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I stupidly changed the name of the home folder and I have so many problems!
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Since Mountain Lion, certain music not syncing to iPhone
Why is my Music folder loading?
Quick Time and other .wmv files
Apps Launching at Start up
am I out of luck with Mountain Lion?
system fonts
can't save textedit files (permissions issue)
Probems with Finder
Rural Internet Connections & Mountain Lion
uninstall MPlayer from MacBook Pro
Black box around cursor in Mountian Lion
How do i get access to a protected disk image in mac if i lost the password?
"user".sparsebundle - duplicates?
Error message with OS X Mountain Lion
Setup assistant problems
Macbook Air problems
Best workflow for to-dos
Hotkeys not working
black screen
Unable to turn off FileVault
'Geneio' home webpage can't be deleted
Problems with all things video related
Icon problem
Mac Mini behaving oddly
Rebooting from startup items
question for experts
high cpu usage
Home folder renamed help and tips needed.
Problems with new Microsoft Silverlight plug-in and netflix
Remote Desktop discards all changes upon restart of program after database migration
Numbers in Mountain Lion
DVD drive HL-DT-ST DVDRW GSA-S10N won't accept discs
unable to remove an excel file from my desktop
What Mail .extension to look for when recovering deleted files
What's the latest version of Pages?
to much bass
Mountain Lion Finder Scroll Lag
LaCie External Hardrive Backup Issue
quickbooks for mac
Mountain Lion, HP Plotter Driver
How can I make my MacBook Pro faster and virus free?
upgrading MBP with a seagate momentus XT
Upgrading imac
Screen saver just says "Loading Photos..." indefinitely
Can't move virtual desktop space
High Volume Office Printer Compatible with Mac
Multiple Monitors Causing Strange Window Functions
Mac OSX Server Login Issues
RAM Stick - Macbook
don't understand upgrading
Lion OSX clean install with a recovery USB drive?
iMessage not syncing on iMac and iPhone
create other account with acess to applications
Where to buy Lion?
Mac Mail not indicating send/receive
Trackpad & Mountain Lion
Safari: Google / Yahoo / Bing ONLY?
No more mosaic screen saver in ML
Opening Mail From the Dock
Can I upgrade OS on iMac based on these specs?
Airplay with Mountain Lion
Mtn Lion and app updates
update for iPhoto
OS X 10.8 & iOS
Safari address bar
Safari Browsing Experience Changed
Syncing Notes with iPhone
couple of questions after ML update (firewall,security preference,etc)
More Address Book Concerns
Black screen with white text on startup.
gmail duplication
Hiding folders from view/access
In a real mess: Lion/Snow Leopard
Volumes folder problem
spotlight calculator help
Need to reformat iBook G4 - pain in the Rear.
mountain lion upgrade
Dock and files are missing on my desktop
Falling Asleep
Glitches with Gmail since moving to Moutain Lion
Bought a MacBook pro kijiji. It's a 2012???
The Update "" Can't be saved
Battery life
Upgrading RAM
error box flashing after startup
Wireless Problems since upgrade to ML
Spyware on Mountain Lion
Mac Mini, causing huge stress problems!
Upgrade from OSX 10.5.8?
Getting new macbook, how to restore from old?
drag and drop
Dropdown menus not working correctly.
Can I FULLY disable Notifications in OS X ML?
Mountain Lion Froze Macbook Pro
Screen Ghosting On OSX 10.6.8
trouble getting Mountain Lion up-to-date
mountain lion
No drag-and-drop from desktop to Finder icon!
photo captions
Problems downloading ML
How to check if ML was properly installed?
Pinch to Zoom in Apple Mail?
Mountain Lion Server and Windows
Reply All ccing after Mountain Lion Install
Leopard vs Snow Leopard for Old Macbook?
Help with Mountain Lion!
Time Machine from Lion to Mountain Lion after my iMac goes BANG!
Test reboot
Is this caused by a virus?
ML- Mail 6 No indicators when "Get Mail" activated
iPhoto Won't Open
ML Upgrade
Mountain Lion password problem
Pages and ePub exporting
old imac to os x
Timemachine and up-grading to Mt. Lion
undo trash
more than one safari page open at a time
awk process runs hot - what is it?
Anti Adware
72 Hours and no Mountain Lion Code
Another Mountain Lion quirk?
Update OS X from 10.4.11?
Screen Background picture reverting to default when switching user.
Missing disk space on lion
10.6.8 Completely wipe a HD
Problem returning to forum after watching linked video
Can't Boot After Installing Windows on Macbook Air
**URGENT** Windows Installation Issues on Macbook Air
Upgrading Macbook From Snow Leopard
iMAC windows partition
Can't download Mountain Lion!
Selecting message attributes for smart mailbox
how to acces files is dvd ??
How to recover a backup with Time Machine
Long shutdown MB Air 2012
Mail - features
osx upgrade for 10.4.11
annoying drop downs
skype keychain
Printer control
Issue in installing an app
Macbook pro Retina freezes
Permissions - how do I know if it worked?
Upgrade to Mountain Lion now network access problem
problem migrating from Leopard to Mountain Lion
Problem emptying trash on imac
Mac made DVD slide show wont read it's own disk!
File Menu Help!
ML experience on 2009 iMac?
Question about notification centre and Twitter integration
help please :(
Question about migrating from SL to ML
Safari 6
MBP not booting after clean install of Mountain Lion
kernel panic after restore hd from time machine backup
OSX Spotlight still showing deleted email
System.out.println not showing on console
Purchased refurbished Mac Book air - should I upgrade to Mountain lion at first use?
In need a copy of OS X 10.6
Mountain Lion 10.8: How to pause Software Updates?
Scroll bars in Mac OS X 10.7.3
Please help me!!!
Issue with FileMerge in OS X 10.7.4
backup goodreader files to Time Capsule
Decipher this error report?! I can't run music software...
Gestures in ML
network change
Power Mac 7.3 upgrades to run Final Cut Pro?
Free ML upgrade available outside USA?
Upgrading Processor
snow leopard to mountain lion - any tips?
No tabs view in Airport Utility to setup Guest Network
X-Marks and Mountain Lion
Snow leopard to Lion
Leopard to Snow Leopard?
preparing for a one level file system
upgraded to 10.8 iDisk is gone
Mountain lion and apple usb keyboard
Can't exit Target Disk Mode
Mountain Lion mail problems
Help! Clean installing Mountain Lion over Mountain Lion!
Times News Roman PS
Mountain Lion
"Not connected to the internet" message
Click and Drag does not RELEASE
Menu Bar in Full screen wont appear.
Errors when trying to install Mountain Lion
screen sharing on mountain lion
Lost files when divide partition
Slowing Down - late 2008 Macbook
possibly been hacked with spyware please help
Slow MAC
What is this Mac icon means?
Mac OS x installion size
Mountain Lion Airplay question??
Moutain Lion can't be installed
Messages in Mountain Lion
Change file icons
Truth behind mac firewalls and security
Notification Center not working in Mountain Lion, help please.
Possible to disable login screen when waking from sleep?
Mountain Lion
Question about Sounds -
Size of Toobars in Lion
Resolution - "Best For Display"
Log in and cd drive
Stuck in Recovery Mode, can't boot into osx, Unable to unmount Bootcamp partition
Password failure after system restore from Time Machine backup
Lion install issues
Can I Use My ML USB Installer On My Brother's Mac?
Mountainn Lion
Mountain Lion compatibility
stuck between blue startup screens
Mail notification does not work after Mountain Lion intall
switching OS versions
My Daughter's MBP
Snow leopard Dvd and Lion USB No Longer Available?
error msg box flashing fast across screen
Mountain Lion and text/control scaling
buy OS X from Windows
Os 9 + osx
Websites blocked through terminal?
"Empty Cache "
UPGRADE to Mountain Lion?
mountain lion very pleased
No free lunch
how to set up designated RSS reader in MLion
How download files in Safari 6
Trying to disable Internet through Ethernet
iPhone not charging on sleeping iMac after upgrade to Mountain Lion
Mountain Lion
Root account not functioning properly?
MLion and Apple Mail
Need help with iCloud on used MBP
Recovery of data due to repartitioning by an Idiot
Can't Select Snooze Time for iCal Reminders in ML?
Bootcamp messed up after installing Snow Lion
MBP Crashed - cant erase disk - disk erase failed - couldn't unmount disk
Switch App Store Update Apple ID on Mac
New MBP crashing after using Migration tool
App Store freezes
ML Reminders - what am i doing wrong?
Is it worth it to upgrade to Mountain Lion, or even Lion?
Is Apple alienating its customers?
Running Mountain Lion on a native Lion.
How to install Mountain Lion from Hard Disk Drive?
ML and Time Machine.
mountain lion warning
time machine back ups
Sort Notes
Disc Space Needed
Did Mountain Lion slow down your machine?
games centre on mountain lion
Help! Mountain lion can't shutdown!
Mountain Lion and Office for Mac
Function Keys In Mountain Lion
Mountain Lion Problem
Help: Mac reboot is taking over 3 hours after installing mountain lion
OSX Server Conundrum
Installing Win 7 on Boot Camp with XP currently on VMware
Photo Printing
Mountain Lion Mail in Notification Centre
No associated application could be found error message?
Mountain Lion freezing my computer
Mountain Lion Compatibility
Black screen after login while on battery with graphics switching enabled
Stuck Volume! Will not change!!!!!
Installed Mountain lion - now can't access any secure web sites - HELP!
Same old problems with ML
Formatting my Imac
RSS reader for Mountain Lion
MB Pro erratic mouse pointer behavior.
dock on mountain lion
OS X Mountain Lion recovery disk assistant
Mountain Lion Failed Install No recovery
Trouble reinstalling LIon - Please Help
Airplay Problems
Office for Mac
Upgrade from 10.6.3 from 10.5.8
Migrating Assistant
Never used a mac,have a few questions.
How can I transfer the root account on my computer to a regular account?
ical and mountain lion question.
Power Nap KILLER?
Mountain Lion Airport Express Issues
Sorting email
A litte help with the new Update.
Doing a Clean Install of Mountain Lion?
MBP Retina OSX10.8 update
ReportCrash about
Sparrow Mail
While the MF ML Guide is Under Construction...
Airport Admin Utility for Snow Leapord
Can't send attachments with
Mountain lion - Game center problem
Trouble importing Sony handy cam since updating to I Movie 11?
Intuit Bilks Mac Customers for Second Time in a Year
Mountain Lion installed... now iSight camera doesn't work?
Mountain Lion Wont Install
How do i download my free upgrade to Mountain lion???
Mountain Lion and Adobe Creative Suite 5???
OS Lion big Crash
Removing hidden files from external HD
Screen gone funny on Mac G4
seagate expansion external drive
Lion - Graphic Disturbances
Ok its July 25th wheres Mountain Lion?
Mac Book Pro Boot Camp
Slow FTP over Wifi
preview document files
mail asks for password
PLEASE help me determine if my MacBook Pro is dying!
Mountain Lion and the Blog
"This software can not be installed on this computer"
iMac Not Fully Responding to Keyboard and Mouse
Mac OS X Snow Leopard Disk Repair
Mac OS
TimeMachine Backups appeared in Trash, I can't delete them
Uninstall Google Chrome
Dashboard not working
OS X lion
Screencapping from iTunes
Uninstalled Adobe Reader, Preview no longer work in Safari
My volume keys seem to have jumped one place to the right!
login screen upon wakeup
Deleted my webkit.framework on Leopard, can sum1 repost it?
Removing Programs?
Back up before mount Lion
Upgrading from Mac OS X 10.6.8 to OS X 10.8
Mid 2011 MacBook Pro running insanely slow!
start up items
Boot problem
Odd "Snowy" Graphic Artifact in Web Browsers. . .
2010 MBP HD from fried mother board to New 2012 MBP ?
Mac OS X mountain lion
transferring a 6gb file to leopard
Network gurus: Certain website won't load on OSX but works on PC
Safari image/pagse load problems
macbook pro hardware
i pad wireless printnmg
SFTP & Osx & user?
After I downloaded Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard
Disk Partition Not Mounted
Regarding display resolution options available on OS X Lion
sleep issues G5 OS X (10.4)
How do you check a Mac for virus?
New to 10.6.8 from 10.4.11 - how to implement SuperDuper backup?
lion won't open my old saved documents
Time Machine questions
Something changed my hard drive icon to a face.
Something changed my hard drive icon to a face.
word download
So what is this "MacKeeper"?
Macbook Pro display bigger than screen
Help with mapping a drive
Trying to Install Lion on my Mac Mini.....
Safari problems
Snow Leopard not working in a new Macbook Pro
My Mac is turning into a Windows PC (ref: preposterous datagram length)
"backups" in Storage (OS 10.7)
Upgrade OS to Mountain Lion
1tb hdd very slow on MacBook 5,4 2009 8gb ram 2.53ghz
Bootcamp/Partitioning Help!
Second screen issues using DVI
No Compatible Java
Applescript Directory Issues
Solution for creaking or squeaking door sound
mountain lion trackpad
Macbook AIr 10.6.8 shuts down randomly
I want to delete everythings on my macbook pro
GarageBand: Horrible Cracking/Popping Noise While Recording
Lost Macintosh HD during an install.
Trouble starting or restarting OSX
Boot Camp error message "The installer disc could not be found"
How to check cd-key in OS LION
time machine fail
Applications won't open
Mac G4 Desktop
flash player
Hijacked mail addresses
writing to ext.hard drive?
How to create an ISO image?
Resetting System
Reformatting with USB SuperDrive?
are there hard drive limitations for Lion or Mountain Lion?
Links in Dock Not Appearing and Youtube not Playing
new email with attachment
Could I have a virus?
Recovered message
Tired keyboard
Response To The Letter I wrote To Cupertino
Need help
MacBook Pro "Speed"
Macbook pro problem changing profiles
AFP Server on your Mac
Finder Refresh Issue on Download
software update error
macbook pro 15 late 2011 heats up and freezes
External Hard Drives Powered Up When Mac Off
Cannot sync address book on Mac with iPhone 4S
mac 6,1 upgrade to S/L help
Mac Mail
increase the red yellow green
os upgrade
How to open a port in Lion
New items on Desktop help!
Sudden problem with Safari and Firefox--freezing, pages not loading.
Trackpad shortcuts, three finger tap->cntl+cmmd+d functionality?
create desktop alias for everybody
Creation of Desktop Alias For Everybody
Networking woes
Etch a sketch screen
Mac Network Account Issue
How Can I Port Games From Windows To My MacBook Pro?
Mac OS X Fun Terminal Commands
Making an emergency USB startup
Outlook for Mac question
Copy Bootable Mountain Lion
Mb pro mid 2009 downgrade back to Osx snow (won't work?)
Maximize finder window automatically
please SUDO problem
Time Machine
Problem reinstalling Lion
OS X 10.6.8 is printing username and date as footer
Can someone please
Revers or flip Webcam Image
Adding text to a photo
how to play this video
iMac 24" running very slow
Your Startup Disk is Almost Full - Please help!
NEC 45C6 Printer - Lion OS
Time Machine Behaving Badly
ppc topped out at leopard
Extremely slow downloads in Macbook Pro?
G4 to Dell Monitor hook-up
unimplemented trap? Help?
MS Office stopped working on OSX 10.7.4
Endless reboot cycles
password error in iMail
Kaspersky Anti-Virus
Safari blocking shut down?
Reliable Spam Filters?
Hidden Files taking up Space?
OS X 7.4 and WinXP guest in VirtualBox
mac osx 10.6 noot booting from external hard drive on some computers
My external hard drive stopped working after plugging it into a OS X Lion mac...
Not getting email authentication
system preferences freezing
How do I write in terminal when the Mac is in single-user mode?
Does OS X offer Parental Controls for Web?
Trouble Typing in Terminal in Single-User Mode (command-s)
How to install Leopard onto a partition of a 2011 MacBook Pro running Lion?
Enabling extension (kext) like extension manager
System extension cannot be used
Can't Clear Up Room on my HD!
W7 install on Macbook Pro MD103LL/A
Using dd to clone disk
Best way to write(burn) bootable MAC cd from Wnidows Xp...
What am i doing wrong?
Lost space on HDD due to failed Boot Camp partition.
WiFi problems on Macbook Pro
Help , unable to login
kernel panic when trying to reinstall 10.3.5
I have a Macbook 13 Dual Core 2.2 late 2007 and ned resotre disks
Upgrading to snow leopard/ bootcamp
got a powerbook g4 w/bad hdd need help installing osx!!!
Please help !
Currently on OS X 10.4
PLEASE how do I add text to a photo in preview
Mail program ...
Pls help restore download folder to original
Bookmarks Bar Problems?
home network assistance
Failed upgrade - system frozen
rename batch files
Dock Fan order
Can I delete SPOTLIGHT files?
Changing the way AppStore behaves!
Mac hangs for 20-30 seconds; over and over
Same issue as Gstork
OSX 10.7
Does one need more than 2GB RAM for smooth running with the forthcoming OS?