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Help with iSight picture size
Camera RAW ti jpeg.
Is there a way to do this automatically ?
Why is there a copy of ALL my photos in the Pictures folder?
iPhoto 08 problem - advice needed
Edit PDF Image????
Desktop background pic pic question
Best programme suggested to produce Business email flyers and leaflets please?
Image Problems
iPhoto Question
Adobe illustrator CS4 unexpectedly quits
iphoto help
Photoshop CS4 nightmare
Software for making photo presentation DVDs
adobe creative suits cs5
So my basement flooded...
Canon Vs. Nikon
Importing new fonts into Iwork
Simple Photo Software
which external screen for photo editing?
Problems installing final cut studio 5 on mac mini
Screen Capture Help!!
Bitmap Font Writer for Macs?
view Raw files in finder
Help with iPhoto
Screencast application?
MAC vs PC in the Graphic Design Context
Difference between my font libry and mac f/l
All photos gone at IPHOTO
Aperture 3 and Pentax PEF files?
JPG for MAC to JPG Windows or Photoshop
Help with Photoshop & iphoto....Please!
New MacBookPro doesn't recognize Canon Powershot SD1000?
Desktop publishing software?
Looking for particular feature in picture viewer software.
New to Mac
Image Capture import problem
Shadows Fall - 2/4/10 - Club Sonar, Baltimore, MD
iPhoto importing/keeping files
Camera Opinion Needed 50D vs d90
Which Camcorder for a Vintage Mac
"which program?"
Major problems with Aperture 3
Aperture 2 woes
JPEG camera meta data
My favorite picture of a Snowy Night.
Switching off Faces & Places in Aperture 3
Aperture 3 slideshow & accents
St. Patrick's Day wallpaper
Photo import
Mac newbie with question about graphics and web software
Viewer to browse Windows clipart CDs?
iPhoto: sort by resolution?
Wacom Bamboo for Logo Sketching.. Worth getting?
what's going on?
Use Mac Mini for image editing...
Uploading videos from iPhoto/iMovie to MobileMe Galery
Changing Icons
Aperture 3 : and iMovie...
Quick question concerning basic web graphics design
Anyone have Aperture 3 experiences?
Problems opening CS4 programs on Mac book Pro
Open PDFs in iPhoto 09 and other PDF issues
finding/playing *.wmv files
Wacom Bamboo Pen - what do I DO with it?
Software for designing posters?
What is the best setting for my monitor when using FCP?
iPhoto Won't Open
best monitor for viewing, editing and printing
Canon t2i
Drawing program
Tips for Photobooth???
previewing my fonts program
iPhoto picture clarity?
Photo shop books and textbooks
Clip Art
HELP: Creating a flyer with MS Word
Iphoto losing rotation on import...
Can someone create me a wallpaper?
iPhoto question: burning "album" to disc
Paintbrush question
InDesign & Styles keyboard shortcuts on a MacBook Pro
Help downloading CS4!
Digital scrap booking anyone?
iPhoto crash
Email image directly from finder
Desperately need Presentation Help
CS4 crashes in HDR on MacPro - HELP
3D (stereoscopic) image software
Preview problems with PDF Portfolio
Looking for some advice on the 27" iMac and Photoshop CS4 and Lightroom 2 (maybe)
web gallery allowing visitors to add pix to favorite
Background of CS4
Exporting slideshow
Batch Rotate Photos 180 degrees
Different iPhoto?
Problem with monitors
Need Help w/Photoshop cs4 & my new 27" imac
Can I convert a .key file to a pdf file.
How to open files hidden in a jpeg?
Looking for an amicable parting with iPhoto
Serious image problems
Adobe Indesign CS3 or CS4
iPhoto 6--storage limit?
Flash CS4 to CS3
Photoshop 7 compatibility
Shopping for a new photo printer.
Changing From PC to Mac for printing
Can I Import a *.ppt/Presentation file into iDVD to make a slide show?
iphoto:temporary items
can you trust "Duplicate Detector"?
iPhoto image description
JPG files on dvd do not open
Pages Line & Fill Color
Pages Question
organizing photos in iPhoto
Problem with GIMP menu font
Watchnh i mac on my TV help ?
Need help for using webcam in Yahoo Messenger
How do I get a logo to look aged/80s retro like these?
Wacom tablet is freezing my mac
ICC Profiles
Importing & Saving photos in iPhoto
finding a font
Serious problem in iphoto09 ver 8.1.1!
Free fonts?
Adobe installation concerns
SD slot on iMac - digital frame
Anything Like MS Paint On Mac?
How easy is it for you to see color gradations ? Take the test.
App to batch transform an image file to all screen resolutions?
I am LOST in my Graphic Tools
How can I break my G5
Topaz Fusion Express?
New Apple Wallpaper
IPhoto wont let me delete pictures! Help?!?
I need some HELP!
Indesign CS3 (can't open a doc by clicking the icon on snow leopard)
Mac Graphics is acting weird! I need help! Please!
Aperture imports into folders by date?
photoshop cs3
Textures and a bit more...
Anyone use a wacom tablet questions please
some jpg's created under Windows have turned black on my Mac
CS4 upgrade to Macbook Pro
logo project
Need To Pixelate B&W Image
Question about AppleScripts.
52 Weeks of Portraits
Some BMX'in
Conflicting color schemes on MySpace page
Need a logo designed for me
Create many iPhoto Albums
Can Ken Burns effect work on vertical stills?
Damaged Files
Suggested replacement for Corel Draw
Looking to buy a Nikon d3000
Name Logo
Two cone icons (like for VLC)
Good Nikon forum?
Selective editing in Aperture?
iMac and PS3 Media Centre
Iphotos problem
Looking for a good drawing tablet
Word 2008 and fonts
Snow Leopard and RAW images on DVD
Image color inversion
Merging jpegs into a PDF
Batch Copyright On Photos
MacBook Pro without iPhoto?
iphoto files
Pictures oriented incorrectly - how to fix?
Troubleshooting Outline Stroke in Illustrator CS4
Adobe Acrobat 6.0 quits unexpectedly
Word 2008
Mac lovers will get a laugh from this
Two nice icons
iPhoto / Sharing on NAS
intuos4 WacomTablet
Slideshow help
Login picture - What size?
My DVD Studio by Sonic
Photoshop gradient is destroying me!
Norma Jean
Holiday Icon
Gimp Problems
New Ideas, I want on the computer
Way to have iPhoto import just JPG, not CR2?
Advice on creating patterns in Illustrator
Iphoto not saving changes
Pixar Typestry missing discs 3 and 5
Art Explosion 750,000 (Nova Development)
Can't install trial PS and AI
Web design software
possibly getting a associates degree in Graphics Design
Regarding: Aperture Library.aplibrary
Correcting/Optimizing Color for HTC G1
Help With Filter Selection..
cant preview files in ill cs4 (10.5)anymore
Which software to print photos?
creating a DJ logo
Need Some Ideas
Cut and paste
Learning to Design for Print
iPhoto slide shows
Pixelmator & Aperture?
iphoto themed border
Vector graphics software for mac
Cool Transition From Login To Desktop...
Lost iPhoto folder
Event Layout Software for Mac
What file is the desktop background using?
need new camera
Decisions decisions...
PS -> Aperture -> Export.. Incorrect Size
Transfering photos: Mac to PC
Original photo date after time machine restore
Cinema 4d Wont Work?
Image search software
Another question about Software
(iPhoto) Photo Collection Renovation
free pic editing program?
transfer photos from mac to nikon d60
Cheap Cokin / GND Filter Sets.. Have you used these?
Adobe Bridge Help
Easiest way to share photos using multiple accounts
Software worked for an hour but now quits. Why?
Sd card
Need a Font for a Nameplate
iPhoto Double-Click Problem
Adobe illustrator advice!
Multiple images/documents pr/page
Something I made for the Mac Forums Gang
Exporting "User Presets" in Lightroom
Can't locate my photos to use them on eBay
Macbook pro [late 2006] external display support?
Want to create framable art with a poem
Problems with Gimp and InkScape
Thinking of buying my first Mac, i have questions...
Lost photos in iPhoto
I Need Software for 2 Different Things, Can I Just Buy One?
iphoto- they keep the originals?
multiple monitor slideshow
Problem publishing Mac projector files from CS4 Flash
Putting lines on Photos
backing up iPhoto to a Windows environment
GIF/PHG Animator Program?
New holiday flyer, opinions?
Image Print Phatte Black Question
iPhoto and syncing between 2 macbooks
"Rock On Sign" Rude anywhere in europe?
3D Programes
What do you listen to when you design?
Snap'n'Drag with Snow Leopard
DSLR Question
connecting macbook pro to lcd tv
New wedding/engagement/portrait blog
Where to download adobe photoshop CS (8.0)?
Digital Camera Interface w/iBook in Real Time-not for download
NX2 Blending Modes Question
New to photography, where should I start?
Native version of GIMP coming?
No Illustrator *Editing a PDF file*
My meat
iPhoto 09 IPTC Keywords
Repairing photos in Aperture?
Creating a Digital Booklet
Canon EOS Digital Camera Rebel XSi 450D $395
bug in OSX/iMac or Adobe software
Best work flow for raw photos
worried about win7 users having wrong screen settings
Time Tracking Software
Photoshop CS4 Expired License
any freeware to batch edit, rename or add signature for photos?
help with action script 3
Looking for Adobe After Effects equivalent.
iPhoto FACES
Photo management question
deck of poker card images available?
Missing applications.
folder icons
thoughts on a design
thoughts on a design
Resizing an Image for use as a Desktop
PSE and iPhoto Help
Feedback (Graphic design, photo, 3d)
which adobe PS Elements for G5
icons and get info
Software for Banner, Posters, etc.
New logo idea
Converting coloured maps to black and white line drawings in Illustrator
photography and mac mini
Constructive criticism !
name change.
iPhoto Speed with Library on Network Drive
image mapper
iLife09- iPhoto
iphoto '09 printing
New 21.5" Imacs
SD Card recovery tool
Downloading digital camera images to folder rather than iPhotl
NormalMappr and other normal map generators
desperate for a draw program like old ClarisWorks had
book layout software
Graphic design jobs
Need help with uploading photos
Posting photos to a forum?
I Can't upload any pics from my MAC (Using firefox or Safari)
Free Screen Capture Software For Mac?
Wrong Icon
Getting photos off the iPhone
Photoshop Upgrade Disk Help!
Are all my photos in Pictures?......
New Lens! Suggestions?
Previewing and Browsing multiple files
iPhoto library organisation question
Good way of keeping photos in order?....
Saving photos to DVD.....
How to resize pictures using Automator?
Hair tearing with CyberShot W290 into OS X, 10.5.8
Dock Customization
IPhoto Question
Trouble completing export
Desktop Wallpaper!!
Saving scanned document for email use
From Finder to iPhoto
Flash-like drawing program for mac?
iMac/Projector calibration issue
iphoto and eps files
iphoto 5 - reinstalled OS and need to import previous library and folders for iPhoto
how, in PS CS4, I can label my document for printing
editing software question
Amazing Editing Software (video) HELP
Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ20
My Favorite Wallpaper!
Adobe Creative Suite 4 Master Collection (Production Premium)
New signature image
Editing Software Advice
Mac vs Windows PC for Illustrator
Advice and experience
Core Image Funhouse
How to convert iPhoto slideshow to a flash slideshow? HELP!!
iphoto to aperture
Creating Business Cards
Epson GT 20000 - artwork
Canon Tethered Shooting
Jumsoft 3.0 Templates for Pages 08 ?
printout saturation doesn't match on-screen display
Question on RAW img support for 10.4.11
Gift Card Template
Text recognition software?
iPhoto 09 not being recognized by other programs
Reinstalling iPhoto 09
Gifs and old Macs
Flickr Accounou can ts
Anyone use a pen tablet for all work indesign etc
Illustrator CS4
GIMP for Mac
Jazz Up My Mac
How can you crop video screen shot for Snow Leopard?
PS CS4: Actions Won't Work And PS Crashes
My Mac turns Projectors Green!
change the color of the upper bar for OS 10.4.11
Override iSight with DSLR?
I am looking at buying a new DLSR
Pictures M.I.A.
avi files from sanyo in quicktime
Digital Camera
isight cam not found for FB video
Text not appearing correctly in Photoshop CS3
Help with corrupt JPEG files
Really frustrated with saving an image off a web page?
Arrange Files in Finder
Dual monitors with lightroom
exif editor ?
Annoying little things happen in photoshop elements
Logo Advice
iPhoto '09 Library Thumbnail's Broken
intel native photoshop
Should I use CD or DVD?
Stay Away From
Good font viewer?
Problem with EOS 450D on Snow Leopard
How to make a Jpeg bigger
program than can organize my photos by month and year based on the EXIF data
Converting LoggerPro .cmbl files
Can't view PDF text on Mac iBook?
Can't preview RAW files in Adobe Bridge
Get free signature bars here!!
"Loading" animation applescript
Help with photo editing? (tri-color)
Mac not letting me share pictures
Help with Adobe CS3!?
RAW -> JPEG + Metadata?
Ooops, changed to apple color picker in PS...
Advice for logo
Best Choice for Graphics Cards
Adobe PS CS4.?
How do I extract a logo from a .pdf?
B&W then add colour ... GIMP
Font Case?
New Imac and Macbook Updates
Icon Touch Up Request
Action F buttons for Mac and CS4
how to stop preview opening my psd files
Aperture 2 question
green line in slideshow
Exporting Photo Changes Original File
Animated gif help
Edited photos in slideshow.
My First Shots
Canon 450D not capturing all pictures..
Best scanner for slides of music scores
Reds too red
DVI to USB MAC convertor
Email more than one photo
Help, I am stupid!
I need to make a map. Software?
need i photo 4.0
transferring folder to ex hard drive
Printing Font List
Long Exposure
Cant get Ofoto to work with Iphoto
Adobe updater not completing
Lost the serial number ... am I SOL?
Alternatives to iphoto
touch up a foto
Thumbnail, but no file in iphoto ...
download videos from Sony Cybershot DSC-H50 to iPhoto
create postcards
Picture Project to iPhoto
Creative Suite Longevity
Crossword Software
Saving PS image to iPhoto
ANPR Software
Canon T1i vs. 40D
Uploading image of the Month
Nikon Coolscan 5000 ED
iPhoto 09 - how do I choose the face?
iPhoto - Ken Burns Effect, All or nothing?
CS4 save for web device
Digital Camera Advice
CD Templates
Pages & Templates.
Two new photos!
Lightroom 2 & Aperture
Moving original folders in iPhoto
ical any way to add clip-art
Leopard + Scanning images?
Digital slide scanners
Digital SLR For Beginner?
photo editing software
Color display issues with my mac
Cool Websites?
CS4 sys requirements
ads in Google page
Zoom while in Preview's slideshow?
Resizing a photo to 4x6"
original apple logo creativity
Convert a sequence of images to APNG animation?
Cerating .jpg or .gif for free?
Help With Garage Band
Best Magazine Publishing software for Mac?
Do you use a Wacom/Drawing Tablet?
A shot from the ESP Strobist GTG
picture storage
Problems with Photoshop Elements 6
color settings problems
Folders in events in iPhoto?
iPhoto freezes on video import
Pixelated lines in Photoshop?
export iphoto slideshow
corrupt iPhoto library on external drive
Image retreival
Digital Imaging software
Desktop background that YOU have created.
Random Question - Let them see!!
Importing images to Powerpoint
Making and Viewing GIFs
text manipulation
rearranging order of photos in Finder folder
Create Chinese document in InDesign
Which design do you like better?
Questions about MacPro performance with photos
Photoshop > Preview
Plug in for elements 6
CADintosh printing
First Photoshop Attempt
plain text (can be previewed but now viewed in program)
Backing up in Photoshop Lightroom
My first try tablet drawing
tablet and pen for drawing
I randomly lost the past 6 months photos on Iphoto
card reader issues