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Should I Get The I Book
PAL tv-out
Dead Pixels :(
is it possible to pick up a apple refurb at an apple store?
PowerBook Battery question.
Graphite ibook humming noise
pics of your gear
icurve and keyboard for 12 inch
missing hard drive space.
PowerBook wont start up
iBook G4 800 MHz RAM
Dare it touch the desk?
Powerbook 15" Aluminum Memory Upgrade
Thinking about getting a Powerbook
Call of Duty on 15inch PowerBook
i'm getting tired of all these small dumb things
can i get a crack copy of logic for my ibook osx.3
Lost modem after upgrade to 10.3
Ibook overheating???
Making the "switch"
Why is it slow?
Repair Permissions Trouble
LCD Screen Dim
everything crashes
eMac to Powerbook
iTunes... "authorization"???
what do i do?
why won't my fonts work in classic?
can I add RAM to my Powerbook?
Powerbook Screen Care
PowerBook + iPod back-to-school deal
quick question
PowerBook G5 rumours?
Retreiving Mac files on a PC CD
Whats up with my PB?
screen protector + sleeping
PB Battery 99%
What one!!!!
TV on PowerBook???
laptop bag - 15.2 PB - help
Xbox on A Powerbook
Does the PB come standard with 1x512 or 2x256 ram?
Best Place to Buy Ram?
My PB Seemed to get Slower..
Program that searches for and removes files that uninstalled progs leave behind
Question for all you 15" Powerbook owners
snow G3 ibook CD ROM - plays CDs with added noise
External DVD burner
Offline Browsing Applications??
iBook Hardware Test
Help..How to connect wirelessly with an Access Point?
Powerbook keyboard cleaning
ibook "unexpectedly" quits a lot of programs
Was thinking about getting an ibook, need help.
custom painting for PowreBook G4
HELP! CD/DVD Disk Drive Not Working!
Please help - Safari shuts automatically!!!
please respond
Won an iBook on a bet and it won't wake up... Help
Wireless Mouse or not?
Sound Quality of iBooks
What to get 15 or 17 inch PB
My girlfriends ibook is running kinda slow
Connecting Powerbook to external projector
which one to get...
Ibook stuff
Screen Wake up Latency?
Researching 12" iBook G4 1Ghz
Powerbook won't read DVD-R??
Panther install cause screwy display
Apple care plan
Endless Sleep - never returns from sleep
powerbook battery life
Close ibook without going to sleep?
Connecting iBook/PowerMac 7300/500 ?
iBook G4 Getting Hot!
How long does the battery last on this iBook?!
Why no port replicator \ docking station for PB?
Desktop Background with a lot of WHITE space
Internal Bluetooth module for iBook G4?
Power issues
Lapboard recommendation
ibook boot sequence
Yikes! iBook G3 freezes at grey Apple on startup!
New to Mac's...
RW CD's?
Dual Display
Ibook or Powerbook
Wireless internet options?
ATT: Absolute Zero
Hd Rpm
Stuffit/ .zip files
May replace iBook with PB - need advice
Charging contacts on clamshell iBook???
Mac Help stopped working
Just got my 17 inch Powerbook!!!
You scared me guys! Some encouragement needed!
A few questions about my new powerbook..
If I do this,
Why is this slow?
ibook and reformatting???
Does the Powerbook have a built-in microphone?
how long can i leave my powerbook sleeping for?
Scrambled Screen Signal...
Just Got my new Powerbook
Memory Upgrade
new ibook...
Help me I need used G3 500mhz procesor for POWERBOOK
New PB 12" RevC or pre-owned PB15" RevB
iBook G3 HDD
Ibook newbie :)
Cracking Noise when Closing Lid after being opened for a long period of time
Just ordered my new Powerbook!!!
New replacement on the way
12" 800MHZ and 12" 1GZ
iBook G4 Old Software/OS 9.1??
Reinstalling osx 10.3
I need Appleworks!
Sharing Files Between xp & os x panther
Some Applications..
MiniDisc & OS X
AppleWorks 6 (Panther version)
I/O error
Third Hard Drive Failure In 2 Months Omg Fun.
My 1.33GHz PowerBook Vs My 2.8GHz Acer
My new iBook
need help
Warranty fine print...this is bad!
Resolution problem when connecting to monitor
In the Box?
Help - CD/DVD drive problem
Need help deciding on Powerbook
Powerbook battery help needed.
Ram help
pbook 1.33 or 1.25 ?
How to burn a PC readable CD of .jpeg files???
Powerbook G4 videocard?
Issues with Apple and my PB G4
G3 iBook shutdowns and won't startup
Powerful enough for Java development etc.?
ibook freezes at startup
bag to carry pb in
deleting files takes up more space???
dilemma...pls help
CD stuck!
iBook + games?
powerbook ram
How is the g4 1.33 compared to a pentium M?
iBook G4 and OS 9
new ibook owner here!
12" ibook questions
Connecting to the net
Got a great rucksack to carry my 12" powerbook around.
iBook G4 Display
Horrible Graphics!!!
G5 Powerbooks?
Questions regarding Ibook
Connect to external display
Reattach "detached" key
Screen Flutter
higher resolution?
iBook and Wireless Internet
Got my new Powerbook! But need help!
Battery Dies Before It Should: After 20 minutes
Does processor speed affect internet browsing?
Ibook clamshell recommendation
bluebooth and my mac! HELP
New mac user...advice would be much appreciated thanks!
Wireless woes
Now this is a powerbook...
hello all, Im new here!!!
Sleep / PMU problems ?
.connect to server.g3.pwrbk.
I am so disqusted at this point...
2nd Port?
Almost about to make the switch, have a question still.
Alum. Powerbook (rev b)
another basic PC transition question
Best 3rd party ram?
G4 iBook / VCR video capture
Powerbook AC Adapter
Car Charger
Help My ibook of 3 years has had power coard's pin brake off in the powe suply
Ati 9700 256mb
Rubber Feet for Powerbook
new power book wont turn off
Why is rebooting bad for the computer? How does it affect performance?
How does this sound?
Powerbook Fan/heat
Wildeepz: Opinions?
ibook restore help
New convert - hugh questions
Apple and their hard drive company should both go to hell!
ibook 1ghz g4 doesnt work with 30gb portable drive! HELP! Apple folks are stumped!
Safari sometimes turns text into gibberish
Liner to put in between screen and keyboard when closing powerbook?
Just a quick question for all
help help help help!!!!
Will it hold up ??
.converting quicktime.
How do I upgrade RAM?
Why do things get fuzzy when I swith screen resolutions?
Public [or not so] WAP's: A Discussion
i'm thinking to switch from pc to mac g4? help!
New To mac Need help! G3 Ibook OSX display problems
Is there such thing as a trackpad cover?
Just ordered my new powerbook
.burning to DVD.pixel.
cut copy paste functions
What's up with this battery life?
Just got it!!
wall street blues
ibook questions (3rd party wirless, keyboards etc)
iBook Display Problem
12" 4X SuperDrive not burning at 4X?!?!
Thinkin of selling my 15 TiPB and getting a new one..worth it?
ibook or Powerbook?
Yeah, I just had my first Mac screw over, too
ibook LCD
Had my First Mac Snaffu Last Night and it Boggles Me
Why has OSX slowed down my 3d graphics?
Dilemma: new 14" iBook or new 15" Powerbook
Upgrading 1.2ghz iBook ram?
Obsolete RAM?
Which would you reccommend?
DVD-R suggestions for revC PB
DVD Movies Very Dark
LOL - "iBook Killers"
Is 512mb RAM sufficent?
powerbook getting pretty hot
powerbook G4 Titanium hinge For sale on eBay
iBook G4 800 RAM Upgrade question
G4 ibook enquiries.....
Question about DVD player
Your iBook Set up Pics!
Energy Saver
Older PB vs New iBook?
G4 1 GHz vs G4 1.33 GHz
went from PC to Mac.....why?????
Upgrading Ram in iBooks.
a couple of basic PB questions
Whats a good PB case?
Sound Quality of iBook
G4 battery
Just got my iBook!!!!
Frozen mouse - iBook
Question on powerbook
What would you pay for....
Just ordered my new PowerBook! 5.1 surround sound, how?
Gaming on a new iBook?
iBook 600 - RAM or Hard Drive?
checklist for checking out refurb 15" PB
Firewire Hard Drives
Ram Upgrade
An observation of the dark side...
RAM for the new Powerbook 1.5 ghz
12"Powerbook vs G5
New to Apple products: help me chose proper specs!
strange behaviour from my powerbook
Powerbook Anyone?
Powerbook Docking Station
What's the screen response time for the new 17" PB?
Save Money on Superdrive (External DVD-R?)
G4 Powerbook 9.1 Startup Disc Problems
What AMD and Intel processors would be comparable to the G4 1.5 GHz?
768MB RAM Vs 1.25 Gigs RAM
Who got thiers...?
I bought an ibook on sunday!
Key Symbols
New Powerbook released just after I bought mine?
New Powerbook owner....
iBook g4 12" new 1ghz
IBOOK G4, EXE files and DC ++
Powerbook keyboard issue
12" mini dvi question
2gb, 1gb RAM....anybody?
New Powerbooks Released
G3 Temp Monitor?
Powerbook g4 Vs. Ibook g4 (Speed)
ibook combo drive?
Startup problem/
Quick screen wipe
Warrenty Information
Sound decided not to work anymore
Doing the Switch!!!
Any Memory Brand?
powerbook and external monitors
Power Supply Busted.. Again!!!
Watch TV on Ibook
Good place to get some extra SD-RAM in UK?
Powerbook 12", 15", 17"?
Do I need more RAM?
Dual Monitor question
Disc won't insert
12" iBook plus tax
Bluetooth Mouse and iBook.
OS update process?
PB Update?
Ibook bevel switch ??? reward for info
PowerBook G4 & L2 cache
Pleaaaaaaaaaase Update The Powerbook Line
iBook G4 Battery
iBook G4 Hard Drive Upgrade
File association errors
Max RAM for an iBook?
PowerMac VS PowerBook
Apples Customer servise
And what font are you suppose to be?
G4 12'' keyboard and screen dead pixel
Some oddities
We have a new addition to the Apple world!
Am I doing something wrong? (3 questions)
Reinstall OSX on Powerbook Ti
help with repair disk permissions...
Is the iBook right for me?
ibook, new coatings for trackpad?
Connecting Trackpad
nothing will save to hd
.firewire pcmcia card.
Powerbook always seems to be loading something....
When did you get your iBook?
Mouse Icon
replacement rubber ibook feet
Backlight goes off when ibook is open past 60 degrees. Advice?
Gigabit battery life
any temperature apps?
Using an ibook with the top closed?
I am so pissed. I hate ibooks, i was going to buy one
Question on 12" iBook
iBook on standby - damage HD
G4 getting quite hot!!?
G4 800 w 384MB or G4 933 w 256MB
iBook Clamshell DVD Upgrade
Annoying Gap in 17" Powerbook when screen closed - my solution
speakers for ibook
ibook newbie question
Hard Drive Question!
Ram Question
Back-Lit Keyboard
Where do you use YOUR Powerbook?
Double letters?
PB 15" pros & cons
panasonic slot load dvd burner compatiblity
Just bought iBook package
I constantly have to restart my Powerbook!
Which Replacement Battery Model is Best?
External Firewire Drive
Wallstreet, HD wont spin up.
Switching and considering iBook
DVD-R and Superdrive
Powerbook Sleep Issue
Powerbook will not turn on from ps...
Weird popping sounds
iChat AV
Application Mail has unexpectedly quit
WTF just happened?
ibook not starting
ibook optical drive replacment
867Mhz vs. 1Ghz 12"
First post: Power issue
iBook Freaking Out!
Quark shortcuts on titanium pwbk
2 minor problems - expose hot keys and how to reboot
Loss hard disk space
Slow flash, shockwave and Java...
Copy pictures
640 MB, 1 ghz, 60 HD
ya gotta hear this one
keeps frezzing
Bought a 466SE Clamshell....lots of questions
Going to tell my teacher...
Cord that connects iBOok to different monitor
iBook decision - 900MHz G3 vs. current models
screen colouring.....
iBook 12inch
powerbook ? is it really all that
Where are iBooks built
where are speakers
Ibook G4 coupons
aaah my baby!
upgrade ibook to superdrive!
battery life
U.S powerbook
When to buy? .mac question
Processor Speed when running PS 7
Lexmark x5150 driver
am I just being fussy ?
Utilities Folder... *poof*
PowerBook for OS X with SCSI port
What happened to my iBook today?
printer sharing
Mermory for ibook G4
Please help: Can't get Powerbook g3/500 to boot
iBook screenshots
jesus needs your help
powerbook (freak fire )replacement
Powerbook purse
why why why powerbook burned
iBook ethernet help - OS 9
I'm fond of my PC programs... Will my powerbook support them?
Buyers Beware Of Old Scam From New Country
Powerbook and Windows
Wait time after ordering?
Wallstreet Powers Off
ibook + heat
just wondering
PCMCIA Ethernet card
powerbook memory?
clamshell hacks
PowerBook Folder/File problem
Need questions satisfied or NO SWITCH
Sleep Light--what's the point?
final cut express 2 and powerbook
Bad things about the powerbook
PowerBook Battery question
screen hinge
Should I go wireless?
boot up time
power trouble at 100%
The New
Blueberry iBook 300Mhz, and Linux Distros
Inserting PCMCIA cards causes 'hang' type behaviour
internet through cell phone??
Quick Question..
ibook g4 slot disc drive
closed screen - space
downlaoding problems???
Ibook that has all kinds of problems
iBook Questions
CD in drive
Please Help!! System problems
Powerbook 1400cs
Ok to leave laptop on?
G4 Powerbook problems
ibook g4 antena question
hard case or sleeve for ibook
G5 Pwbk
The swich and Ibook questions
How to clean the iBook G4
Help with upgrading from 500 to 800 ibook
Is there a way I can clean/polish my 15in PB screen?
Move All Info from Old to New PowerBook
Virtual PC
do in want RAM?
Very Disappointed
ibook 933mhz & Garageband
iBook 933 fan on, wont startup
Interested in purchasing powerbook... have some questions
Photoshop Help PLEASE!
Making A Website
ibook 300mhz -- what is the max ram i can use?
Backlit Keyboard
PB Lagging?
PB G3 won't boot from CD
It's En Route!
usb mouse freakiness
Info wanted on ibooks.
Linksys Wi-Fi B Router - Can't connect from Mac
Kernel Panicks Bonanza
ibook dual usb 12" display problem :(
How do I tell if they gave me a 5400rpm drive?
whats up with the 4200 and 5400 rpm hard drives?
12" PowerBook HD Upgrade question
Powerbook G4 vs. ibook G4 ? help
thanks guys
ibook Sound Quality
PC files on Maxtor. Will new PB recognize them?
Got Me a PB
new ibook G4
White or Silver
Ibook G4 Help
iBook G4 and Memory
800 vs 933 vs 1000mhz PowerPC G4
Probably A Stupid Question
G3 Powerbook stuck at trying to boot CD
1.2 GB of HD space filling up until restart
need Help.. Quick...
ibook and final cut express 2
bootup sound - changeable or hardwired?