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Updating problem
Web Sharing redirecting to .local
Dual booting OS X and OS X
I keep on getting a connection error message on startup
User Account Dissapeared and Accounts Preference won't load
Disk utility quitting
EV-DO via USB cable to cell phone
No burn folder option...
How Do I Install Fonts
Running 10.10.4 on 1999 AGP G4 Power PC can't download Flash Play
Reformatting question + saving adobe
Problems updating os x
please add
Cleaning off my macbook
Copying photos
Buying printer for Mac
Formatting Problems (OSX installation)
I'm new, if someone can please help me out
How do i do this?
using other system disc for password
change position of macintosh HD
I'm tired of watching the spinning ball...please help!
Help with Comcast Bittorrent Terminal command
Restoring MacBook To Out of the Box Condition
Italic font in OS X
Hard Drive and OS Question
reparing corrupted zip files.
password issue
Slowing down of new MB & maintenance...
best wallpaper resolution for a mac book
Apple+C doesnt work anymore
Performance Decrease
Noticeable performance decrease
reload 700 mghz ibook
Crash Issue?
I cant figure it out...
Menu items suddenly not appearing
Problem updating to 10.1.5
Temporary blank DVD folder will not delete or go away =(
Switch between internal and external speakers without unplugging?
Disk Image Fails to mount
adding photos & videos from camera
Ordering in Finder
Mouse Text Cursor is White
iBook problems, now I need a backup. Help!
can't log onto internet
Java problems
How to switch Fn with Control?
powerbook problems
My expose quit working!!!
trash can
trash can
built in word processing
Some help with video codecs... pleaseee
Losing hard-drive space
Ibook OS?
Troblems with my icons
iDisk in "left" side of finder menu
frozen powerbook g4 screen - HELP!
The cheapest way to own Tiger *AND* Leopard *AND* iLife '08
How to use a dual screen wallpaper with dual monitors?
my expose experience
How to Cancel current spotlight indexing
Error trying to Play WMV
Mac Mail
Leopard or Tiger?
Network server automatically appears
Can't startup Power Mac G5 - fatal signal: Segmentation fault
Move all files in subfolders to main folder
Emergency! I can't find my Utilities folder!!!
how to non-destructively alter partitions
Changing finder and dashboard
how many people here are still using panther?
Ethernet not going through (MBP)
Make .py (Python) files always open in TextMate?
Booting into darwin
OS X 10.4 won't reinstall on iMac g5
Having trouble with system preferences
Font Problems
OS X 10.4 will not install
Deleted Dashboard
Can't See External Drive
Space bar = down .. and up!
Startup Disk Filling
Mac OS Server 10.4
Connecting to the wrong network
Grr.. OS X acting stupid (clicked icons are ignored)
Red Caution Sign on Folder
Instalation problems
old mac question
can't double click and open files n folders
Virtual OS X Machines
Instal OSX but it can't find "Destination Volume?" Please help.
why won't tdk dvd-r's work in my macbook?
Changed my Home Folder's name
Recovered file folders in my trash bin?
What can I delete/uninstall?
How do i remove the connections in the picture?
Applescript/Macro to install software?
Item Behind Dock
System Preferences won't open
cucu sound
locking folders
Hey am a new user to leopard, so am wondering....
cant view web site
Desktop folder
How to change macbook settings
Which OS to get?
New Imac problems
Contents of Home Folder gone!!!
OSX/XP Data Partition - Format problems
Finder and Spotlight 'stop' working
Mount folders WITHIN a samba share
Leopard for eMac G4 1.25GHz
Anything besides graphite & blue?
Installing on ext
deleted trash
Big Problem with Network.
Extracting OR burning a .CUE file?
Invalid Sibling Links! Help!
Frontrow / remote does not work
my mac is so messed up
Trackpad shortcuts
OSX 10.3.9 iBook to OSX 10.4.10 MacBook
Keychain access
Deleted language files + architecture
file encryption! for the love of god someone help me!!
Customizing Top Toolbar?
Installing Mac OS 9 on hard drive with Tiger?
Accidentally Deleted Network Icon
My Finder is replacing text with code
Run a script at login?
Disappearing Dashboard from Dock
Strangest problem I've seen, at least on a mac!
Dynamic Unpartition
Changing icons
few questions about OS X
User Folders Help!
How do I repair this volume on my macbook?
how can I disable hard disk icon showing on desktop?
Prefrences not being saved - Tiger 10.4.10
Moving the User folder to another hard drive
How to repair missing architectures?
The difference between secure empty and just empty trash?
Completely removing applications?
System using 70% CPU
forced quits, computer freezing up....advice?
pages spanish spell checker?
Can't get mysql admin tool runs on its own schedule for backup
Will Leopard fix network printing?
my itunes album artwork screensaver doesnt work. can you help me?
system preferences
ilife 08 included with leopard?
Mac Mail Redundant Folders
downloading issues
regaining space taken by linux
Better Performance?
Random files appearing on Desktop
Deleted Mailbox
Mac OSX (Tiger) Froze :: What happened?
System Extension Cannot be Used
slow eMac
Omg Please Help!!
Computer Temperatures...too hot?
10.4.6 update won't install!
Newbie question
What is a good Image resizer to use?
Screwed Up Keychain; HELP!
Stupidest thing i have EVER done.
question about journaling
Loosing everything on a RAID, is it possible in two clicks?
Front Row has suddenly stopped working
80-90 GBs Gone MISSING?!
Mounting .Iso's
Should i register my copy of OSX?
Changing letters on keyboard
Accidentally Deleted Preference Pane
AppleLPC.kext - What is it?
Disable/Enable External devices
Trackpad Button
I don't understand...
Folder security w/ OSX
New iMac keyboard help
How 2 Type Out Symbols on Keyboard? (i.e. copyright symbol etc.)
I need help...
Where is the "open file types with..." Option?
"Apply to enclosed items"
enable journaling
Drive Format and Permissions
MAC G5 vs new intel MACs
Changing your Operating System...
deleted files
copy commands
How do i remove drivecleaner from my computer???
I deleted something how do i get it back
Hundreds of windows at opening!
New to mac Os x NEED HELP PLZ
Accessing my Mac Mini Remotely
Why am I Crashing.....
Removing Icons from Desktop
Sound from apps running in Rosetta not cooperating at all
Format MacBook "fresh-install"
New mac owner quick questions
desktop & screen saver help?
Major Loss of Diskspace - Macbook 13inch
MacMail able to see other companies public folders
Screen Saver Problems....annoying
apple remote photos directory?
Deleted Movies Folder
Please Help!!!
how do I know if my copy of OS X is legal?
Mail icon appears on dock three times
Why no Mac OS X N?
How do I know if my Mac is G$ or G5 etc......etc....................
Export Sarfari history??
Java - Help please!
Ping question and other
Buying used iMac, no discs, can I upgrade?
Should I wait? Needin a MAC ASAP!!!
iLife 08 and Leopard
Battery Percentage Top Right
New iMac speech
Longest time with out shutdown?
Sync Question
Can I change my email address on .mac?
is it possible to free up some memory???
System won't auto-sleep
all applications quit unexpectedly
Applications stop working, pop in dock then disappear!
Need help with Disc Utility
Leopard Minumum Specs..
Will Leopard run on a g4 powermac
Has anyone lost their data because of a virus?
Cannot mount CDs in OS X
A SCSI and OSX question
Networking problems in Finder - dodgy finder?
Spotlight index is broken
mobile raid in OSX
How to config double proxy level on Mac
Deleting Bookmarks
Safari question
Front Row hangs up
Why does my mac automatically saves images that i have no intention to save??
Re-instal questionn
Perpetual share (1st new thread)
How to De-Activate Voice Assistance?
Modifying the Dashboard
Can I run an application off my second HDD?
ical and uiserver crash
Newbie in trouble
Printer Sharing
Refresh Thumbnails
problem with safari 3 downloader (i think?)
Upgrade process
Leopard/Tiger shell game of sorts
Upgrading to Leopard
need to know how to write path to folder on local network
The newest version the better? leopard vs tiger
Major Macbook Problems! Everything Has Gone Missing!
drive setup
EAP-TLS - "This certificate has an invalid issuer."
network drive sharing
The Leopard Family Pack Thread
File sharing
sata fights with mac while installing
Missing Screen Savers??
Cursor settings?
Desperately seeking document!!
OS 10.4.10 updater
I LOVE my Mac, but I HATE how applications crash...
missing Macintosh HD in finder
'just wondering' questions
How to stay connected?
iMac G3 Password/OS
TOTAL Mac newbie! First Mac ever!
10.4.6 to 10.4.10 update takes forever?
Arghgghgh So Frustrating!!!
Hotmail problems
mac mail won't make 'new email' sound
Please GUI...
My boot option for Ubunt is gone!!!!
User is SLOW! windows slow!
OS X no longer detects camera
Problem booting Macbook
transfer file
Complete Mac Newbie - Can I put OSX on my PC?
Apps are closing
Hiding background applications
Is it bad if I do a lot of Archive and Installs?
10.4.10 Pops not gone after all?!
"The Unarchiver" problem...
shud i drop to 10.2???
still, a Blinking folder with question mark
Mighty Mouse BT issue
Server - VNC display issue
Software Update Problem
Backup Macs to Windows server
Mac OS X Tiger install freezing!
Missing Printers
Front Row crashes!!!!
woo hoo! learning how to format a partition!
Installing OSX on a New macbook hard Drive
"The disk cannot be read from or written to..." iTunes importing
how to install
iMac with Leopard or Tiger?
Sharing specific network folders.
Password Removal?
Problems with imac turning on
MacBook Pro reset code
Adding username to menu bar
Useless Desktop/Shortcuts?
switching default video player
Alt-tab software to switch between windows?
transferring settings between users
Problems mounting my ext3 partition
I cant see the itunes artwork screen saver in my list but its on my hard drive
macbook auto restarts after certain amount of time
question about trojans on OSX
OS X Needs transparency ability
Mac OS X help!?
Some trouble
windows printer
help, winxp has taken over my apple
E Mail issue
Inverted screen
Speakable Items Doesn't Work Anymore :-(
Labels instead of folders
Learn how to code in Applescript
Splitting OS DVD in to 2
Sync ical with excel
OS X not tracking mouse properly ?
For Sale Apple Macbook Pro 17"............$850
Phsyco MBP??
Uninstalling applications...
New Administrator
More Leopard shots.
My system is held hostage!
worth it to use Leopard now?
Cube not allowing OSX - thought I did everything!
Back Up
Need some Help, New to Macs (G4 Cube)
Lost correct screen resolution on secondary monitor
New Mac, New Questions
Cube - Panther will not boot up correctly
Large Format Printing
Latest Security Update
How do I cut and paste?????
4 Easy OS X/Finder Questions!
Finer Icon
Hfs Error!!!!
and the G3
Macbook forgets???
Energy saver schedule
need help w/Mac OS X 10.1
Imac Wont boot!
Date And Time Missing In system preferences
App folder empty
Installing New Operating System
Why is my dock doing this?
OMG! New Mac Owner Needs Help ASAP!!!!
Boot external usb disk of DOS Program before entering OS
"right click" open with options for picture files
Miraculous Change
airport update
Network Help Needed.
mini crash - flickering screen
GCC on 10.4.10
system maintenance
Lock the Desktop on 10.4?
10.4.10 Problems
Printing select pags of a PDF document
Help! Start Up Slowed Down After BootCamp Removal
IP over Firewire, Mac to PC and Viceversa
slow reacting hot corners
OSX on PC?
Playing Video
help my colors are all wrong!!
capturing email addresses from my Entourage mail
Security Update 2007-007 has been released
Image Authentication Error
Backing Up & Restoring OS X
Software Update issues
protecting with password
Multiple Docks?
iSync...Is this the fourm?
Saving Over Files
Invisible Stickies
Tiger on Pismo
macs on active directory
Spinning Beach Ball Icon
Desktop Files Frozens
Object Annihilation
Can I shrink OS X?
Computer Crashes Constantly!
about trash can
printer drivers
G5 acting like control key stuck
Rewrite partition structure
Boot from installation disk, hold "C" is not working.
OS X Needed Files
startup sound
Help ! Error at start up after the update !!!!
Freezes when Authenticating
Can't Install Tiger
Hiding files on an External Harddrive
Cannot unlock file
Osx interchangeability between white and black macbooks
Control my networked G4 tower??
Mac Pro not entering sleep mode
Random Macbook Shutdown
Help with picture icon on user account
I am seeing double menu options and weird boxes :(
How do I share an external hdd?
Where to put fonts?
NTFS drives not mounting
HD formatted quite small
Powerbook randomly falls asleep? HELP!
digicam vid shows in xp, but not macosx
help with changing apple themes and icons
Apps. keep closing outta no where!!!
Problems with Mac Help.
Network Statistics Widget ?
Can't Update Prebinding
Strange activity on external hard disk
File boxes don't remember last location
Anyone tried the Beta yet?
10.3 upgrade?
Double ibook problem: Cant install OS X Tiger on iBook G3 Camshell!!
network questions on wep network
Preparing Computer For OS X 10.4 Install
ini files and IRC
64pit picture. WDCC
Funky text-missing letters in finder
Strange boot-up behavior this morning
My Fonts are screwed up
Want to clean up my disk before sending to support, what do I need to do?
sidebar/toolbar missing
Tiger security settings questions
OSX installation
G3 Properties WIth No OS Yet
PASSWORD protecting documents
Epson is printing is really slow
iMac G5 hangs on Grey screen - cannot start up machine
Saving Images????
I Cant Hear Planet Earth!!!!
Crash on boot - CIFSPlugin: LdapKerbDomainInit failed with error
Ok to change just the "Name" of my admin account?
Primary Internet Browser
what is the most recent version i can succesfully use on this G4 QuickSilver 2002
Is there a firewire patch...
Anyone NOT Switching to Leopard
Clock broken?
Require Password to wake computer now always working
Burning .dmg on a pc.
How can i keep my bookmarks?
Filevault & Sparseimage file
Deleted Keychain Access
RAM Requirement
Using the terminal
doesn't recognize my external harddrive
Folder problem
Firefox Window Help
Help me please!!!
Printer Driver for HP Color LaserJet 1600
Question about erasing the harddrive
Movie DVD's Showing up as MS Windows XP Discs! Holy Moly!!!
Searching for Files
Itunes 7.3 requires OS 10.4.7
Change Start up?
Will we have to buy the new Mac OS when it comes out or just DL for free?
Error Code -36 ((iMac))
Quick Question...
Error message won't go away
Performance increase with dashboard disabled?
Setting default location to save screenshots?
leopard v tiger
Making an install DVD out of my current installation.
Is it possible to go from Combo 10.4.10 back to 10.4.9
Disk Utility and Formatting
Safari, others haven't updated from Tiger
Receipt Software
Wireless connection issue with 10.3.9
Software update - new Mac user
Start up to grey screen!?!?
When I upgrade to Leopard
System Backup
user accounts gone?
i dont know what happened (macbook help)
I cannot install any new programs.
Restart Problem
Jumping Cursor
OS X on a PC?
KeyChain (in)access!
Upgrading the OS?