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someone help me my iMac G4 started acting weird...anyone know whats wrong??
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need HELP!!
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Frontrow not possible on mac pro is it?
Questions about Mac Mini and Imac-how much power?
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Belkin USB 2.0 card
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2nd hard drive
So crucial doesn't have RAM for the mac pro yet....
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upgrading hard drive.
iMac preloaded with OS 10.5?
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External Speakers w iMac G5
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iMac CD/DVD Upgrade Possibilities
Help want to start fresh (format) but....
HDCP support in Mac Pro + ACD's.
Hows this config
Mac Pro configuration
Using Front Row
Error Code 1407
Been given this deal
PCI graphics card for g4(yikes)
They win me over... again...
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What Ill be getting.
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Booting into a CD without using a keybaord
So, do I understand this correctly, the new Mac Pro can support FOUR 30in displays?
Shouldnt mac Pro be added to this section?
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Someone Please Tell Me What A Superdrive Is
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Help me build a Mac Pro!!!
Yellowing on G4 Imac Flat panel
mac pro
Digital camera, MP3 player not mounting
Refurbed IMAC - any issues ?
Question about Bootcamp and keyboard.
any luck with these?
Quad Hard drive upgrade advice
Mini G4 Hd Died
added memory but computer does not recognise
Possible new mac owner - help me decide
problems with new imac
Idiot Proof Backup Solution?
Info for a new mac owner
Ext. Hard drive problem
:/ root# ????
Website to get RAM
Dual montor for G5
add hard drive to G5 (raid)
g4 digital audio
Remote Control stopped working with iMac
Sort've urgent: Keyboard for Sawtooth G4..PS/2..USB
Intel iMac worth it?
Upgrade g4 from mac mini install disk
Screen freeze
Help Needed ---HD has new name afterdownload
Dual Monitor Questions...
Imac G4 upgradable?
Adding an second harddrive to an G5 1.8 dual
iMac G4 Upgrade Possibilities
Backlight problems..HELP!
format my imac with os x - how?
Need a new mouse
PC User finally gives in.
Intel iMAC and external USB modem
Help deciding between Mini and iMac
DVI problems on Mac Mini PPC
mac mini for gaming?
Indigo,Tiger and Ram
Strange problem with my cube
RAM for PowerPC G5
Powermac Buying Advice
G5 Hard-drive Replacement?
Just got a new (to me) 500mhz G3 Imac!
2 Powermac G4 one monitor
Last questions before the big purchase!
Upgrade/buy new/sell old Mac questions:
Easily, manually turning off a monitor connected with Apple Display Connector
need help for internet!
Is this a good deal for Imac?
need help opening up files on my g4
RAM on an iMac G4
New iMac user
Live Television on the iMac?
installed what?
having trouble with wireless internet
New Imac 17" - 512mb, I want to add a 1gb chip...ok?
tv card?
Mini ram upgrade question
Upgrade Problems
Mac Newbie
PowerMac G4
Dock Problems
Current G5 model
Will the mac mini work for me?
Mini gaming?
Imac G4 wont boot up
Power Mac G5 Starts Up In DVI-A - Force to DVI-D?
Cpu temp
imac g5
Help please
Can I overclock my CPU?
Harddrive question
educational iMac NOT for students/teachers
DVI to ADC adapter is kind of weird with my PowerMac
Restoring my Mac
super drive in powermac quad question
iMac problem with Mbox2
HD problem in an old Power Mac G3, can you help me please?
iMac G5 problem
I'm pretty sure this is a dumb question but...
start up with blinking world map then ? file
Ram upgrade
imac help needed please, completely new to mac world
What's up with my Audio Input?
How to hook up a Mini Din-9 Modem to a G3 B&W Power MAc
Need some advice:
adding ram
DVD but NO CD ???
iSight compatable with PC QuickCam Pro ?
iMac Snow
PM Replacement
iMac g3 question
Power Mac two words?
please please please help!
eMac: Data keeps dissapearing!
Advice needed: Repair emac or buy mac mini?
Help, Classic
G4 in G3 iMac
PowerMac Merge
Mac G4 Gigabit Airport/Ethernet Trouble
iMac G3 wont shut down
help - where is the PMU switch on G4 ?
Sound Problem
Help - all text is appearing with a "shadow" - how to smooth/sharpen it?
Intel Mac Pro to run on the Xeon 5100 Series Chips (Woodcrest)
iMac Graphite Power-on Problem
New mac user
drivers for ATI RADEON X1600
Open the Intel iMac?
Multiple Graphics Cards
Powermac won't read blank dvd...suggestions?
SATA external drive enclosure + iMac intel core due
PowerMac G5 1.6Ghz and RAM
I Don't Understand Target Disk Mode or Migration Assistant
Giving up on the G5
RAM Upgrade
Power Mac wireless internet
Change or adding icons
no video on beige g3
Educational iMac?
Can I upgrade my superdrive?
Hard Disk Spins Down By Itself...
Screen in Reverse?
Want to add a SuperDrive to your Mini?
G3 won't boot from CD
Did I get a good deal on this used iMac???
My iMac Problem Story
Seriously Confused: Need External HD Recs
Best and cheapest pc2700 memory
Weeeeird boot error
About the Cheaper Imac
G4 Sawtooth memory Question
Intel iMac - wireless problems
G5 and DLT
Different tray for iMac G4???
new iMAC not functioning at all
iMac G5 and G4 Bluetooth question?!
Hard Dirve Failure!
The New iMac (merged)
G4/1Ghz FW800 compared to Mac Mini's
Will a 30" cinema display work on a powermac 1.6GHZ
Memory Differences
PowerPC vs Intel Screen
Memory Installation Order
Are Core Duo Chips 32 or 64 Bit?
problems with address book
Dual Graphics Card Question
how do i startup or run off of NEW internal hard drive?
B&W Processor Upgrade
First aid fails
Internet Stops
Apple DVI to Video Adaptor
eMac: Is running final cut pro on it a good idea?
iMac G3 - Wierd Problem ARRGH
Extra Hard Drives
20" LCD Screen
Who has the most maxed out powermac g4?
MiniStack external hard drives for cheap
Windows Media and Intel
pwermac g4 wont start up
800Mhz 17" G4 iMac keeps freezing.
iMac intel core dou
Help with my Video
PowerMac G4 Digital Audio - Digital Audio and Video Outputs
Canon Pixma iP5200 vs Epson R340
working directory
eMac: Is 2gb ram true?
How to boot from CD?
Working memory
booting from external drive
G4 Imac 10.2.8 Superdrive wont read dvd's
Imac crashing
Screen Image "Ghosting"
Just got a G4 and need some parts
blue and white question
Not Booting, Please Help!
G5 Quiet for Now
Should I get Powermac or Macbook?
What to do with spare hard drive
Whats the difference?
350 mhz g3 capable of video playback?
new macer...?!help!?
2ghz Core Duo processor for cheap
Netscape problem
possible chip for PowerMac replacement?
Good replacement for a SuperDrive? PowerMac G4
Problem Installing OS X on G3
mac Mini Doesn't work - Apple not supporting???
infared with my mac
Adding Memory
Opening iMac
PCI Cards
No CD Boot
G4 tower spontaneous shutdowns
iMac DV, monitor blurry, otherwise fine.
Mini beast?
Help me find some apps for osx 10.1.5
FW800 Powermac MDD - will it run OS9?
Seagate Hard Drive 300gig Question
iMac 20" with Dell 2407WFP
wiping the slate clean
Powermac G4 optical drive upgrade options
harddrive question,
PC AGP Cards in a mac
oh dear i have major probs
powermac g4 driving me crazy
Memory for iMac
I want a Mac Mini? I want to do the following
Intel Mac CRT Dual Screen
Printer Problems-Urgent
Sound levels?
Power problem?
Safe temperature in powermac
What is the default mail client for the Mac Mini?
PowerMac G4
Logic Board Problems
Ati X1600 128mb or 256mb
What is WMPIcon.gif and why is it locked?
Fans full on?
A mini's new brain...
Weird Noise
Setting up the mini
got a powermac g4 and battled
I got a Free G3....
G3 imac can't be turned back on - can firewire help???
Palm PDA, Will it sync with OS X?
URGENT: CD will NOT eject
Selling Mac Mini...Anything I should do?
Cube DVD Drive not working properly
power issues with the G5 quad
Wireless Internet Connection iMac G5
Dual 867 G4 Video
Looks like a vertical thickish line burnt onto the screen
iMac G5
I'm lost, please help
G5 Fan Noise Saga
iMac g5 screen...
Intel Imac: DVD's That Burn at 8X
My latest Mini/Macbook debate
Mini Cd's?
iMac G3 question
video card advice?
Intel 20" Core Duo - OS X 10.4.6: DVD's Sometimes Don't Mount
Wondering about getting a Mac Pro
font problems intel mac
Help! TV/Resolution Problem/Rolling Screen
desperate help needed any ideas?? please help
Does my flat panel iMac G4 have airport card slot?
what to do with my powermac g4??
My Sister Caved after Windows Purchased...Newe iMac
Farewell fellow mini-ers, hellow MacbookKeepers
ATI Radeon 9800 v GeForce 6600 help
Power Macintosh G3 233 MHz - White screen with _
Intel Mac Mini and Widescreen Resolutions
imac g5 monitor used for other computer
G5 Processor Upgrade?
Mini CD
netgear trouble
Some advice please if possible
Convert .wmv?
my mac wont startup
External Firewire Hardrive & DVD Burner
Sometimes Incredibly Fast Startup, Other Times Not So Fast
Core Duo 20" Buzzes When UPS Backup Kicks In
Intel Mac Mini in for service
Buying a B&W G3
Something wrong on mac
Adding a second hard drive to my G5
iMac G3 500, ECC SDRam?
G4 Processor upgrade question
Audio problems
Mac mini stuck in start up...
Buy my
iMac 17 or 20 inch
Indigo 350 MHz - 20 gig drive clicks but...
Bluetooth mouse problems
Dual 1.8 GHZ PowerPC G5 fan noise.. I think
So I spilled coffee on my Powerbook....any help?
fowarding ports... help plz!!
2GB in G4 Mini?
How to Allocate more ram to Final Cut 5
G4 MDD Dual Boot - Advice Please : )
Memory Upgrade, please check out
My "new" Mini isn't a 1.42?
IS this PMAC G5 quad worth it.
remote controls VLC!
Spitting iMac
Power Mac G4 Problem
Upgrading Mac mini HDD
imac g5 20inch for sale: ebay
How to Get Your Intel Mac to Play WMV Files
flying saucers
USB for Mac G3
Need extream help please
OMG I just went and did it!
Imac vs MacBook vs Mac Mini
Mac Mini Shutdown problem
watching movie clips
eMac -Software to test hardware!!!!
need a new sonnet duel 1.8 processor
Fickering screen (20inch intel iMac)
Memory for Dual Core G5 PowerMac
Emac Freezing!?!?!
AIM problems
Auto Dimming: How to Totally Disable?
CD Not loading
PC User Needs Help choosing...
Question about an old iMac
B&W G3 or G4 Power Mac for learning
imac no boot
Bad iMac Troubles
power supply dead
Having problem with display
imac 20" G5
I just bought a G3 Power Mac on Ebay
So the newest model iMac G5 Intel Core Duo (20") is the best one to get, right?
iMac Troubles - Won't Boot Up...
PowerMac G5, IMac Core Duo, or ....
iMac graphics chipset
PowerMac G4 Firmware Update
Patriot 1GB Modules for Dual Core Intel?
can't copy and paste text
Mighty Mouse
G5 Upgrade, Single Processor, need more
the power
installing Tiger on G4 sawtooth via crossover cable or something!
For those of you with iSight & Mac Mini
New Imac - Won't Boot
Buying Mac Mini~
iMac display
DVD player wont recognise DVD's!!!
G4 bigger hard drive oddity
powermac G4
4pplec4re keybo4rd repl4cements?
my experience with intel Imac 17inch