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Windows 8 Hate
Where Can I See Wozniak Speak?
Strange icon appears on desktop
factory settings time capsule reboot
Weird but Cute Echidna Puggle
Notepad on iPad sends notes to my moms email!!!!
Uploaad screenshot
This just happened... Funny as all...
What is the mac user outfit?
What made you a Mac user?
New to some of the recent technology
Debt; Humorous Anecdote
Filmed in Alaska: Killer Whales vs Witty Otter
Buy A machine from Amazon?
Queuing to vote
Backing Up..?
Change name of external hard drive.
Why i want an iPad mini!!!!!!
Changed battery, but MacBook Pro won't charge
iPhone Delimma
Disney buying Lucasfilm for a little over $4 Billion.
How to prevent online purchases.
Steve Jobs Yacht Unveiled
Odd Macbook Pro listing in Wikipedia
New Mac Lightning Video:)
Macbook Air 13" vs Macbook Pro 13" Retina
Does Samsung not learn?
Anyone playing puzzle games?
wifi to g5 tower
Mac support scam alert
Hackers Successfully Install Linux on a Potato
Which Apple interests you most?
My New MBP
Best use of a BlackBerry :)
Red Bull Stratos ~ Jumping from the edge of Space !!!!
cut the cable questions
Hamachi Question
Romney to kill Big Bird
Best Idea for Apple Ever!
Funny Stuff from FARS, a Subsidy of The Onion
The Apple 1....
a little music....
Steve Jobs' Watch
How to protect iPhone 5 shipments...
A funny thing happened in the Apple store...
MacBook Keyboard Covers
What prepaid monthly phone service do you use?
keyboard layouts
Where would be a good site to post links to Apple related tutorials?
How's things here...
Just because it's reasonable doesn't mean it's possible
Preordering iPhone 5...
pfft, iPhone 5....
iPhone street reaction
Not Forgotten...
What do you expect for iphone 5?
MBP (2010) display not working
Please Help! It's My Hard Drive!
Anybody Willing to Share
staying awake during the day
Samsung Ad
Braun Vs. Apple the debate
IP configuration is being automatically changed
News About Yosemite
back pain and inflammation
Imac hardware question
Samsung pays Apple $1 Billion, in nickels.
Husbands Take Warning!!
World Wide Warranty
Anyone Vape?
using a boat trailer with extension
storing fruit for the winter
Anyone here use a Keurig brewer?
How is WoW so smooth?
Best Apple Device Acessorie Ever - BADAE
Quality of some Dells improving.
Most valuable company ever
iPad mini/nano is a dumb name.
Thoughts on Linux
Mac Computer Expo 2012
Some benefits of upgrading your RAM.
Seemed appropriate for an Apple forum...
A joke
Another Hopeless Romantic
A little humor ... but might not be "funny" to everyone.
Whoa dude ... Mountain Lion reversed my scroll wheel.
Best Apple Device ever
Microsoft store
It's all nearly over - what am I going to watch now!
One for old-school Mac hardware fans (& space enthusiasts)
door locks
What is this? I don't even...
The Last Popsicle
Game suggestions for Macbook Air
ink on silk shorts
Steve Jobs Autobiography
Anyone watch Falling Skies?
Samsung defends itself against Apple...
Interviewing Programmers
Mac/Windows and career
distilling water
Next Gen OS X Announced...
This is a scary tale...
vacation in Jamaica
Robot Unicorn Attack
how to get a specific hgtv show
3D TV will be here in 2 Days. . . . . . . Cant wait !!!
Hi alls
Strange Story, But Stranger Headline
I have a new baby . . . . . . !!!!!! And loving the midnight call for food :)
New member intro
The official London Olympic Games 2012 thread !!!!!
Best answer I ever heard...
Which iPad?
Thinking of joining the military.
Earn free MS Points codes and/or XBL membership code.
My Apple //gs -- forgot to post this when I got it
When is a Mac forum not a Mac Forum . . . ?
Images of iPad prototype "Surface"...
Secure Mobility Summit 2012
Pays to make friends with the IT guy
Catching up....
I met some real life Apple haters
Mac to PC to Mac to PC and back again
Happy Birthday louishen
new bundle, iStack
Anybody using a Voltage Optimiser ?
Can't We Have Any Fun Anymore???
Bought one for my parents
How did I end up here!? Lol!
apple back to school discount.. best buy?
IRS Casualty
Muse -Official 2012 Olympic Video
"It's a boson:" Higgs quest bears new particle !!!! Exciting times ahead
My oldest sons new July
Happy 4th of July to all the 'mericans here!
Mac Mini or iMac?
Tour de France 2012
The Grey
Trying to get that extra 250 mb in Dropbox...
Another one bites the dust RIM
Apple At home advisor position (not student)
Best SpacePen?
The Better Processor
How many IT professionals does it take to screw in a light bulb?
Why Do Nigerian Scammers Say They Are From Nigeria...
Putting Leopard on PC
Microsoft Announces Their Tablet
Looking to buy a new truck
What is going on with Apple indeed....
Happy Birthday Cradom!
Happy Birthday TattooedMac!
accidental damage insurance
Apple Fans Social Network
Happy Birthday McBie!
Wwdc 2012
So I bought a new lamp today...
Book Of Mormon
I need help from you all to be my informant for my assesment
Who is Jim Dalrymple and why should I care what he says?
The Counting Game 1, 2, 3...
Just bought a house:)
Am I allowed to contact Apple to recover my stolen iMac?
Does a Bear go in the woods . . . apparently not!
Keeping a personal journal
About a year ago I started hearing a cover of rolling stones "miss you"
Calling all pilots !!!! Primarily Rotary . . . . . .
MS Tweaks Win 8 GUI...?
I just wanna say, I love my MacBook! :)
sprint iphone unlock?
For mom!
Anyone ever used
Reached My GOAL
Jury Service
Xbox '720' vs. 'PS4'
Just Remembered
One of the original innovators in hip hop dead. RIP MCA
Avengers wow!!
Fantastic Deal on Old iMac vs New iMac
My thoughts on the Windows 8 Consumer Preview
New Podcast
Americas Cheapskates
Moonlight Sonata For Guitar - New Arrangement & New Video by me - What do you think?
ANZAC Day -------- Lest We Forget
Apple ID hacked?
Favorite Avenger
RIP Richard (D1ck) Clark
Do you play Call of Duty: MW3?
A Question for my Canadian Friends
Is it safe to look?
Legality of Commercials
Some amazing insect photography
Article in Newspaper
Article in Newspaper
Apple lamp
great youtube videos and channels
great youtube videos and channels
When did you last see a payphone
Yoga and Fitness for iTunes download
What would you run on your Mac if OS X suddenly became unavailable?
Siri finds out Steve Jobs died
Banned in NYC: References to computers in homes
Mac Book Pro Decals
Selling all of my Apple Stuff and Going Back to Windows!
Google Maps in 8 bit Graphics
Upgraded my Pilot's Speakers to Polk Audio 6501
I've set up an iPad blog
I Bought A Windows PC....Is Something Wrong With Me?
iDisk in iCloud?
Trying to find logos that aren't made in hong kong...
So Dad,
The Good Old Times
Couldn't find a Mac to buy if my life depended on it.. (Rant Thread)
New Apple Operating Systems
Apple Store Leader Program
Psychopath Test
Please tell me this isn't true
Recommendations on a VERY trustworthy eBay seller?
Birmingham iPad 3 que
Another indication that we are living in violent times!
Tesco uk gaffe
A Plug for Mattress Firm
Rent to Own Mac Websites???
TSA Never Fails to Entertain
When will Macy's Apple vending machines have new IPad2 price?
Wallpaper Creation
Possible that this is just a Precursor to Actual iPad 3?
Apple stopping iCloud Push Email in Germany (question regarding this)
Why I Hate My Brand New Mac - Business Insider
Google is now gaming map search results
iPad3 Launch Event?
A special tribute to Steve Jobs
OS 7.1/7.5 forgotten games/names
I'm proud to be an apple user!
Hello Everyone!
Anyone for Rasberry Pi ?
Would You Want a Touch Screen Mac
Lost Thread
Hypocrisy at its best!
Music Video which uses iPhones in a unique way...
My thread was deleted WHY?!?!?!?!?
Happy Birthday schweb!!!
Value of 1984 apple IIc?
I'd greatly appreciate your help with a school project (survey)
Wyoming House Advances "Doomsday Bill"
Alappuzha, the Rice Bowl of Kerala
Happy Birthday Dennis!
Creative gift ideas for your dear and near ones
Help Writing Business Proposal for a Mac
Create an account? To unsubscribe?
How bout those gas prices?
What Next? - Another Annoying Poll
Garmin device shows two items in Finder
Startpage: Google-powered search engine + privacy
Commodore help
Interesting use of Finder:
Apple challange
Mac on tv
A Bunch of Young Lawyers are Suing Their Law Schools Because They Don't Have Jobs
Does anyone like giveaway as me?
My Wee Lil Project
Magazine best choice for MacBook Pro user?
Community Profile - Browsers
VLC 2.0 to get Blu-ray playback
US Taxes?
VM for learning
R.I.P. Whitney Houston
Traveling light
Anyone interested in the PSVita?
scaremongering at its best ! or worst
Home theater system?
What are the REASONS why you made the SWITCH? :)
Super bowl 46 Pats versus Giants
Brain-Dead Teen, Only Capable of Rolling Eyes and Texting To Be Euthanized
The cost of music
What do you check on your compuuter
No 'war' between Jobs & Gates…
What on earth should I buy?
Which keyboard shortcuts do you use?
Blackberry Playbook 64gb for only $280
Comparison of Geekbench scores in regards to the purchase of a new MBP
Google becoming tepid looking...(an opinion)
Who is the Apple Computer of the Automotive Industry?
Not that this has to do with anything, but...
Pics from the Macworld Expo 2012
Who is the average Mac user???
Is this a worthwhile buy/sell? Quick Advice please??
Credit where credit's due, this is good of them...
When is Apple's version of CES??
At&t switching up data plan usage
British Airways offering iPad2
over the moon
Image on my desktop
Living in a Walmart world - Cheaper products not good for everyone
Anyone going to the North American International Auto Show?
apple hiring question..
made a thread, can't see it :S
MacBook or iPad ?!
Posting in the B/S/T forum?
Request to a kind Mac owner
Negotiations with the carriers...
Guess whats in the black box...
oddball iTunes album art hits ... and misses.
Is Future Proofing now a reality??
Samsung is beating Apple TV to the punch
Itunes Syncing problem - not all songs is sync'ed
netflix now available in the UK
Apple Developers at CES 2012
Son enrolled in college, you know what that means!
Who else has cut the cable cord?
Steve Job Action figure
Who else fits in the "apple stereo type"??
Happy (not quite) New Year!
A Siri Parody
Apple Store for Education experience...
My birthday gift
Apple forums
external monitor
Hi Guys (and Gals)
hassle over "open box" macbook pro purchase
Online Game
Who knows probability?
What Apple gifts did you get ?
Opportunity to Trade Cars - What's your opinion?
Still have a CRT tv?
One month in with my new Mac
Apple Store Shipping - Ambiguous Packaging?
Seriously Stoked About the Hobbit Movie(s)
fijit friend communicate with iOS app?
Samsung's TouchWiz preventing Galaxy S owners from getting Android 4.0 ICS
Steve Jobs to Be Honored with Grammy Award
why the "i" in front of device name ?
Apple products through the history of Film !!!!
Hello everyone
AT&T gives up on $39 billion bid for T-Mobile USA
Why does it say I am infamous?
How do you get a job with Apple?
World's Greatest Golfer Dies Suddenly
how do windows users do it?
Make the iPhone’s Apple logo glow with $40 in 5 minutes
Christmas Crackers !
Lay-Away Santas
Microsoft moves to update Internet Explorer
Temple Run - High Scores!
Happy Christmas
Missing "Classic" Forum...
vintage musical instruments
Lost/stolen iphone 4s
PowerBook 17" came in today :D
Amazing find!
Should I fear the bubble?
2tb ssd.. neat
Vinyl gold mine found in Alaska
Mac Certified
Getting a new iphone?!
Dear Santa, I promise to be good if you get me this:
"Skins" (British TV series) causes mass outrage in USA
Jobs vs Gates: Creative Genius and Cheating
The Solution for our Cat-related Problems
Apple Discounts or Sales...
Anyone a little worried about HDD prices?
My 1st Mac and now....
Apple ID...Support is of no help.
Apple Job
Apple Black Friday Experience
Best Buy's lame Cyber Monday sale.. or..
Oldies but Goodies! Who Has the Oldest?
DHL stole my iPhone 4S from the box.
FWIW The ADs in the banners work
Xcode Situation
Happy Thanksgiving!
Politically Incorrect Thanksgiving Proclamation
Which non-iPad "Tablet" Device?
Cool use for my old G4? suggestions
How are you going to cook it?
What to do with an old iMac?
Turkey Anyone?
How would you respond to this?
Drinking Water Does Not Prevent Dehydration?
Bye Bye Photoshop?
Xbox or Playstation?
Fun Things To Do in the Apple Store
Silliest questions youve heard...
Paper or Plastic?
Cutting Off The Internet: H.R.3261, aka SOPA
iPhone 5 iPad 3
i phoned apple support . . .
Happy Veteran's Day
A trip down computer memory lane..
Getting a job at Apple Store
Adobe abandoning mobile-flash
Could you help me out with a university survey?
Want to request opinons
I want a pair of these
Storm Threatening Alaskan Coast
Mac Forum - first place or last place to visit
apple employee lanyards
The 99%
Since when has English not been British?
Someone came into my job today..
Death to Keyboards & Monitors: the OmniTouch
I want one!
Politics anyone? Another Poll
Thanksgiving . . .
fiji -v- the cook islands
Uncharted 3:
Most beautiful Mac ever?
Asteroid visitor next week
Which Apple Logo Do You Prefer?
Tribute to Steve Jobs
What’s scarier: The slaying, or the bystanders who heard and did nothing?
Why is this part of the forum so underpopulated?
Vote for me!
Steve Jobs' Eulogy
What kind of books do you like to read?
Prostate Cancer Charity Wristbands - In memory of Steve Jobs
Hacked iTunes account
Giant African knife... not a problem
help wanted
Ultimate tribute to Steve for $23.90 if you own a iP4S . . . .
How hard is it to get a job in an Apple store?
Apple Employees
home pages
My transition from mobile me to iCloud not at this time !
'Smart' Thermostats
Moral dillema
How can I sell my CD with a PayPal link?
National Apple Day....
Disable hyperthread
Does anyone think apple will ever bring back the White MacBook?
Member running the Tough Mudder for the Wounded Warrior Project
Don't hoard MacBooks or iMacs yet.
Wikia Template Howto?
Mac Nerd a bit Angry
upgrade day
Setup Display Thread?
Mac Forum Users (Research)
anyone ever try QuiBids?
Steve Job Documentary
In Honor of Apple, I will give a presentation to class, but...
Just testing
It's only been 11 months!
Steve Jobs in Heaven
itunes v icloud
Waterproof iPhone? Liquipel?
A 7th Grade Student Survey - Please Help!
What is your job?
Forgot where I was!
Aaaaaaaaaah! Overload . . .
Seth MacFarlane Secretly Wants ‘Family Guy’ to End; Relaunch ‘Star Trek’ for TV
Stolen MacBook Pro...I have IP address of location
Getting REAL tired of our government!
Help me spend/save money
What would Steve Jobs have thought of next?
Canadian Thanksgiving
Anyone remember Runescape?
Anyone preordered the new Steve jobs biography?
Will Apple Diminish without Jobs..?
My switcher story and encounter with steve jobs!
Why does everyone keep saying Steve Jobs did LSD and other drugs?
Apple Co Founder
This is not meant to dis Bill Gates
Siri - accents
iCloud Update -- FYI
New Airline Startup
What has been with apple lately?
me 1, comcast.. well more than 1. but i got 1!
I'm FINALLY employed again!
system capacity
My friend and I have been camped out for the next iPhone since Monday.
iCloud Scenario
Who's looking forward to House...
Terra Nova fans?
Please help me by VOTING!
Battery and hard drive problems
Apple products in Nigeria?
So unless they're lying… ;D
Faster than 3x10^8 meters/second
How much is my MAC pro
AT&T will NOT stop harassing us!
going home made for halloween this year,
Lenovo's new web ad
Someone told me this. Let me know what you think
What would you change?
My local Apple store was robbed
NYC Radiohead fans...
5400 vs 7200 RPM Hard Drive?