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Have you thought of this?
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This Question is for MAC and WINDOWS users....
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any good sites to buy ram?
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Erase Hard Drive
I need Help.
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New Powerbook and YDL
Micromat Tech Tool Pro
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seriously angered, SCRATCHES!
How do you guys keep the palmrest clean?
PB 17" Docking Station
new to me ibook clamshell HELP
Hard Drive Opinions on Lacie/G-Drive 160GB FW400
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Ibook fax software?
brand new 12" iBook 1Ghz for $799.99
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boot os 9
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DVD Burner - G4 Powerbook
DVD Burner - G4 Powerbook
Can't lift keyboard back out.
ibook hd
Old 12" Powerbook?????
Want to buy a 12" -- but iBook or powerbook? Different keyboards?
Ibook or Powerbook
G3 iBook Superdrive?
Can I ?
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Internal USB port (for use with bluetooth)
Demo help!!
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Cant type Questionmarks, or slashes.
Firewire Problem
OKay I have an iBook but here is the thing.............
I Need Some Help Please
17" powerbook
Differences between USB 2.0 / Firewire 400 external HDD
Windows user looking to migrate to Ibook
Corrosion on Powerbook Pad?
G4 housing
need help with reformat...
SOMEBODY please help!!
Trouble connecting to the internet via cable modem...
nanosaur2 savegame??
Case mod for 14" iBook
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USB 2.0 External HDD
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Customizing a PB
I did it.
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iBook g4 Logic Board Failure
cnet - G5 Powerbook not likely in 2005
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Will iBooks get increased VRAM when tiger comes out?
Am I going to be angry?
SuperDrive or Combo
Wich superdrive should I buy?
ibook spacebar issue
using external monitor, bad?
Since the new PB is out, can you find the last model anywhere new but cheap?
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dropped powerbook
Well the New Powerbooks are out
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Speakers For Powerbook!!
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NTFS External HDD & my iBook?
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A few questions...
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From my brand new...
iSight help!!
ibook not reading dvd-r?? help plz
15" G4 Powerbook right palm rest triggering power button.
Games for iBook?
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G4 Powerbook please owners look in
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Please Help!! Is there somethin wrong with my PB???
Is your ibook screen slanted to the left like mine?
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Ibook Broken Screen + Trying to get info from it...
Processor Upgrade
Total RAM upgrade
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Creative MuVo2 and my iBook
Broken DVD drive, How do I Install OS X?
Fixing Flashing Display on (firewire) Ibook
The chances are what?
Split Screen on iBook
Hardware failure?
Apple "Elements" Neoprene Case by Tucano?
Not waking up?? not disconnecting??
Newer iBook Question
my powerbook seems to be louder than usual
ibook 12" monitor bend
Cannot boot after Norton Emergency Repair
i need help with this.. quick
Non-parrellel powerbook ram?
F keys
The Notebook "Instant Fixes" Thread
USB 2.0 and Nokia Charger
New iBook,Need some help asap please
iBook G4 & Garage Band 2 Question...
GPS Software...Any Suggestions???
Ibook keyboard
Powerbook hinge cracking/popping fix (Thanks to Radtech!)
Powerbook vs. iBook
Battery Life/Question...
12" screen
ibook display
Garage Band real-time playing problems..
sleep/hibernation problems
iBook Bluetooth
Mini Cds
iBook G4 RAM Question...
My Powerbook is not turning on properly
Issue with my CD/DVD Drive
12" Powerbook RAM upgrade
Coming back to the Mac - iBook or Mini...
UK Question: Where can i get my HDD upgraded?
iLife '05 bundled?
Anyone play WoW on their G4 iBook?
Powerbook Apple Care question?
12" PowerBook v Mac Mini
Finally did it - new iBook owner!
Going for the 12" iBook, still have few questions...
I smell some fresh new powerbook!
Charging the PowerBook
Wireless or not?
There's Loose Change in My Powerbook! Help!
Powerbook customization
Mod Tutorial
Apple said to ship PowerBook G5 in Q2 2005
lid wont stay shut.
Powerbook G4 won't turn on.
little ibook worries
USB hubs?
Powerbook Rattling
Power light flashing green... oh no, now what?
Virtual PC
Any advice for a POWERBOOK newB???
i'm getting frustrated!!
powerbook 15" heat
how to check connection speed
News source from asia powerbook g5
PowerBook Superdrive noises
ibook 14" heat question
Upgraded Ram today, pb seems slower...
Warrenty Question
Applecare question
iBooks and hardrives...
My first Mac purchase - I need your help!
I think I could live with a 12in screen *pic*
Ram Question fer teh BOOK!
customize powerbook (NEED HELP)
iBook going wireless
ibook question need help fast!!
iBook and an external display
External DVD with iDVD
ibook display issue
an epic 3 years....
PowerBook battery question
This is truly Pathetic for apple
an half eaten apple burnt onto my screen!!
iBook or Powerbook
"must have" programs
Start-up times?
help me please...
ROM checksum failure
My Ibook and OS Tiger?
Mac OsX Tiger with Powerbook G4
upgrade ibook video card?
shutdown or sleep?
why are my music downloads so slow??
99% charged
airport card question
Dent in top of case - Please help.
my ibook is awesum!!
RAM Upgrade
Replace broken hinge
New Keycaps
Problems with Burner
low battery alarm
is this a good deal?
Drive no longer reads CDs?
Wallstreet cant boot with new Harddrive
a little annoyance
Aight, iBook question about Wireless Data
Powerbook G5 BET at my office.
Got my first nick, almost cryed.
Blue lines on LCD screen
Freezing UP.
powerbook dispaly stretch modes help ??? Price Drops...
Anyone got there rebate back from amazon?
Is 512MB of ram enough??
power cord problem
Adding Memory to my Ibook
Good affordable printer for home...
Any sweet programs to have my ibook running fresh
Computer Zapping me
USB on the right side isn't working. Help!
Apple can make a powerbook g5 easily
battery trouble?
iBook G5 in next 3-4 months?
Harddrive Space
Slowing Down
Having Issues Printer Sharing
Powerbook or iBook
My blank cd-r is not recognized on desktop and in folder..
Will a powerbook suit my needs?
Dead Pixel...AHHH
returning back to the flock call apple
How to burn-in or stress test the iBook's CPU and memory?
Kingston Memory
G4 Slot drive problem
Upgrading When Necessary
G5 Powerbook Pictures Here!
Key problem part two
I just ordered my iBook
Thank You For A Great Product
trackpad issue
pb switch question
oempcworld ram???
Sandisk Flash Drive
transfer OS 9 from PB to another PB
DVD Problem on Pismo
So I'm almost dead set on getting a 12" iBook
Is there a way?
help... broken key....
Color of your apple???
Ibook G3
general slowdown
Apple VGA Display Adapter???
To bluetooth or not to bluetooth
I am a memory idiot, please help
Memory slots
Go Apple, Go Applr, Go Baby go...
HDD Clicking?
G4 iBook cd/dvd problem
Al PBook, fixing a BAD scratch
Newbie DVD Question
iBook won't turn on >.<
1 gig memory for 15" powerbook good price?
Does openoffice only print in gray from ibook?
New Battery
Hot KB!
HELP!! Something Wrong With iBook HD
ram in nz?
AppleCare question.
Colour Faults in my iBook screen!
Hmm help me decide...
upgrade ibook hdd
If you thought the 12" is small...
I can't share files over msn messenger....
iBook G4 is dying
Which laptop should I go with? HELP PLZ!!
ac power will not work on my ibook!
Question about ram...
just a question ...
Finder Help
new iBook?
new ram, firmware?
[Mac HD]: Invalid PEOF (-709)?
Cleaning LCD Screen, how?
ibook 300 lost password, os install HELP!!
Hurry up JANUARY!
Are there any down sides to a PB?
iBooks display warped?
Help with movies on my ibook
Missing Icon?
New iBook over my 15in PowerBook Ti?
running another monitor
CD stuck in optical drive...
Just bought iBook, now what?
OS 9 Classic?
Mac OS X Panther on G3
battery depleting somewhat fast
finally got it!
The best way to take care of your powerbook
Stop internal drive from loading?
PC2700 vs PC2100
Aren't these two memory sticks the same?
Best ATi Drivers
Change Harddisk in PB 15" Alu
G4 ibook slot load drive
CD - TRAY won't close any more (ibook clamshell)
Trackpad no more
external dvd writer or external hard drive for ibook
AppleCare problem.. HELP!
Questions of new and old...
External Monitor
PB geting hotter than usual, and slowing performance
Can you swap RAM from iBook to iMac
Quick Question
burning CD-Rs
… What the……
Problems with shutting down and clock
recording sound
Cool Your iBook by underclocking video card????
Powerbook Superdrive problem.
TI PB 15" grey screen
Higher resolution output to external monitor????
Simple iBook Question
How do I reinstall one application?
uploadin streaming video problems
HELP: 15" Superdrive or Combo
Firewire drive mode
Scared for my iBooks sake!
SODIMM 2700 512mb DDR - is it backwards compatible to 2100?
Polishing powerbook
powebook new hi pitching noise
titanium 800MHz change harddisk
12' vs 12'
Extra Battery Needed - Suggestions?
iBook 1.2 not recognising 1GB Crucial memory
has anyone purchased an ibook from
when is the new powerbook is gonna be released?
Questions about the iBook, is it realy so great?
Video Card for the G4 ibook 1GHz
last minute iBook buying questions...
Backup connection advice
My only disappointment
Does the iBoook G4.....?
PB G3 hangs at boot (disk w/ ? icon)
12' and 14'
Is there a significant difference...
Fan won't stop
Million dollar question
power book and file vault issue
External DVD burner question(s)
Will 512 MB do the trick?
Port 3689 being blocked by Firewall? HUH???????
Dual Core?
Advice on buying Powerbook.
strange quirk... and a quick question
iBook G4 waking up on it's own while sleeping!!!
wireless networking...
iBook Logic Board - Anything better than replacement?
Just ordered my new powerbook
unlocking DVD-zone count
mac help doesn't open
I finally did it...
how to use an external screen?
17" powerbook: Bag and airline travel suggestions?
My ISP hardly ever connects first time!
Screen Joint Pops/Squeaks
Apple and Tax?
Font Smoothing Style?
Have you tried...
so im getting an ibook
First Mac
Having to reset brighness often
g4 ibook startup probs
re-install advice
screwy screen?
disabled return / enter key?
I can't beleive no one has any advice for me???
G4 Imac vs. G4 Powerbook
Is 12" screen enough for long time usage (coding)?
spinning ball at startup spins forever?????
My First Mac...
MacFax? Want to have details of your iBook ?
Kernel Panic when calibrating?
Powerbook or iBook...again.
Powerbook or iBook...again.
Printing to Xerox DC 400
Internet connection via Bluetooth with PB
Hard drive Space??
iBook G3 500MHz good enough?
stuck on startup
Who uses processor performance
Price points?
Powerbook - Good Value?
My New iBook just Shipped!
Does 30GB do it for ya?
a year old iBook to connect with a wireless network
How do I connect via airport and adsl modem?
Just bought a 600 Mhz iBook G3
Airport Problems
Would 256mb
Is this a bad time to buy a powerbook?
iBook switches off
Airport issues
Removing display casing
Hopeless newbie
PB slow with Bluetooth
AirPort Won't turn on
No Powerbook Blues...
dvd burners
cleaning the keyboard?
Another Dual Monitor Mystery....
iBook or Powerbook
memory question
Thinking Of Getting An Ibook, But is a mac right for me?
When will apple.....
DVD compatible?
The Future of the PowerBook Duo
Squeaky Spacebar!!!
iBook fan not working? Cause for alarm?
DELL and iBook?
Bluetooth Headset not compatible?
Keyboard Warped?
whats the best for battery life?
how come help menu doesn't load?
what brand of ram are you using on your powerbook
Did any of you buy from Amazon?
how do you install ram?
Y me?