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Kernel Panic?
X11 Update
Please help did search! Sorry it's long!
iMac wont start?
What happened? cant find OS
New to Leopard/Mac - Two Questions
Burning audio CDs and DVDs
archive & install quickie...
Problems since using timemachine to restore
Mac OS X 10.5.2 Update stops!!! Need Help!!
Permanently setting cover flow preferences?
hi, how to i get rid of this?
Tiger format and reinstall issue please help
Grey screen?
Trash, problem dumping
Backing up files before installing Leopard - How?
Install the old Front Row (1.3.1) and switch between the two versions
Just double checking with the 2 different versions
Expose controls on my Volume buttons?
Reading RSS articles IN Mail?
Mail Problems sending attachments to PC
Windows sharing option
Spotlight is Erratic
remove user
Problems uninstalling a deleted application
Dock--Open at Login
BootCamp - EFI boot menu tools, any others besides rEFIT?
Original desktop
Help with a console message please
Help: my internet connect application has disappeared.
time machine preparing backup
More Appearance Colors
What has happened to "Quick Look"? .....
Hide an Internal Parition
G4 iMac from 2002
Always have to use the stand alone installer to patch.
Mail templates
Screen problem new Mac Pro
bootcamp will not work...please help!
Nothing works properly after 10.5.2 update
Hiding Desktop Icons?
Corrupt/changed user password
Cannot play my radio through line in jack on mac pro
Intel Mac 20 inch doesn't come out of sleep
Question about timemachine.
Can't play PowerPoint files
cannot empty trash after upgrade to 10.5.2
Blocking Email addresses
System Preferences Missing
Red Safari Icon
10.5.2: blue screen, grey screen, and then nothing... No boot possible.
Time Machine and System Files
Any way to sort Dock icons by alphabet in Leopard?
Won't boot after updates
Hidden files not hidden
Did Apple even fix Permissions
Java not working in Safari
Prerecorded Webex Seminar (.Arf files) Freezing up
10.5.2 update problem- not rebooting correctly.
After installing Leopard cd burner wont work
Lego Pictures
Can you add files to a carbon copy drive?
Can't Login with AD login even when BINDED
Few Problems, All Networking (Internet)
Flashing question mark with a twist...
Hidden files
Downgrading 10.4.10
Disable wake from sleep via USB
Losing network shares connected to.
Are Mac safe from Big Brother?
Help with language
New Accounts & Restarting Computer
Hide startup icon, and window?
Mac Os X Leopard
10.5.2 cannot start Warcraft 3 anymore :-(
Mac OSX 10.5 auto shutdowns
Problem installing boot camp
Changing folder icons
Leopard mail - what on EARTH is happening to my sounds??
New Laptop Fresh Install
no Mac OS X with Mac Book Pro ?
Accessing Previous Time Machine Archives
computer all funky after reformatting drive
Deleting Language Packages?
Anyone help with a Panter restore?
my security icon is messed up =(
External hard drive wakes computer from sleep
Help. Need to remove I can't find on my hard drive
time stamps
From Mac Book/Tiger to MBP/Leopard
Firewire Question...
long beep at startup
My Finder doesn't find anything
Thinking of upgrading to Leopard
10.5.2 Graphics Update
Epson Stylus DX6000 after Leopard Upgrade
zooming with the macbook pro
overwrite or rename?
Upgrading to Leopard
Help~! 10.5.2 does not wake up from sleep.
.mac wont' sync mail accounts
Stacks View Contents Fan Question
Images for folders on the Dock
Is there a way to turn off some Core Image stuff or animations
New user - Trying to use Flashdrive
I can't change my sound volume.
How to navigate in file dialogs?
Slowdown, all processes to CPU?
Set Finder Prefs for any user
Back to my Mac - awful still not working
Huge Problem
Yet another icon changing problem
Updating to 10.5.2 taking over an hour. 30% complete.
FTP link - 10.5
Minimize button keeps disappearing!
Logic 8 slow after 10.5.2 update
Confused about file sharing in Leopard
Shared User Directory on iMac Doesn't Show in Mac Mini Desktop
Disk Permission Help
I put the wrong resolution on my Mac
creating system back ups
10.5.2 - Henders iMac Useless.
Disk Images? Virtual Drives?
Unhide folder? Possible?
10.5.2 - is this the first bug?
Getting my Mac to regonize my Samsung K3
Problem On Restart
Optional Installs.mpkg
:D W0000t 10.5.2 *IS* RELEASED!!! W000T!!!
10.5.2 install freeze
10.5.2 is out!
No way to restore files in the Trash?
iCal display
Can i do this?
FTP File Sharing
question about upgrading OS X
How to reset a MacBook?
Software Restore Question
recovery reinstall password issue
Is mine SHARED?
Oh My God!
Can I install 10.4 on my G4 867mHz Dual Core?
Finder closes on Right click
I'm having a problem with the "Trash" !!
DirectoryService Process
Problems when waking from sleep mode.
Really tough question
I don't know what's going on right now
iPhoto telling me to update, but it just wont do it!
Shortcuts moving on the desktop
Installing new folder icons
Help Admin Password Not Working After Re-install
Viewing movies online with an iMac
HDD not recognised
Newbie here: can't find xcode
Password problem
cannot disable Voice Over until login is complete
Help!! Finder Corrupted?? Please Help
server password authentification
Denial of Service Attack?
10.4.11 invisible files?
Question for the Mac Savvy
Strange user network
Help With Reseting Admin Password
Stuck on "Preparing to copy"
different displays, different icons shown?
Menubar locking up... caused by 3G iPod?
Help: restore disk image bank to original
USB Thumbdrive problems
Software Update-won't download software
CD-R not recognised
Epson Scanner on holiday
Making bootable iPod on PC?
10.5.2 update "waddling closer"
how to display east asian characters?
My Mac is acting very strange after updating it... (help plzz)
Error code -36
Text Problem - Weird Characters!
Printer drivers, help!
Can't delete partition
System Pref -> Startup Disk not showing main hard drive
What is this. . . Applications Menu ?
Latest update broke wallpaper!
Running different operating systems - ProTools
urgent-need help desperately
Startup programs won't open hidden?
No OS or Disk Detected
Need to Re-install Leopard - Clean Install This Time
Formatting external hard drive
Operating System "Reset" Itself
system preferences trouble
My computer is really, really slow.
How do I install Tiger on G4 with no Keyboard?
AFP Connection Nightmare
Finder>Go>Network gone awry
Alex Speech in 10.4
Re-using MSFT CD Key after Clean Install
Will my G3 run 10.5 Leopard
Kernel Panic? Anyone translate for me?
Moving Hard Drive Icon
Can't Change Sharing in System Preferences
Odd issues when hooking up Firewire Drive
Problem sending emal
Intel iMac Deleting Partions
G4 - Wiped harddrive. Now can't reload OS
I deleted something I needed
Complete system lockup - wth????
mail has iSight picture that won't go away
time machine
Startup Issue- Please Help!
Creating SSH tunnels in Leopard
Exportng outlook messages into Mail
Tiger to Leopard Question
Disk Utility
Cannot install Mac OS X on this computer???
speech command won't shut off
Serious Issue. Mac Pro wont clear the OS X Setup Assistant
what is _installdb?
difference between Dual boot and OS X Only???
darwin / bsd
how to delete a user?
No Pics in Mail
Blue Screen ?
Leopard Software Updates
Leopard Software Updates
Keychain question
Terrible Resolution
Can I upgrade to 10.4
10.5.2 update ?
strange window open upon startup
Tiger on SR Macbook (NOT Pro) - don't bother folks!
Direct Connect
Restoring MacBook OS X image of 80GB HDD onto 250GB HDD
green & purple dots problem
I can't remember
Bootcamp, will this ruin the partition?
What has consumed my Hard Drive?
Re-Installing Classic
Restore Help!
Leopard: selective Trash emptying
Should I upgrade to Leopard
Hide Desktop Items?
Problem sending email from Mail
Problems with PhotoBooth and iSight camera
Mac Pro keeps waking from sleep and starting up from shut down spontaneously
Bloody Repair Permissions!!!
Preview Thumbnails Not Showing
Is it possible to revert to 10.4?
Ok, is there a script command to stop...
switched to mac
File transfer between Leopard & Panther
Make an ISO Image
Can I use my new copy of Leopard again?
mac 2 mac networking in leopard
Problem with open applications disappearing
Can't capture images from my computer
Locking Folders
My SR Macbook (Leopard) WON'T logout :(
Moving Time Machine Backups
Leopard "ACL MISSING" errors; ARGHHH! Leopard is a MESS!!!
Leopard is awesome, but Expose is slow when...
newbie Mac user here - needs help
Hacked Dock
Backup to CD
Changing folder icons
Gost Movies in Front Row!
Unable to install 10.5.1 patch. Volume does not meet requirements.
Got my External in the Mail, but the format
disk image disappeared with my data-- *sob*
Switching to Leopard
Screen shot not working?
Bizarre gamma curve set when logging in
Software Update Quitting Unexpectedly
Icons not showing up in Application menu
10.5.2 update filename? what should it be?
Network icon?
Calendar now clunky
Media Eject Key stopped working
Powerbook g4 os install, need help
Problems starting
Sidebar search
Starting Safari before Mail
ok let me rephrase.
Need help getting upgrade
maximum open network connections? BT related
control printer ink
Blue screen? ApplicationEnhancer.bundle?
Raid Servers
"Shared" in Leopard
Backup your supplied Leopard restore DVDs to hard disk (bootable)
Setting up an FTP site
Keyboard Shortcut to go back in finder?
Is this Tiger operating system compatible with my Powerbook G4?
clean up RAM
Finder opens 200 folders when i boot up..!?
New Macbook Pro, use Time Machine to Switch Over?
I have a problem with JAVA I think?
Upgraded to Leopard, want to go back and do a clean install.
Booting from another Mac?
Put Leopard on my having problems
anti-virus software?
No Entry Symbol
Going to Leopard, How to put apps on a External Hard Drive
blue screen
Newb Administrator Issues
MacBook Pro crashes upon return to computer
iBook target drive install question
How to stop the use of default .pct image files...???
OSX Quits Unexpectidly
Address Book: adding tax id. number to a contact
Virus infecting
Partition Problem!
System Folder is HUGE
Unable to open a zipped file .docx
How to do a clean install
Help, corrupt partition table!
Any advice on switching back to Tiger?
Processor usage
Software update.. not updating
Widgets take long to load
Automount Windows share after sleep!
OS X 10.5 Leopard - Installation error message "No software to install"
Help Please
iMac will only boot when sound is muted before shutdown
Media added to iTunes, Questions ?
hard disk won't start up, invisible to disk utility
Leopard Disk Utility Issue
Have I been sent the wrong one?
Panther - Tiger upgrade
Installing X11
archive and reinstall
restore ALL MOVIES folder in Finder?
Applications/Utilities Refuse to Open
Resizing partitions
Migration assistens problems
Time Machine
Force Quit programs from the Dock (even those that are still responsive!)
Leopard installation problem.
Leopard super Slow
I poofed the "jump to Apple" icon in the dock - how to get it back?
Was there a better way to transfer my data?
Leopard Install. Problem?
A How-To Guide on restoring from Time Machine
Front Row using Vista HD
Does anyone know of any problems...
question about installing printer driver
Problems after installing leopard!
Odd problem with sharing folders & screen sharing
Cool, got Leopard
G4 crashes after several minutes
New Mac User Concern
Help! Messy desktop! How can I save to files?
noooo!! help please.. i really did it this time :(
imac with mini-DVI to VGA no longer sees second display in leopard.
Help Please
I Lost The Store URL Logo
opening .xml files
Restoring Apple widgets
Dock Gone Haywire
Problem with Stacks.
Newby iTunes question
How do I update my Mac OS X 10.2.8 operating system
TimeMachine... multiple HDDs
Really weird problem with the OS/keyboard
Help copying files
# of processes running on avarage ?
help needed with pointer icon
Transfering from old PB to new MB..
Installing games for multiple users
HTTP Server?
Finder Icon GONE...
Help Big Problem
Mac address book help
install and use fonts
Mouse delays
Syncing files with external flash drives
Macbook disc erase problem
Dumb question re OS reinstall
Mail Woes...Options??
Make Icons bigger?
Macbook Pro, hard drive, and photos
MacMail 3.1....A glitch?
BBC web site video
scp error: isconnecting: Corrupted MAC on input
BROWSERS running very Slow
computer performance query
Weird restart
Java Help
Dashboard autologin
Everything reverts back to default after Shutdown/ Logoff/Restart. Please Help
Time Machine
AppleShare format server appears as Windows Format
Tiger upgrade to Leopard
Verify Preferences
desktop and dock preferences revert on restart
tiger to leopard from external HD
What else can I do
Retrieving password for Remote Login from Terminal
brand new macbook: track pad stalls, "a" key sticks, and no downloads, oh my
Changing Folder Background Colour
question about stacks
Ilife gone.
Leopard stuck in a registration loop. Help!
Tiger Mail to Leopard Mail
Question Mark (?) in finder window
Upgrading from OS 9 to OS X
Installing XP Diskette in Bootcamp
Extracting files from folders
make .swf files in to screensavers?
Not Recognised as Admin
[NEWS] Leopard: Take three
[NEWS] Cybercriminals moving beyond Microsoft to Apple and Linux
10.5.2 for Server?
Macbook Pro w/ OSX 10.4.11: Graphics Have Become Jerky
Need Some Help Getting Rid of Bootcamp
Duplicate C:\Programme Files after Vista Install on bootcamp
Newby basic questions
Reinstalling Mac OS Problem
Problems with opening files after installing cloaned HD
I've killed my Mac, please help
Bypassing password
External Monitor and Spaces
System restore disc Q
Help with script
PowerBook G4 boot up problems
Front Row Animation?
Fcp studio 2 instellation problems
Auto Hide the Dock?? Do you do this?
Folder View Options Dilema
Downloading programs in Leopard
FireFox Update Kills 10.5 System
Can't boot from Leopard DVD, what am I doing wrong??
Basic OS X/Mac Troubleshooting
Leopard Install woes...
Time Machine Drive Gone
Program Issues
recovering deleted files in Tiger
Screen Keys
Need help in boot up
Memory question.
Ok, I think Im gonna get Leopard
How to install Tiger 10.4
File sharing in Windows domain
Problems with Permissions
Administrator ?
Share screen bug?
hard drive pic?
Partition Question
Front Row animation
hiding external drives on desktop
iMac keeps "rebooting" itself....Can anyone help?
how to delete admin account
Canīt empty trash...
Leopard and relaunching
text size of MacBook v MacBook Pro
Problem rsync from linux machine to Xserv RAID
Icon in Menu Bar
Tiger or Leopard, need advice...
Trash Error: Gimp related?
File Sharing
Getting rid of international support
System Profiler quits whenever i click on "modem"
Should I switch to Leopard?
Adding to Address Book
Enable Security Logging
Mac OS X Server (Leopard)
Overwrote OSX partition with NTFS - Can you help me get data back?
2 computers just showed up in my finder and I'm paranoid
Clone to PC w/CCC or Super Duper
Time Machine
Time Machine Reformat
terminal fails
Need Some SERIOUS Advice...
Remote connect to Mac
Resuming Incremental Backups after Time Machine system restore
Safest way to install 10.4.11 update
problems waking up from sleep mode
Help!!! Master.passwd and Black screen
Keyboard accents for characters
Trouble With Keychains
Two screens, two different desktop images?
Sync Macbook with desktop
need help
Upgrading to Leopard
Sync Between Macs
Mac Tiger Bootup Problem
Time Machine problem