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iBook G4 - Major Crash
Formatting my Mac
Boot Camp - always ask on bootup?
Shortcut to a system preference pane?
Can't Copy In Finder Because of Special Permissions
Where has my CD/DVD sharing tick box gone?
Bizarre partition problems
Automatically open file on download
Creating an updated OS X install disc
where has my memory gone?
Fresh Install
Bypassing Parental Controls
Time Machine Problem
(<-- 10.4 I think) Did my hardrive get deleted? I'd appreciate an answer.
restoring maciontosh HD into one partitioned
problems booting
Bypass Startup Screen Password OS X
Remove AppleScript Icon from iTunes Toolbar?
Application Window will not go away
Password at login?
iMail Limitiations?
Printer Fonts
Downloaded a program - Newb to Apple
Installing Leopard from iPod
IMAC 25 - OSX 10.5.5 Corrupt files, Losing work & view problems
Blue Screen/Boot Camp OS X DISASTER
Cannot see startup disk under system preferences on Macbook Pro
Wiping a mac hard drive?
data transfer
Turning off subtitles
cannot write on external HDD :(
Backing up HD
Problem with accessing a Windows network shared folder on MAC
Surface Scan
External Search Prob
freezing on startup after 10.4.11 update
How can I place password protection on individual files?
pdf compression
Disk drive crashed while installing Leopard
question about Finder
Mac OS 10.5 problem
software update problems
Please help Ibook wont install Tiger!
Do i need to reinstall parallels if i upgrade to 10.5?
Folder has disappeared - can I get it back?
i did an erase / flashing folder icon with ?
Help! - Boot Camp Vista x64 suddenly won't boot
Trouble with Mail (junk mail) in 10.4.11 (Tiger)
Optical Output stopped working
Double vision!
OS X Re-Install Problem
Where is 'Previous Systems' folder?
Zooming in mac osx 10.5
Drive Sharing/Permissions Over Local Network
Odd problem
Make Signature Automatic~!
Serious help needed.
Dashboard in 10.5
title/task bar stops working
Mail not playing sound effect when sending mail
Leopard security
Missing applications in stack
2 finger scrolling text is garbled! Faulty?
Trying to use bootcamp to get windows working
Maintenance advice please
two accounts after migration ??
Deleted allfonts on system and machine won't start up
Question marks in dock Version 10.5.5
Remote Working - Best Way?
Login Screen Help!
Cannot quit Mail program unless I Force it.
Keeps timing out!
Need a Patient Helper!!!! Macbook 10.4.11
Best way to backup?
getting from Tiger 10.4 to Tiger 10.4.9
G4 shutdown during downloads
upgrade form mac osx 10.2 to 10.3.. what can i do???
Cheap solution?
Reformat hard-drive using Time Machine back up?
Dual Boot from external HD?
Creating Shared Device Alias
lost files randomly help
How do I stop Finder from asking for passwords?
Bluetoot, Wifi, and Windows
Migration from 10.4.11 Imac G3 to Imac G5 24" intel
How to save the size of a window??
Finder restarts itself repeatedly after booting
My Partition Problem - need help please
Installed Security Update Last Night And Now Cant Log In..
Networking an IMC with 8.6
Trasferring Data from MacPro to MacBook
Formatting iMac Hard Drive
Question on TM Backup
Soft Disabling Imac Internal Hard Drive
migration help pls
Software updates for my old Mac
Boot to safe mode?
How to erase my ex-girlfriendīs user account
After Force Quite How Find open files
Help! Can't update from OS X 3.9...
Command-q won't q
installing osx on a new hard drive for my macbook, help plz!!!
Hard drive space
The official "Whats in your dock?" thread!
How do you erase a macbook hd?
and PowerPC?
DVD Player
Screen saver trouble...
Hard Drive Clicking, I fear its dying
Installing a Samsung printer driver
How to delete Planetlab/CoDeeN proxies
What is the most up-to-date OS I can run on a Power PC G4?
upgrade leopard/bootcamp files
chap authentication failure
Uh-Oh! PLEASE help!
Where is iLife?
Accidentally deleted a folder from the Library...
How to run windows programs on Mac Tiger
Add More Apps To My Stack?
Dual monitors, a dock on each?
Parental control problems
Front Row
Sharing internet connection from tethered computer-to-computer network?
Partitioning Trouble
Text Input Freezing
How do I Creating stacks?
Idiots guide to multiple Operating Systems... please help
Where does OSX put my iTunes playlists?
Can windows read Time Machine backup files?
Problem with SPACES
Burning a Win Boot Disk using Disk Utility
Major Issues: Boot Camp/Backup/etc.
JaS osx86 dvd on a REAL mac? big issue
Safari update with osx 10.5.5
how to unlock items in dock?
Free Crossover Mac Pro!
Renaming Home Icon is "already taken"....
How to burn dmg to a partition?
Finder Slow to Reveal Drive Contents
Desktop customisation
Changing UPS battery backup
Finder not remembering view settings
No Audio At All, Any Help Greatly Appreciated.
View All windows shortcut?
Help w/ iMac G5 Monitor Spanning
VPN/Connect As Question
Problems opening .WMV files
Time Machine restore from PPC to Intel
Apple Rot
Grey Folder Flashing ? - no Hardrive showing using Leopard Disc Utility and repair
System Preferences crash
did I get a virus???
Disk Utility Disappeared after upgrade?
Flashing light - freezes up
Can I use a linux disk utility to repair errors on my HDD?
Copy/Paste a picture/image issue?
mac issue after repair
How do I add my Samsung laser printer?
iPhoto automatic launch
NEWBIE having trouble opening program with G4
Kernel Panic on startup 10.4.11
Audio Output
Tiger/Leopard Partition Issue
New Mac Time m/c restore & continue timeline
Macbook pro 10.4.11
iMac G4 run Leopard?
torrent issue on mac os x
CS3 photoshop and acrobat 8 wont install
My mac is stopping completely
Do scanners 'just work' on Leopard?
Changing computer name
Splitting current partition into 2..
Can't boot OSX or in safe mode
.XLS files
Uploading home videos with firewire?
Can't change dock size...
Everything "quits unexpectedly!"
Reformatting used Mac G4
10.4 upgrade disaster on emac
deleting url history
Can my G5 handle it?
how would i do this
Audio output in VLC...
Activity Monitor...Virtual Memory
Serious Mail Issues!!
bootcamp working improperly
Selling my iMac - what do I need to do?
Need help how to format an external HD in ext3
Backing up without installing
Terminal question
Screen dims when clicking scroll wheel
Date wrong in menu bar, but right in preferences ?
Disk Activity in the Activity Monitor
troubles installing the leopard.
Safari and FireFox Crash
Copying File from one Drive to another
Uninstalling programs
Automator Help
Email Issues - PLEASE HELP!
My Spotlight can't find anything
Big problem please give me your help/advice
Leopard/Safari Problem?
Home Directories missing
Hard drive speed and temperature
Vista black screen -- please help
iMac is totally messed up..
How do I clean up my HD?
Singe user mode disabled?
boot camp problems
Transferring Music/Photos user to user
Change desktop Background problem
Previous Systems Folder
Archive & Restore Issue. Answer Please
Got a problem with instalation
X11 Issues with MATLAB
2 questions: bluetooth & finder related
Opening Random File??
Help needed with Formatting Macbook
Help - Keyboard layout
Mac vs. Windows
OSX Shortcuts/Safari
...molasses in January.
Digital Voice Recorders and Mac
True or False? No Antivirus needed for Macs?
Finder Properties
how do i maximize a window?
Very slow backup
iPhoto launches when connecting camera
Archive & Restore File Space Problem
Trying to network Mac pro to old 6500/350
lost my download stack thingy on my dock
problem installing os x
Noob Question!! Beware!
moving mail addresses
New MacBook Pro track pad and middle-click
Help with Time Machine
HELP! Weird antivirus message!
wont start up properly and folder and question mark image?
sharing external hdd
Lost my Itunes while re installing 10.4
OS X stops making sounds
Where does OS X 10.5 put my profile photo?
stuck graphic after ejecting flash or USB drive
trying to reinstall tiger, no internal cd drive
How do I Make "Macintosh HD" show full sidebar
Date field is always stuck on 1/5/08
Login problem
Mac Mail - Automatically Capture Addresses?
Files Deleted Randomly
syncing imac and mac book
Backing up
Mac osx blue-screen
deactivate DVI hotplug functionality?
Organizing MBP: CONFUSED
New iMac Addressbook question
Can someone help please...?
Question about Bluetooth
Can't open some sites!!
Unwanted and unexpected logout/reboot
Bluetooth issues
Sloooww internet, have run all fixes, what am I missing?
Defragmenting my iMac
Files being deleted on external HD overnight
Wake up mac on line
Problem with Mail crashing
dodgy expose f11 behaviour
Wake mac up on line.
First Profile Picture
Dock issues and scroll down menus !
Parental Controls.
Maybe A Stupid Question... but
Is there a way to find what applications are running on an external hard drive?
Should I Upgrade My Tiger to Leopard
Time Machine Restore error
snow leapord -- more memory
Migrate Mail, Bookmarks, iTunes, etc
can I upgrade my hard disk without,
alert sound problem...
My G4 Sawtooth Took A Dump
Migration Assitant Help Needed
Uninstall (apps) methods and the trouble which ensues...
Move from tiger to Leopard
How to change tom's macbook on top of profiler?
OSX Reinstall from a Linux Install.
Permanently deleting files?
Help Choosing Software !
Repairing disk permissions
Restore questions
Backup & iPhoto help
Partitions D:
Mac Address in Computer Name
Trouble starting up
My... keep opening automatically
Help!-- My Lost everything on my desktop
is this the real thing for sale?
System Preferences Freezes
Partition a Drive, then run two OS's?
Powerbook G4 wont boot past apple logo and spinning gear
How to lock computer?
Web pages in Safari -- can't access some menus
Strange Mail Problem (Emails are all black)
Spaces- Applications Are Closed
SPACES- won't let me open iTUNES
Need to slow down Start up
Problem on MAC OS, kernel_task process
Restart problem
imac G5 Failing??
help optimizing speed for my powerbook
New to Mac & Lost (Disk full?)
removed hard drive from external case and my mac won't recognize it installed inside!
Remove Sleep from Login Window
A Quick Mail Back Up Question...
VPN Issues
E Mail program has lost all account settings
G4 - startup issue
? overwrite 10.3.9. with 10.5
Network Monitoring Average Readings
Finder/Trash not working properly
Snow Leopard Noob Question
On Reboot, I only see the wallpaper and mouse
Updating Mac Mail
OS X will not boot...
Dock and Mac Theme help
Performance Enhancer Program
Is there a way to view a droplets action steps?
MB is strangely acting slow...
Changing Icons
Update to Leopard - Finder Problem
MBP not showing USB Airport Extreme drive on desktop
I accidently removed the downloads stack
Sound pref causes crash
iPhoto not exporting right
Looking for original system disk sets
limited use
HELP HELP HELP!!!!! My powerbook is dying and I don't know why
Merging problem
Pretty sure I wiped out my OSX during partitioning.
small easy question hopefully
Unable To Format Ext Hdd
command + shift + 4 > take a picture folder?
Finder / Login Problems
unseen mp3 player in finder
Slow Computer
Wanna Buy M$ Office anyone?
HELP: Mac won't boot!
No Search In Finder
Finder Issue
Strange text problem in boxes and menus
security update 2008-007
Unwanted scrolling down and shortcuts problems
Invalid B-Tree Node Size
Finder icon has disappeared from dock!
How to change user info on a Mac
Macbook Pro won't reboot
E-mail re-set
File Sharing Problems
CD to external HD backup?
Small security problem
Snow Leopard for My Tiger
Mac version of Media Centre?
Using the drop box
HELP!-Can't install fonts
Screen dims.....
Transferring photos and music from Macbook to G4?
Finder won't shut down because delete is hanging
Where is all files to GB on the Hard drive
spotlight returning no results
!! HELP !! Formatting HD for Reinstalling Mac OS
Wireless internet drops with fast user switching
Newbie can't figure out how to hide shortcuts on desktop
isync calender items have wrong time...
Installation issues
Word bounces once then won't open
My permissions are very seriously messed up
Macbook Air Update...Now Airport Card Doesn't Exist??
Mac OS X Proxy Help
Macbook Air Battery Died...When Plugged In, All Settings Gone??
How do U make a OX backup copy?
I Mac troubles
10.5.5 Update Gets Stuck
installation Mac OS X
Mac Tiger HD Lockdown
Problem with Keychain Password?
Mail Issues
Transferring to my new macbook
I lost all of my contacts from AddressBook/SOS
Boot Up Via External HD?
Waking up
Exporting Keychain?
X11 issues
imac shut down!
Time Machine, File Fault, and encrytpion
iPhoto: Hidden images?
run apps
Turning "Favorites" into "Bookmarks"
Finder Window - Shared PC
Mac goes to sleep every 4 seconds while steaming video
help needed please
finder > services menu
compacted files
Help with OS Upgrade!!
restore using time machine
need help in copying file to external HD
Entourage (and other MS Office apps) crash, crash, crash
Safari has unexpectedly quit / JavaScript
Accessing my Macbook from home
Erase hard drive
G5 doesn't come out of sleep mode
Dorm. Itunes.
can't partition for bootcamp, files can't be moved?
OS X Interface Graphics
iBook G4 Freezing w/ Rainbow Wheel
Using other Mac laptop install disks on your own laptop
Need help with copying a data cd to mac os x tiger
Restoring From External HD
New mac user, new format, please help!!
Wipe broken macbook HD
Mouse Deselecting Problem
Cleaning up Space
Leopard and iDVD incompatibility
Driver update.... i think? HELP!!!
needed mac os
Mac Crashes "how to read"
Returning to 10.5.4 from .5?
TimeCap/TimeMach Forever 'Preparing'
10.5.5 Slow down
Unable to open mail
copying ?!
Spaces - Moving applications without moving space
Can't delete Files on iMac?
What does this mean?
Boot leopard from Ipod?
Mounting SMB shares
Won't boot up
In desperate need of help trying to get router installed
iMac will not boot up
fibre card compatibility
Macbook won't sleep
i accidentally deleted my downloads folder
Applescript help
printer presets
How the heck do I delete this file?
Garage Band
HELP!!!! Changed Home's name and extension...
Unlocking the accounts
weird glitch?
Help. My Mac is losing its space.
Time machine
volume access denied error -36
startup/login problem OS X 10.4
Please help me w/my font problem!
disc burner on itunes problem
156 GB Used?
running ab exe file on my Mac
Strange graphical glitch in Dock.
Crashes after update to 10.5.5
POP account not working for gmail
unable to move unfinished internet explorer download to trash
is this the update or bad hardware? osx crashes
Finder problems - closes window.
Incorrect "Your Startup Disk is almost full"?
trashed application folder
PC as a Mac? (OSX on a PC)
Lock toolbar items throughout system?
How to make it show the entire file name?
A very strange problem
Mac OS Extended (Journaled) vs. Mac OS Extended
Updated to Leopard - no desktop files???
Strange screen images + iPhoto screwed up?
help! my mac keeps turning off before the loggin screen:O
Is there a simple way to lower the startup chime volume ?
Printer accessible over network?
Data transfer from desktop to laptop
Leopard + WEP Key WiFi = Bad?
Folder in Trash won't Trash
iMac not waking from sleep
lepoard install
Function keys for quick text
System corrupt after power cut?
making bootable disk
leopard my disc is full and i want to archive my iphoto to make space
Resizing disk image
A folder on my external is locked and wont unlock!
Keeping my new iMAC cleaned up.
audio issues and system preferences HELP
Apple wireless keyboard ctrl+alt+del
How do I completely erase my macbook as if I just got it new?
Locked files on an external drive