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Mac display - too white?
tiger at a discounted price for recent PB owners?
Delivery to Canada
planning my holidays...
iBook shorted out?
Ibook G4 sign and $ Sign
Warped Lid
Where to buy iBook backpack in Canada
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iBook G4 Wifi??
Recent Software updates and how they affect your Powerbook
Sound Question
Ready to buy, but...
OS X 10.4 Tiger
Broke plastic off of iBook modem )=
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Type of RAM
Best accessories and protection - your thoughts
Black marks on Powerbook case
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Powerbook 17" VRAM
why does the powerbook not close completely?
External display madness!!! Woe is me.
iBook and using an external screen
cd eject from a broken iBook
Powerbook and Garageband
Ibook connectivity?
Getting a ibook 1 question
Ibook keeps quitting applications.
Does your AC adapter sparkle?
My Powerbook 400MHz Bronze Keybd won't boot
Powerbook,tiger and Doom 3
Marks on the screen over time
RAM Question
Very Sick Lime Green Clamshell (FireWire)
powerbook ticking
G3 ibook use
Pb pre-order
sleep troubles
.dmg file?
512 or 1GB....
Mac's....faster than you may think..
2 Issues - Overheating, and slow RAM
Mac for gaming?
Lid closing more than just my screen...
Which G3 processor is appropriate for word proc. and web browsing?
How much RAM is enough?
massive problamo with ibook
avi player? help
wtf just happened.....
Hack or Region Code, DVD on G4, Which is global?
iBook update this month?
Lost file!! help!
1.67 GHz actually 3.6 ?!
Can't transfer hd footage into final cut hd....
What laptop should I get of these two?
Video editing with a USB digitan camcorder.
What does the Powerbook have to offer?
Installing Video Cards
problems with my lcd display
How do you use your PowerBook?
Touchpad question
12" display replicator?
How much RAM ??
iBook Battery
Older iBook Identification
ARG! Powerbook G4 startup issues
Spilled a bit of soda on my ibook, should i be ok?
Which iBook should I get?
ibook for girls?
Cleaning iBook G4 Palmrest
Need creative (i.e. cheap) fix for firewire port problem
What's a GOOD price?
Need Classic OS (OS 9.0) to Install a Program for my schoolwork
How upgradable is iBook?
What do you think of this?
impulsively purchased an ibook 14"
drag and drop broken
my 12" iBook G4 Modem
was ready to buy ibook today but..
wireless g for ibook g3
Help!! iBook won't boot, did my HD die???
Question about adding RAM to my iBook
How do u tell if u have dead pixels?
Battery\Recharge question
PB purchase pending for Tiger
Replacement Screen Cost
iBook G3 Clamshell help?
takes forever to load
Powerbook Keyboard Protector
Question about my system profile?
ibook processors
My external HD/DVDRW is working great!
Advice to help my worst fear
VRAM Upgrade? Is it needed
iBook's ideal temperature
Advice Please... PB Ram and an owners review
Sticky Button
time to upgrade?
ibook video card
New powerbook will have a revolutionary display
Should I get a powerbook of iBook, I'm not sure
Won't shut down properly.
how long to sleep before bagging your laptop?
want to buy an ibook
Anyone try the icurve?
Lots of new ibook 12 1.2ghz for sale ???
this may sound stupid but...
I ordered an iBook for 999 but just realized...
Could i settle for a cheaper ibook? instead of powerbook?
how do i up my video memory
transferrin' files from a PC
1 gigabyte RAM or 512???
Ibook audio-in/mobile internet question
just ordered my first mac
Keyboard Problem
Semi-Dead Pixel Type of Thing?
Cleaning My Powerbook.
Trackpad problems....
3 yr Protection Plan?
powerbook ram???
what color profile produces the best quality display?
Dismal 12" HDD Performance
New scrolling trackpad.
So clueless it hurts....(RAM)
wait for tiger or not?
12 PB Questions
iBook G4 now, or wait for G5?
Removing iBook memory
System Slowdown Promlem
Which iBook?
HELP!! Important question...power converters
Self Install a Ram Upgrade
What DVD writers are compatable? (Superdrive)
RAM - need expert help
DVD Drive
Trackpad Problem
Powerbook Problem with Bluetooth
iBook Mod
Having Apple put in a replacement hard drive under warranty?
Buying PowerBook Questions
Two RAM questions for you gurus!
Worth upgrading the RAM
Cleaning iBook Keyboard
Old timer looking for help in ordering ibook!
Is internet via Bluetooth ever free? I hope so or I'm in big trouble.
bluetooth and battery life on ibook
What do you guys use to clean the screen?
PowerBook Problem with Airport...whats up??
Powerbook Guts Pictures
Powerbook replacement parts
iBook Resolution/Screen Size Question
Brand New PB 12" 2 HARD Crashes. Video Problem...
Sleeve for my iBook
Isn't a Mac supposed to be easier to use than Windows???
Build Quality?
When you ordered your powerbook from
What is the max ram for a 1.33GHz 12" PB?
Two questions about 12" powerbook ram
Powerbook 12" ram - Omni technology??
I broke my latch....
Powerbook 12"
marble blast .. just a thought
New powerbook virex help
Toshiba TEAC DV-28E in ibook ?
DVD burning software for external drive? Please help.
getting powerbook fixed at applestore in another country
thinking of buying a clamshell
Uh-Oh problems with my 12" powerbook - Help!
My Powerbook G4 has crashed more the first week than my PC has in 10 months.
windows based only software on pwr bk
adobe question...
My 12" Powerbook pictures!
Question about 600mhz ibook battery
Hey guys~
PowerBook HD
can't format new HDD!
video card
Sleep vs Shut Down for transport
Est. shipping time?
Today is the day
Sound, only sometimes though
Help Stolen Ibook !
Driver install for HP Photosmart 7550 printer
How to add programs to start when booting?
iBook vs. Powerbook
Lost finder
noisy mouse
memory info help - please!
100Gb Hard Drive into 1.2Ghz 12" iBook :D
Can Powerbook Right Click?
ibook vs. powerbook speakers
keyboard key broke off (like literally broken off) does apple warranty cover repair?
Cheapest place to buy a new battery for 15" powerbook G4?
Is it possible to add internal bluetooth to a powerbook G4?
laptop bag for two powerbooks???
My TWO 12" PB setup - Perfect!!
HELP ME!!!!!! I need a program that deletes things without the help of FInder
First Post from the new iBook!
Need Help with Memory problem
What's the best way to clone my HD?
Saw the iBook now I am sad :(
Burning CD's???
Have iBook, G4 cube??
Why wont Apple ship my iBook?
difference between ibook and powerbook
External DVD-RW with my iBook G4
10.3.8 and Powerbook
Powerbook lid question
DJing with my powerbook, need help!!! PLEASE!
Noise when using cd/dvd drive
I just got my iBook!
I'm scared :(
What dya think of this PB offer?
iBook broken?
DVD player region free
1.2 vs 1.33
Closing the iBook but still connected?
cursor problem
Running Quartz Extreme on G3 iBook/Memory stuff
internet/ethernet connection/setup
Ibook g4 800: i gig ram????
Buy now or buy later?
iBook G4 schitzo
17" powerbook cache
Slight Separation on Back of PB
iBook -> PC networking
iBook G4 1.2 speed bump
How BIG are you!! hehe
Help me quickly!!!!!
New Powerbooks and OS9
15" powerbook g4 titanium
RAM and games
ibook battery
HardDrive upgrade
Digitech RPX400 & iBook
iBook Freezing up
Soundcard is stuffed
new mac user question
ibook for me>..
Key wear
Spill Damage?
pismo with os Panther going wireless
External Cleaning
Powerbook 12" - I want to make it perfect
Does anyone know how to do this?
Me Being Way Too Pickey :)
Screen has gone dark in under a week help!
Potential Convert?
ibook: dead or in a coma?!?
how much do pb's hold their value?
Just purchased my first ever Mac (ibook 12.1)
New 12" PB - Little Rubber Pads on Screen
Do the PB superdrives have dual-layer support?
Does the PB monitor bend?
this latch is really pissing me off
Graphics settings in os x
Can I set it so I can close the screen and nothing happen??
Some pictures of my iBook in action
Will iBooks come with Tiger?
Newbie and Some Quick?'s
Need Help fixing PB G3
"Ad-Hoc" Network?? Help...
Registering powerbook
misaligned screen
Major PB Screen Flickering
new mac ibook owner questions
Could this be an issue
1GB ram for 12" Powebook 1.33GHz
Synchronizing to the web?
Using iBook as a monitor
speed questions...
Prospective owner with serious question
Blemmish on screen
bluetooth question
Help needed
Spinning ball and RAM
G4 iBook Takes a long time to wake
Quick question fellow iBookers'
Did I get a good deal on my iBook? AND can I get a bluetooth adapter for it?
best powerbook set up
iBook stopped recognising ram
ibook ram
Help in deciding
link to the product "hinge adjustment" kit
12" PB with backlit keyboard
iBook skins
Its proven, the titanium case holds up
ibook g3 vs powerbook g4
Monitor settings in 9.2.2
ibook cosmetics
iBook power button is broken!
batt. maintence - keep it on at all times? keep adapter on all time? whats do you do
Airport for my powerbook
waking up with ac adapter
CD-RW DVD Drives for iBook?
battery problems
Do you think this iBook is worth it?
USB Hard Drive
anyone had problems with keypad scratching the screen ?
Switcher: Anyone gotten their 1GB Ram from this b4?
Erratic Scrolling Trackpad: PB 1.5/ 1.67 15"
help choosing options
Serious problems with sleep mode.
Wireless Problem
Ice Creame alternatives?
How many memory slots does the iBook have?
iBook Combo drive and Mini CD's
Mouse button clunky?
ibook display
external monitor
Battery life on new powerbook
Might possibly come back to iBook, lots of questions!
after installing new hard drive
A question
did any one know this
Sony Ericsson GC79
on the fence
New iBook it is then!
Severe problem - CD Stuck in PowerBook. Need help Urgently
PC User - Getting a PowerBook 12"
how do i defrag / clean my harddrive
Powerbook keyboard mod
Tiger on my iBook - When it comes out...
ibook g4 1ghz restore ???
Pocket PC on powerbook
Cursor Jumps Around
g4 powerbook and airport card
ibook g5??
keyboard scratching screen
Hibernation Problem
System slows down and becomes unusable till reboot of notebook
apple repair
Universal Monitor?
Woo Hoo!
Wireless External HD for Powerbook?
transfering music.
Internal Bluetooth Question
Battery Replacements, Generics or Official?
i could have gotten 2 pbooks for the price of one!!!!
17" PB - Is it worth the money?
Question about using ac adapter all the time
Dropped my Powerbook
HDD and RAM for G3 iBook
upgrading superdrive?
powerbook in sleep
Hard Drive Speed
Region Free on PB 17's Superdrive?
I think I killed my iBook
mini disc to powerbook
need help with new powerbook/ichat issue
Automatic switch on
Flickering screen problem
My Powerbooks Telling Me Lies Can You Help
Hard Drive gone crazy
Ibook g3 700mhz + new hd issues
Running Playstation 2 games on my laptop
Passwords on files and folders?
Heating problems??
Power on screen
Keyboard shortcuts
iBook Questions
Superdrive in a powerbook
hard drive making noise?
canon printer
the delete key button
Why did Apple decide to go completely white?
How do you clean iBook screen?
Pbook Shutting Down
Two Finger Scrolling with an iBook
Back of iBook G4 makes clicking noise..
Powerbook sellers out of their minds...
Screen Scratches
Sound card question.
carrying case for 15" powerbook
Battery Life Question
Powerbook 17'' fault?
Third speaker in 12"/ 15" PB... where?
ibook/powerbook RAM
Line In on iBook
Life of my Powerbook
Out for delivery!
Recommendation Please
DSL package help!
question about audio differences on pb
Powerbook conecting to a wireless network
Just ordered the iBook, some newbie questions ...
OK, getting a PB 17 now a couple questions...
touch pad
New iBook user
Internet question
Have you thought of this?
Battery life on a 12" PB ... NEW
This Question is for MAC and WINDOWS users....
Help with new iBook
Preorder tiger for my iBook?
upgrading Ibook Ram??
Yet another iBook Power up problem post!!!
How many gigs does OS X take up?
any good sites to buy ram?
Question about battery
My sexy hot new PB but have some dislikes...
Erase Hard Drive
I need Help.
Help a mac girl out with an ibook problem - please!
Avant Technology RAM?
Superdrive in an 12" ibook?
iBook spacebar unresponsive
Gmail anyone??
fan is always on new pbook 1.5 ghz
A Mac for home, what to get?
slot drive problem??
just received pbook but there's a scratch..
New Powerbook and YDL
Micromat Tech Tool Pro
powerbooks and VPC and games
Tibook Vs. ibook
seriously angered, SCRATCHES!
How do you guys keep the palmrest clean?
PB 17" Docking Station
new to me ibook clamshell HELP
Hard Drive Opinions on Lacie/G-Drive 160GB FW400
iBook drawlings
Ibook fax software?
brand new 12" iBook 1Ghz for $799.99
ibook LCD bulb broken?? send for repairs??
iBook Crash
boot os 9
powerbook and knights of the old republic
switcher awwaiting ibook
Powerbook Display not as crisp as others...
DVD Burner - G4 Powerbook
DVD Burner - G4 Powerbook
Can't lift keyboard back out.
ibook hd
Old 12" Powerbook?????
Want to buy a 12" -- but iBook or powerbook? Different keyboards?
Ibook or Powerbook
G3 iBook Superdrive?
Can I ?
help. firewire ibook won't power on
new ibook freeze with external h.disk
To buy an ibook or not??
New PB Trackpad Problem...
new 12" vs iBook?
iBook & External DVD burner???
2003 ibook cdrom drive help
What is the difference between 64MB VRAM and 128MB VRAM?
Internal USB port (for use with bluetooth)
Demo help!!
Ibook & Powerbook bends
Cant type Questionmarks, or slashes.
Firewire Problem
OKay I have an iBook but here is the thing.............
I Need Some Help Please
17" powerbook
Differences between USB 2.0 / Firewire 400 external HDD
Windows user looking to migrate to Ibook
Corrosion on Powerbook Pad?
G4 housing
need help with reformat...
SOMEBODY please help!!
Trouble connecting to the internet via cable modem...
nanosaur2 savegame??
Case mod for 14" iBook
PowerBook USB Problems
USB 2.0 External HDD
Trackpad goes screwy...
ibook keyboard
New Powerbooks
Anyone receive a 12" powerbook yet?
Startup from USB drive
help! PG4 not booting???
Silly Question??
Dropped My Powerbook And Bent It!
Palm sweat causing holes in the aluminum?