lyrics plugin
How to handle WAV files on the Mac
Syncing ipod with itunes without losing tracks on my ipod
Can't find a ipad movie player with AC3 support - what do I do now?
iTunes 11.0
Importing music files
Bass and more of it!
spotify and airport ?
Itunes 11 poor audio quality
iTunes Match
iTunes 11 HELP!!!!
Basic iTunes & iPod question re: artist info
Editing itunes music with Garageband
iPod nano 4th generation
iPod nano version identification
Transfering content from Ipod to Mac computer
iTunes. removing music and starting over...
Need program to rip CD into Database- NO iTunes
ITunes 11 - Gapless Album and Artwork
iTunes playlist issue
iTunes 11 Missing Cover Flow
Moving iTunes to new computer?
Radio on imac
iTunes and DRM Question
Garageband 11 Latancy
iTunes Purchased Item There... But Not There
Merging itunes accounts
is it possible to restore GARAGEBAND SESSIONS?
Yamaha RX-V473 as only audio receiver.
USB Gaming Headset for Mac
Garageband 06????
Wireless Speaker Systems ?
Connecting a midiman keyboard to garageband
AC/DC Finally hits the iTunes Store !!!!
Upsampling MP3 to AIFF in iTunes
Lightsnake not allowing playback on garageband
Rhapsody ??
Play Itunes from mac to apple TV and XP
please help with video transfer from iPod
Very specific audio problem
Audio Interface for B & W G3, OS9
best free music downloader??
Pandora ?
Download CD to iTunes Issue
Help!! Flash music on Mac issues
Earbud shape vs sound quality
iTunes and iPhone issue
Cue next song in iTunes?
codec help
Garageband Problem and Solution: No iTunes - No Share Option
running windows on mac questions.
Garageband 1.0 "7" - No iTunes
Determining source in FLAC files
dual headphones for mac book pro
iPod Nano : Files not showing up
Syncing Music
iTunes downloads lossless ????
problem with external sound card
Voice transcription app for OS X
iTunes match ????
Using Edirol UA 25-X as garage band input
How do I get podcasts back in the Music app after getting rid of the new Podcast app?
ITunes Store > Purchased: DOWNLOADED or CLOUD
iPod music transfer
*New Update for Logic Pro 9 Users
AWare 1.6
New here: comparison between new iMac 27 and Mac Minis
How to record a Podcast with one person over Skype
how to get my radio song change on itunes as a notification?
Sibelius 5 and Mountain Lion
amazon cloud drive / cloud player
Speaker system for netbook
Advice on where to find Ableton live or the best alternative?
Tune Up
Move All iTunes Content from iMac to PC
iTunes question
Wireless speakers iPhone 5 & MacBook
Casio TK40 Keyboard To MacBook Pro Mid 2012
Itunes 10.6.3 music folder (Network HD)
Music made on iPad apps
Podcast app autodownloading
Ripping a CD Collection to FLC
Audio Channels are inverted
Do you loose your playlists when you deauthorize and reauthorize?
Simple speech recording?
How do I mute the start-up sound?
GarageBand Alternatives?
copying sections
Slideshow soundtrack
Discrepancies between GarageBands
Recording from the BBC
apple itunes store
recording help
Audible - Amazon - Whispersync
Samson StudioGT
Can't skip forward on iphone tracks (automatically goes to next track)
Where to start with music production?
Apple TV to Zeppelin from Mac
audio playback quality
Podcsat question
Pro Tools and Mountain Lion??!!
Tunes too iMac
Advice needed on software for blending, beat matching and making mix
headphones - no stereo
Good CD Ripper?
Adding music to iPhoto videos
FL studios demo........
garageband effects
Mic sounding like a robot
Itunes Match
Music with the IPAD - external hard disk?
Problems with hdmi adapter and surround sound
iPad garage band tracking question
Configuring Mackie Onyx With Skype
Trying to download, just starts playing
using multiple headsets/mics with Macbook Pro
New Macbook Pro 13'' won't recognize headphones
Smart Playlist Help? 1 artist, certain albums, does not include other artists
ogg to mp3 for kindle touch
Logic Pro 9
Grammy nominated drum tracks
Dose Anyone use djay for Mac?
iTunes radio playlist
Airplay & Music Match
Milktape - USB Cassette Mixtape
ID tag - authors - title query
Several Random Purchased Music Not Working?
"Encoded with" and MetaX...advanced
Can you export itunes tracks into GarageBand?
old library restore
Demand For Low Cost, Quality Computer Speakers?
playing mp4 files on an xbox
iTunes, automatically fetching podcasts
Static coming from my iPad
Removing Lyrics
Recording acoustic guitar and vocals
Best way to transfer PC based music external HD to a Mac external
free software equalizer for mac
Garageband, firewire, and levels
Video-Audio Software Suggestion
Garageband problems
iTunes not showing all songs in folders
Proper format for older car player CD
I have a problem about iPhone music to my pc
Reproductor iTunes
Audio interface for MacBook Pro with OSX Lion using FireWire
Capturing Audio Webstream In Original Format
ipod music
Caf files in Garageband- anyone help?
Error Message in GarageBand
Garage Band & pre-recorded music
Converting a cassette to a CD ?
garage band.. how to arrange files
Logic Express 9 Keeps Tweaking My Songs!
Mac, Cubase 6 and Alesis Master Control
LAME encoded songs wont play in full
Connecting iMac to AVR
Recommendation for audio interface for Garageband on Macbook Air
creating 5 min chapters
Setting up for Windows
Music from PC to Mac
iPod Car Set-up
Blue Snowball mic for GarageBand
iTunes match
iTunes songs jumping
Just what is it with iTunes authorisation ??!!
Faint crackling static in KRK Monitors
iTunes track information issue
iTunes LIbrary Problems
What is the best way to output audio to my DJ system?
Nicecast Outgoing Message?
iTunes Cannot Find Artwork Message
Home sharing
iPad loses it's place in Playlists
ipod classic question
What is the best way to play FLAC.
HELP!! I cannot import MP3 files into Garageband!
USB, Firewire or Thunderbolt Audio interface?
Cheap (under $40/30) audio recording
iTunes fields & swopping them
Music Major: Finale or Logic Pro
Buy new macbookpro or wait for imac?
Can I copy tracks between projects in Garageband?