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dual displays?????
PowerMac and Quad owners ( post your spec and Picture of your PowerMac)
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re-build Imac
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Using a keyboard & mouse for both Mac and PC
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Up Grading a Mac
iMac CRT Qeustion
Bought my Dell 2005FPW am pissed!
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Love my legacy Mac
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NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GT Card Pictures
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Need help desperately for new harddrive
will my X800XL PCIe from my windows computer work in a G5?
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Front Row Help
Does an USB 2.0 PCI card works on power Macs
buying an imac g5.
iMac Video Out to TV?
apple processor speed vs. pc's
Dont understand why I only have 6.95 GB left from 160 GB
Broken Gube G4
Help! Monitor Suggestions
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Not too pleased with new iMac
Dual Core or Dual Processor
20" iMAC G5 (isight) service guide
ram or graphics - g5
iMac G4 Upgarde options
New iMac 20" vs. PB 17"
my powermac G5 always have kernal panics
PowerMac G4 need to buy new monitor, but which?
G4 Not reading ram
G4 imac ide cable replacements
OSX on imac 500 ?
Front Row Playlist
400 MHz PowerPC 750 G3 processor OSX plus More HElp NEEDED
Target Disk Mode
Brand new iMac G5--wireless connection up/down/up/down etc
S.M.A.R.T. failing ?
Disable internal CRT on iMac G3
port forwarding
KVM Switch for a Mac Mini, recommendations??
Help! Switching to Mac!
Common fan causing noise
Black square around my selections
Adding More memory
Creature Speakers
Video card for G4 Dual PowerPC
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Help! problem upgrading to OSX imac G3!
Should I change?
imac G3
Price for a 17inch 1.8 G5?
Airport+Bluetooth a user installable device?
In the market for a G5, some questions.
Power supply in new apt.?
Share drives
Disc burning error
Problem with Pioneer DVR-105 and Blue&White G3/OS 9.1
Up and running, now a few more ???
Problems with iMac CD drive?
upgrading AGP PowerMac G4
iMac G4 Questions
old G3 350mhz RAM question
Lost left-hand file bar in iPhoto
Thinking of purchasing iMac G5
Bondi Blue iMac and OSX
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My New (Mac) Mini Tower
iMac goes to sleep by itself
G5 Dual 1.8 Won't turn on!!!
Imac making odd noise.. i need help!
Front Row: Music Videos appear in Movies
Dual LCD monitors?
Newbie to Mac - probably simple questions
modem for an old mac
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Harddrive swap!
Opening an old iMac
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getting inside my g3
G3 Modem/router setup help needed
New to Mac
Nasty Burning Smell !!
Dual core Vs Dual Procs
Help G3 iMac can't boot from, or recognise, HD. Help!!!!
Upgrading PowerMac G4
Does ECC Ram work in macs???
Imac G5 1.8 running on Tiger
G5 No video on boot
PowerMac G4 boot problems
iMac hard drive noise?
RAM memory question
System keeps crashing... HELP!
Power Mac G4 Tower 533...
external hard disk "can not be modified".
can't defrag
unmountable drive........
freezing imac?
iMac G4 modem
cas 2 memory in imacs (g5)???
System maintenance for beginners
Imac and Panther?
Color Calibration
Can't install OS 10.3.5
Multiple Monitor Madness!!!!
Would you purchase the new iMac... or wait?
Front Row not working
adding internal hdd in DP 1.8 w/ 80 GB hhd
Mac Mini + Tiger Question
No bootable HFS partition found
imag screen
do you have a Broken Ipod?
do you have a Broken Ipod?
Ticking G5 is driving me nuts!!!
2 Vga monitors a MDD powermac g4
eMac CD-RW not reading DVD's
Installing More Memory
How to transfer applications to new Imac?
upgrade imac, now printer won't work
Question about system files
apple wireless keyboard install
best lcd monitor for mini at 200
how to tell witch imac it is
iMac with iSight
New Mini Companion, 19" ViewSonic LCD
Mac Mini as media center PC
Want to replace my PC with an IMac but will that affect my wireless connection?
Help me choose.... :-)
Trying MacMini w/ two Monitors?
Memory Upgrade
Red light inside right above the power switch
Dual Screens
Dual Core 2.3 w/ Geforce 6600..Need help,please
Looking for Screenshots Software for OS9.1
Blank DVD Media. Whats good To Use?
Mac Mini CDR capacities
New to forum.. My G5 POWER MAC
Burning problems
Still Learning
Two smily Faces and a question mark
Need advice--server software or new machine?
DVD copying?
Networking Mac Mini
i think im in love LOL
Problem with the IMac G5 clamping screws
Install system 9.2 as main OS on mini
Mini won't wake up video after sleep?
New imac old imac
New iMac G5 graphics card
How to erase a partition???
Mini testimonials
iMac G5 - how to mount and use as TV?
Types of VGA connections for Mac Mini?
crazy sales?
Front Row
iMac Stuperdrive and its low quality
Can a Powerbook play The Sims?
Apple G4 tower before I buy questions
Need memory upgrade for G5
mini referb. $379 or $399?
Dual 2.3 > Dual Core 2.0?
Please help--letters
New Powermac
Help on buying the new iMac...
power suply question
G3 Freezes
Buying Ram for imac G5 in UK
Mac Mini Performance vs old G4
Convince me well my wife
Will This RAM work in my...
Mac to Wndow
Anyone help with replacing an old G4 667 Hard Drive..?
Dual G5 spazing out when it goes to screensaver
iMac G5 - CD drive problems.
Just got the new 17" iMac G5
Ok I am Back again
powermac g4 (agp) upgrade questions
Overall Problem with Everything..It's now dead.
Mini to TV
iMac G3 Issues...
Adding hardrive
New iMac Hard Drive
Apple Remote
sounds from the G5
new mac user
Mac Mini
displaying black and white
PC CD Burnin
Bluetooth addon
Can I upgrade my PowerPC G3 233 ?
imac g4 superdrive failure which external one to buy and can i load os tiger from i
Reload this Page imac g4 superdrive failure which external one to buy and can i load
windows media player 7 for my iMac
can you?
iMac G3 RAM???
Imac Front row.
imac g4 help!
"Default Desktop" HELP!!!!!!!!!
New iMac's
G3 Snow
is there a way?
G5 Troubles...
Superdrive DOES not mount or recognize ANY DVD/Install DVD
I MAC G5 Screen showing glitches and freezing for a split second
will an external work?
NYA G5 iMac Sleep Problem
DVD will only recognized certain DVD movies
G5 split to multiple stations???
New guy with question
Added memory - not recognizing "full value" of it on machine
Need CD burner for ancient Mac
G5 iMac will not boot. Now i get the blue screen of death!
Maximum HD size in G4 Quicksilver
iMac G3 Won't Boot
mac mini and OS 9
Please Help
setting up an IMAC for the little sis..
Screwed Hard Drive
Help, Cube won't boot into OS 9
Need help figuring out my possible BLUETOOTH
Powermac G4 466 Processor Upgrade
adding internal HD
G4 Kernal Panic...
G4 MDD Optical Drive Problem
Help me out.... Dock is Gone!
Speedtouch USB Modem
how to reformat PC SCSI drive to Mac
Help! iMac doesn't start up!
Some strange usb junk be goiní on wit my mac mini yo....
Powermac G4 w/vga?
maybe an imac, maybe not
wee mac mini and plasma
Powermac G4 problem
G4 mac
Mouse Response Issues
Imac Audio Speaker Problem
G5 Bluetooth mouse and keyboard issue
HELP!! My imac is SSSSSOOOOOO slow!!
G4 Cube Wont Boot From OSX Disk
flashing questionmark folder on g5
Upgrading memory on eMac
Oddly highlighted input windows
Buying iMac G3
will a Barracuda be OK?
RAM install on G4...
G4 PMac+Tiger+USB 2.0= Help!
Intel iMac??
CD + DVD upgrade help!
Ram Question
8100/100 AV CD-ROM hangs system.
iMac g5
iMac G3 RAM
Ram Memory maxed, it's a good thing right?
powermac superdrive recording speed questions.
Ram Woes!
PM G4 upgradability
Modem Issue
I got jipped out of my printer!!
New Minis on the Way, Discuss
Video card help
Pics of my Setup
Anyone ever heard of US Modular RAM?
iMac shuts down after few seconds of operation, HELP
Just bought an external DVD writer.
Power Mac G5 Memory Question.
Windows Media Viewer Woes
imac recall question
CPU advice
G5 model number confusion
imac/mini dilemma, new options
No signal to monitor
Emac restore ?
Hey, I'm new.
trying to download an mpeg
USB Over Current Notice
What aftermarket Internal CDRW works for G4??
iMac screen trouble
What sounds better?
New with some questions...
speed compared to windows
chunky noise from G4...
What are those 'mini extensions' called?
updated mini now fans on all the time
Plasma Mounted Mac mini
Removing hard drive from MDD dual 867
Pro Mouse Problem
how do you think i should ship my powermac?
New, and have some really NEWBIE questions
moving from a mini to an imac g5
OS X Screensaver Crash
cant erase drive..
CD won't eject
Funny! Must see!!
Ram question for new imac
Ordered a Mac Mini finally
Finally got my ram back.
Upgrading to USB 2.0 in an iMac 266
Enlightened keyboard for MacMini-Exists?
iMac Graphics Card
imac g5 noob questions
Washing my keyboard
Flashing an ati pc-pci card to make mac compatible
Best way to make a mini wireless ??
post closed?
IMAC G5 512mb to one gig
Video Card Help! Please
Eizo or Viewsonic for a Mac mini ?
problem with G5 airport extreme card
Is this compatible
G5 memory problems
Apple Repairs to iMac G5
imac memory question for memory men
Just got mac mini!
iMac G5 sound
5-in-1 Painter's Tool for Opening a Mac Mini
i got the sweetest deal on a mini today at compusa
confused about ram (dual g4 1ghz MDD)
Sleep Light Hacks/Mods
Mac Mini+Screen or iMac???
mac mini or imac?
G5 Overclocking
A big problem ???
Hooray! New iMac G5
Kernel Panic in my G4?
I need expert help.
imac and ibook question
17" iMac or 20" iMac?
Turning your Mac/Mini on and off. Yes? No?
G4 tv connection?
Just got a 20" iMac G5 :)
iMac G3-Ram
20" 1.8 ghz iMac vs 17" 2.0
I Mac G4 Processor 60gb, 800mhz....
Apples PowerPC G3??
Questions re: Powerbook G3
New Mini Trouble
Question Mini ram-upgrade performance:
Mini won't connect to Internet!
Firewire 800 in iMac G5, When?
Power Mac G5 and Chirping Sounds.
G3 Can't Access Certain Websites
powermac and external harddrive
Expose Not Working
Save my iMac!
Tiger on G3
G3 Tower Cd rom drive replacement
upgrading the ram in my mini
AGP 8X cards in a MDD G4 (Mirrordoor)
B&W G3 DVD player won't work
Dual vs Single G4 ?
PowerMac MDD Dual 1.25ghz RAM Question
Apple extends iMac G5 warranties
Bone head question
Can you remove an internal BT module from an imac and put in another?
Lost the roundness
Question about adding a 2nd hardrive
HELP! Need help for G4 tower...
Mouse doesn't respond after sleep
will the fastest mac mini run final cut pro, dvd stuido pro, cs2, etc..
I just bought an iMac and iBook!!
Mac mini update
brand-new secondhand iMac - help?
G3 built-in ethernet
own a imac g5 superdrive
Ministat CPU Heat Widget
iMac G3 Mac OS and Firmware update
Imac Help!!
can i install MS windows or linux on imac g3?
Ugliest iMac heat mod.
my g5 is running like crap
16x superdrive; copy dvd's?
Can a mac mini hook up to an iBook?
Mac Mini monitor
Freezes up!
Post your iMac/Mini system
I-Mac G3 to Panther
Decisions, me decide
Mini's and Tiger and Sleep - oh my
weird power supply question
iMac G5 problem
problems with new mac mini...
The 1000th imac/mini Thread!
Ethernet Port Problems
Got the restart msg today . . .
ethernet network, G3-G4
Downloading Camera Images
Odd Scanner Problem
Upgrading a PPC 8600, some ???
Mac Mini now shipping without and internal modem?
hard sharing
Mac Display?
iLife 05 on Panther DVD
Reinstalling osx 1 3.9 etc
G3 / OSX Down for the count?????
G3 system requirements for high speed internet
IS it really worth it in the end???
iMac G3- Better Video Cards
Mdd g4 overclock
G5 noisy!
G5 and Dr. Bott
Can't Initialize PC Formated HD
Sonnet Tempo Serial ATA
How well does Kingston ValueRAM work in G5 Powermacs?
Expose Lag
1.42ghz mac mini or powermac g4
No power switch
Flashing menu bar in 9.2.2
Help Needed
G5 dual1.8 unexpected shutdown
.avi files
iMac G5 or Mac Mini G4?....
what is the best mac I could get for $800
Logitech Issues & Deleting Files (?)
Buying First Mac
The PowerMac G5 1.8Ghz Single (late 2004, 600Mhz FSB) - The Freeze Bug
Fast Blink
PlasticSmith Monitor stand
MINI: Airport Express Set Up
Another "can't read dvds" cry for help
Placing a fan in an iMac G3 500?
iMac G5 logic board problems and untimely deaths????
G4 Powermac screw sizes?
G5 Super drive makes beeping noise
Very old iMac and MacMini
Adding A 2nd Hard Drive
MINI: Monster iCable Fiber Optic
Crashes in sleep mode
G5 Sorrow , Please Advise
"Cloned" drive won't boot up!
Dual g4/1.4ghz or g5/1.8ghz
iMac G5 Problems
Mighty Mouse
iMac G3 Startup Issues
Powermac G3 Ide Controller Issue
Powermac G4 dual 1.0 ? upgrades ?
What HD formats does Apple Mac G5 support?
Windows Media Player for Mac
PowerMac G5 1.6Ghz RAM
PowerMac G3 ,Two Hard Drives & Tiger Need Help!!
Audio recording via MAC Mini?
anyone have problems with their original G5?
I Am Quite Angry Right Now..
Imac G5 wacky display problem
imac g3 233mhz wont power up now....
CD Burner Installation Help
Hard Drive Installation Help
Exceeding 1gb of memory
people's experience burning dvds on the mini
Could anybody tell me...
eMac or iMac from college bookstore?
My Mac seems to be dead...
Target Disk Mode
Mac mechanic help needed
mdd cd trays?
Imac G5 Sleep problem
Reports of Mac Mini's dim displays on VGA monitors
Software update Crashing.
how do i boot from firewire?
Multi DVI Out Solution?
G4 iMac 20" RAM upgrade...
Mac Mini base model or eMac base model?
Are the 1.42 Mac Mini's noisy?
Can the Mini HANDLE the 2005FPW / Apple Cinema 20" disp
Access panel for G5
Ripple effect on Mac Mini
wireless mouse not working
mouse jumps across screen
I am back....with the new powermac ;)
Swapped DVD-ROM's, now speakers don't work
Region Code Problem.