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New iBook over my 15in PowerBook Ti?
running another monitor
CD stuck in optical drive...
Just bought iBook, now what?
OS 9 Classic?
Mac OS X Panther on G3
battery depleting somewhat fast
finally got it!
The best way to take care of your powerbook
Stop internal drive from loading?
PC2700 vs PC2100
Aren't these two memory sticks the same?
Best ATi Drivers
Change Harddisk in PB 15" Alu
G4 ibook slot load drive
CD - TRAY won't close any more (ibook clamshell)
Trackpad no more
external dvd writer or external hard drive for ibook
AppleCare problem.. HELP!
Questions of new and old...
External Monitor
PB geting hotter than usual, and slowing performance
Can you swap RAM from iBook to iMac
Quick Question
burning CD-Rs
… What the……
Problems with shutting down and clock
recording sound
Cool Your iBook by underclocking video card????
Powerbook Superdrive problem.
TI PB 15" grey screen
Higher resolution output to external monitor????
Simple iBook Question
How do I reinstall one application?
uploadin streaming video problems
HELP: 15" Superdrive or Combo
Firewire drive mode
Scared for my iBooks sake!
SODIMM 2700 512mb DDR - is it backwards compatible to 2100?
Polishing powerbook
powebook new hi pitching noise
titanium 800MHz change harddisk
12' vs 12'
Extra Battery Needed - Suggestions?
iBook 1.2 not recognising 1GB Crucial memory
has anyone purchased an ibook from
when is the new powerbook is gonna be released?
Questions about the iBook, is it realy so great?
Video Card for the G4 ibook 1GHz
last minute iBook buying questions...
Backup connection advice
My only disappointment
Does the iBoook G4.....?
PB G3 hangs at boot (disk w/ ? icon)
12' and 14'
Is there a significant difference...
Fan won't stop
Million dollar question
power book and file vault issue
External DVD burner question(s)
Will 512 MB do the trick?
Port 3689 being blocked by Firewall? HUH???????
Dual Core?
Advice on buying Powerbook.
strange quirk... and a quick question
iBook G4 waking up on it's own while sleeping!!!
wireless networking...
iBook Logic Board - Anything better than replacement?
Just ordered my new powerbook
unlocking DVD-zone count
mac help doesn't open
I finally did it...
how to use an external screen?
17" powerbook: Bag and airline travel suggestions?
My ISP hardly ever connects first time!
Screen Joint Pops/Squeaks
Apple and Tax?
Font Smoothing Style?
Have you tried...
so im getting an ibook
First Mac
Having to reset brighness often
g4 ibook startup probs
re-install advice
screwy screen?
disabled return / enter key?
I can't beleive no one has any advice for me???
G4 Imac vs. G4 Powerbook
Is 12" screen enough for long time usage (coding)?
spinning ball at startup spins forever?????
My First Mac...
MacFax? Want to have details of your iBook ?
Kernel Panic when calibrating?
Powerbook or iBook...again.
Powerbook or iBook...again.
Printing to Xerox DC 400
Internet connection via Bluetooth with PB
Hard drive Space??
iBook G3 500MHz good enough?
stuck on startup
Who uses processor performance
Price points?
Powerbook - Good Value?
My New iBook just Shipped!
Does 30GB do it for ya?
a year old iBook to connect with a wireless network
How do I connect via airport and adsl modem?
Just bought a 600 Mhz iBook G3
Airport Problems
Would 256mb
Is this a bad time to buy a powerbook?
iBook switches off
Airport issues
Removing display casing
Hopeless newbie
PB slow with Bluetooth
AirPort Won't turn on
No Powerbook Blues...
dvd burners
cleaning the keyboard?
Another Dual Monitor Mystery....
iBook or Powerbook
memory question
Thinking Of Getting An Ibook, But is a mac right for me?
When will apple.....
DVD compatible?
The Future of the PowerBook Duo
Squeaky Spacebar!!!
iBook fan not working? Cause for alarm?
DELL and iBook?
Bluetooth Headset not compatible?
Keyboard Warped?
whats the best for battery life?
how come help menu doesn't load?
what brand of ram are you using on your powerbook
Did any of you buy from Amazon?
how do you install ram?
Y me?
Contour MiniPro / Unipro Mouse
Do you guys think this will work?
Cheapest place to buy RAM for PB Ti 1ghz?
Strange noise from PB hard drive
Bad to plug in while in sleep?
1.33 or 1.5?
cd won't eject
Clamshell iBook DVD questions
12" or 14" screen?
speakers: JBL Creature II
okay i'm getting REAL annoyed....
looking for bag for my ibook 12 inch...
playing dvds in ibook...kinda glitchy....
Some more questions.
Added 1GB RAM, not much improvement
Scanner recomendations
3 month and already killed
Dock disappearing
equvalant pc of an ibook
basic newb questions
I have "some" questions.
how to have a clear dock
how to remove the cd drive
Does IPhoto duplicate pictures when I import them?
How to force release your CD
PB Not Waking - Resetting Clock?
processor speed in regards to PC speed
big, big, huge problem, please help
Clear Dock
PowerBook USB Waking?!?
Use Pbook as 2nd display to Win XP PC
Ahh.. my CD-RW got stuck.
watching and recording tv on mac
Apple iBook G3 300 MHZ - 3GB - 160 MB RAM
just got my first apple need help
Do ibooks crash often?
dark display
can you make phone calls with ichat?
PowerBook LCD is on an angle!
jumping mouse pointer!
Buying a ibook need some help
What kind of ram did you put in your ibook?
Non-ethernet networking options for iBook?
Thinking about selling my ibook...
cleaning an oily trackpad
can you mix and match memory?
Tips to increase speed
Hard Disk Problem
problem with mac
Can you use an iTrip on an iBook?
printing with iBook
Internet Explorer Password Problems
Will 512 be enough?
Syncing my Palm Tungsten E to my ibook
G3 700mhz dual usb IBook power problem
USB Audio device probs
Purchase help - what next?
Itunes and Song Naming....
Quicktime Question
Those of you who bought your ibook from Amazon
Optimal amount of ram for ibook.....
Yet another question - wireless networking
17" Battery Life
sorry, one more newbie question
Problems accessing websites
New Ibook owner - where does my ram go?
Finally Got My Ibook!!!
Bash Script
help me with screen size 12" or 14"
Mirroring to a monitor that is higher in res than 1024x768?
Dumb questions about iBook from a new guy
French Keyboard Map
Kingston Ram for ibook
Powerbook G3-400 + iPod problems
cdrom clicking when waking up
I think I may have just decided on an iBook
crap accidentally deleted something!
iBook battery life while playing DVDs
IBook 500Mhz G3 refuses to come on
fairly new ibook owner
My fantastic wireless...
What kinda mouse do you use with your ibook?
How much would an Apple tech charge to install a new hard drive?
CD sled problem on original clamshell G3
opps, deleted, want it back!
G3 or G4?
Hot transformer!
Hello Peeps!
Give your iBook a vacation...
Pismo...first no power, now nothing
question about iDVD
Will more ram do this??
ibook cable / kensington lock
iBook 1.33GHz with Virtual PC
Mixed opinions - keyboard marking screen - new Al 15" PB
Moto v710 as modem?
ram latency...?
Newbie needs help to connect Ibook to internet
256 or 512 MB RAM?
powerbook has beef with airport card
Powerbook reformat problem
download UNIX on mac?
SBC DSL for DELL and iBook??
Another one on iBook 12" 1.2GHz
No startup sound in my PB pls help
buying my first iBook / advice
Mac virus
PowerBook Accessories
Kingmax Ram for Apple Ibook g4?
ibook or pbook for a scientist
New to needed
Web Design On Ibook
Sleep and Go?
best brand of ram and where to buy in toronto..
G4 PowerBook - More RAM or Higher CPU Speed?
Upgrade Advice Required!
Insuring a Powerbook (UK)
Help Step By Step Guide Wireless Help
powerbook taking so long to be returned from repair
want an ibook but have questions.
in the ibook bundle.
Snapped Hinges on PB
Ram Upgrade help.
Mouse Pad Lock? When Typing?
Help just bought a powerbook g4 12inch and apple cinema dispaly
Please URGENT help Needed
wireless router help..
12inch or 15inch?
Powerbook G4 Memory?
External USB Lacie HD doesnt work....
Keyboard Lock???
!urgent Help! Ibook !
Hours of battery use versus RAM
400mhz pb
powerbook DVD playback problem
PB not waking from sleep?
PowerBook Sleep USB issues
iBook or PowerBook 12 inch? I need help!
Mac Help
Memory Question
New ibooks!!!
Pink Powerbook!
iBook hardware problem
Question About Dead Pixels
Are there any downsides to G3 iBook(700mhz+) ?
Air Travel
DVD-RW's and PB superdrives - whats the story?
PowerBook Display is Sucky?
Selling my PowerBook Case
Airport Extreme
pb specs
Full Restore on my PB
Improved Colorsync Profiles
Help Please
Keeping my PB in good heath....
Powerbook G4 10.3.5 ambient light sensor
Here's the specs on my new Ibook. Should I put photoshop, ect on my laptop?
Antenna for Powerbook Airport Extreme
SOb... This is bad :(
Can't Delete a Location, PLEASE HELP
RAM for an iBook (800Mhz)
Powerbook, quality problems?
Very Disappointed in Apple's Phone Technicians
Flashing Mac
keyboard marks on the screen
It's slower now...
can ibook 12" 500mhz battery be used in new 12" ibook 1ghz?
which one? new ibook or old powerbook????
Delicate Situation
advice for external hard disk drive for white ibook dual USB?
PB: data loss with external Firewire harddrive
need help deciding ibook or powerbook
WTF is up with "Reserve battery"
Help with Aluminum PB keyboard
How much RAM do i really need?
need oppinions on 17"PB
Display problem (not the usual)
Something to protect the screen????
how do i delete all my cookies?
Any suggestions for blank dvd-r media?
12" powerbook g4 for web/graphic design?
New guy needs some help >.<
I'm new:)
ASUS's blatant iBook clone
what is game ranger?
buying iBook now?
Failure to restart after Software Update. Newbie help.
having some problem with slot combo drive
A Few Questions
Has being cheap cost me?
Installing X
Help With apple display and powerbook!!
Powerbook External screen???
MP3 player
Screen spanning by accident
Ibook updates..
Pismo Problem
Optical drive malfunctioning - Powerbook G4
Question of interest
please help me
upgrading ram causing problems
Hard drive upgrades for Clamshell iBook
Need help to decide what to buy
Dropped iBook - Broken CDROM
dual display on my 867 12"
LCD Backlight Burnout...
iBook G3 800 Video Card Question
Just got the 12" iBook - Im such an idiot
Tiger Release Date???
need help on my new iBook!!!!!!
iBook G3 800 = USB 2.0?
my wife's iBook has just died!
PB Fell off of bed! :(
comp slowing at points??
apple store or online
is this a good deal?
ibook heat problems! help!!
iBook wouldn't turn on
G3 ibook ram question
software to join movie clips
Sleep Problems
question about ctrl, apple, shift keys on powerbook
New Powerbook - Airport Extreme worked, now does not :(
Techenical and warranty issues with iBook 14", pls help!
Stick or twist?
PowerBook G4 frozen, New User help.
Lid problem
flashing light for sleep on button when computer is active?
usb flash drive
PB 17" as a desktop?
Keys falling off
Burning *.avi file on a
does anyone know...
HELP!! White line across the screen!
Want to sell my iBook... help anyone :D ?
iBook Clamshell Battery
wifi printing
squeaky noise when opening
DVD player not multi-region!!
Battery Charging problem!! Please help
Ibook for school...
help harddrive done for??
black keyboard on powerbook?
Power cable
Ram for my new Powerbook
PowerBook 15" latch is weak
is a powerbook g5 on the way?
Powerbook and external display
Powerbook CPU Load MaxOut..
Battery Life and backlit Keyboard
Sleep/wake, USB problems on iBook 700MHz
A question from a possiable switcher.
Are there any DVD region software free for ibook?
Powerbook display...
iBook Troubles...(nOOb)
First dead pixel
Trash Icon
powerbook >> up all night
Converting to a Powerbook...
Rotate monitor display
virus scanner
Logic Board Died
Hard drive Space
best speakers
strange temp readings
OSX 10.3 Boot disc Troubles
12" iBook 1Ghz broken screen
im soon to get an ibook, but what do I exactly get?
clean my powerbook screen
powerbook g5? ..or not?
4 way Int'l AVChat on Powerbooks?
Question about iBook RAM
New Powerbooks
When shutdown ibook should we should the power down?
HELP!!! Stuck DVD
What do you do for the annoying screen dust?
RAM Upgrade
Import movie without Firewire connection?
need RAM for my new 12" G4 powerbook... help please..
Dead PowerBook G3 (WallStreet)
iBook clamshell Hard Drive questions
Ibook case warping
low beep from hardware
trackpad button problem
adding blue tooth to ibook G4
Apple Store Questions.
memory upgrade: 1 ghz 1.25 ghz
recieving text messages on powerbook
Backing Up Hard Drive over Network
Is it worth to buy a G4 1.5 powerbook now?
After replacement still bad:(
1gb of ram for 149.99, this cant be right!
how to expand harddrive
F2 key problem
considering ibook
two studio displays
water spill on ibook...eeeek
New pBook
Virus Problem
only show 3:30, even full charged
display lights but no boot, even with bootable cd
iBook keyboards - any difference?
powerbook video port
battery from 99% to 98%
powerbook 1.5ghz dvd-r speeds?
iBook 12" or 14"?
"Unable to verify" message help!
V ram upgrade?
Problems with the cd-rom drive.
Does my pb go to sleep when...? From college with report for you all :)
Dual-monitor iBook. help if you please...
powerbook upgrades
Creeky Display
Powerbook Battery recall!!!!
Powerbook 17in 1.5GHz Display Feels Slow
how to uninstall software in mac?
Newbie Ibook And Apple Care?
Tri Triple 3 monitor possible?
Thinking of buying a powerbook
Beachball at user switch?
wireless network questions
ram cover
12" pBook screen
How do you MUTE the starting sound?
security update problem
question about wireless router.
Poerbook 540C Help!
Apple Powerbook 1400 and Netgear FA411 16-Bit PCMCIA Notebook Adaptor
battery question/;0
help plug in
Local Area Connection Help
adding airport extreme to ibook
UPdate problem!!1
YAY! I Got A New iBook...erm...some help please..
Mouse freezes
How to make more HD space for my ibook?
Quick cooling test
Updating the 5300c
Ram = performance?
Virus Program
best mice?