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recalibrating battery
Just thought I'd share a story
How often does the iBook get a new model?
G3 Password Security
.start up items.
Can iBook 300 use PC100 instead of PC66 RAM?
How to copy onto a CD, a backup of Medal of Honor?
Recording using Garageband
power supply clicks
Dodgy connections in ibook?
ibook Hard Drives
Apple or Toshiba
ibbok g3 to g4
Where to buy iBook 12.1"
resolution on 12"
what is max ram for my iBook??
static noise on 17"
iBook RAM
PC user new to iBook G4
Some strange errors...
Sound outputs
12in or 14in ibook which one is right 4 me?
12" modem crashing!
trouble deleting a folder
Powerbook start-up as external Hard Drive
5.1 USB soundcard for iBook
Problems connecting to servers
Bronze Keboard - Keyboard Tab Issue
Speed up the startup on OS X?
PowerBook Battery
My connection hangs after a peroid of inactivity
Installing Panther on Powerbook G3 Wall-Street?
any fit/finish problems in your 14" G4 iBook?
Please help - G3 400Mhz Lombard recognizes 256MB SODIMM as 128MB?
HELP! Memory upgrade nightmare
Upgradind from 512mb RAM worth it?
iBook G3 versus iBook G4 ?
powerbook & g4 upgrade card trouble
NIC not being recognised by hubs
Final Cut Express II for an iBook?
need a car adapter...
strange beeping sound
Modem msg: "Could not open the communication device"
Modem msg: "Could not open the communication device"
new and need some help
g3 iBook dies, then revives itself, then dies..
can someone clarify this "logic board" stuff i have been hearing?
does anyone have an ibook with a battery that actually fits
In need of new HD for clamshell ibook!!!
Connect G4 iBook TV?
Showing wears already
Sleep mode power book G3 problem
G3 or G4 and a few other questions...
memory question?
Powerbook Fan
External SuperDrive?
faint white spots
How long should I wait to purchase?
iBook v. PowerBook recommendations
I need hardware advice
Ready 2 Switch
Printing to a Windows PC
Font Book or Extensis X1?
hard drive question
Suddenly Shuts Off - Won't Wake Up
G5 PowerBook?
worth $200 for 1ghz ibook over 933mhz?
Latest PB 12" - Contrast?
Internet Via Mobile Phone Help
Switching From A PC
Need recommendations for an ibook no greater than $1000
Pocket CDs in slot loading CD
Can't schedule sleep or shutdown
iBook 600 MHz Battery Problem! HELP!!!!!!!
video card swap-outs
power book incarnations
New Mac User - Disappointed
list of bluetooth compatible phones?
Help finding a dvd rom for a powerbook g3/266
TiBook submersed in water: Can I put the hardrive in a Powerbook G3?
Does this happen?
Cigarette Power inverter?
1152 Megabyte iBook
Battery problem
ibook can't find the modem
panther on clamshell......
NEED HELP! 15" pb vs. 12" pb vs. ibook vs. a desktop...
Mobile Internet Access
867mhz 12-inch Powerbook memory upgrade...
reformat ?
Soundsticks with 15" PB
UK and US ibook keyboard .... is this true?
Processor difference AMD/Intel vs. GX
Cellular Options with a Mac Portable (iBook?)
Weird Problem
Radiation or Health Concerns?
Defective battery
Using an external cdrw w/bluberry ibook
ibook g4 or powerbook??
just bought blueberry iBook........
Bluetooth Mouse
Can't boot OS10.2 on an external USB device
iBook CD drive.
upgrading combo drive to superdrive
Sound output
.computer desks.
Overcharging battery?
PowerBook G4 17 Take-Apart
iBook Security, Cost & Efficiency Questions & Concerns
CD Won't Eject from Superdrive
custom alerts
Apple care will not fix my PB
ibook lcd
At the process of installing AE card (Need Help)
Thinking about 12" iBook G4
Powerbook maximum memory
powerbook car charger
Powerbook G4 superdrive problem
Mouse for iBook
I-Book startup issue
Automatic Shut Down When Battery Low?
ibook G4 processor comparison
lombard freeze on "set-up"
Cleaning the Keyboard.
circle with line through it on start up
how can I destroy hard drive?
I think I'm ready to switch...kinda
Please Help
Scratch on new iBook.
Dead Pixels
pb memory - i know this has been covered
cpu speed problem
iBook Problem (World Book 2003 Issue)
downloading files
building an IBook from parts
Apple Financing, or Lease?
Scrolling function on the touchpad?
iBook 500 start-up problems.
PB Latch
Performance of FCP4 in ibook G4
1ghz g4 ibook vs 1ghz g4 pb
help, lombard will not start up
ibook battery meter not working, Always 99% and calculation remaining
Backlit keyboard on 15" 1GHz?
Power Book or G5
Custom case plastic
Computer locking up after wierd screen blurp
how to uninstall sytem 9
iBook battery fails after HD replacerment
Completely Uninstalling!?
I'm thinking about getting an iBook 1GHz G4
ibook grease spots
TiBook vs. AlBook
Blank CD Not Shown on Desktop
virtual pc... does it suck?
Help - CD Rom
US ibook with chinese keyboard?!?!
Ti G4 s-Video Out
Powerbook G3
Panther, Older _G3_ Powerbooks and battery life
ibook vs. powerbook: any suggestions?
thinking of buying PB12"
Power adapter and Window problems
Panther Pre installed? What?
ibook - CPU Upgrade
powerbook G4 crashed..please help!!
Installed (2) new 512MB SDRAM, pleased so far...
ibook G4 trackpads are not working properly
Replacing screen on 12.1" g4 powerbook
Running AutoCad
iBook Crash - Hard Drive? OS?
Dual G4 PowerBooks?
KVM switching with a PC using 20" cinema
Black screen
I Have The Money... But Will an iBook Do Me?
Turn off sleep
Faxing via a Bluetooth Cellular phone. Help!
Dead iBook
iBook G4 Questions - DV Camera and Internet Sharing
West Australian students get iBooks
What processor?
Battery Problems?
Rig up a biger screen?
Trans Intl. offers 1GB iBook G4 memory modules
backlit keyboard
Using my PB as a DVD player on my 27in tv..questions
iBook's new slot loading CD drive
battery life
Epson Printer not appearing in Print Center
New ibook scratches on LCD from keyboard!!! defect?
Going to get a iBook G4 12", a few questions...
blinking folder icon - hard drive upgrade
Thinking of switching, have questions...
powerbook won't turn on HELP !!!!!
iBooks Performance Question
Ibook and sony mavica cd problem
English O/S on French Laptop?
12" powerbook and external DVD-Burner
wet powerbook! HELP!
G4 Aluminium 256MB upgrade
iListen on powerbook
PowerBook G5 is 'going to be a while'
Panther, Older G4 Powerbooks and battery life
ibook logic board petition
Video Editing on G4 iBook (800 MHz)
IP connection on powerbook
Panther = speaker clicking?
High-capacity battery for G3 PowerBooks announced
PB Ram Upgrade
17" Cooling Fan Or Not?
About screens diferences
firmware update?
Plug and Play?
Powerbook Freezes
How to change icon in Mac OSX Jaguar?
PB Ram Upgrade
Great AppleCare
recording audio ?
laptop protector
Battery broken!?!
new to powerbook
Difference Between iBook G4 and PB G4?
Jaguar to Panther Upgrade
down grading mac OS X 10.2
using samsung vga1000 phone with mac
Powerbook 15.2" screen
New Mac, Old Printer
Apple unveils next generation G4 iBooks
MacResQ announces PowerBook/iBook HD upgrades
System Bus
fileshare powerbook 280c to win xp machine
1GHz RAM for 12" PB, anyone?
PB G3 DVD? Lombard 400
PowerBooks and Games
Finally got it replaced!
turning off sleep
PowerBook Rumors
My New PB And Anxiety
Not so powerful?
Clamshell buyer's advice
PowerBook quality?
keyboard doesn't work
Memory Question Please
San Jose, CA students the latest to get iBooks
Two air bubles on mousepad?!?
A Question Of Memory
So sick of PowerBook
HELP! My Power Book
Memory Problem
new mac user
abused powerbook issue
How much does your battery stick out?
Gonna buy a PB, got some questions
New Powerbooks
Processor upgrade?
Yes! I got my PB back today!!!!
Rubber feet height?
Battery Problems
MPlayer OS X 2 no colours on TV
powerbook nightmare
Question to
Processor speed vs. battery life
Processor settings
please help ?
Sleep Problem
How far do you have to push a cd into the slot before it takes it?
Powerbook won't sleep
wont work with battery & date/time resets to 1970?
Video card in 12"
10.2.8 update release Oct 3
cost of new lower shell?
point of curiosity 10.2.8
3D / video rendering in PBs
over heat???
15.2 PowerBook-Baffling Behavior
Is my RAM compatible?
High pitched sound
Energy Saver settings
ibook not starting up
Where should I buy my new PB? (US)
Got New Powerbook... Got a question?
Daystar announces G4 upgrades for PowerBook G3s
Adobe Acrobat, WMP, QuickTime, and new Powerbook Aluminum
Apple won't cover my cracked screen...There goes another $1259!!!
iBook ethernet question....
Clamshell iBooks anyone?
Blueberry AC Adapter ?;s
I love my iBook
15'' powerbook case
USA powerbook in UK.
Getting A PowerBook
I might be getting annoying, but I got a few more questions.
My screen cracked!!!
Stillwater, Minn. students, teachers to get iBooks
12'' pb dsl connection problems?
New PowerBooks stacked up against Power Mac G5s
Adapter/Charger Heat?
Screenshots, or Pics?
12" or 15"?
12 inch powerbook
Apple VP: G5 PowerBook a matter of 'solid engineering'
!help might buy an Ibook
Carroll, Iowa students and teachers to get iBooks
lost my power adapter...
NuPower high-capacity batteries for PowerBooks debut
300MHz Performance
Apple unveils new PowerBooks
900mhz G3 vs Intel
Cd Ripping Speeds?
Clicking Sound?
The Dreaded Ibook Battery problem...
12" powerbook heat !help!
RAM Purchases
Questions About Buying, and Mac in general
ibook vs. power book::
640 MB RAM makes my 12-inch PB G4 scream
Battery / Sleep Questions
DVD Burning?
Illinois students begin to receive iBooks
Alaska school district providing PowerBooks to students
Shinza debuts ZeroShock notebook sleeves, cases
Restarting and Sleeping
upgrade optical to combo drive in ibook 800?
17" PC laptops push portability limits, unlike PowerBook
New Idea
My iBook has a fan!
iBook - Need some help, going to sell it
Ibook dirty above the battery ?
Upgrading Memory
Hard Decision
MacSkinz releases 12" PowerBook
I finally got a MAC!!!
My BlueBerry IBook and OS X.2 Jaguar
12" PowerBook G4 humming noise
Printer!! help
Copying A Cd
Is this better than a 17" Powerbook?
A question on speed
Question on buying
Got an iBook today...
ethernet on powerbook?
Hardware update @ Apple Expo?
usb flash memory
ibook g3 366 40gb 320mb ram osx 10.2.6 - worth?
Can Powerbk detect PC HDD?
Ibook G3 128mb ram
iBook Video-out resolution
Video Recording on Titanium
spilled coffee...useless keyboard
Upgrading RAM in 867 PBook ?
I got one!
MAC isn't on top anymore...
Annoying clicking sound...
new guy. PLEASE help
PowerBook Stepups
really bugging me
Display difference between two Ti's ?
General Powerbook Question
SCreen Protectors on 15"
locked out
Battery Question
can i connect a camcorder to my 12" PowerBook G4??
dead pixel repair
ibook sleep mode
Mac OS 7.5
Bump on touch pad
Future of the G3
Interesting PowerBook Issue
Battery not seated?
Battery Power
Apple Updates iBook
When will the next PowerBooks come out?
Just Enrolled in AppleCare...
Upgrade internal disk
Apple Silent on iBook Battery Issue
Access Denied
First Post ;)
Powerbook Ad
Replacing hard-drive on iBook
New Powebooks!
Paint issues...