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iBook G3 500
new mac user
sell ibook for new ibook?
New Ibook Buy or No?
ibook + Dell 20"
ps/2 to usb adapter problem
powerbook v new iBook
Mouse freeze
New iBook, old iBook memory???
New iBooks
Things to do with a new/used powerbook - How to start fresh
New iBooks
Powerbook bag
Security Lock
How much faster...
The 2nd 'Enter' key, what's the background story to that?
nvidia go vs ati mobility for PBooks
Hooking iBook to TV
blinking icon
New ibook tomorrow?
LaCie Slim Ext. DVD+/-RW and iDVD
14" iBook 1.33Ghz 14"
Buying powerbook in the US
What are the most recent iBook logic boards?
.html open in firefox
Whats up with all the powerbook problems?
can anyone help me?
Mapping keyboard shortcuts
going shopping!
CPU temps
Internal Harddrive upgrade
Buzzing sound on my Ibook
Lombard Powerbook Issues
Superdrive? RAM brand?
How much $$$ for a logic board?
Battery Replacement for iBook G4, Piping hot wire...
Can't load new programmes
Adding Ram
Help! Hd Failure!
iBook G4
Best place in Toronto to buy RAM?
100% proccessor?
Looking for Good Bluetooth Mouse
Can you see the apple logo?
Internet working, suddenly stopped
Reinstalling Tiger after purchase
Use external monitor/clamshell
Clamshell Battery
In need of an opinion ASAP, my iBook is acting weird!
Questions before buying..
Frustration sets in with RAM search... HELP
iBook screen washed out
G3 Cd-rom Upgrade
iBook with cinema display
Yet another happy switcher.
Powerbook G4 Titanium Trackpad
Does iBook combo drive read DVD+R?
Low End (used) Powerbook/iBook
My backlight quit working!
Firewire to USB 2.0 ???
Audio Pop
Hi" Anyone here who would give me an old powerbook.Please old but a runner
Quick Ram Question
Switch from XP to Ibook...need help.
Used 15" Powerbook Purchase Questions
Reading SD cards with PC-Card reader...what a HOG?!?!?!
Disable regions on combo drive
dimming screen is driving me CRAZY
only top 1/4 of image on screen visable
only top 1/4 of image on screen visable
powerbook ram problems
need help finding cd burner for clamshell
newbie question
New IBook
External hard drive with video
Powerbook vs eMac-Speed
look what i found...!
Can I leave the powerbook screen open all day
'New' PB 3400c won't boot up
Considering Switching - Need some help
What is the latest powerbook version?
Region X will not work on new Superdrive..
Maximize Screen
The touchy issue of Ram
Latch Problems??
.php files, how can i see them??
Powerbook Purchace Advice
Keyboard protector..
iBook or Powerbook
Final Cut Studio on ibook?
Problem Restarting
Powerbook and Cisco Equipment
gettin antzy .... AK Alaska?
ibook speakers
General Querey
speaker problems
Need wireless optical mouse recommendations
New powerbook owner got some questions on RAM, already searched
Adobe CS and ibook question
Loaner Computer?
Pismo Blanks Out
Powerbook not recognizing cd's
Power block for the Powerbook, why plastic? (and ways to improve the product)
combo drive install
Just got a powerbook
ibook not recognizing blanks!
Need Expert Help
Radeon Mobilit 9200
iBook + Free iPod Mini Promotion
i tunes
12" or 15" pb
2 questions
Less heat after Tiger
Powerbook hangs at "Login Window Starting"
Dual Monitor.
Near panic attack
ibook screen size
Another, yet diiferent, RAM Question
Price matching
Which 'Book?...
Microsoft Bluetooth Intellimouse
student discount
ibook w/ cd drive problems
How useful is bluetooth
Headphone Jack
Urgent help needed - No Finder!
Powebook gets too hot to handle...
Problem in the Vault
Does iBook even come with a fan?
Mac Destruction
VERY VERY strange tihng just happened
iBook vs. PC laptops
Powerbook Suddenly Slow!
Headphone jack adapter
iBook to a projector
iBook Hard Drive or Fan?
ibook internal harddrive upgrade?
Should I get a 15" or a 17"??
ibook overdue for update
No battery life
Problem waking up (PowerBook not me)
powerbook case options
ichat signs me off when i close my pb
hardrive space
ibook screen problem
iBook Heat?
pboo or ibook and ram upgrade question
What memory to use?
switching to osx/powerbook
Powerbook and Games
A newbie question
Powerbook G4 Conf
Yet another powerbook member
How To Eliminate Playback Gap Between Songs?
First post from the new PB...
Ram Upgrade
Ibook G4 speakers fuzzy...
how do i disable dimm0 on an ibook 800?
diference in 12" powerbook graphic card vs upgraded 17"
Whats your battery's cycle count?
Gaming recommedations welcome
Best time to buy?
Just ordered my 12" iBook - yay!
ways to buy powerbook w/ student discount and avoid taxes
iBook or Powerbook?
iBook or Powerbook?
The Beauty Of The ibook
Power Book Acting funny for a while now
What is going on?
Buying ibook on Ebay, Few Questions
problems with internet
Can I buy an iBook from anywhere?
powerbook wireless range fix?
TiBook screen problem
powerbook and games
Powerbook overheating?
New ibook pop spilt
External HDD
Charged it full, but said it's low...
This is, well...weird. What did I do?
Why did YOU buy a PB?
Which graphics card should i get for my 15inch PB?
Power Cord
powerbook sleeves
Ah the old G3 wallstreet....battery not showing up!
Stupid Question
softwares for new powerbook
MacResQ/Powerbook Guy
I Just Got My New Powerbook!!!
Battery Life
I think i killed my hard drive
need help finding cd burner for clamshell
g4 bus speed change
Clicking on Trackpad
Tough decision!!!Should I buy powerbook?
PowerBook Overheating
I Have A Huge Problem
12" PowerBook G4; hard-drive failure?
Made the Switch
backup/extra storage options
Dead Pixels?
SHould i wait to buy my Powerbook
Tiger Hangs
New iBook
iBook G4 won't boot-- grey screen
slower processor...big performance difference?
Clamshell : CDrom Drive "Beep"
Problems with programs shutting down
ibook pads
Disk I/O error - General Hard Disk Slow Downs and Issues..
buying powerbook
CD wont eject
Help with the keyboard backlighting?!
Running dual boot Linux and OS X on 12" iBook 1.2 Ghz
just bought a new powerbook!
Degaussing iBook screen?
superdrive/ dvd player question
Superdrive/iDVD question
airport and wi-fi
powerbook screen flickering
Mac + Intel...So what do you think?
Good Battery Care
iChat logging on automatically....?
Ichat Av help with ibook g4
Broken Power Adapter
Need your input badly
IBook Advice...
Display latch broken during hd installation
The last of the G4 Powerbooks
Apple Recalls ibook 12 inch&Powerbook 15 inch batteries
Laying in bed on my Powerbook...
Need SOme tech support here !
should i wait?
keyboard broken - ibook clamshell
powerbook + isight + ipod dock
looking for this clip of
URGENT: Cd drive broken?
Is it normal for the combo drive to scratch CDs?
The Battery Recall
g3 ibook upgrades
iBook freezes (crashes)
PowerBook G4 HELP!!
partitions partitions partitions!
ibook and sleep Mode
Battery Life
Ibook Ac Adapter problem oooor...??
Buying ibook keyboard iskin
Buying advice, modest needs vs. longevity
Old G3 Ibook help
stains on iBook!?!?!?
2 mail related questions
USB Problem with Ipaq
Powerbook and Battery
Powerbook superdrive reads DVD-RAM
My New PB, and my thoughts.
17" superdrive...
366Mhz Ibook G3 Clamshell
My Powerbook broke after a day and half
wanted: cheap ibook
Show Your Stuff (powerbook Setups)
Urgent Help Needed Now!
when to install ram?
is now the right time to buy
Problem with iBook G4 screen
Powerbook Ram
Z key
SMART Status: Failing
crash + password trouble
Early warning signs: Logic Board
powerbook g3 w/os x.2
ATI display settings for 15" PB...
Ibook Clamshell
noob needs help
Think I fecked my iBook
new to mac, just bought an ibook need help
iBook socks
Password Dilemma - locked out by ex-employee
Old G3/G4 iBook
Powerbook power problem
Temperature Problems
Crashed and now wont boot up...
Re-use a g4 imac screen
send for service?
college ibook
Announcement! I have Mac-cage!
Disc drive?
Powerbook battery recall??!!!
Is an ibook for me?
What's the Best Free Antispyware Program for iBook G4?
screen question
Help me decide imac or PB
iBook 466 RAM question
Ibook and GPRS
ibook gone.. I just lost a part of me..
which ibook should i buy
Internal dialup modem broken / not functioning.
keyboard wear
23" cinema work ok with 17" pb?
DVD's not burning
ibook battery replacement already received!!
Problem with Java scripting on my Ibook
dvd burning
getting to the super drive
lets talk wireless..
now this is weird...
powerbook superdrive stopped working
Screen Saver issues
Optical Drive Not Working
12" Combo or Super????
Decisions Decisions
Got my first Mac today...
ALMOST perfect
Which Powerbook 1.33, 1.5, 1.67????
Memory Upgrade
Clean Uninstalling Windows Xp from Virtual PC
Uneven sound output through headphones
Alternative to Apple Wireless Card?
More ram, Larger Hard drive or a wireless router
how to assign the F13, F14, 15, F16 buttons.
ibook vs. powerbook for dj/student
New PowerBook 12"
ibook vs powerbook
Motorola v710 no longer works with my iBook?
Video Problems
Using Powerbook as a 2nd monitor??
Buying from Ebay
tiger and ibook
What bag are you using for your iBook?
IMAC G5 or PB?
Style vs Reliability
New Internal/External HD
Fatal Error???
New iBook 466mhz Graphite Clamshell SE
Upgrading blueberry to 0SX..trouble
Target Disk Mode, Lid Closed?
Help: Screen Saver wont shut off
Where should I get my iBook?
yet another RAM question...
Thanks Apple!
iMovie on iBook, need help!!!
apple logo on ibook
used g4 lock up......
Just thinking about it .....
help icons are all screwed up
pc2100 or pc2700
Q's about a pb to buy
Virtual PC on ibook G4
Saving G4
shutting powerbook problem
Pismo eats hard drives
ibook clamshell and mac os panther
500mhz PB, airport card???
Hard Drive Self-Unmounting?
Cleaning a PowerBook
Popping, hissing, clicking--oh my!
Bad blocks...initializing
losing nearly 10GB of hard drive overnight
New ibooks
Ibook G4 1Ghz and Airport Extreme Install Problems
Sending it Back
dashboard ripple effect on ibook?
Any iBooker's here actually USE 1.25 gb of RAM?
iBook Clamshell
iBook 466mhz Clamshell
Transcend RAM from New Egg
Nokia 6230 and Powerbook G4's
Just got my hands on a PB G3...what can i do to this thing
ibook cd driver trouble
powerbook 15 inch and sleep mode
Start up issues
how iClean my iBook
Help... Please - iBook won't boot up
g5 Powerbook?
How thick is it?
Possible to connect my iBook to wireless networks?
something bugging me
iBook sound problems
Need help finding a ibook part..
powerbook g3
iBook + Video Gaming + Photo/Website Editing
Getting a new Powerbook Soon!
problems with AOL instant messenger
Crystal View LCD for PowerBooks?
HD question
Lombard Almost Done.
shopping for PB RAM
hard drive problem
price drop
What Spec should I go for
OMG I did something wrong
upgrading my g4 HD
MacMice review
Flaming Ibook!
g4 accident
Deleting Programs
iBrick- Would you want a Powerbook G5...?
PC Cards
64MB or 128Mb Graphics Card?
design question(s)
access privledges
Little white spots on my 2004 PB monitor?
Want to buy a Power Book G4 Plz help!!!
Moving files from Pc to iBook
iBook: Replacing RAM
Screen problem/question
powerbook powercable
Silly questions - euro sign on my keyboard
bluetooth pictures
iBook performance question
My iBook, RAM, & Tiger
viewing hdv clips on my ibook
Silly mistake
Problem with new ram
New Powerbook Running Slow.........
possible overheating issues?
how do I partition my hdd
Tiger = Hot
slowing down...
worried ibook
Calibrating Powerbook Display
Powerbook Hard Drive
Does Bill Gates own a 17" Powerbook?
OS 10.2.4 on iBook Clamshell
clashing network..?
Hey...a linux question for mac
Tiger and Powerbook
MAME on your ibook..
using another monitor connected to my laptop
Strange P "17
College Student interested in buying a powerbook
Superdrive not being so super...
ATA-3 Bus Disappeared!
Exterior Case
Keyboard Fading Out
songs off ibook
reloading ibook
Graphics card upgrade
Custom G4 iBook paint job
What do you think of this Picture?
Why is everybody selling their iBooks????
iBook Clamshell Hack Resolution?
iBook Needs new Combo Drive Not Covered by AppleCare
4/29 Win a PB?
14.1" iBook G4 screen problem
what will tiger do?
LCD cracked!!!
Any Pismo Pros? I got a doozy for ya...
i'm an idiot. spilled juice on keyboard
deleting info
help me out plz
help me out plz
Installing programs
Using PowerBook as screen
Mac display - too white?
tiger at a discounted price for recent PB owners?
Delivery to Canada
planning my holidays...
iBook shorted out?
Ibook G4 sign and $ Sign
Warped Lid
Where to buy iBook backpack in Canada
Just downloaded latest updates for osx...
iBook G4 Wifi??
Recent Software updates and how they affect your Powerbook
Sound Question
Ready to buy, but...
OS X 10.4 Tiger
Broke plastic off of iBook modem )=
Finally getting a Powerbook...
Type of RAM
Best accessories and protection - your thoughts
Black marks on Powerbook case
iBook and Core Image
Powerbook 17" VRAM
why does the powerbook not close completely?