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Got My iMac Screen Replaced, Now It's Worse Than Ever
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MacBook Pro 2010: extreme, continious lag
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iMac 7,1 slow and often needs permissions fixed
PowerMacG4 Tower: Sleep mode pulsing light was disabled: can't remember how.
Replacing the main Hard Drive and reinstalling the OS X on G4 Tower MDD
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Mac Mini !
Broken g4 towers.
Mac mini
G5 Tower performance/Ram
screen is jumping around at random
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PPC G5 and a new 3Tb Seagate
Changed HD in iMac; now monitor does not come on
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trash can
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iMac 8.1 having Minidisplay HDMI port issues with Toshiba Regza HDTV
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iMac 24" 2008 later like a monitor.
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Awesome Door Stop
Where to find MB#### Number??
First upgrading project on g4 tower & macbookpro. All advice welcome.
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2.7 GHz dual core i7 vs 2.0 GHz quad core i7. and different graphics cards
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Power Mac G5 & SCSI Nikon Coolscan
what type of mac is this please?
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need osk 10.5
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User Pictures
1st-gen Mac Pro problems... Is it the GPU?
Mac OSX desktop/finder froze!?
Power Mac G5
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Early 2008 Mac Pro-What type of HD? Smart is failing
What type of screen do I need?
Switching from a MBP to Imac or Mac Pro????
Internal HD failing, using External HD as main drive(music production purposes)
used eMac won't turn on at all
eMac wireless connection mystery
upgrading mid 2010 mac mini processors?
Apple Wireless Keyboard Problem
Need help with RAM configuration, I want to MAX it out
Upgrading my Processor?
iMac and the Three Beep Freeze (video)
Emptying trash
Can't get DisplayPort to DVI working on iMac (same cable works fine on MBP)
Keyboard cap lock
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mac mini wont boot-help!
Little black box on my desktop
iMac 27 Booting Problems
Need libssl.0.9.8.dylib
upgrading an iMac G5 Power PC
Should fast Thunderbolt drive make my display slow?
Questions about eMac G4
iMac (intel) as PC monitor
IMAC squeaking
Running a 9800GTX+ in an Early 2008 Mac Pro
Connecting older iMac to monitor
How to manipulate video card settings on Mac?
Thunderbolt Question
My mac mini (2011) is stuck on the loading screen?
imac 20" crashing after hard disk replacement
Problem with verify and repair volumn 'LaCie'
Bought a macbook last year and now upgraded my desktop.
iMac wont start. Powersupply?
iMac 20" Rebuild Question
Needing online and just general back-up recommendations
Mid-2007 Mac mini and HDMI issues
2008 iMac 20" crashing
Easy question: aligning files inside a folder?
The Wireless Aluminum Keyboard
iMac Display quality
Lion Update Crash
External HD periodically closing
Bluetooth Keyboard/Mouse issue 27" iMac
AHT begins to load, ejects disc, crashes.
Screen Problems
Screen darker at the top
1TB Hard Drive Replacement Cost
Finder window opens to "All My Files" every time?
Trouble after PRAM reset
USB Flash Drives not Appearing on my Desptop
Applications folder under home directory empty (in Finder)?
problem with remote desktop connection
Mac Pro 1.1 cpu upgrade
iMac 24" Mid-2007 Problems!
I 5 IMac Ram
Simple (silly?) question about Application dock icon
Has anyone found a fix for OS X's mouse problems?
Imac lag
Dvd Help
Changing output res blind
iMac 2011 Hard Drive click after sleep, restart, or shut down
LC III: Erase Hard Drive?
programs waking an iMac from sleep mode
MacPro seems to be dead?
Screen is cracked. No led damage. Need help
can't watch my burned dvd's
monitor powers down right after start up
iMac 24' (2006) white screen after Apple/rotating circle
Changing MHz on iMac
Best SSD for iMac
Help with extended desktop
iMac fans
iMac 17 intel
What is the allowable fan speeds in rpm?
Password for Apple Desktop
Mac Mini - 1 VGA port, 2 monitors?
17" imac
Macbook pro and iMac making really weird noises
SSD for Macintosh SE
What hard drive should i get?
Mac Mini Purchase advice
27inch IMac - humming/buzz sound - mains cable?
Upgrading from OSX 10.3.9 to 10.5.4, Software or Hardware problem?
Switching Video Card Advice
Imac 24" 2.93 Memory
g4 will not load!!!! please help!!!
Mac Mini as small business server
Installing new RAM in iMac(slot configuration)
MacPro 2113 Optical drive failure, finding a replacement...
Epson Stylus BX630FX printer works but scanner don't.
At what point does a Mac stop being a Mac?
What ram to buy
Need help to buy mac pro
iMac G5 Popping Noises
Cant shut down Lion with mail still running
ITunes Library between 2 Computers?
BlueRay and Xbox question
kernal panic on startup, log attached
logic board compatibility
USB Hub works then doesn't
Total number of Fans on iMac
G4 Silver Door Power Mac Won't Sleep
2011 iMac, Time Capsule & External Hard Drive Question
i've accidentally spited water into the Aluminium Keyboard
Issue with Macbook pro to TV
Installing new memory
Macintosh IIci
HOw to score OS CDs for my IMAC
I really messed something up...
Vertical lines problem
iMac 2.66ghz processor upgrade?
Upgrading my RAM
2.8 Core 2 Duo vs 2.5 I5
How to Maximize the life of an SSD in an iMac?
Looking for identical MacPro 8 Core Xeon 3.0GHz
Mac mini gets green tinted display severel times
Power Mac G5 DVD Drive
iMac freezes
Does The iMac Fans Kick In When In Boot Camp
Is the imac fan supposed to run all the time?
2.8Ghz (2008) v 2.4 Ghz (2012) Mac Pro
Reinstalling an iMac
New to Disk Utility, Verify Disk.. Screenshot attached... Please help.
Are These Temperatures Ok For What I'm Doing
Picky Powermac G5 very strange problems
Preparing iMac For Sale
Graphics Card Setup Assistance Please!
Any word on next iMac chip release (>3.4Ghz)?
What in the world is this?
Reinstalling MacOs Tiger on Mini (2006)
Early 2009 Mac mini on the fritz?
I need upgrading! Mac Pro.
Can my new iMac handle gaming?
Poll to all Mac Mini owners, does it wake up easily or set up to never sleep?
Quick question in regards to disks.
iMac G5 w/ ALS has strange display issue
Should I expect new iMac in Spring Break?
Upgrade 2007 Mac Pro
Replacing SATA plug in iMac 20 inch (late 2008 model)
Burning vs Saving to disc
What to upgrade on server to solve this issue?
Is it possible to install USB 3.0 drives in an iMac
Hardware Temperature
I mac not shutting down.
Mouse Sensitivity
iMac Upgrade?
Processor Upgrade?
Should I wait for the new iMac 2012?
Dead IMAC, what project can I do with what is left?
Imac 20 (2008) Should I buy it?
Timecapsule - No Longer Have Pemission
Can't find internal Hard Drive
Imac not accepting DVD'S but does accept CD's
iMac Randomly Restarting?
Hey peeps!
Questions about Mac Mini storage
Keyboard connection
repairing the bulging, leaking, and exploding capacitors on 1st gen iMac G5
have you
Black screen halo of light
iMac - SSD worth it?
Problem connecting between iMac and MacBook
Need some advice...Would you buy a used Mac Pro?
Whats wrong with my mac screen
how to Watch Local TV on 27" iMac ?
All Fonts In Browser Are Bolded on iMac
I have a thick white line running down my screen
Mac Mini Home Theater
iMac not recognizing internal speakers
Power Mac Questions
21" iMac too high
Can I replace my motherboard
Should I buy iMacs now or wait?
24in iMac cannot see internal hard drive
This is hopefully easy - why is my mac mini browsing so painfully slow?
Current Mac Pro vs. iMac
How long will an iMac last me?
Need to replace my SATA cable?
Getting new computer!
Problem With Firewire and iMac
Getting 21" out of a 24" screen
Looking for a quiet and fast external drive...Any recommendations?
What happened...
A few questions about my imac g5
Mac Mini Rejects DVDs
Display Sleep
shut down with keyboard
Replacement HDD in Imac 27"
iMac G5 Cross Model Compatibility
found a imac for 300$
iMac vs Macbook Pro CPU's and GPU's performance?
File not deleting?
Want to upgrade iMac's RAM
Cold fan whooshing on switch on
New hard drive or replace?
Problems with my iMac8,1 Intel Core 2 Duo
How do you clean your iMac?
iMac 27" core 2 duo
Radeon 5770 unusually slow, no GL 3.2 support
setting up Powermac G4?
Screen Locked
removing hard drive from spoiled iMac and mounting it on new Mac
can i put a new chipset into my old(er) iMac?
Should i have gotten i7?
What size screwdriver is needed to upgrade iMac i5 RAM?
External Hard drive w Backup Files problem
iMac - Dual Monitor Wallpaper Problem
Apps keep opening after restart
Looking For A Power Mac 7100/80...
How much should I sell my Powermac G5 for? (specs inside)
iMac won't power up
i-Mac camera problem.
How much should an iMac G3 cost?
iMac next video card?
IDE drive in Power Macintosh 7200?
iMac Hard Drive not recognized after disk utility error
If You Were Going to Spend $800 on a Used iMac
iMac G3 Wireless Issues
Putting my Mac on Sleep Mode Vs. Shutting it down?
iMac Stuck on Screen Saver
Worth repairing iMac or buying....
Question about Upgrading Early 2008 Mac Pro Memory
Graphics card for Mac Pro 3.1 (2008 I think)
Does Mac Mini Logic Board support Port Multiplying?
Downgrading New Mac Pro to Snow Leopard
Adding A new Hard drive to my Powermac G5
iMac Kernel Panics
powermac 8600
External Hrd-Drive to mirror saves to internal
firewire to usb
Burning DVD ?
Partition or not to partition....that is the question
Swap a i5 motherboard into a core2 mini?
Mac Pro
First mac!!!!!
Looking to buy an iMac...2.7GHZ or 3.1GHZ
Now What? fsck - fy worked fine - HD ok
Which backup software for iMac ?? Help Please?
Advice on unusual hardware behavior for iMac?
Am I able to replace my IMac's internal sound card with a new one?
Used Mac Pro 3,1 question.
Powermac G5 won't recognise RAM slots
Power Issue with 2011 iMac
Help diagnosin my G5!
Adding a Cinema Display to my iMac - Should I place it Right or Left?
Wierd colour saturation?
2008 24" iMac graphics card issues
Converting an internal HD to a laptop?
Firewire won't plug in!
Mac Mini Value
Upgrading Video Card in Early 08 Mac Pro
Use for old Power Mac
New owner looking for upgrades to play STARCRAFT II
iMac 24" Freezing on boot from USB
PSU failure in Mac Pro
iMac suddenly running very hot
Water Damage: Fixable?
How do I turn off speech tool / voice-over?
iMac not starting up?
iMac or MacBook Pro?
WiFi update now available for iMac
After a new hard drive is installed?
Random iMac shutdown
Mac Memory
Just bought Imac 27" struggling with a few settings
2011 iMac Firmware Update Available
Please Help
Is it possible to put a portable HDD INSIDE Mac Mini?
Mac Pro 128GB RAM
Hello I'm new to this forum! :)
Mac Mini Specs for recording music in suitable quality
Torn Between Mac Mini & iMac -- & Ivy Bridge
Sound Does Not Work on iMac
Swap G5 iMac displays?
white screen II
Video Card Upgrade on a Mac Pro
PowerMac not displaying screen
Mac Pro won't start
iMac G4 Questions
White screen
USB speaker problem
iMac vs MacBook pro
lost my TV display on iMac
iMac start up disk - over 400gb available
How to upgrade
White Intel iMac RAM limit?
What should I clean my iMac with (and more)
getting a Bondo Blue G3 uptodate
Use for old PPC G4?
iMac and anti-virus software
Imac g4
iMac G3 OS 9 Install Problems
Stalling iMac
Storage Recommendations
Problem with iMac
iMac Slowing Down
cheapest imac that will run logic pro 9 sufficently
Mac Mini Optical Drives - What works?
Trying to Salvage my HP with my iMac
Why bother with Apple's desktops (as opposed to their notebooks)?
Should I Unplug?
Old iMac, New life.
Graphics/Memory issue - Mac Pro
Hi there Im New But MY old G3 is ancient
Slow imac 3.1Ghz i5
mac mini 2007/2008 processor upgrade to i5
Hard Drive internal temperature sensor with iMac
imac hangs after chord, grey screen of death
my new mac won't boot
Display replacement
How to eprint from iMac 21.5" to HP Printer
Processor upgrade
Question regarding Mac Pro heatsink compatibility
Should I trust failed verified DVD?
27" iMac Stand?
Macintosh II SCSI external drive not recognized
iMac -- RAM Upgrade
Slow and freezing Mac Pro
What Should I Get? Help- Very Stuck.
sparsebundle and user file backup
Space Bar Problem
LCD swap in iMac Inel
Looking for an iMac g5 20"
Thinking about upgrading and need some advice
Want to upgrade but.....
Can't copy video files to new USB 3TB HD
NTFS problem
New Hard Drive (repost from software)
smart fan control how to?
External Hard Drive
Serious repetitive IMAC problem HELP
iMac has A LOT of free RAM
Mac g4
iMac Hard Drive Replacement
G5 graphics card upgrade
Upgrading a Mini - replacement hard drive issues
Imac 27 settings changed
100% Brand New unlocked BlackBerry Torch 9860 -$380/HTC Sensation XL-$350
Failed bluetooth connection to KB and MM
Building a low budget G5
How to check the memory in a Mac Mini?
Can't eject from keyboard
screen issues
You Need to Restart Your Computer..........
My new Power Mac G5 Which sometimes boots
iMac airport extreme card?
right click help
Trying to buy a Mac but...