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Sleep indicator light going crazy
Powerbooks ati gpu's
Eeek! Horizontal lines on new high rez PB
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VLC/Remote Desktop?
Problem with powerbook wireless -- ?
Will iBook G3 700MHz RAM work in an iBook G4 1.33?
iBook Battery and iPod issues....
Powerbook Hard Drive Crashed!
Logic Pro 7
Sims 2 BodyShop is giving me problems...
iBook Screen Size
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PB slowing down
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Grinding Noise?
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F.E.A.R on mac?
Genie Effect freezes on Powerbook
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How do i create PDFs!?!
iBook G4 1.2Ghz display problems
A very odd problem with MS word
hard drive
mini DVI connector
HP software major problem
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CPU activity light
x2 on powerbook?
Complex Spreadsheet Functions
External Sound Cards
VGA displays
ibook hard drive
turning off
Powerbook is squeaking????
Had my First Kernel Panic
iBook battery life
powerbook battery life disappointing M9969LL/A
Compatible Keyboards
Wont boot from cd!
Green ring light (instead of amber) while battery is charging
port plugs?
Centon memory OK??
ibook fan
broke my iBook screen :(
Apple online store and iBook delivery estimates
My new (to me at least) TiBook
New Powerbook Battery
AppleCare for Used Machines
12" PB G4 + additional RAM
Battery iBook?!
MX518 Mouse Issues
linking imac to powerbook
iBooks Freezing?
clearing HD on powerbook
Can't boot Lombard from CD
Wasted screen cover for iBook G4
Ram questions...
Backup battery affect G3 Lombard Startup?
Incase Sling Pack?
Clamshell iBook CD Drawer Not Opening :-S
powerbook bag packs i need one!
dirty palm spots on ibook wrist rest?
Put your iBook on steroids...
G3 won't boot from battery
Refurbished ibook purchase
Powerbook - Stolen
ibook keyboard HUMP
New 15" PB Display Problem?
need help new to mac
PowerBook Screeching at Startup
User/Harddrive Issue
New v Old Powerbooks
Resolution with External Display
mouse button double clicking?
Strange Battery Behavior - Battery or PB Problem?
667 DVI vs. 667
Can I use an A1008 battery to replace A1061?
Hardware Selection
My PB had to get fixed :(
PBG4 LCD Died...Salvage HD data?
poor iBook battery an ideas?
broke a button
Differences between Mac and PCs
Using the PowerBook as a TV/monitor...
Fan issues
ibook Airport slot as memory?
Problems with Screen Display
Im making the Switch from Windows to Mac
PB 500 G4 Ti Freezing
do you have a Broken Ipod?
More ram .. DO I NEED IT?
Charging Battery
T.V. as monitor?
speakers busted?
ibook G3! Boast the proccessor??
administrator password HELP!
I Need Help Please...
7200 HD or 1.5GB RAM
Help with Linksys Wireless Print Server
Transfer Files from Desktop to Laptop
Accessing ram chip under keyboard
Problems with new Ibook lcd
hot ibook
Ongoing RAM problem ibook G4
PB HD install issues
Battery issues.
PowerBook Damage... How to Read from Ext. HD
Faint Clicking Sound
New 15" PB any brighter?
PowerBook Screen Cover
ac adaptor and apple care
12" or 14" iBook
PowerBook Hard Drive: 5400 or 7200 ?
Bizarre red light
My powerbook cd drive is broken.
Resolution problems
Evil-sounding Powerbook vibration...
HELP, I am an idiot
Linking your (new) iBook to your television. Hints and tips.
uh oh...
Ram compatability
I want to watch TV on my powerbook?
New Powerbooks Have A Few Issues
shut down or go to sleep!?
Told to shut down
iBook shutting off out of nowhere
Installing your own keyboard
Dock on second monitor
Camcorder video on an ibook?
Record Audio
PowerBook problem...
Media Remote?
Transfer Music from Powerbook 2 Powerbook?
Why aren't there any silver Apple mice to match PB's color!
What to use my PB for?
Powerbook noise question
24.1 Gb
stupidest question ever
Poker rooms
Replacement keyboard question.
Temperature question
\second hand imac
powerbook and ipod question
Strange problem with my PowerBook
external monitor question
Used G3 iBook driving me crazy!
Booting From Flash Disk
Help with purchase decision
powerbook vs iMac
Adding a firewire input?
sleep colour
Apple Logo
How do you reset an iBook?
looking for wirelss internet service help
airport extreme
USB wont dectect anything
G3 900mhz ibook not outputting to external displays.
battery stuck on Ti power book
The BAAAAH! Sound at Start Up?
can you add a superdrive to ibook?
ibook wont turn on!help!
I Hate/ I love Apple
Long start-up time?
Ibook Display
More RAM for My iBook
Bare minimum?
more RAM needed?
Has the new PowerBook increased memory speed?
rio nitrus and osx
Upgrading Recent Powerbook to Newest...
iPods and OS9 on an iBook - can it work?
Somewhere to compare new powerbook screen to old?
Swap Batteries Without Shutting Down?
screen flickers
Windows mobile pc and my Powerbook?
iBook G3 ram
What was the resolution on the 15" before they update it?
G3 Power Book...Serious help needed
The new powerbooks performance....
Return Question
Awesome News!!!
New Powerbooks
Battery feature question.
iBook G4 Battery Problem
new PB missing software
is it me or is the sound on my new PB 100% better than on my old Ibook
new powerbook 17 inch
Optical Drive
right speaker wont work
OMG! powerbook start up...
may be you guys can help
Uneven display PB 12"...who else ?
256mb built-in insufficient-not sure how to upgrade
Samsung memory??
my new 17inch powerbook
Airport card
SURVEY: Has your hard drive failed? Are you dissatisfied with Apple?
buying an iBook
Hard Drive
mini cd
iBook problems (Kernal panic and disappearing Airport)
ibook battery life.
iBook & Apple protection plan
how long did it take?
Pismo Problems!? Help!!!
12" powerbook
PowerBook vs Tiger
A new powerbook owner with a couple questions
PowerBook Cleaning
Video driver for PowerBook G4
maya, blender and powerbooks
Should I Get One?
ibook G3 500mhz - no desktop
when was the last time the power book was updated?
New ATI Radeon Display drivers ver 4.5.6
connecting speakers to powerbook
"Default Desktop" HELP!!!!!!!!!
"Default Desktop" HELP!!!!!!!!!
quick powerbook question
Safari in offline mode, how do I do that?
Error code 0x8002006D DVD Burning Problems
Rumor I heard: 14" iBooks = buggy?
1qig memory for 1.25 GHZ
Finally done it....
how do i tell what powerbook I have?
help! battery wont charge anymore!
Entire line of dead pixels?
my ibook lemon
PB G4 15" shutting off
Help! Pismo Hard Drive Swap w/ External
lost disk space
So... has anyone ever upgraded the video card himself?
my powerbook is broken and apple sucks.
Stupid question!!!
Two-week old iBook can't read and burn CD-R any more!
Need help URGENTLY!!! All documents GONE!
turning on problema
Some questions..
Can I use a dual monitor setup on new iBook?
Powerbooks and Engineering !help!
Does the PB power button light up?
viking ram upgrade
Convince me to buy an Ibook, questions inside.
Music while powerbook is closed
Intel iBooks?
Just got 14" iBook + iPod question
What the deuce is bluetooth?
how to burn multiple sessions on cd-r?
I messed up... help me!
Keys on PB Keyboard
Charger problem??
New to Mac- Mysterious key
Dropped Powerbook! Casing....
durable spine?
Several Issues Concerning my PB
The memory usage is ever increasing when downloading.
Wireless Problem
wierd tingling feeling when i touch pb
Trading in PB
Short PB battery life?
Wireless card
So I guess the New PB are imminent..
Hard Drive Space
Bad RAM can screw up logic board?
What is "moving the thread" in this forum?
Problems pairing bluetooth headset to iBook.
Bluetooth to Connect to internet
bluetooth problem
PB sketchy game performance..
What is using up all my CPU speed?
Please Help...CD stuck in drive
What speed is my PowerBook running at?
Reinstalling Mac OS X
Upgrading HD on PowerBook G4
Right Channel on head phone port
Fitting Memory
Mic not working!!
I bought a Lemon!
hard drive makes noises
Emergency Eject Hole
Sleep issue and aborted DVD burning complications
Help: Sudden (unexpected) change of language
IBook - really worth it?
g3 logic board failure
Ibook Clam
Powerbook g4 RAM
exe files
Using an Ibook as a main machine
Cannot mount volume
Toger or Panther
GPRS Internet with the IBookG4
iBook problems
DVD-RW External?
Ok so i got it...
Does the new PowerBook have L3 cache?
How hard is it to change a hdd?
ibook battery icon
new ibook g4 battery life
ibook g4 speakers
overclocking 366 ibook FW
Is the Harddrive speed at 5400RPM?
Is there any way I can adjust the contrast level of the LCD screens?
Not bad for free huh ;)
Keyboard problem
10 month old ibook 1.33 calls it quits
PB 12" and Mouse?
I got it!!!
ibook battery cover
I'm tired of waiting for this "update"
ibook like mac mini server
12in vs. 14in display
15" - Keys not working, broken membranes :(
music from powerbook to pc notebook
Wow what is going on here?!?!
Powerbook 80GB or 60GB plus ext drive????
Possible Screen Saver Bug?
~ ` Key
Do you have any dead-pixel on your iBook?
iBook Display Adaptor
Is there an add-on floppy drive for the iBook?
While Burning a Dvd...
Dial-up internet problem
battery life
powerbook airport signal
Should I switch? iBook or no?
Will this driver work on my iBook?
Powerbook on the way!!!!!!!!!!!
ibook G4 1.2 ram question
How do I enable graphics chip options like Anti-alising?
Tibook upgrade
How long does your iBook's battery last?
Hot Powerbook!
usb 2.0 upgrade?
ibook backspace
How do I open .sit format?
Help: Fonts look like crap when surfing the internet.
Help with G3 ibook
So i bought bf 1942 for my powerbook...
OSX drivers for LG GSA-5163D dvd writer
Need Help Quick!!
What type DVI port is on the PBook?
Memory Upgrade
iBook screen bend question
iBook RAM
Some questions...
ibook crashed?
What should I do when I got my iBook?
Does the iBook battery last longer than the PowerBook's?
Apple Store
iBook Hissing speakers
New iBook question
Advice needed
New iBook
Just noticed a scratch on my new Powerbook G4
Will my iBook operate in Dual-Channel?
Can the graphics chip (ATi 9550) access the system memory?
Intel Powerbooks
iBook screen vs PowerBook Screen.
Ibook question.
Safari BBC audio
cool thumbpad trick
Noob questions about mac notebooks
Shutting down with fan on
CD problems
What is the eqivalence of the G4 1.42GHz to an Intel processor?
Any Suggestions for Hard Drives?
G3 Scrolling Trackpad?
New Mac user, need advice.
12" powerbook...
There are no thread pertaning to powerbooks and benchmarks
dvd stuck in superdrive
X bench on Powerbook. Don't close the thread
Start Up
Apple returns policy
new powerbooks?
has anyone done x bench tests on their powerbook?
Verizon Wirelss Broadband Access
Strange laughing noise on G4 after repair
need an a/c power adapter
preserving powerbook battery by leaving it disconnected?
Possible Logic Board failure?
Anyone help on Hard Drive replacement?
CD/DVD Burner for iBook
do any of you play games on your powerbook?
A 12" or 14" ibook
Stereo speakers magnets/Erasing hard drive?
Can't decide need help
New hard drive problem
Dead PowerBook
having some serious issues...
Tv On Ibook
ibook outdoors
"Vintage" PowerBook 180!!!!
Help with internet on an apple mac laptop
how do i stop my display from dimmng?
Bluetooth not available suddenly
yet another problem: hard drive loud
Hinge problems anyone?
Problem w/ new pb..
dvd drive region free?
"super" iBook on ebaY
12" PB and Hard Disk problem woes...
kernel_task in activity monitor
Optical Drive issues
Wrong Memory Type Installed in Powerbook
wireless problem
so whats the deal with those new pbs...
New to APPLE and iBook
LCD replacement
whats more sturdy
Quick iBook G3 and Slot Loading drive...
uk keyboard PBG4
LCD Cleaning Fluid
IBOOK G4 Not saving pictures. HELP!
iBook + Airport Troubles
15" vs. 17" Yet Again
ADC & iBook
ibook from ebay
Watch DVDs fullscreen on one monitor while typing on the other?
start-up disk full (?)
IBook problems...maybe
iBook w/ 20" External LCD?
PB not connection to GF's Ibook?
15" PB- buy now or wait
PB slower after added memory??
Case Problems
iBook with Intel?
Bad HD or my iBook is bad?
Please Help!! Will Not Boot Up - Tried Everything!!
G4 broken screen replacement issue
G3 Ram
Would a 1.33ghz 12in PB have finger scrolling?
Anyway to improve my wireless signal on my 15in Ti PB?
iBook battery
MacOS X Tiger on iBook
a few iBook problems
Start up sound.
Using a projector for a presentation
i book restart on wakeup
Screen Resolution 15" PB
Combo drive not reading any CD on G4 PB...
RAM for Powerbook
New iBook G4 video?
Hey, one more question
apple order complaint
So confused!
Maybe an odd question.....
PB G4 vs DT G5 for audio?
can anyone help?
Clamshell Ram
iBook G4 Ram
Bluetooth printer adapter
Airport Card won't recognize networks after os reinstall
Does your battery feel loose?
Battery swapping
use iBook display for PC?!
still have questions for an ibook
ram purchase question
Recording with a PowerBook
what case for 12" iBook
Connect to PC's printer
12 inch ibook or powerbook
Ibook Extended warranty question
iBook G3 Problems
Housing Bent Over CD Slot
15 inch temperature
How do you adjust timing of the LCD dimming?
Ibook Video Ram