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Should I put my iMac to sleep overnight? Or shut it off?
Not sure how to title this...
blue screen
Safari Question from Newbie
this is probably a silly question but......
not sure this is the right place for this**but**
Troubleshooting Kernel Panics in OS X
New to Mac and need a lot of help
Need to buy Snow Leopard Retail from Apple Store - which version is it?
Kernel Panic Woes
please help
Where is my disk space going? Also, Time machine and bootcamp Q's
Lion vs SL?
Problems setting default application for filetypes
Remote Assistance
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Importing mail from Thunderbird to Mail
No Output via HDMI from Mac Mini
What went wrong?
Gathering files of a specific type into one location.
3 Macbooks
Syncing iPhone calendar with iCal over Wifi?
Help, Help, machine won't load!!
Little help for new user
Lion default wallpaper location.
Way to round up all files of one type?
My Web Search
Showing off Speed of OSX Shortcut
Filevault on computers with SSD
Just some install questions ..
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Apache and PHP
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Exchange 2003 Server.....
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Keynote to Powerpoint Conversion
Interested in purchasing some RAM for iMac : Need some advice
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Primer of Apple Remote Desktop 3.5
Network Share using Mac OSX Lion - Belkin n750 router
Can't keep Adobe applications in docking station
Re-connecting to WiFi Router
how you check for how much space left on your computer
Recovery HD and Bootcamp issues
Can't reinstall Mac OS 8.1
Can't restore all my desktop files from time machine!
Question b4 upgrading to lion
Underlining an email address in address book
Migration Assistant
disable spotlight shortcut
Lion and Flash
Remote access windows 7 from mac book pro?
Time Machine Backup Drive ?
Delete Alias files in sidebar
New Mac User, a few questions.
Word error
Add desktop function in Mission Control on the wrong side.
Serious questions. :p
Purpose of Spotlight indexing Time Machine??
Multiple Video Issues making me regret Macbook purchase
"Use UNC path from Active Directory" not opening the entire path
HDD failure
Lion Upgrade with Boot Camp ?
How to upgrade OS from 10.4.11 without buying new computer
Lion = Crash-A-Day
can you boot up from the startup disk of a different model mac?
Using my Pro as a server.
Why are pkg put in dmg?
Call a java script file from applescript
Network Preferences blank, can't add
Master password for Safari
Backing up dual internal drives with Time Machine
Shutdown issue!
Snow Leopard doesn't work well
Installing Lion on a Leopard!
How High Can I go? Leopard? . . .
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help for wanting a mac
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Sound with Screenshot
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External HD bewilderment
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log in to admin password?
Pop Up on Mac OS X for Windows Anti-Virus PC
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Screen Saver for Mac - Display photos
Just lost 45Gb on my HD!
Install Disk Problems OS 10.4.11 Powerbook G4
10.3.9 internet issues
iTunes show downloads
MBP (Snow leopard) Stuck in apple logo during start up
Profile memory issue
Can't boot up from start up disk
Problem installing Lion on formatted mac
iMac using RoboForm Everywere
Removal of toolbar icon after application deleted?
Browser printing crashes in Admin account but not other accounts
Mount server in OS x 10.5 and above
Mail converts random messages to plain text
eMac won't startup, hangs at blue screen (with white Mac OS X box )
Reset Master Password on Snow Leopard with a Leopard DVD?
help! i appreciate any info. thanks!
BisonCam on Mac?
Removal of Headline Alley Toolbar please
Strange trouble deleting trash from external drive...
Imac + Lion + External cd burner = NOT WORKING
Printer Help
how to undo chrome browser default ?
Hi everyone, new here and have a newb question.
Can't edit files deep in Windows Shares
Virus software
G4 Powerbook OS 10.3.9 - not allowing me to save files
Preview zoom doesn't remain when paging
The "Spinning Beachball"
time machine backup of Mac-formatted USB stick impossible in Lion?
PC equivalent of TextEdit ... (?)
help - launchpad not showing apps
Finder won't show all files!?
Multiple install
Case-Sensitive to Case-Insensitive
Cloning an MBP
Timemachine problem
Recovery HD messed up
Mac memory
Migration Assistant: Erroneous file size
I turned off my macbook while it was updating software and now it's gone weird
clean install of snow leopard i'm stuck!
Adobe Authorware
New mac Fans going
Please help! Wiped everything off computer by accident! :-(
imac os x 6.8 problem
Upgrading from 10.4?
Is my imac 64bit?
Delayed Mail Arrival
Looking to get iOS style icons on lion dock
iPhoto has lost all my photo's
What does the question mark mean?
lost password
Iphoto problems!
Lion has removed Finder
OS X Lion Glitch?
ARD Screen Sharing Available, but cannot push software
Gb available
Can you run any Windows program on a Mac?
OSX Upgrade newbie: 10.5.8 to Snow Leopard, for better performance - whats required?
Can't delete entries in hosts file (Snow Leopard)
Using Macbook Pro Install CD on older iMac?
Fonts Lost in Lion
How to restore hard drive/OS WITHOUT disk
help with imac running tiger! runs so slow all of a sudden!
Re-Mapping keys on a mac
unwanted xlsx file on desktop
Terminal Screen Appears on Boot -- How to Avoid?
Deleting Email addresses
EFI Update 2.2 BackLight Problem
Folder with question mark and not booting
Problems starting up MBP with Vertex 3
Lion and Outlook 2011 Strange Characters in sent mail
Unresponsive Desktop
TV blank after adjusting refresh rate
Reformatting iMac and keeping OS X Lion
My certificate imports to wrong category
E mail tracking
Lion FireVault 2 Instant Wipe
POP and IMAP email accounts
Slow mail in Lion?
List of application running
Apple Bluetooth Key not workin (Windows 7)
My Mac is really really slow
Issues With New Harddrive
10.7 - Mission Control Question
Utility disk problem
free lion
Boot Camp andWindows on External Drive?
Can't delete icon in Finder under Favorites
Environment variable for local hostname?
OSX 10.6.7 - returned to stock overnight?
Need Help Creating A Boot Drive!
It's Alive!! (sort of)
Issues with data transfer
Encrypting TM backup causes Lion to act weird and freeze
Safari/address http disappeared
OS X Lion and Netgear SC101T
graphical problems with my new MacBook Pro 15"
Dragged download icon to iPhoto icon on Dock
Error in SMB
Safari Reinstall / SL [Lost images on Version 5.1 (6534.50)]
Mac OS X 10.3.9
Copy error - "One or more items in "x" can't be changed because they are in use.
Freaking Voice!
Problem with Mac OSX 10.4.11 / iTunes and iPhone4?
i cant upload my imac 2008 to lion, why???
I think my Java isn't working
Unwanted email
Mbp 2009 boots up but then makes stuck key noise and closes log in screen!!!
how to bypass sign in screen in lion ?
Intel Macbook no longer recognizes Tiger Startup Disk
Yahoo messenger affected by virus??
Mac Mail Signature Format Problem
My Mac Applications keep coming back to the old settings after restart
data lost by partitioning external drive
Selling MBP...what about Lion USB I made
Help!!! New 2 month mac book pro Running painfully slow.
Lion and Office
setting up resolution to 120 Hz on my 2 mac mini
Is there a way to retreive
Issues changing icons
Turning off view files
Time Machine Issues
Desktop changes on Lion login.
Mac randomly started behaving weirdly
[HOW TO]: Restore colors to the Finder sidebar in Lion
"Ethernet cable not connected" Yes it is!
Help me please! Can't boot mac osx - i'm stuck on windows 7!
Deleted Preference in Library
Hidden user ?
Turn Off Auto-Correct Spelling?
Slower with Lion?
wondering if i should do a clean install
Trouble installing win7 upgrade. Cant instruct Mac to boot disk...
Safari and Preview Not Working
OS X Lion
Mac OS Crashed (Help Requested)
my FAT failed! PLEASE HELP ME!!!
QuickTime 7 Install
Managing file transfer speed
NAS issue
Sharing & Permission
Admin account disappeared after reboot
help with kernel panic
Stop Applications from opening previous files
Help! MacBook 6.1 takes 5 tries to turn on!
bizarre boot time behavior
Pictures 'vanishing' in Trash
Airdrop & migrated MBA
Can I d/l Lion on a PPC mac then xfer to my MBP?
Can't Re-Install Tiger On Power PC G5
Upgrading RAM for MacBookPro Mid 2009.
Quicken for Mac
Disk Utility
Unable to share windows printer...Help!
Removing Name from Taskbar
Time Machine Help!!!!!
Help needed with BOM files
Clean SL install including updates?
diskutil error volume format does not support resizing.
I'm still using SNOW LEOPARD......
Please help!!!!
Jar files/Java problem?
How Do I Stop Lion from Re-opening Old Windows?
Urgent, help, please, the mystery of the lost space
resurrecting old G5 need to ugrad OS 10.3
iTunes problem
trial and error with different data recovery
Wallpaper doesn't actually change "every day". Any fix available?
apples as icons
HELP Please..... No bootable device screen on win/osx setup iMac.
i haven't got a "Recovery HD" ????
Problem with PPPOE configuration
Apple Laptop poor travel companion? At issue: Lion Recovery
Question about Mac os Lion
How to create a bootable lion
Unstable Lion
Bluetooth Problem?
iMac will not turn on
Error Code -8003
iPhoto doesn't work with video - Where to import video files
Trialing a New Way of Handling Dock
Lion Server Upgrade?
Keyboard short cut for 'show font'!
Time Machine: Restoring a Mac that operates over 2 partitions?
Blue folder with a question mark...rabblerabblerabble
Can't use FTP?
Troubleshooting a Flashing Message
How to make OS X Lion USB Key AFTER Lion is installed
Help, I can't expand my operating partition on the hard drive.
Won't Stay in 64-bit Mode...
Set-up Mail on OSX Lion
Trackpad option/settings missing on MacBook pro
Lion Location Services
YES! Putting the color back in Lion's sidebar!
Login Prompt problem
How to restore a usb thumb drive using disk utility
Auto login issue
Raquel voice from Mac OS X Lion
does anyone know how to remove old safari browser
Snow Leopard to Lion - comments, please
Mouse does a bunk from System Preferences
Unable to connect via Airport Express.
Lion and slow computer
2 Questions
Repair OSX Leopard with OSX Lion
shortcut struggle
Eclipse and Java not working properly
Trackpad is intermittently unresponsive on Macbook Pro
Locking Disk name possible?
How To Delete 'BootX' & 'boot.efi' from Trash?
Changed 'Open with'
Lion won't install 'this disk is used for time machine...'
Finder wants to make changes.
purchasing lion
Need Help - When I Use File Dialog Box, Mac Asks for my Encrypted DMG Password
Keyboard won't have certain output, but working
Hashed my iMac g4
Lion Crashing
uninstalling mac store demo software
ntpd not being nice
No HDD Detected - Disk Utility
iTunes permission trouble after system move to optibay SSD
Hard drive full warning when not even close to full !!!
Lion Spotlight Isn't Finding Anything
SMART Status
Printing and pdf
Migration to New MBP From Time Machine
iChat works for a while then disconnects
Why do I have to enter my password when I boot up my IMAC?
Changing default user/account name on Mac OS X 10.6?
Workgroup Manager greyed out when authenticated as diradmin
OS X LION - Safari not working in work since upgrade to Lion
Zero Installation Remote Screen Sharing
Can this be done?
Help me use Lion Server effectively
Fullscreen problem with HDMI out:
Deleting a Keyboard Shortcut
Problem with HD trying to install Mac os x
Windows 7 media centre cannot find 360 over a wireless bridged connection.
Shortcut to send front window to very back (not minimize)?
Cannot delete files that are on my mac desktop
Macbook pro password protection
Imac lags extremly!
Cpu help!
Lion Mail keeps going off-line during sleep mode
Network settings?
Newby - dock query
remote access: from windows to mac?
Getting a mac
Password won't work
Trouble with MacBook Pro Disk Utility
Lion problem: no wakeup on using mouse
reclaiming my bootcamp partition
macbook desktop issues
Lion TimeMachine Goes & Goes & Goes
hackntoshed my dell mini!
Installing Mac OS on an old Powerbook G4
Snow Leopard Re-install
Batch color adjustment in Preview.
Safari - Can't Close
Creating bootable backup using Time Machine
Macbook is running slow, but hardly have anythin on there!
snow leopard support
Boot OS X from external HDD
Sudden Slowdown
Can't Update from system reference
I, now, officially hate OS X Lion!!!
Can't run Software update....
What the...?
Lion's missing scrollbars
Time Machine - Migration Assistant problem
How to reinstall the operating system ?
Installed OSX on wrong hard drive
Need help for Mac Lion system and program
Which operating is the original for ?
System Clock set to customized calendar (Mayan Calendar)
current screen keeps deselecting.
Windows VM help
How to install Mac OSX lion on a Windows Laptop
Mac relic needs to upgrade from 10.4.11 to 10.5
Shared Drive and slow shutdown
MobileMe Sync Problem
Preview app problems
Should I install Lion or not?
Can't restore MP3s from a Time Machine backup to new Macbook Pro running Lion
IMac Lagging
OSX Snow Leapord Won't install fresh copy
X11 problem
iTunes 10.4 not opening in Lion
Cannot clear my trash!
FileVault Issues
Help me, please!! Problemns with new macbook pro
MacBook Pro partition help
I cant run bootcamp on my macbook
Time machine question.
Replacement HDD, unable to install OSX 10.5.6
Having insurmountable printing problems with my new HP
apple mac virgin!!!!
Display my ethernet connectivity?
"Burn disc" in Finder does not go away -Help Needed.
Programs quit unexpectedly
Unable to Activate Screen Sharing
Lion and battery consumption ...... shockingly bad
Sharing folders in snow
Panther "Purr" sound at login
No PPBE_Boot partition after encryption install
Can someone help with sound not working issue on my macbook please?
Lion mail problem
Lion and WiFi
move icon from desktop
Os x 10.3.5 problem with airport extreme
Can't install Lion - After restart, only spinning gear
Saving Quicktime Movies on the web with Quicktime 10
Need help Finding Drive Rotation Speed
Root Password/File Access Question!?! Help!
Tiger to Leopard to Snow
Lion - Screen goes black, have to power down
Snow Leopard Freezing
transfer startup disk to new drive
Configuring Smartphone as a modem in Macbook Pro
external hd and time machine
Starting up Imac Duo Core with Tiger CD's
Sync problems
Label Printer for Mac
Macbook - Spinning Wheel/Slow Response
Cleaning OSX on Mac Air before Sale
Lion OS cannot write email preferences
Problem Using NTFS Mounter
click.linksynergy redirect
OSX 10.5 and Iphone 4
Keyboard shortcut for archive in Lion Mail
Few questions about Lion
Rsync -avx filesize difference, help!
Time Machine Help
Help! Brother HL 2140 printer software update
Spanish Dictionary option
OS X Lion Downgrade on new MBP
Cant login to my macbook pro
Flash nightmare on my Mac, please help!!
Mac files to pc
How to start c-programming in xcode? (student on mac)
Mac ical to MS Outlook 2010?
Customizing New User Profiles in Lion
Alias Fixer?
Updating old PPC iMac
reading thread replies
Renaming my home Folder
MBP with Lion won't reboot.
CPU monitoring app with history views?
Itunes, Safari and Chrome won't work with beta version Lion
What do YOU do to keep your Mac clean?
Applescript/Geektool Help
Lion: When users locks computer script...simple but don't know where to put it.
Lion - Time Machine disconnects after 5 min
Dock Application Histories
Share with linux fails
Trying to create 2nd partition on my macHD - help?
Apple message
OSX Lion graphics driver fix for 2010 Macbook Pro?
Renamed Home Folder and lost all settings, jpgs, mp3s, photos etc. HELP!
SSD 10.6 installation trouble
Lion will not search network folders
MacBook Pro can't handle 5 apps at once?
Boot Camp Vs Parallels
System settings icon accidentally put in trash
os lion problems
Upgrading to Snow Leopard
Gray X on hard drive icon
Mac restarts if I touch parasite startup items
where is idvd
User accounts -(new to imac)
Automator workflow help
AppleScript Editor Help
Reinstalled OS X Leopard - help w/ desktop icons?
.Band File won't delete
SuperDuper! vs TimeMachine
disk utility
Safari Question
OS Lion: Distorted Text in Finder windows
OSX Lion Photoshop CS problem
Running a particular function
emails in Imac
Error -36 when copying from DVD to HD (bis)
New Macbook Pro runs loud