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I'm new:)
ASUS's blatant iBook clone
what is game ranger?
buying iBook now?
Failure to restart after Software Update. Newbie help.
having some problem with slot combo drive
A Few Questions
Has being cheap cost me?
Installing X
Help With apple display and powerbook!!
Powerbook External screen???
MP3 player
Screen spanning by accident
Ibook updates..
Pismo Problem
Optical drive malfunctioning - Powerbook G4
Question of interest
please help me
upgrading ram causing problems
Hard drive upgrades for Clamshell iBook
Need help to decide what to buy
Dropped iBook - Broken CDROM
dual display on my 867 12"
LCD Backlight Burnout...
iBook G3 800 Video Card Question
Just got the 12" iBook - Im such an idiot
Tiger Release Date???
need help on my new iBook!!!!!!
iBook G3 800 = USB 2.0?
my wife's iBook has just died!
PB Fell off of bed! :(
comp slowing at points??
apple store or online
is this a good deal?
ibook heat problems! help!!
iBook wouldn't turn on
G3 ibook ram question
software to join movie clips
Sleep Problems
question about ctrl, apple, shift keys on powerbook
New Powerbook - Airport Extreme worked, now does not :(
Techenical and warranty issues with iBook 14", pls help!
Stick or twist?
PowerBook G4 frozen, New User help.
Lid problem
flashing light for sleep on button when computer is active?
usb flash drive
PB 17" as a desktop?
Keys falling off
Burning *.avi file on a
does anyone know...
HELP!! White line across the screen!
Want to sell my iBook... help anyone :D ?
iBook Clamshell Battery
wifi printing
squeaky noise when opening
DVD player not multi-region!!
Battery Charging problem!! Please help
Ibook for school...
help harddrive done for??
black keyboard on powerbook?
Power cable
Ram for my new Powerbook
PowerBook 15" latch is weak
is a powerbook g5 on the way?
Powerbook and external display
Powerbook CPU Load MaxOut..
Battery Life and backlit Keyboard
Sleep/wake, USB problems on iBook 700MHz
A question from a possiable switcher.
Are there any DVD region software free for ibook?
Powerbook display...
iBook Troubles...(nOOb)
First dead pixel
Trash Icon
powerbook >> up all night
Converting to a Powerbook...
Rotate monitor display
virus scanner
Logic Board Died
Hard drive Space
best speakers
strange temp readings
OSX 10.3 Boot disc Troubles
12" iBook 1Ghz broken screen
im soon to get an ibook, but what do I exactly get?
clean my powerbook screen
powerbook g5? ..or not?
4 way Int'l AVChat on Powerbooks?
Question about iBook RAM
New Powerbooks
When shutdown ibook should we should the power down?
HELP!!! Stuck DVD
What do you do for the annoying screen dust?
RAM Upgrade
Import movie without Firewire connection?
need RAM for my new 12" G4 powerbook... help please..
Dead PowerBook G3 (WallStreet)
iBook clamshell Hard Drive questions
Ibook case warping
low beep from hardware
trackpad button problem
adding blue tooth to ibook G4
Apple Store Questions.
memory upgrade: 1 ghz 1.25 ghz
recieving text messages on powerbook
Backing Up Hard Drive over Network
Is it worth to buy a G4 1.5 powerbook now?
After replacement still bad:(
1gb of ram for 149.99, this cant be right!
how to expand harddrive
F2 key problem
considering ibook
two studio displays
water spill on ibook...eeeek
New pBook
Virus Problem
only show 3:30, even full charged
display lights but no boot, even with bootable cd
iBook keyboards - any difference?
powerbook video port
battery from 99% to 98%
powerbook 1.5ghz dvd-r speeds?
iBook 12" or 14"?
"Unable to verify" message help!
V ram upgrade?
Problems with the cd-rom drive.
Does my pb go to sleep when...? From college with report for you all :)
Dual-monitor iBook. help if you please...
powerbook upgrades
Creeky Display
Powerbook Battery recall!!!!
Powerbook 17in 1.5GHz Display Feels Slow
how to uninstall software in mac?
Newbie Ibook And Apple Care?
Tri Triple 3 monitor possible?
Thinking of buying a powerbook
Beachball at user switch?
wireless network questions
ram cover
12" pBook screen
How do you MUTE the starting sound?
security update problem
question about wireless router.
Poerbook 540C Help!
Apple Powerbook 1400 and Netgear FA411 16-Bit PCMCIA Notebook Adaptor
battery question/;0
help plug in
Local Area Connection Help
adding airport extreme to ibook
UPdate problem!!1
YAY! I Got A New iBook...erm...some help please..
Mouse freezes
How to make more HD space for my ibook?
Quick cooling test
Updating the 5300c
Ram = performance?
Virus Program
best mice?
It just won't do it, no matter what I try!
powerbook with protools
Pot. buyer questions: RS-232 serial, external display, heat
sync iTunes
Graphics performence.
New Powerbooks cheap
DVI output to a HDTV
Music Help
Powerbook Safety Recall
15" PB G4 Battery Recall
New PB user
USB Powerbook Prob!
powerbook video ram
i can't wait... i'll be one of _you_ soon!
Help with second display!!!!
anti virus?
Shutdown from another computer ?
how to take care of ibook?
where is Xcode?
why that happend?
i have got my new ibookG4
Can't find files..
Apple iBook Boot Problem =Urgent=
Grrrr... shipping takes forever!
Why is pointer flying across screen on own?
Disappointed after try ibook G4 myself
just got a pb and have questions?
iMovie lies
Ram upgrades?
inverter board hard to change?
Screen Quality of ibook G4 and use battery efficiently?
Switch problem for printing
cant find cpu monitor on my powerbook.
How to transfer photos from ibook to win xp
G3 Wallstreet laptops, lots of questions
Need Help Lacing mpegs toghether into a dvd
Just got my new 14" iBook
Language Package for mac??
Question about software for mac
unix shell command,does ibook have that?
"pritsey pritsey" need your HELP
Which One I should Buy?HELP!!!!
Powerbook accessories you swear by, and why?
Which CD format...?
initialize before installing os x ?
ibook keyboard on lombard?
system restart
Slow Internet
Just Installed Norton Anti Virus
PB Problems (Dead Pixels and Combo Drive)
Scared to upgrade to 10.3 from 9.1
Calculator Assistance
Cracking Noise when Closing Lid - where can get a fast repair in the UK
dead screen area - no reaction to clicks...
How do I copy a DVD?
Problems after upgrading to X.3
1.3 vs. 1.5, also backlit keyboard?
sleep options
is this the right ram for my pb?
ibook weight change if upgraded
12" or 15"
12 inch Powerbook
Slot loading dvd-r burner?
Close Screen but only turn off monitor
Ibook DVD Burner????
Battery down fast
Memory upgrade for new 12in iBook g4
iCook for IBM 750FX processor based iBooks
car charger for iBook??
DVD-R media question.
How can I connect my old SCSI scanner?
Which one?
Unwanted script
wakes up when closed / goes dark when in use
iBook Blueberry LCD screen trouble
Spongy trackpad button - advice please
cd drive, yet another problem on the list
Ask for your advice
Apple Powerbook fallen Behind
Help! Having doubts about my 12" PB
PISMO G4 1gb good OSX performer???
Post pics of..........................................
Powerbook g5
Pismo G4, TiBook 667, or ibook 1ghz
The expansion slot
hot powerbook
Powerbook w/ external hard drive.. help needed
Fresh start on a G3(Need help)
Different Startup Options
Yellowdog Linux on G3 Lombard Powerbook
Powerbook G5
spires on backorder, equivalent or better?
upgrading video card
Why doesn't Apple just.....
previous generation powerbooks?
Question about heating and Powerbooks
Big difference b/t 512mb and 768mb RAM in ibook?
iBook vs. Powerbook (and Upgrades)
Battery life?
Front-side bus on ibook vs powerbook??
Ibook website error.
Just ordered 17" powerbook
How much RAM?
iBook for SAP
I want a powerbook
Question about Apple laptops
Ibook update?
Dual booting linux/OS X & replacing combo drive
ibook and CDR?
ibook and mic?
Take a look at this!
fried logic board
What is the lifespan of the Powerbooks
Cleaning the powerbook....
external screen
cd/dvd drive wont work.
Virtual PC speed rate
ibook or Powerbook
Very loud buzzing coming from speakers
SOS: My iBook's Files and Personal Settings Missin
Non working CD Drive on G3 iBook
CD Recognizing
Educational Discount?????
iBook Polish
Sleep Mode Questions
New IBook
Can i make my powerbook's dvd player region free?
Corsair memory HELP!
light on power cord.
Little electrical "tingles"
fan making noise
Bluetooth Mouse for 12" Ibook - rec's pls!
PowerBook seems slower
Should I Get The I Book
PAL tv-out
Dead Pixels :(
is it possible to pick up a apple refurb at an apple store?
PowerBook Battery question.
Graphite ibook humming noise
pics of your gear
icurve and keyboard for 12 inch
missing hard drive space.
PowerBook wont start up
iBook G4 800 MHz RAM
Dare it touch the desk?
Powerbook 15" Aluminum Memory Upgrade
Thinking about getting a Powerbook
Call of Duty on 15inch PowerBook
i'm getting tired of all these small dumb things
can i get a crack copy of logic for my ibook osx.3
Lost modem after upgrade to 10.3
Ibook overheating???
Making the "switch"
Why is it slow?
Repair Permissions Trouble
LCD Screen Dim
everything crashes
eMac to Powerbook
iTunes... "authorization"???
what do i do?
why won't my fonts work in classic?
can I add RAM to my Powerbook?
Powerbook Screen Care
PowerBook + iPod back-to-school deal
quick question
PowerBook G5 rumours?
Retreiving Mac files on a PC CD
Whats up with my PB?
screen protector + sleeping
PB Battery 99%
What one!!!!
TV on PowerBook???
laptop bag - 15.2 PB - help
Xbox on A Powerbook
Does the PB come standard with 1x512 or 2x256 ram?
Best Place to Buy Ram?
My PB Seemed to get Slower..
Program that searches for and removes files that uninstalled progs leave behind
Question for all you 15" Powerbook owners
snow G3 ibook CD ROM - plays CDs with added noise
External DVD burner
Offline Browsing Applications??
iBook Hardware Test
Help..How to connect wirelessly with an Access Point?
Powerbook keyboard cleaning
ibook "unexpectedly" quits a lot of programs
Was thinking about getting an ibook, need help.
custom painting for PowreBook G4
HELP! CD/DVD Disk Drive Not Working!
Please help - Safari shuts automatically!!!
please respond
Won an iBook on a bet and it won't wake up... Help
Wireless Mouse or not?
Sound Quality of iBooks
What to get 15 or 17 inch PB
My girlfriends ibook is running kinda slow
Connecting Powerbook to external projector
which one to get...
Ibook stuff
Screen Wake up Latency?
Researching 12" iBook G4 1Ghz
Powerbook won't read DVD-R??
Panther install cause screwy display
Apple care plan
Endless Sleep - never returns from sleep
powerbook battery life
Close ibook without going to sleep?
Connecting iBook/PowerMac 7300/500 ?
iBook G4 Getting Hot!
How long does the battery last on this iBook?!
Why no port replicator \ docking station for PB?
Desktop Background with a lot of WHITE space
Internal Bluetooth module for iBook G4?
Power issues
Lapboard recommendation
ibook boot sequence
Yikes! iBook G3 freezes at grey Apple on startup!
New to Mac's...
RW CD's?
Dual Display
Ibook or Powerbook
Wireless internet options?
ATT: Absolute Zero
Hd Rpm
Stuffit/ .zip files
May replace iBook with PB - need advice
Charging contacts on clamshell iBook???
Mac Help stopped working
Just got my 17 inch Powerbook!!!
You scared me guys! Some encouragement needed!
A few questions about my new powerbook..
If I do this,
Why is this slow?
ibook and reformatting???
Does the Powerbook have a built-in microphone?
how long can i leave my powerbook sleeping for?
Scrambled Screen Signal...
Just Got my new Powerbook
Memory Upgrade
new ibook...
Help me I need used G3 500mhz procesor for POWERBOOK
New PB 12" RevC or pre-owned PB15" RevB
iBook G3 HDD
Ibook newbie :)
Cracking Noise when Closing Lid after being opened for a long period of time
Just ordered my new Powerbook!!!
New replacement on the way
12" 800MHZ and 12" 1GZ
iBook G4 Old Software/OS 9.1??
Reinstalling osx 10.3
I need Appleworks!
Sharing Files Between xp & os x panther
Some Applications..
MiniDisc & OS X
AppleWorks 6 (Panther version)
I/O error
Third Hard Drive Failure In 2 Months Omg Fun.
My 1.33GHz PowerBook Vs My 2.8GHz Acer
My new iBook
need help
Warranty fine print...this is bad!
Resolution problem when connecting to monitor
In the Box?
Help - CD/DVD drive problem
Need help deciding on Powerbook
Powerbook battery help needed.
Ram help
pbook 1.33 or 1.25 ?
How to burn a PC readable CD of .jpeg files???
Powerbook G4 videocard?
Issues with Apple and my PB G4
G3 iBook shutdowns and won't startup
Powerful enough for Java development etc.?
ibook freezes at startup
bag to carry pb in
deleting files takes up more space???
dilemma...pls help
CD stuck!
iBook + games?
powerbook ram
How is the g4 1.33 compared to a pentium M?
iBook G4 and OS 9
new ibook owner here!
12" ibook questions
Connecting to the net
Got a great rucksack to carry my 12" powerbook around.
iBook G4 Display
Horrible Graphics!!!
G5 Powerbooks?
Questions regarding Ibook
Connect to external display
Reattach "detached" key
Screen Flutter
higher resolution?
iBook and Wireless Internet
Got my new Powerbook! But need help!
Battery Dies Before It Should: After 20 minutes
Does processor speed affect internet browsing?
Ibook clamshell recommendation
bluebooth and my mac! HELP
New mac user...advice would be much appreciated thanks!
Wireless woes
Now this is a powerbook...
hello all, Im new here!!!
Sleep / PMU problems ?
.connect to server.g3.pwrbk.
I am so disqusted at this point...
2nd Port?
Almost about to make the switch, have a question still.
Alum. Powerbook (rev b)
another basic PC transition question
Best 3rd party ram?
G4 iBook / VCR video capture
Powerbook AC Adapter
Car Charger
Help My ibook of 3 years has had power coard's pin brake off in the powe suply
Ati 9700 256mb
Rubber Feet for Powerbook
new power book wont turn off