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HELP!!!! iBook G3 late 2001 sound failure
Cd burner
Macbook LCD upgrade
Macbook pro....256 or 512 for WOW
12" G4 dc in board replacement
used/refurbished MBP in NY ?
what firmware do i have?
not starting!!!
New Inverter Board
Clamshell LCD cable replacement
Intermittent "plink" HD sound - very soft
MacBook Logic Board
Any way to get into stolen MB Pro 17"???
Laptop will not see Firewire camera if Firewire HDD is connected
Plastic breaking?
Macbook Pro monitor dead line pixels
This is weird
Turning Off Battery Charging to Extend Life While Running On AC?
gradients not smooth
3 low tone sounds during bootup
dotMac Translator pop up window - I'm going crazy!
Will the superdrive play Europe format DVDs (bought in US)
Montevina chipset and GDDR3 ram.
laptop to tv problems
Normal Operating Temps and Fan Speeds?
MacBook Performance
Duel Screen HELP
Macbook Superdrive Makes Noises When Being Moved
Upgrading my HDD. What 5400 or 7200
Replacing hard drive in iBook g4
Powerbook G4
Display issues!?
Screen problem
Macbook's Second Crash: Help??
Shipping ?
what should I do?
Turning on MacBook problems
My PowerBookG4 is lazy!
wont turn on
Actually weight of the 15" Macbook Pro
Need Help
Possible to change graphics card?
Incase Cover?
Login Window after lid close
Macbook Pro Upgrade Questions
Buying used MacBook Pro, what should I look out for??
I think i have have duplicate files even though...
Turning internal into external hard drive
G4 worths how much?
OK to set up an external monitor with everything on?
G3 600mhz ibook very strange boot problem!
MacBook freezes on gray screen and does not start
Upgrading RAM, Odd or Matched?
A few questions.
Letting Macbook Battery Drain Wears it Out Faster?
Macbook Started Being Really Slow?
Is 1440x900 the max resolution on a MBP
Beeps loudly at startup
Shuts off when battery drains to below 50%
My Screen doesn't always fire up
Dock randomly disappeared off my screen.
New Member: External HD Problems
Should I Upgrade To 2 GB RAM?
apple care ??
Wireless Internet is extremely slow
Hard drive crashed
Optimizing battery
Dropped my
Cant Install OS X Tiger
Which Battery?
french keyboard for macbook !
Water fell on my mac
Im in a predicament about notebooks
Buying Mac for Wife. Some questions
Screen black after coming out of sleep
Maximum ram for my model?
problem with account
Unable to connect to the internet wireless
Won't Power On!
problem with my girlfreinds macbook
Macbook - Final Cut - External hard drive?
Text is warping when scrolling
onoroff offoron?
memory upgrade question
Selling MBA, how do I reformat/clear contents? Thanks!!
CD won't eject, not recognized
iBook as a desktop machine...
Problem-Need help
Battery and Internet
2GBX1 Memory
Keys sticking
Should I upgrade?
Transfering files from ipod
Yellow tone stains on my trackpad.
cant burn dvd's
Have 2GB Want 4GB RAM
replacing hard drive with ssd hard drive
I've connected my MacBook to my HDTV I see the Background but no dock, icons, NOTHING
quick ?
MB turns on, screen goes on/off, sleep light/ no OS boot... chronic sleep?
Will formatting my disc delete Leopard?
My Specs! Do i need an upgrade?
Trouble powering down.
Should i buy a mac
Adjusting (or replacing) the mouse button?
Weird keyboard issue when plugging in AC adapter
Brand New Macbook pro not showing full charge.
Should I make the switch to Mac?
internet sharing with pc
CW-8123 incompatible in a g3 500mhz ibook ?
networking mac books- quickbooks
ATI radeon mobility video ram size?
extreme noob
Battery Icon Issues?
Dual External Monitors & Docking Station
Noise issue
question about ibook clamshell
MBP Leopard Reinstall - Extremely Dark Screen
*delete key rant*
i need HEEEELLLLPPPP!!!!!!
I think I killed my powerbook 190cs
Buying a MacBook Pro
before selling iBook...
Battery Health
switching windows via keyboard
For all you with creaking Blackbook screens
How to change computer name on Tiger (10.4.11)
iBook G4 won´t charge new battery
Memory Upgrade - What should I get?
a/c adaptor for ibook burnt out!
Holy..So LOST
iSight question
iBook power issues
Static noise from under keyboard
looking for wd 320gb drive help plz
Loading old programs from old Harddrive... Can it be done?
touch screen kits?
Macbook boots as soon as plugged into power
fastest fan rpm
MBP auto wakes from sleep
video playback issues
unable to load MBP
Increase Performance with Memory Upgrade
Yet another iBook G4 kernel panic...
I need MacBook Reboot Help!
Fan Speed
Graphics and Total Meltdown- NVidia Related?
Key resistance
MBAir vs.MBP in trade?
Leopard won't install on Macbook 667 Mhz
MBP no power magsafe fried dc/board
Can't boot, No Disk utility, OSX 10.3 HELP!!!
any one got an ssd??
MacBook won't 'wake up'
Max recommended monitor size
Macbook pro and static?
MBP Memory
side lid
How much faster is an G4 iBook compared to a G3 iBook?
Trackpad Won't Scroll in Quick Look?
"Beeeeeep" goes Mr Macbook
Switch off?
fast macbook pro drive?? (1000rpm)
macbook case issues
something weird going on.
Overheating, constantly + battery lying to me.
RAM, Battery life and Graphics Card
Desktop went chunky & noisy?!
Can a usb hub damage my mbp?
Problems installing Leopard on Powerbook G4
Lid won't close?
New notebook has arrived
Crazy or just worried?
Customizing HD
My keyboard will randomly stop working
Strategy for Performance & Backup Approach
Macintosh HD reading wrong free space and space used
Power Consumption Query
battery problem?
omg omg i have totally screwed up
how to switch hard drive's data
powerbook wont turn on
MacBook goes to sleep mode for no reason!!
HDD upgrade does not void Apple Care
MacBooks... Please read! Help needed!
Help - I think my MacBook may have died
7200rpm HD
My Mac will be 2 years old soon.
iSight question
G3 iBook switch to combo drive - master/slave issue
iBook v. iPod Touch
Problems with iSight i think?? need help
MacBookPro - damage from heat in car trunk?
USB stopped working
Data Recovery possible?
Opinions Please
My MacBook Pro takes for ever to sleep....
Failed Hard Drive Won't Mount
Booting problem
Possible Solution For MacBook Discolouration
Macbook Logic board question
Upgrading Ram
Turtle Beach USB soundcard way to loud.
Brand New MacBook Battery Wont Charge
Seeking Help in Buying a MacBook!
replacing speakers?
Drive speed? 5400 vs 7200
New Battery
Graphics can't handle shadows
MacBook Pro issues.
backlighting & warranty
Stuck on which MacBook
Broken headphones' lead
Speck See Thru/Wireless Mouse
HELP...decisions, decisions...
LED display
incase cover tinted
Silicone keyboard cover & heat issues?
How much RAM can I put in my (older) MacBook?
Clamshell battery woes - A solution
MacBook is getting 65 Degrees Celsius
"No bootable device -- insert boot disk and press any key"
Audio quality?
Please help me with my buy
Powerbook G3 (Pismo) 500Mhz Power Adapter
Will Apple fix everything?
Made a mess of things, hope someone can help
help please
The video memory..
Is this damage common?
Screen flashes durring startup and waking from sleep.
Help: Is memory specifically designed for a Core 2 vs. Core system?
insterting a mini cd?
Store Trade Ins??
Adding RAM to MacBook - Need Advice
Broken keyboard top?
My macbook keyboard is out of whack
Internal hard drive from 120 to 750-1000 GB...
New MacBook Pro coming out?
Magsafe buzzing from power outlit
Help! USB Drive problems
clamshell DC-IN Issue
Help! Hard drive troubles on Powerbook G4
No Chime and Black Screen at startup. Still works KIND OF
Can I use F/W 400 and 800 at same time?
ibook g4 a1055 1.33ghz lcd screen replacement
In car charger
2 questions
Use on Lap
What's the Best, Reliable Hard Drive for a Macbook
Electric Shock!!!
Moshi Palmguard for MB?
upgrading harddrive in my macbook
how to get the best life out of the battery?
help with battery/no battery usage
Assistance with Macbook
MacBook's graphic abilities
Battery Not Charging
MB 2.4ghz or MBP 2.2ghz?
USB powered on even in sleep mode?
Problems Waking Up
Issues burning DVD+R DL.
Disgusted with the MBP audio quality
Start up problems - help
Adding RAM
Best place to upgrade RAM?
Help diagnossing MacBook
Incase Hardshell?
What's a good internal drive-that's 320 gb-for the macbook?
New Macbook Pro question
helping a friend fix their macbook
Apple and DELL Monitor Compatibility
glossy screen
How to tell what type of CPU you have
Macbook won't boot up.
How can I make it stop??
iBook problems 1- 500mhz .... 2 - clamshell(s)
Battery problem
black box & options showing up twice
My Memory Upgrade Experience
Problems with MacBook Display
Macbook Pro Zaps Me
Perhaps one of the resident experts could advise...
Powerbook G4 wakeup problem - nobody can fix!
xBench Results Low
iBook G3 sleep mode issue
Spilled water on macbook charger
Screen pecularity
Premature Shutdown
on AC, recognizes charged battery, but won't take juice!
Keyboard function buttons no longer work
Laptop Insurance?
Colorful problem...
only turns on when plugged in, batter doesnt charge
Screen looks white-washed after screen saver
Advantages of MacBook over MacBook Pro
Option A or B ???
Clamshell comments
Macbook Pro speakers getting quieter
MBP 500GB Internal Hard Drive Upgrade
MacBook makes noise while video chatting
HotPixel on Refurbished Macbook
MacBook to MacBook Pro
Hey Guys I need some help
question about screws
Coasair Low Latency memory - Anyone using this?
Help!! Failed hard drive.
Power adapter light not on???
Best Way to Charge the Battery?
drive speeds for Pro Tools
I just used a cleaning wipe on my glossy screen.
Problems with MacBook
Unknown Disk in My MacBook Drive??
tracking device
Blackbook Penryn 2.4ghz Uk model - Boot Camp Fan Controller
New MBP seems to be sticking
Oops! Battery Health Question
Charging problems
Confused about Macbook colors...
A few MacBook Pro questions/problems
64 bit in MBP
MacBook Screen and brightness
MacBook protection
Coldplay's Viva La Vida CD refuses to play
audio in MacBook keep disappearing
17" vs. 17" hi-res
G4 PowerBook Locking up or Shut Down Message
MacBook Memory Upgrade
latch won't broken lid
problem with MacBook Pro 15"
iBook G4 install disc
Unwanted Visitor On Desktop :[
PowerBook charging issues?
constant static from left speaker when magsafe is in
5400 vs 7200 RPM hard drives?
Is the base MacBook good enough?
iBook Display problem
Cannot change desktop or use expose by using corners
G3 blackouts
Won't charge battery power adapter light not on
MacBook Memory UpGrade
PowerBook G4 - Replacing Hard Drive
Multizone For Dvd
New RAM and MacBook restarts please help!
Are these temps too high?
MacBook display on TV
::MacBook Pro Won't Get Passed The Startup Screen::
freezes after about 10 minutes
I recently got a black MacBook.
how do i completely clear my harddrive?
Docking Station
MBP Battery issue?
What AirPort Card do i need?
Battery charger block.. wire showing
Graphics Problem iBook G4 12"....Pro Help Needed!!
Macbook wont restart Apple logo showing
Water Spill on MacBook
Deformed Battery housing
more memory for my make book pro
Using 800mhz ram in a 2.1 Penryn
802.11n enabler?
New style keyboard on iBookG4
I want to upgrade my PB hdd, will GeekSquad do it?
MBP - software to control USB power?
Dropped my MacBook
Clamshell keyboard and trackpad not working, need help.
Converting to Mac - Help Ram Question & More
MBP Memory Issue Help!
RAM for a G4 PowerBook.
MBP keeps powering off-help!!
S-Video adapter not working
Should i get an iMac or MacBook Pro
help with MacBook corrosion please..
MacBook RAM
MacBook Pro 17" Backlit LED Screen?
7200rpm vs 5400rpm
Shortcut for Delete in front of cursor key?
MBP Repair / Refurbish / Still under AppleCare...
Model difference?
Tech question for purchase...
Where to buy a PRAM battery?
Battery useless in under 2 years-acceptable?
battery confusion....
MacBook wont run, exited abnormally error?? please help
MBP + MCE remote
4GB RAM worth it??
Question! 4GB Mem. in MacBook ?
Are the logic board repair deals on eBay a good deal ?
2.5 or 2.6ghz
Questions for current MacBook owners
My zero key.....
Power Question
My MBP has crashed and won't start up
Clicky noise
MacBook vs. MacBook Pro
keyboard problem
MacBook Graphics Card question?
PC gaming on the middle model?
G3 Clamshell and Case Lighting
Could a (2.4 or 2.5 ghz) MacBook Pro user check this out?
Edge of Wrist rest chipping / breaking
Loss of restoration CDs - Powerbook G4
usb splitter ? (mbp)
Safe Sleep not working
Can you still get the free iPod back to school promo if you are in high school?
Spontaneous shutdowns on battery power
G4 won't boot up with Airport Card in
What is this and where does it go?!
multiple Mac notebook questions
Question about DVD drive
a question on MacBook RAM
MacBook won't turn on
iSight problems
computer shuts down after installing RAM
pro keyboard gives me funny characters
Multi-Colored changing lines on screen
MacBook Won't Display Anything On Screen!!!!
Shuts down on bootup.
Hard drive RPM speed, Does it matter??
Trackpad issues
Noisy DVD Drive
Is my USB port broken?
Many MacBook Questions!
Pop and then high pitch noise
Built in display problem
Installing RAM help!!!
Dead disk, right?
Lower case being replaced
Super Speed RAM?
My LCD projector won't pick up my MBP
cursor jumping
Turn off auto dimming?
Two video outputs on a Mac notebook
Bag For College Student??
Replacing the whole MacBook shell
power cord
PowerBook G4 ...beeps!!
What to bring with me to Apple store?
MacBook question
Best Lap Stand
Any way to override/disable the internal keyboard?
iBook G4 Power Up Issues
Few quick questions. Help Please.
Tiger on 466mhz clamshell iBook
MacBook Pro RAM question
MacBook battery problem
MacBook Stalling On Startup
Charging battery first time before using?
Louder Audio
MacBook Pro Freezing after last update.
New Superdrive is making noises
MacBook Pro Not Recognizing USB/Firewire
65W or 50W
Slow down after waking up from sleep?
Problem with HD pictire included
Mac Book Pro Overheats - 2008 Purchase
Internet Cleanup 5.0 neverending renew pop-ups
Macbook administrator?
Important Battery Question
MacBook & MacBook Pro HD?
BPP Hybrid Laptop Bag?
another one of those, what should i....
7200 vs 5400 (5400 = 100GB more)
Pop (or creak)...normal?
URGENT 1 week left of warranty + broken Macbook
Who Has ever made their own music in GarageBand? (POLL)
Screen Fuzzy After Resolution Decreased
New Battery
Adding memory to MacBook.
To get or not to get.. Applecare Warranty..
Last Ditch Effort to save my MacBook [pics included]
My MacBook is making this noise [Video Included] Normal????
MacBook Sleep Prob
Cover/Shell for Apple PowerBook 15"
800mhz LCD vs. 1.33ghz display
Keyboard, Warranty, and Apple Care Issues
boot problem, fubar HD?
Multi Touch
Marware Protection pack
MacBook WiFi
advice for buying a PowerBook
Where do the screws go?
PowerBook Memory Failure?
iBook G4 display/fan/hardware issue
How much RAM can my MacBook handle?
Need new HDD, but may have voided warranty
Question about Start up/Boot up Chime
Mouse Flickering-MB Pro
How to find LCD model?
frozen startup, please help!