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Naming photos before you import them ....
last import view in photos
pixelmator - What are your thoughts?
Adobe Photoshop/Lightroom
Mbp 15 amatuer photographer
PDFs print different colour
Helpful Link for Photos Users
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Image/video location if imported with Photos
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the new PHOTOS
Photos is now available
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Image Editing App Recommendation Please...
website design
New Monitor or Retina iMac?
Ah the good old days...
Running a business on the road?
Adobe Flash Player plug-in
Simple Drawing App
Lightroom crashed my MacBook Pro
3d software
Apple Photos BETA, Questions
Please critique my photo backup plan
Newbie Question: Affordable alternative to Photoshop
Apple Photo's
adaptive vs responsive website
Sharing photo stream not working well
Download & Transfer Images
Interpolation Software
macbookair monitor calibration
iPhoto question
InPixio Editor - MAC Version?
Video lighting.
Pixels, and resolution, and quality, oh my!
IPhoto is now asking which library to open.
Edit History Lost After Upgrade to Yosemite and iPhoto 9.6
Need a program that will batch auto rotate JPEG images losslessly
iPhoto behaving really oddly?
Undelete images?
Managing pictures, kind regards perfectionist
Best Photo sharing website/app
Border For Paintings
Grabbing a still frame from an iPhoto video
iphoto question
A program for scanning multiple photos at once and having them automatically split? scam?
Transfer iPhoto application?
Sync photos iMac to MBA
Anyone using dual monitors?
iphoto as main reference for photos
Transferring 35mm slides to digital
Replacement for Adobe Fireworks
Not sure how to organize my photos
Replacement for Print Shop ?
Import photos into iPhoto
Camera Metering
ordering prints on IOS 8?
One of the best video-editing I've ever seen (homemade)
Removing GoPro fisheye effect via OSX Preview?
upgrade to Yosemite, text watermark issue
Images don't upload any more?
Illustrator Fonts in Yosemite?
Illustrator layers query…
Nikon macro lens suggestion
Cloe stamp tool
resizing stock image for large scale poster
Can I make low rez versions of my TIF and PNG files with Preview?
Looking for way to batch-verify images
iOS 8 and iPhoto replacement post-Mavericks
i5 vs i7 for Photoshop
RAW to .jpeg .tiff?
Crop image to exact pixel size
21.5 in or 27 inch iMac for Video editing and photography
pixelmator install ?
Forum Signature Problem
iphoto import wacked
aperature vs photoshop elements
Fujifilm Image viewer
IPhoto +portable hard drive question
PowerPoint pics to iPhoto
A Mystery
DxO Filmpack 3
Should I save to a hard drive?
Best way of learning Photoshop ? (Help)
Which mac for photo ? MacbookPro, iMac ? External monitor ?
Scanning documents?
new to mac and resizing photos.
iPhoto / Photoshop / RAW questions
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Other user can't see latest uploads to i Photo
Enlarging images, printing on mult pages
iPhoto replacement - Aperture vs. Lightroom
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Start up issues
Wacom and Photoshop
Help with downloading images from iPad/iPhone
Family Photo Project Suggestions
Looking for a CorelDRAW replacement
Strangest issue! RAW image problem..
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How to Print a Contact Sheet Using Mavericks Only?
picture file location, Photo library vs picture folders
Aperture library sharing
Accessing iphoto
iPhoto Questions
CMYK Color picker that constantly samples
Macbook Retina and images
Image Size
what photography equipment have you got?
Epson V500 Photo Scanner on Mavericks 10.9.2
Label maker
A multicoloured Spinning Wheel and Photoshop
help with my photography
iPhoto library and Mac HD
Camera comparison
Does Image Capture's TIFF use LZW?
Watermarking software
resizing pictures for archiving
An oldy but a goody
card reader help
Resize photos for web
Upload photos to Facebook
What do I need to get started? - Illustration
Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 editor
Sigma 17-70mm Contemporary Lens (Review)
Graphic Design with a 13''
Graphics Card Question
InDesign: Missing Fonts + Pixelated Images
Looking for an OSX Alternative to Deep Sky Stacker
Avatar and Case Badges
there is an App for this, but I can't find it.
Sub-$200 128GB CompactFlash Memory Cards
Selective coloration of a B&W image.
iPhoto Crashed
How to place picture inside a border?
Transferring Picasa library from windows to mac
Time Lapse Photography
EXIF Extraction
Calibrating mid 2010 27in iMac with Spyder 4 elite
best program for creating thumbnails?
Easy way to integrate 8 images into 1 picture
How to Blur or Pixelate a Face for Anonymity?
Dragging images from Mail
Looking for a quality, weather sealed, walk about lens for Canon 70D
Looking for a great photography magazine.
Camera Choice
Black Friday Deal on Photoshop CC
Copying a iPhoto event question
App for Brochures / Spec Sheets
Emoticons - Animated Images ....
2nd Monitor Colour Issues
Graphic software for Macs
Replacement for Canvas
Problem with an iSight camera.
iPhoto Photobucket Plugin gone
I was surprised, but what is your most used/favourite Photography App that you use ??
iphoto '11 photo book and callendar
Photoshop Elements
Plugin or way to reduce some photos size in iPhoto
uploading a picture on facebook
Uploading photos to this forum.
Need help with iphoto
What's going on here?
Problems with iphoto 9
Opinions on a new MBP for Photography
indd files
Best size for Twitter avatar?
Retina display for photo editing
Corrupt PSD and AI Files
What Digital Camera do you have . . . Share your baby with me please !!!
Using iphoto
Suggestion for an external drive to house photos and videos instead of on my MacBook?
Transfering Photos on Imac
Mac Batch Program info
iPhoto not opening
Wacom Tablet Issues
burning to disk issues
view pictures in several folders
Image cannot be opened - no permission to open
Finally ponied up for Photoshop
Aperture Image Vault
Image won't move in new project?
Is there any way to recover the data on my SD card?
Fractal Generator for Mac
Image Viewer better then ACDSee Classic 2.43?
Cannot read backed up photos
Wrap around supplement label
Can't print portrait format
desktop too big for screen ;-)
my mac fonts are getting corrupted. Why?? Help?
Best USB to use for photo storage
Managing 3 iOS devices and thousands of photos. Help!
'Black' Photos on Photo Stream
Burn iphoto library to dvd?
Screen Captures with True Lasso effect
Collage program anyone
ExifRenamer and Mac OS Lion and successor
Question with AutoCad 2013
Samsung Phone isnt detected by Mac Book Pro !
can i Disable > Right Click Disable
Photos preview and browsing without importing
Aperture and Facebook2
iPhotos --HELP ! your wise mind please
Camera raw editing
Digital Asset Management for EPS
Icons for dmg images
Transferring photo book to another site.
saving iPhoto images edited in cs5
Low Photo Resolution upon Transfer to MacBook
Finder no longer uses Preview to open images?
Photostream without iPhoto/Aperture?
Trying to shoot photos tethered to OS 10.8
Problem: Photoshop CS5 & Epson Stylus 3800
Framemaker conversion to Indesign file
Missing plug-ins in Indesign CS6
Would someone like a small "compositing" project ?
Will lightroom 5 work with Snow Leopard?
Im a WINNER 6 Mths Adobe Creative Cloud . . . .
IOS 7 beta
Hand-Held scanners
Boris Wallpaper
How do you manage your photostream and camera roll?
Boris Peeking
This Artist's thread, Sketch's, PS Magic, icon's or anything creative to show off. .
Free Pacific Ocean Wallpaper
IPhoto Crash
CS6 Production Premium Creative Suite
I need an image writer library for XCode project
Nikon V2 with 55-200mm VR kit lens
sending photo events to light room???
Photostream glitch
Epson Artisan 837 Print problem on 4 x 6
This Morning's Prize Catch
Slideshow settings in iPhoto
How to import from photos other than to iphoto
Is 4Gb enough on a MacBook for an advanced photographer?
Engine # 90
20 000 pictures, multiple iPhoto libraries...should I go Aperture
Do Macs have compatibility issues?
How to fix 'Camera Raw not enabled' error in Bridge?
iPhoto-to-SD card transfer
How to email an attachment from Canon DPP
mountain lion dock transparent?
Mac video chat
Kitty Dreams Wallpaper For Free
Alternative to Fireworks or photoshop
Aperture - vault update stuck
Adobe to only "rent" creative software
Raw image trouble
sharing photos on Facebook from iphoto??
New wallpaper photos for you
Unable to find image in iPhoto
How to improve this album art?
RAW in leopard?
photoshop, i photo, etc
best way to organize photos-used to windows
Downloading from camera
Lost Iphoto Library
Managing Files on Camera After iPhoto Import
Photo transfer
iPhoto to Email
Why are my wife's iPhone 4s photos lower resolution?
HD High Res 3D wallpaper
So I bought PS Elements 11.......
Which Plug-in Package to get for Aperture or LR
Edit Metadata in photos?
Accessing photos streamed to cloud
FontBook Workflow Query
Bringing Fonts and Families together
Options to correct blurry text
Preview help
In Photoshop cs4, crop does not work
Lighting gear
email - Iphoto
Picasa v Flickr v iPhoto v anything else?
My Adobe Suite on the Retina screen is pixelated. What should I do?
manage photos on ext HD using iPhoto
Shared aperture library on external drive.
Simple cropping & resizing option?
Nikon 85mm f1.8 or Pro Zoom (70-200mm)?
Sending Images to someone using Outlook
help merging many gps .log files into 1 .log file
Mac Icon Design Help
a Pixel Editor, have i got one ?
Memory card problem
When do you use Lightroom (If at all)
Is this possible on a mac/iPad?
iPhoto/iMovie upgrades, PSE6 compatible?
Iphoto 8 upgrade
recovering photos
iphoto contact list.
New Switcher, old photographer aperture question
How can I find duplicates of photos I renamed?
Best Video Program for capturing HQ Screen Grabs?
Walk-around Zoom for Nikon
SKYPE not working right
Photos from email to iPhoto
Iphoto create photo book
DiMage paperweight...
Document Scanners for the Mac
iphoto corrupted?
barcode generator
Images with text
Image hosting website that allows up to 10 MB?
GIMP help needed
Photoshop elements.
Screen size increasing
Quick copy photos w/o resources
aperture plugin for smugmug?
Rename RAW & JPG all in one hit
iPhoto unreadable files
Graphics pad
problem using flash drive jpegs from a Mac on an HDTV
resize picture
cut and paste in iphoto
Photoshop problem
Disappearing cursor
best back up for grahic design?
Thumbnail view disappeared in i photo
"deleted" images and web page images remain on hard drive.
Completely confused by folders, Photoshop Elements & iPhoto!
Photo confusion
"Date Photo Taken" to "Date Created"
the best small camera in the world for professional photographer ?
GIF in Aperture?
Why do people never take our advice as Graphic Designers?
Slide show software
Apature problem help please.
Focus Stacking
difference between the "all my files" photos and the "pictures" photos.
Removing Photos
iPhoto resizing an image to A4 size
I can't play videos in iPhoto
iphoto update from 5.0.4 to 7.1.5
How to approach digitizing paper design?
can iphoto sort movies from jpegs?
Media not found? Powerpoint
pics on iCloud only
How do I open a MRI CD?
image resize and crop all in one go, can it be done.
Scraping images from URL with max width set
Why does iPhoto not maintain Aperture folder structure / organization?
newbie question - photo booth
Have 500 image url links, need to download them
olympus pen pl1 - pics noisy
My daughter and her friends
Nikon D3200
iphoto 11 madness
Dell U2711 vs U2713H
Lightroom or Aperture
transferring photos from iPhoto to sd card with macbook pro
iPhoto 11 & QuickTime
Have Aperture. Gifted Lightroom and Elements. What to do?
Crisp, sharp text in digital magazines on mobile devices
Preview won't read .arw raw files
Why can't I view backed up Nikon RAW files?
New Polar Bear Wallpaper
Logo critique please
Need some help before purchasing
Iphoto problems
AVCHD movie files and iPhoto
Looking for a new camera
Downloading images from camera
2 Macbooks, 1 camera, share photos?
How to back up aperture files
PDF with strikeout text
Wacom Tablets & Scanners for Older Macs
Imaging Resource a reliable reference?
Moved iphoto to external drive now I cant upload photos
Aperture library shared between different iMacs
iphoto book and changing text justification
iPad and raw files
photo attachments to email
What font/style is this?
converting RGB images to CMYK
photo app
How can I get this stencil effect?
importing into iPhoto from my canon 1D mark IV locking up
In the market for a camera ... but ...
iDraw vs Intaglio
Canon Powershot SD 780 "No Camera Found"
cmyk colour mode
blueprinting on Mac Book Pro
pdf printing problem
Adding Text to .Jpeg images
Low-light Telephoto for DX?
Merging single cbr files into pdf with a cover
adding new faces to a group photo
web images
Setting layer opacity level in Sketchbook Pro
Recommendations for simple 3D modelling software.
Printing problem in Sketchbook Pro
Can Pixelmator be Trusted?
File names reverting
Deleting Photo libraries
Image capture and spod
Image capture and spod
Photoshop CS2 crashes when importing with Mustek A3 scanner
Image capture and spod
Removing Backgrounds from Pictures
Transfer of photos from iPod Classic to Mac (iPhoto)
Anyone interested in designing a logo for Waterfox?
Adding text to pdf files
Help identify a bug
Best upgrade for increased mac pro speed
Will CS3 run OK on 10.8.2?
DPI question
Vis Tablet VT 12
Is there a way to add images to iCal events
I don't see the point of this lens
graphic design
photoshop elements 11
i have three very simple gif files that have stopped animating !!!
Iphoto photos disappeared??
Wallpaper Shot
Looking at purchasing a MacBook Pro (Retina) or iMAC? - Need help! 1st time user
Sunrise on The Columbia River
jpeg recovery
Aperture 3.3.2
Edit iPhoto w/ iPad and transfer back to the MAC
Mock Up/Wireframe Software
update iphoto library
Problems Converting PSD File to JPEG
Photostream does not sync
Zawadi II
Creating Pearls and Metallics in PS CS4
Issue when Printing from Illustrator CS5
Rhino Peek-A-Boo
Installing LR4.1 and CS6
Retina display and Adobe.
Question about iPhoto
Time Warp
iPhoto Locked?
hiding images on screen
Can't open Aperture
Song Snippets Needed for Slideshow
Mirrorless Cameras Have Arrived
off camera flash
"Touching Tigers" Wallpaper
image viewer
A Year to Get Ready!
Stellar's Jay
A Ducky Shot
iPhoto locked!!!
Isolating a figure in a photo
Sony NEX-5N Snapshot Quality
iPhoto problem
Cannot upload any images to my macbook pro, please help!
attaching photo files from iphoto to my email
Anybody use iPhoto to upload pictures?
iMac for photography
Best way to design a Business card with software I have?
Sunset Photos of The Pacific Coast
lost all my photos in iphoto when i upgraded
Screen printing
Before & After
Duplicate Photos
PhotoCard App Review
Issue Connecting Macbook Pro to Projector
Titles on photos in ipad
Portland, OR Zoo - Stellar Jay
Whats the Best/Fav Image Interpolation Application?
Please, Please Help Me!! Computer Won't See Pictures...
News About Yosemite
Photoshop CS5/6 Shortcuts?
Converting VHS-C tapes to digital
Recommended printers for product design student
Adobe CS6 and CS5 Photoshop
CanoScan LiDE 110 problem