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photo software for Mac 10.10
I lost "All My Files" folder
Help on Internet
What was the OS backup system before Time Machine?
Yosemite upgrade, lost Safari bookmarks
Need help bad! Accidentally sent everything to trash...
rejected the password
Unable to connect to Wi-Fi
Synchronise Mac Desktop with Mac Book Air
Vowels Not Working
Macbook Pro A1278 Mid 2009 RAM
Duplicate e-mail?
Why are my comments deleted from comments in files get info?
Time Machine / Migration Assistant: recovering corrupt drives to a third drive
Using a PC keyboard on a Mac
Query letter double spacing
Repeated emails
unable to open tiff file
Safari & Password ?
find my music, movie and photo files after using migration assistant
Slow shutdown - Tried many things nothing worked.
Diagonal patterns
was I hacked?
Browsing Problem iMac OSX 10.9.5
Very slow working MAC
Fix smart folders/searching?
Safari Upgrade
Wallpaper photo that I can't find
using Windows 7 on Macbook Pro
Problems with lags, graphics and crashes or glitches
yosemite assistance
Upgrade to Photos from iPhotos
Macbook Pro Doesn't Recognize External Monitor
MacOS Speed "Hangups?"
128GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive
iS it ok to install Snow leopard on Powerbook G4 2002?
Wireless Network Utility Not working
Mac Pro 1.1 Yosemite
After update Yosemite 10.10.4 my smartphone can't see my network
New iMac sometimes wont start
Folder in Trash Cannot be Deleted - Why is it there?
What is Listchack 1.2?
Cant Install Windows 8.1 On My MacBook Pro (( Yosemite 10.10.4 ,, BootCamp 5.1.4 )) .
Help for upgrade10.6.8 to 10.8,please?
Dual monitor issues after upgrading OS X
dropbox photos not on mac
Move to Trash not stopping
Upgraded to Yosemite 10.10.4 & photos are missing
Unable to Change (All) Keyboard Shortcuts
Yosemite ruined IPhoto
iMac i5 Intermittent Sluggishness
Plus net is not allowing me to open safari on MacBook Pro 10.5.6 snow leopard
FTP for iMac OSX 10.9.5
Plus net is crashing my MacBook Pro on os x
iMac 2003 won't boot...any ideas?
System Error Log
Do I need antivirus software if working for Leapforce?
Yosemite! My nightmare!
Time Capsule stuck on Preparing Backup
Information about find someone else's computer
Problem about bookmarks in firefox.
Bose remote does not work with Yosemite
Harddisk not available when trying to re install mac os from internet
Fresh Install OS X
downgrade from yosemite to snow leopard (please help)
Send SMS message from iPhone/iPad to Android & vice versa
I tried an experiment...
Mail App Failure
just installe os 10.6 and it won't install the updates
Personal Hot-Spot's Inconsistent Connectivity
Xstreamripper Record Internet Radio
Website problems
What are these weird hieroglyphic symbols in preference folders on my mac?
10.6 ISO and CD
MAc Book OSX upgrade
Printer needs an older version of OS X?
Yosemite won't discover a bluetooth mouse.
New Icon on Dock (Login?)
New SSD hard drive
Trash taking a huge amount of time to empty
Preview Question
Setup a backup system
Clean install and restore from CCC
Problem connecting to server on reboot
Trash does not empty
How do I turn this off?
Folder Security
Using Apple Diagnostics or Apple Hardware Test
Operating Systems question Bootcamp
iBook G4, 10.5.8
iTunes does not launch when iPhone connected
Windows 7 on mac
Lost smtp list and settings after update
Excel Online email received; need help to print and save it.
Windows users can map shares but can't open files from Yosemite,OS 10.10.3
Help - Terminal has disappeared
How to search for ALL files of the SAME type?
What is consuming my storage?
Another Apple email address
Still running Snow Leopard
Which fonts work in Quark?
Installing OSX with USB
External Disk Folders (some) turned to Unix Executable
Alternatives to the new Photo?
how do i upgrade to yosemite when it keeps hanging
POP UP Window
internal mic not works well
Help With Mac Account OS Links
message when trying to save a file on powerpoint
My MacBook Pro won't find external mic
Can "Back to my Mac" be used with iPad & iPhone?
My Way on OSX10.6.8
Yosemite dock and buttons upgrade
Defeating Apple two-factor authentication with a Mac
Upgrade to Yosemite?
Can't eject portable drive
Two Library Folders and Time Machine
screen turns off?
Bing as homepage
Partition is Empty in Finder but Not in Get Info or Disk Utility Virus?
How to install OSx into Virtual Box on a Yosemite Host
Missing notifications
OSX Crashing during sleep
Handoff woes
Safari update
can't reboot my Mac
using mail and Contacts
sound preferences
Adobe Flash update...
Can't connect email and calender or get onto any websites
Free-ing Up RAM
multiple tracks
Virus Notification
best way to run win/pc games with lowest performance drop
El Capitan Beta Split Screen problems
what is X11 ?
El Capitan Public Beta download
Question on Archive Utility, Permissions, & Photos
Slow since Yosemite
Getting space from OTHER
time machine won't start
OSX Yosemite: Computer display usb ports go to sleep.when display does
Mac OS X El Capitan Public Beta Installation Error
browsing for photos
Invalid Certificates
'Unhide' and' unprotect' system files.
os x SL cannot start in safe mode
How to remote into iMac
Use iMac as security camera?
Safari 8.0.6 Reinstall
Duplicate File Finder
Why are none of my Itunes songs importing into Garageband?
Where is "Clean up" option in folder view menu Yosemite?
storage space disappearing
Microsoft AU Daemon
Trying to make flash install for Lion
Upgrade now to Yosemite from 10.9.5?
erased external drive
Strange Message Using Safari
Apple Passwords
Upgrade to 10.10.4
repartition "free space"
Files don't appear to complete on desktop
Grey Screen, Spinning Wheel of Death
Unable to add or modify Google Accounts
editing size of photos in PHOTOS
Time Machine Disks report different storage use ?
Thunderbird/Email problem
Follow up to last post
unable to log in
Is there a way to transfer the music I have in my iPhone to my brand new MacBook Pro?
APPLE 17" IMAC G4 Black screen after update
setting pdf "initial view" magnification with Preview
softwareupdated process gone haywire
Yosemite Screen Saver problem
Onyx message
External drive not mounting
File Extension
IOS 10.4/Power PC
Start up behaviors
problem with Safari
i-message not working on Mac (Yosemite)
Mac App Store
Outlook for Mac
Disable CMD + TAB animation
Java for Mac
Problems since Yosemite
expand startup disk partition
Time Capsule
upgrade os in 2011 imac
Back up stopped in the middle?
MacBook Pro 13-inch Mid 2009
help on black screen 2009 imac unknown os rev
Paragon NTFS stopped working
Volume greyed + stop sign
Beachball on startup
freeing hard drive space
MacBook Pro asks for update on startup and hangs up
OS X Lion / Entourage
HP driver not compatible with update of OS 10.10
How to return to 'same sized windows' look in all-spaces/mission control view?
scroll speed control missing after Yosemite update
Trash mailbox missing
Using keyboard to position list of files in File Save dialog
how to set the default boot drive
Blue spinning wheel on Facebook
.dmg won't delete in trash
Help Resetting Administrator Password 10.3.7
Wiping to factory settings, selling to another party
Qu. re: using Setup Assistant to go from old MBP Mtn. Lion to new MBP Yosemite
Need help - Kernel panic on mid-2011 21" iMac
Font issues with Thunderbird email program
Sound Problem - Switches on and Off Intermittently
Upgrade Mac Mini w/OS X Server (10.6.8 Snow L.) to OS w/out Server Software?
nsurlsessiond ???
Mac Dictation Selection Commands
OS X partition is not detected
Mail settings weird behaviour
how to restore osx boot loader
Unexplained Backups and can't install Yosemite
deleting workgroup
2 Updates Available. Can't Update.
Backing up and Storage device issue
OS X 10.10.4 and keyboard issues
Mac Trouble Need Help
How to determine cause of iMac "blacking out"?
Another wake from sleep problem
How to reformat HD with broken screen
10.10.4 .... go get it ...
Media sharing question?
Os yosemite 10.10.3 external display
Mac Booted to Safe Mode and then reverted to original OS X
Java - finding the version
Photos added to album, no edit
Need help setting up a backup system
2011 macbook air loads half way
Bought a computer, having issues with Admin Setup
safari install
Some movies won't play in itunes
jw player error in OSX
Dates & Times of Files on HD are in European Calendar & Time
How to delete duplicate widgets on dashboard in OS 10.4.11
Automatic Scroll Down....
dashboard not working
Macbook pro mid 2012 delay
Incorrect City Comes Up on WebPages
printing problèmes
Photos app and Desktop and Screen Saver
OSX*10.5.8 won't start up
Help!! 10.7.5, keeps ejecting external drive when backup and coping files.
I'm Getting Inundated with Spam Emails!!!
how to recover file from usb after disk utility repair "first aid" option
Best alternative to Chrome?
Duplicate PHOTOS
Erase Disk and Re-install OS X
Need help resetting my password. OSX 10.4 I think
mount, NFS, and network status
Mavericks to Yosemite Upgrade?
How to change app "Read Only" designation
imac wont login after loading yosemite
How do I delete user without access to other accounts.
Printing Mail
file sharing between yosemite and 10.2.8
Backing Up
Quicktime 7 Pro key won't work
Multiple macs, multiple users, multiple IPhones, IPods
Problems with videos lagging
Eithernet problem on my imac
Freeing up storage space
External HD boot partition corrupted
Problem with Tuxera NTFS Trecrypt drive
Upgrading from Snow Leopard 10.6.8 to Yosemite
need for backing up media files if use time machine?
Can I set up my OWC Thunderbay 4 as a JBOD without deleting data?
Apple Mail forwarding rule
i5 or i7
Organising mail
Trash, cannot empty
104.9 Tb free on MBP
bizarre mouse behavior
setting up default data drive (external) on mac
MacBook hissing
How to change the Macbook Pro's User name?
Upgrade Leopard To Mountain Lion: Now Having Issues: *FollowUp* ATTN: pigoo3 AKA Nick
Shared IP address poblem
I can see someone else's computer under shared in Finder
10.5.8 to mavericks
Eliminate name tag on Email
text editor
System does not load the conventional way
How Do I Find Hidden Files?
Lagging pointer in OSX
New I-Mac Issue re: Java Runtime Environment
Unable to add photos to Contacts
recommended way to run win8 on an iMac (2014) ?
Yosemite not booting
Can't Increase Partician Size No More Than 29.35GB
Yosemite upgrade?
Organizing "Favorites" and "Reading List" advice please!
Removing recovered files
Groundhog day for my macbook
Bringing Bookmarks into Firefox
Mac OS X - Screen Switching - Help
Good Sites for Freeware - OS X 10.4 Tiger has taken over
How do I revert to Mavericks from Yosemite?
Iwork 9.0.3 is conflicting with software installed OS10.4.11
Protected.dmg - Disk Imagep
Mac restarts by itself
WiFi Connected but can't get onto internet
Adobe CS4 will not reload from disks or from download
Internal Disk Full: How to delete "other files"?
Confused over printer software
MacBook Pro restart randomly [Kernel Panic?]
OS download fails during reformatting MAC
unknown error 100 022 when сreate a new certificate signing request
Restore Yosemite data from time machine
Accept Incoming Network Connections?
Windows 7 Partitions
Receive faxes "Email To" not working
"Sleep" problems
Where do old preferences go after reinstall of mac OS 10.4.11
Desktop image also shows file path
How to view the Library folder in Yosemite?
Yosemite and printer problems
URGENT!! I need to auto select 1 file out of each 3 or 4....
My Way. How to remove it
stuck in safari
Back-ups with Time Machine
Office Updates - syncservicesagent
new hd won't take OS
Dead HDD, no DVD
Recovering virtual disk from backup
Time Machine Help Needed
Sync Safari Extensions
Custom keyboard layout broken in last Yosemite update
Why I love this forum ........
Applications Dropbox/AutoCad/FTM Mac 3 disappear and must be reinstalled.
upgraded , to 10.10.3 where did my videos go?
new Mac performances slow
How can I ensure that, when using FCP X, keyboard shortcuts only work inside FCP X?
delete a program
Safari preferences
Work Email on Macbook OSX
error message uploading/downloading iphoto
capital letters
HELP - iMac Safari just hit with virus
No images in Firefox anymore
downgrade from snow leopard to orginal 10.4.7
Invisible files (find and delete)
Time Machine Took A Nap
shutting down
Bootcamp - Windows XP intro screen restarts
Can't Install iTunes 10.7 on OSX 10.6.8
Start Up is Slow - and I'm worried -
windows 7 EFI boot can't be detected but windows ,8.1 and 10 preview are detected
Mavericks Upgrade
Double chime on startup...?
Chrome colour issue in Yosemite 10.10.3
iMac running slow
I deleted libstdc++.6.0.9 from usr/lib folder and now my mac won't boot
Can I Uninstall OSX El Capitan without wiping the HD?
Safari won't save downloaded .mp3 files?
How to access "Freeze Frame" option in Imovie 09
Greeting cards like Sophiescards
Can I create a data DVD on my iMac that is readable on a Windows computer.
My Mac Wont shut down
Best browser for mac.
iMovie won't rwork
Scroll button too small in Yosemite--can I make it larger?
Can't install lightroom 6 on my iMac ..
Drag and Drop doesn't function correctly
OS X Yosemite version 10.10.3
Android file/document transfer
A question based on my laziness...
Slow Mac, is there another option other than reformatting?
Changing Log-in Admin page language (Terminal)
iCloud Password popup
Address book issues
Word Search in PDF - How to highlight
Upgrades not working for snow leopard
Yosemite - Outlook 15 Office 365 sync
Macbook cannot boot from disc
How to recover a Windows 7 only MacBook Pro 2010 with no bootable device?
first backup and upgrade from 10.6.8
locating files of a certain type
MacBook Pro
problems with an ibook
kernal panic on MacBook Pro
Quicken iscrashing
Updates for Yosemite all done?
Full page problem
rsync oddities
How to globally turn off the dialog box saying doesn't recognize website & lets yo
Is it possible to automate anything?
Preview Password Not Working on Document??
Refurbished Mac needs new admin password
"moving item to trash" very slow when deleting from second internal HDD
Removing files owned by deleted user account
finder idiosyncracies
Trying to reduce Safari Browser Window when opening up Safari
Music from audio cassettes to iMac
Yosemite Upgrade - Can't Send Pics
TEXTEDIT - Weird characters in downloaded .txt files
iMovie Transitions
Guidelines for Installing Security Updates out of Sequence
Can't open Apple Hardware Test; what gives???!
Can't Login, does start up but can't login
Any File Recovery Programs that Actually Work With Mac OS 10.4?
No Available Themes
Expose Buttons as Back Buttons?
Log in page
Yosemite- time to download yet?
Peoples thoughts Safe mode gives a black screen . . .
How do I get Yosemite to activate my Microsoft Mouse software at login?
systemversion.plist accidently sent to desktop
how does the dictating function in Yosemite 'learn'?
iCloud unwanted invitation to log in
Selfassigned IP on Yosemite
editing music tracks
Email return issues
Got the flags in Mail to work, now the "flagged mail box disappeared
Reinstall OSX
Mail flags not showing colors, only words
Making space on Hard Drive
MacBook Air closing down
back up assistance
DNS Solution Yahoo Error Handler
Where's my music?
imac PDF document are Black
Macbook Air SSD Problem after erase
Can't Reinstall OSX Yosemite
Webpages not working in Yosemite
Need Advice Regarding iCloud
mac osx 10.9.5 maverick no colored bar in storage?
Help: PopUp Ads
Macbook Pro Disk full--Disk size error?
Photoshop CS 6 update for MacBook Retina 2015
Best mac 2015 - Adobe Creative Suite
Help on how to unzip this certain file
running update script after every reboot
download youtube from Safari-green box
Requeriments for reinstalling OS X Using Recovery
Software issue
ms office transfer to macbook pro
problem searchin from Finder...
Office for Mac 2011
create a group in mavericks
Irritating constant message
Help with New OS X 10.9.5 install please
Is it possible to go back to Maverick
Running Windows Programs
iPhoto and Photos
adobe flasher upgrade
no start up disc
Moving multiple files from multiple folders into one
Win 7 pwd in Bootcamp stopped working; should I erase partition and reinstall?
image data coruption
MacBook delete and reset
Application Icons Invisible on Dock
qmidi software and web midi with Yosemite?
Erase Disk and reset computer and settings
Slow System
Yosemite update frozen screen
Adobe CS4 on Mac OSX Yosemite
Spoofing Flash player for leopard 10.5
Flash player
How to back-up files after macbook pro (OS X, ver 10.9) has crashed?
Snow Leopard Google syncing
No exit on Mac Mini
Know any apps to detect malware
deleting files from trash bin
safari locked up
Logging Network Traffic
Adobe assistance
Can I put Yosemite on 2010 macbookpro
Iphone malware?
Adobe Lightroom & iPhoto
Low level formatting of an SD card
Bluetooth keyboard erratic behaviour. Urgent please help!!
Mail and Safari crash on opening in OSX10.6.8
Extravagant ram usage - Yosemite
Reformat HD to original
What's the easiest way to transfer a MAC install to a new harddrive
Macbook Pro Mid 2012 - OS X Yosemite 10.10.3 crashes
OS X 10.10.4 Beta Tester Needs HELP!
Stacks disappeared from Dock
time machine
shortcuts keyboard