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intel duo 2
when do you think there will be new ones?
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I'm confused! Need help from anyone Please~
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Operating Systems switching between
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eMac - Upgrades
No Serial Number Found and Kernel Panicing
Mac Mini Tech Help - Added ram, it won't boot
my mac mini and internet
Installing memory in my iMac
PowerMac : G4 (Digital Audio Model) : Optical Drive
question about mac g4
dim screen
Power Mac G4 RAM Issues
is this a good deal
Install OS9 before 10 upgrade?(does have to do with a powermac)
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DIY bluetooth
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Selecting a new Computer
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Hello I'm a PC...
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Router Setup/Belkin
Updated my firmware, now having fireware issues
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CoreDuo losing wifi connection?
Ethernet Problems On G4 Imac
No Sound after RAM Upgrade
Can I plug a USB hub into a USB hub?
Imac LCD Question
Quicksilver 933 MHz processor reading 0MHz
Why not use desktop-class Core 2's?
newbie: iMac vs PC
G5 Mac 2.0GHz (model M9590LL/A) or Mac Mini (1.66 or 1.83 GHz)
iMac/PC streamlining
hardware/open firmware question
Imac owners, how many backup/restore DVD's did you get
combining computers
Can I upgrade my 802.11g card in my iMac?....
Will ram help me?
Always Clean it!
Superdrive install on Mac mini
How much will 1gig of RAM help a computer?
cd rom installation
How to stop iCal from starting on reboot?
Mac Pro Questions
64 Bit
Is this possible??
Kernel Panic Problem
g5 web cam?
Using iMAC screen with my PC
Mac Mini Brightness and Sharp Monitor Problem
Partioned harddrive
DVD rejected
IMAC- 2 Questions
Advice about getting Macbook Pro
Worth it to Upgrade Processor on PowerMac Dual G4 450 (Gigabit)?
Geforce 7300 and Dvi -> Video adapter..
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vibrations and buzz from mac pro?!
Need some advice for a video card
OWC RAM upgrade (and other items) for my "new" C2D iMac
memory - istat pro
Using Bluetooth on imac 17" C2D
Install Catalyst drivers on iMac
2 Issues I'm having
replace system hard drive?
How do I remove cd/dvd drive?
EyeTV and Fans running.
need help with picking ram
Buying a used intel iMac
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Does my Intel iMac support 802n???...
No display ... loud fan ... ?
Mac and iMac?
Intel mini's, ram upgrade
"slimming down" os x for use on my old imac
iphoto library is gone... PLEASE HELP
My Intel 20" iMac just crashed - curious as to WHY?!
I Hate Macs
Imac... Need Help!
landscape/portrait switching?
PowerMac G4's Video Card Fan
Imac 500mhz screen jumpy?
24" Protective screens don't exsist! Do they?
No Widescreen Resolutions Available???
G3 PCI Video Cards Mac Specific?
upgrade help needed
Two Beeps, Fan Cycle, then nothing
MBP HD Clicks
Installing Tiger on iMac G3, need DVD drive?
questions about upgrading
Fan problem
Hi, help wanted :)
MIA Hard Drive Space
any way to hook up 2 minis to each other?
Power Surge
"Sleep" or "Shut Down"?
Newbie needs help with iMac G3
Early G4 2000 Graphics card
g4 Mini Ram backwards compatible?
Anyone notice the price increase of G4 minis?
Which processor is better?
Password Problem
No Video on Sawtooth boot..
making wireless?
Mac Mini Cake
iMac Freeze
Imac memory performance question
Imac G4 question, opinion???
imac camera question
What should they get?
iMac G4 won't power up
iMac RAM Question
Running out of space--HELP!
Need help w/ iMac G3
Apple Care
i think kernal panic got ahold of my mini? help!
Panther, Firmware, & iMac G3
Difference in Memory on iMac
LCD Backlight is Out. Repair?
iMac 2.16GHz fans, speeds and temp
realtime grapping and marking
Upgrading Video Card
no sound from internal speakers ONLY
G4 strange graphics display problem
Performance DDR400?
gfx performance - Radeon 9200/32MB or GMA950/64VRAM?
iMac Temperatures
Raid Setup for Photoshop
Powermac g4 Quicksilver PS upgrade
al 1GHz PowerPC G4 help
just got my mac mini hooked up to the flat screen
Help! CD loading issues iMac G4
serial ports, is there any?
weird fan problem
iMac G5 & Intel Question
opinions on a G5 Dual 2.0
Thinking bout a Mac Pro....but some questions
Internal Hard Drive compatability
M-Audio Sound Card
Freeze after Sleep
HD format
audio input buzz
Only booting with one hard drive ? :S
My G5 refurb woes...
hypothetically upgrading imac 24" graphics card
Q's about iMac
dvd player skips
Screen problems with intel duo
A Question of SOUND
Why is usb so slow?
PCI Express Surround Sound Card?
BF2 iMac 20" best settings??
Larger Monitor for G4
is my iMac 400 slot load dead?
Blueberry iMac issues
Macbook Internet Connect Issues
Sick G5, won't keep anything down...
'Damage to the Volume Header Block' alert.
Who/What keeps stealing my RAM?
Raid Harddrives
help? with my mini
Mem space?
Mac Pro RAM questions
OSX Tiger on old G3 iMac?...
2 problems
Can I use 5.1 speakers with my iMac?
upgrading my processor g466/ sonnet to duel 1.8
G4 Mac Hard Drive Issue?
Just got external display working with lid shut-now shudown or sleep when done?
newb questions regarding adding a HD…can someone please translate into simple terms
brand of memory matter?
10 flash reset / IMAC ??
Video card overheating?
iMac cannot see DVD like boot volume
G5 clacks and whirs, then freezes
Fan Speed and CPU/GPU Temperature
PCI wireless cards
Good buy?
problem adding new 750GB to Mac Pro
G5 w/iSight: anything I should know?
Fan speeds?
Cleaning Hardware
Emac, Slow?
Printing from my iMac
No power for my G4
compaq 168 pin EDO memory vs.
tv recording
Mac Pro & ATI X550 256MB PCI XPRESS
Fast Blinking Orange Charger Light
G4 QuickSilver Dolby Digital & 720p Upgrades?
Mac Pro 2gig processor worth it?
G4 Ram Upgrade, ecc or non-ecc
Crashed Hard drive I think
refurbished G5 or MacPro
Help! Imac g3 500 mgz
Advice on building custom Powermac
Noob Q - help w/ new purchase
Free Ram - Why so little?
iMac + Rear Projection HDTV, Will this work?
Anyone using these HD ...??
Both digital and analogue displays off mini?
System fails to boot after installing new Radeon 9200. What am I doing wrong?
How do I clear my iMac and start fresh?
Mac Pro-blems
Need help tring to get Imac 333mhz up and running
Restart Problems Every Other Time!
System.log reports disk I/O Errors
Trouble with Superdrive
Possible to install a HD DVD Drive or Blu Ray?
External HD limitations
SuperDrive will not stay open
cant seem to install any os on an imac
Getting a small monitor for Mac Mini
iMac better regarding photo/video editing than PC?
UPGRADE Advice! Please post!
Where to buy upgraded imacs?
Power plug on back of Mini, need info
3" CDs?
imac conflict os11?
mac pro and hard drives
Strange goings on - disks not ejecting/system locking up
Quick Question
Crashing tray load iMac
Thost big 'ol iMac screens
New to MAC Hardware
Cube does not recognize its dvd player
What to clean iMac screen with?
iMac G5 PowerPC Problems
Replacing PC with Mini
2 questions on my new macpro
New Hard Drive Install
Mac Mini connected to HDTV. Resolution problem
TV to MAC?
keyboard for mac/pc
iMac 20" Monitor - HD Ready?
Max hard drive for G4 quicksilver
Problems with starting computer
iMac g3 indigo.. won't boot os9 cd
Airport Card
Suddenly Slow Copying @ G5
20" iMac same as Macbook Pro?
mac mini video prob w/raritan kvm..ok till lcd
External HD was not disconnected properly...
Loading Tiger onto an iMac snow
G4 CPU Upgrade Advice
Sound Trouble
12" Powerbook Help!!!!!
How to set up a RAID
System Prefrences quits.
iMac Graphics better than PC?
Adding usb ports?
160G HD on a G3 iMac
(another) Newbie...
upgrade an eMac
Worth getting a G4 or G5?
Lightning strike = fried ethernet card What to do?
Freezing issue, now font issues...
external hd
Cleaning Imac Screen
External Video Card For A Mac Pro
my iMac keeps freezing
No sound cards?
Power Mac G5 Dual 2.7
1.5GHz G4????
What to look out for when adding a PCI card
Mac Mini Memory Upgrade and FAN NOISE
Memory upgrade
Num Lock Problems
Ideal Powermac For Video (final Cut)
Multimedia Center
Modem speed on mac mini never above 28.8
Need DVD-RW Recommendation for a G4
external disk drive for iMac
Sound Card
CPU Upgrade for G4 "Sawtooth"
G4 "Sawtooth" Graphics Cards
1gb Ram Memory Modules
Hard Drive Space Disappeared!
Red Lines in Display??
My computer is frying hard drives!
Looking for someone who wants help to resurrect their video-less iMac DV...
Newbie with EMac Power PC G4
G4, fan on, light on, but no chime, no monitor
Graphics/Video Glitch Powermac G5 dual 2 GHz
3GB ram noticeable difference?
Ventilation And Crash
KVM Problems - monitor 'Out Of Range' w/ Mini
g4 boots to open firmware
Some more 24inch Imac ?'s
SATA controller card compatibility for G4?
Newbie Looking For Laptop Purchase
iMac with Surround sound...
force drive to open
What kind of Memory?
Disc burning problems
My G4 Sawtooth running out of HD space
Printer Problems!
Can my Mini handle Tiger?
G5 iMac won't start up
Hard Drives - Which Sata?
iMac Intel Core Duo - Memory Upgrade?
Dropped iMac
No kids games are compatible?
Why are there black boxes around everything I click on?
Purchasing the 24 inch Imac, I have few ?
Best OS to use on an iMac G3?
G4 Cube
Student looking for help
my 15" flat panel imac
Finally Got Some New Ram
What drive to buy to upgrade Mini to Superdrive?
Printing on imac
IMac fan speed
Cube Graphics Card...
Is it possible to replace the RAM and Graphics Chip in a 20" Intel iMac?
Graphics card upgrade
need a how-to please
Sound issues
ibook as mac mini monitor?
IMac G3 Questions....
AirPort Module in Mac Pro Tower
Seagate 7200.10 incompatible? Detailed benchmarks!
Won't go to desktop & screen saver settings
iMac wonkiness
How to tell if a G5 is refurbished?
Can I tranfer pics from my wife's eMac to my iMac?
G5 Internal HD compatibility...
Won't connect to router.
Any old DVD writer?
Fan gets loud - OS X freezes.
Upgrading basic setup
rename first computer name
G5 or intel
recommended speakers
Noob:Is this Quicksilver a deal?
How long?
recommended iMac upgrades
Help with Configuration
External CD-RW / DVD Writers
iMac CPU Upgrade Question
How to boot for cd
Keep Dual 533 G4 or Single 933 G4?
Screen brightness in 24" vs. other imacs
What should I do?
dual 2.0 g5 won't boot NEED HELP!
First disappointment
Mini for son.
MS wireless keyboard - ejecting cd drive question
powermac airport question
iMac G3 wont boot Mac OS Cd's
Can't see if the color screen is under 15%
opps-loaded desktop with 678 still pictures
Running iMac off AQUOS @ 1080p? Oversan P.I.T.A.!
USB thumb drive shows up as blank cd?
iMac + external audio speakers = too QUIET?!?!
buy MBP in US
Quad G5 not booting
iMac question
Is it worth the upgrade?
How Often Does New iMacs Release?
iMac G5 Video chip sets