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Cocoa, Objective C - where do I start?
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Wrapping a .Jar in a .App
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gcc for 10.3 Panther
telnet in terminal
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OH MY GOD i am screwed, please help
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Delete Key Doesn't Work in xterm - How to Fix It?
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Beginner...Please Help!!
majflt field
Xcode 1.5
Need a Programmers Help
applescript help
Time based events
XCode environment
Running Blackbox
Changing Terminal Colors using Unix Commands?
Fullscreen Terminal
how to install Perl
Beginning OSX Development
General development questions
blackbox and .xinitrc
terminal is messed up
changing date and time without giving password
Missing Manifest
How to use Xcode for C++
How to install GCC version 4.xx????
retrieving and changing the ip address
eWorld recreation, anyone?
Command to view and change Swap space
Web page- does it load for you?
Compiling to a binary?
Quick Apple Script Question
SQLITE_CORRUPT problem with sqlite library
help to install dsniff / ettercap
run Preview from x11
Can I use Windows apps on an Intel Core Duo iMac?
how to open eml file from terminal?
Cannot configure OpenGL / GLUT
Problems with the Terminal
Where the VB in the Mac World?
what is single user mode
C++ IDE and/or Compiler for other OS
Using cc in darwin: command not found.
OpenGL Shader Builder on intel iMac issues
x11 Installation Problems
Problem with gprof
opendarwin on a sata drive
Request: Help/Advice for web service widget
Virtual Network Computing(VNC)
Questions about COBOL
Killing a command with an unknown pid
changing directory permission problem
Quick Apple Script Question
Making a Shell Script Executable
Host Name length in MAC
Editing the path
Newbie programmer needs JAVA help in XCODE
Need help creating a simple app...
PHP 4.3.11 to PHP 5
Applescript to change DVD player info color.
Multiple Definition error for shared libraries
Transferred files problem
Looking for some advice.
Compiling SDL programs with g++
Uptime command
Matlab!, NO CD, and x11
Using files with Xtool
Getting XDarwin to run
Maintainer needed
X-11 Issues
Running UNIX Programs On My Mac, Questions
Applescript to turn on Bluetooth
I/O Kit and PCI Driver Questions
Features I miss from Visual Studio, now using xCode...
gcc compiler, no stdio.h found
Programming tools on Mac
Beginner Mac Developer
Need advice on programming.
compiling a c program
Compiler ...
Differences between Darwin and RedHat Fedora?
Boots into Darwin after login!
Boots into Darwin after Login!
help with unix prog
Compiling FFMPEGX, would i get 64bit in os x4?
Irssi Help?
Terminal and Applescript
php questions
REALbasic 4.5 worth $25?
MacAddict Backup Script
cleaning up
I was wondering
Form fields for widget
Java Development
VI Question, PC to MAC switcher
Need help customizing sudo
Trying to learn C on Mac
Shell script question
Tiger: What happened to /Developer directory?
LMSetWindowList() replacement in Carbon
Darwine on OS X x86
Steps to take to learn Development, what first?
Get1Resource always returns NULL.
Command line arguments
Help with IFconfig!
CreateResFile equivalent for OS X
color on the terminal
Unix Newb with a question
help with installing ports thru Darwinports
Knoppix download......on mac
Getting launchd working
Scheduled Backup With Dejavu - Cannot backup
VIM on the terminal
Unix Reference Guide
Good freeware Game devolping Software?
setting up ssh
Java 1.5 (5.0) for Tiger available
sudo: ports: command not found
Starting Out
Good developer forum?
Switching but Cocoa/xcode help
Notification of File Accesses
Mac Mini - Control Power LED
Can't find August 2003 gcc updater
customised databrowser
program exit code
Trying to writing .img file to a Compact Flash
System Startup
XCode Include path problem
Fink not behaving with zsh
Java From Terminal
How do I get to darwin's GUI, from the treminal?
how do i install x11 via panther cd?
Help! OSX exits to Darwin
./configure error
iBook and C
Need help creating application...
Go-Mono for Mac
OpenGL - GLUT trouble
XCode (Help with error messages) First - Using the word "new" as a variable Problems
KDE native install
Alternative to terminal app
Missing Header Files
Need help compiling Xboard
I'm Having Darwin Problems
best book on darwin
Trying to compile using the Terminal
newbie question
Accessing and adding files to /usr/bin
Where to start looking for software/
AppleScript Studio
mounting ext3 filesystems on panther
PYTHON PROGRAMMERS!!! how do i compile/run linux-based python code on OS X
Mac and Active Directory
ssh to linux box.
'screen' command in unix
Icon Creation
X server
Programming in OS X
Changing the login message in Darwin
Networking from single user mode
Fink and finding programs
Good DASM prog for osx?
[ANN] New comprehensive AppleScript book
Super user
C dynamic libraries with mac os x
ipfw config file?
emulating an emulator
WND C++ in Virtual PC
Resize Terminal Window
Getting in the ADMIN
How can i boot directly into the darwin command line
MacOSX and SDL... _main undefined?
Java and xcode
Linux Games
Free C++ compilers
s/w dev education recommendation?
Decompiling .u's
Do's and Do nots
Help About Terminal!
"shutdown -fh now" vs. the power button
Porting Unix/Linux Games to Mac Os X
write to file from kext
Running a Linux program in OS X
compression to mp4 codec?
Custom Internet Application Randomly Freezing
Ping log
iFink i'll won't use Fink but Xfree86... but how...
pc -> mac | visual studio c++ .net -> ?
not understanding why it will not compile
Random Wallpaper
Mimicing Interface Builder behavior
Darwin starting on the restart! help needed!
OpenCV with a Mac?
Memory leak/error tool for OS X?
Xcode building apps
c++ editor - xcode
What is PRD?(Physical Region Descriptor)
applescript help with Real Player
MS Visual C++ to XCode
can't SU or login as root
Finding a file (application)
getting an X11 fink binary to run from the doc?
Urgent Plzzzzzzzzzzz Help!
Apache does not start
How do I make a backup copy of my Ibook?
using terminal for ftp
Xcode C++ Compiler error
GCC error
Getting info after running a command
Darwin Crash
App Idea!
XCode linking question
Process tracker
Programming on the Mac
controll/read iTunes via. PHP
Newbie wiht xcode/opengl
Apache Cocoon Dev
zooming (in/out) an object in xCode
tutorial for small browser
How to read from .CFUserTextEncoding ?
Finding an Apple sample app (TCPLogger)
How exactly do I use X11?
Which X11 to use?
Running Linux apps on my Mac or Linux itself
Fink? X11? ???
ftp gurus please help
Tiling Help!
OS X cf issue..
how can i set the path?
CFMX & Tomcat install Issues!!
Python Problems
Terminal n°°bizm 3 for the price of 1
Assembly Programing?
NetInfo and password creation
OSX Development Platform
Converting VB projects to RealBASIC
fstab and duplicate partitions
Importing source to XCode
Awk Scripts - bash terminal?
Xcode doesn't run application correctly
Sweet Unix
Question about exceptions in C++ via Xcode
Mac defrag (not)
starting motif?
Newbie programmer needs advice
opening a file in c++
x11 installation trouble
flex 2.5.4a and g++3.3 problem
mounting drives from a terminal
nVIDIA Cg on the mac
tsch script - nested loop dynamic variable reference
newbie Q - how to wait for keystroke in gcc/xcode ??
xcode c++ problem
Installign GIMP / the 'make' command
httpd.conf problems
MySQL password retardation
trying to figure out darwin
Scripting a cron job to post data to a url via variable
C++ preprocessor fails sanity check
Any MS Visual C++ Equivalent for Mac?
GLUT & OpenGL problems
creating os9 installer
windows message cmd
Java 1.4.1/OS 10.2.3 runtime exec fails
compiling gaim
Print problems in OS 10.3
newbie help (dumb terminal settings?)
languages in xCode
XCode build hangs?
MAC Performance Monitoring
MySQL Logging. . .
GCC Version Selection
UNIX C Compile Error
make and CDRecord
File type code from the command line
Easiest Compiled Language in Xcode?
Xcode Issues with C/C++ Compilation
Creating Databases in MySQL using Darwin
anyone can help me (to sign an applet on MacOS X) ?
developer tools for jaguar?
weird XCode problem
Upgrading PERL Forum Setup, MySQL, etc.
radio Buttons
Inter7 QmailAdmin
JVM Runtime Warning
New Xcode plug-in helps developers reuse code
xnu (kernel) and strcpy
Xcode developer tools updated
X Server arp table
Darwin 7.0 source code posted
Browser Idea
Project Builder Questions
unablle to download the tar file
apache server (httpd.conf error)
Creating an Installer with PackageManager
webserver & ftpserver
Darwin 6.7 and 6.8 source code posted
Blue World announces Lasso Professional 7
make command
Starting OS X apps using Darwin
Enabling PHP in Mac OS 10.2
Oracle ? on Mac OS 10.x
mysql : my first table
mysql.sock -- what goes in the file?
Any MySQL users (gurus) out there?
Learning Perl
How to suspend the current process for a while programatically.
shell customization
Apple Darwin OS 6.6 released
Wanna hear something really cool?
A warning about the ADC site.
Getting started on developing for OSX.
Learning Darwin
Developer Connection
lsmac -- Resource fork-savvy version of ls
REALBasic Tutorials
Colored ls
Installing pdksh
Open GUI applications as root widget
REALbasic 5.0
Mac Developers
"Invisify" files and directories in the Finder
Moving the swapdir in OS X 10.2.x
X11 for OSX
Single User Mode Start Up
Fixing the Default Housekeeping schedule
List your installed applications
Get your IP address
Backup data to CD via the command line
Duplicate a CD/DVD-ROM via the command line
Install pure-ftpd
Install Qpopper
Finding disk usage by file type
Fixing tcsh in OS X 10.2.x
Install Webmin
Xfree86 or XDarwin
subcontract of installation package. Anybody interested?
Apache + PHP + MySQL