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Older MAC mini RAM extension ?
Mac Pro problems / HELP
g3 not starting up
Which Mac do I need? pro mac, powermac, imac, ?
Repair or replace?
Mini Capabilties with more RAM, etc.?
Upgrading firmware for Wireless Keyboard and Mouse. Help!
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Sticky Mouse
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Cheap Speck covers
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two independent ethernet interfaces on imac
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New hard drive-Please HELP
Have an extra HD , want to use it as an external HD for my mini
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upgrading the CD drive
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Choosing a Optical 5.1 Sound Card
Mac Mini Won't Fully Boot
What to do with a G4 Cube
80 mm dvd
upgrading a g4 cube
Big problems, help please!
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Speaker Pop noise
Choose an Imac or Mini for me
B&W G3 - Boot from IDE?
Power Mac 6500 - Monitor destroyed
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dual processor or single?
Dead Pixels
iMac G3 DVD-R Burner
Gaming on Mini?
Mac Pro or Monitor Issue? Not all of screen is used.
I added a new HD...
just making sure....
Some advice.
Intel iMac display question
MAC G4 eSATA PCI card - help!
Thinking of getting mac pro
external hard drive not showing up!!
How do I get the Hash Sign on an Apple Keyboard?
upgrading the ram
Thinking about my first mini
Ram question
Boot up issues
G4 Quicksilver PSU?
Power Mac G4 won't shut down
New to Forums...iMac ram question
Is This Upgradable?
Advice for G4 CPU upgrade?
Intel iMac very slow
Installing a DVDRW to G4 IMAC
Booting Issue
Combo drive support issues
Whats discs came with your G5 Powermac????
G3 iMac- Mouse Cursor Not Moving (URGENT!)
A kinda big question
Does Apple Remote work with old Power
Adding a Blu-Ray drive? Possible?
Front Row on iMac 17"
acard problems for large hard drive no sound
PowerMac G4 RAM
Got my new iMac
Hardware Setup question
New Mac Pro!!
Burning DVD+RW discs on Panther?
Indigo Start Issues
i have a dvd stuck in my mac!!!!
Decisions.. decisions..
Problems with power button and sleep
iMac keeps ejecting CD
adding a second superdrive - what is "cable select?"
Processor upgrade card for iMac g3 700?
G3 Hard Drive Woes
Changing video cards?
Upgrading: Which is a better deal?
Opening up an iMac g5...
eMac install disks for my G3 or G4
Is there a X1900 Driver for QUAD Xeon Mac Pro?
nvidia quadro fx 4500 video card
HDD & DVD-RW Question For iMac G3
CI/QE Compatible graphics card for a B&W
new imac with intel chip
G4 - Drive problems... ?
Issues with Superdrive
CPU upgrade questions
Newbie: Mac Mini with dvd burner trouble
PCI Gigabit Desktop Adapter for G4
c'mon help a n00b out- g4 upgrade?
battery handling
New Mac Pro SuperDrive issue
iMac G5: Random shut-downs
Powermac G5/Macpro using a 37in LCD as monitor
from 2 gig to 3 gig, big difference?
2,16 or 2,33 GHz?
Newbie Needs Help on Buying iMac
Moving to the USA
USB 2.0 upgrade cards
Question about processor upgrade
32gb kit now available for Mac Pro
Please Help With Watching Mac Movies On Lcd Tv
Does this RAM work with an iMac 24" 2.16 Ghz (usually 2x512MB)
Strange power button problem on my G4 dual ghz
Quick question before buying a new iMac
Mini Toslink broke inside audio jack
G4 DP with mixed PC100 and PC133 SDRAM
Fading to blue screen
Memory configurations
How well does 20" run games?
memory upgrade
Advice wanted please :)
Got the new 8 core!
iMac G4: How to wiggle the chassis out?
need a answer quick help
iMac dead after 20 days
8 core or quad core?
When all else fails: Getting a stuck CD out of iMac g3
Video card upgrade HELP
Summer Project to upgrade: Powermac g3 or g4
RAM upgrade
RAM questions - iMac 20 C2D
I am a looooooooser
Hitachi 1tb HD
Microphone jack...
imac g3 dv
Mac Pro: ram upgrade
Mini for home theater users, is 1.66GHz enough?
G3 Display Geometry
Updated video card drivers, now it wont boot.
Involuntary shut down
I over clocked my 7300
What angle does it open at most??
american model work in the uk?
This thing heats up my room
eMac RAM info needed...
Is "bay 1" the fastest or something?
Combined wireless & bluetooth card - HELP
Which Mac Pro configuration for video editing? and FCP studio 2?
imac & video cards
Need Advice On MacPro Setup!
Can I use them?
iMac upgrade queries
X1900 - is it silent?
Installing Mac Pro ram?
iMac G4 neck support and parts breakdown
wirless airport extreme card
PCI-e Video Cards w/ a Mac Pro?
MAC newbie questions
new imac running really slow
Need help finding a replacement video card for a G5.
help with processor upgrade help
Is the 24"imac HD-DVD compatible?
First time Mac G3
Graphics Card HELP!
imac speakers?
MacPro Screams?
imac g4 flat-panel
Replace Motherboard on my PowerMac G5
Should I buy my memory upgrade from or
Stupid but needed question
Display problem with Mac Mini
Drive Sleds - source for spares?
Mac Mini
G5 Power pc - NO Video ??!!?
imac G3 will not boot from cd!!! help!!
How To Format
iMac protection plan
iMac G3 tv tuner
Mini DVI
Xbench on 8-core Mac Pro
Mac Mini video memory
Adding better speakers to at iMac
Mysterious Black Wire
questions on my G4
5.1 surround from Mac Mini
New IMac ram issues
Help! Mac Pro buzzing sound is really getting to me
Reusing memory from a G5 in a Mac pro?
Jammed RAM module removal advice ...
Booting a g3 iMac from USB CD?
thinking of buying an imac - some questions
iMac G4 flat panel won't stay powered on
G4 mini, remote options?
Problems with loud humming sounds
restore os x boot loader
CD Drive Troubles
G3 - switching out logicboard & hard drive
DIY Upgrading hardware
G3 HD Upgrade Question
Hard drives.. spin up, spin down, spin up, spin down
No Boot
excel problem
Noobie question about updating an iMac
OpenGL issue
New iMac
Hard disk hum driving me mad
Superdrive Failure.
Display/Monitor Query.
New iMac 24" with hum. Please advise
iMac G5 - Logic Board Problem...
Slow start up?
Is a Mac Mini suitable for my use?
time for a new mac...almost
turn off screen dim?
Mac card and pc card running simultaneously
G5 Pioneer Dvd-rw Dvr-111d
G4 iMac, how do I open the CD drive
Monitor Issue
Better sound out of the Mini
Memory for Mac Pro
Mac Pro Wont Boot
Possible Upgrades
I'm slobbering, my Mac Pro just arrived.
Quad Core or 8 Core
mac book vs Power Mac book
Stupid Question, But How Do I get rid of this box.
Quiet Startup Chime
boot problems with imac g3 crt
Upgrading R.A.M
SignShop Serial/Parallel connectivity
What PC memory can I use in my Power Mac?
Is Memory from Mac mini compatible in my Power Mac?
G4 Power PC (800fw model) and HD's ?
GTR 2 on iMac 20" -- Will it work?
Buying a G4
Buying new iMac but using RAM
Will this RAM work?
imac G3 problems
Fre Mac Products
24" Dead Pixels ? 4 folks - New Member, Hello Everyone :)
My Quicksilver won't see firewire devices
drive tray won't open
upgrading my mac
iMac Remote
Sporadic blue screen fade
G5 - 5200 resolution questions.
Thermal Calibration Hangs
Garbled Video Issue
Will standard mac-pro support a 30" panel
Your Opinion on a Purchase?
Dual Core G5 hardrive failure
imac windows uninstall help
iMac Display Monitor - HD??
Why powermac?
Use power button to shut down?
mini Problems - No LED, Startup sound, constant fan
G4 Mdd Psu Fans Replacement??
Buying a MacMini. Few questions.
Favourite design?
Which model do you use primarily?
Quick memory question
Fitting Hitachi 1TB drive into 20" core duo?
G5 1.6mHz - Using PC3200 400mhz Ram in a G5 that runs PC2700 333Mhz
question about powermac g4 ram
Installing a new HD on MacPro
OWC mac memory?
imac too hot ?
PowerPC Adapter with Intel Mini
iMac 2.16 Vs 2.33
24" iMac screen
G4 Power Mac: Booting into Single User?
Mac Mini or iMac? What's better for me?
opening two Powermac optical drives
Upgrading an old Power Mac G4?
Old Powermac SATA drives
Question for current gen. iMac owners
charge on battery
Low external speaker volume from MacPro
have problem
New to MAC.. Help!!!
Newb question
iMac G3 Quandries!
Greatest productivity
causInternal hardriveing boot up question mark?
iMac G4 or Mac Mini Core Duo?
mac mini upgrade
mac mini fan noise
FireWire target disk mode doesn't mount on desktop
How much free HD space on a new imac?
Bad performance from DVD burner
help installing Mac OSX on imac g3
G3 Screen
battery/dc problems
iMac G5 And No Clue What To Do!!!
Dual 1Ghz QS in a 466Mhz DA - problems!
Howto format Mac HDD
Memory reading 0 Mhz??
Formatting WD HD ???
Tiger Install, no space? PowerMac G5
B/W G3 mod question
Mac Pro has odor problem.
Troubles booting 350mhz teal iMac (screen is blank)
actual screen dimensions
I can't be the only person who was shocked to find out..
Considering Mac Mini.. questions.
Is the 24" imac "too" big?
RAM in iMac
Is it important to match manufacturers ...
Quad core Xeon? Doesn't feel as fast as it should
Newbie Help??
G5 vs Intel-based: what is the heat like in comparison?
Questions about iMac
I opened my Mac Pro and was disappointed...
Epson R800 problems
How to clean intel imac screen + keyboard
Indigo Imac, Please help
17 inches box Size PLEASE!!
How to check if RAM is thermally OK?
DOA iMac
Changing the Internal Hard Drive
Sonnet CPU Upgrade
750gb imac hdd noise
adding a dedicated hd
Is it just me or the intel Mac?
Clean inside after 2 years
Can't install OS 9 or OS X on my cube
Apple Mac Mini!!!
I took the plunge
mini in car
Original HDD removal
mini G4 dual head
FX5200 and widescreen?
MacPro's annoying humming noise
sorry…but is this the right HD for my MacPro?
Need advice on installing some applications
imac g3
What Good is a Dead G4?
Damaged Logic board... still WORKS!!!
PCI Card installation issue (Adding USB2.0 slots)
is 17" big enough??
Hard drive is extremely noisy
24" brighter than 20" and 17" models?
iMac Screen size question...
Is my power supply dead??
MacBook Pro problems.
How to install memory into the macbook (video)
Need your help on computer upgrades.
setting nvram variables
problem switch on
radeon video card for sale
G4 733 and DVD-RW
G5 and upgrading memory
using Australian iMac in Japan (power adapters?)
Going to sleep restarts my computer
Need HardDrive Help/Advice
Powermac G3 Revision 2 shows ? file at startup
keyboard troubles
g4 lamp style
g4 dead only start button lights when pushed
Uneven backlight and hum on iMac 24"
G4 Powerbook Moving Display Problem
dual keyboard question
Can't Install/Un-Install Program
Fan Speeds
Did I get the wrong RAM for my Mini?
Why 3Gb memory limit in 20" & 24" iMac's?
Wireless adapter
new to iMac
I love Apple
practical uses for mac mini with home theater
help upgrading old imac?
new to mac
G4 PCI Sound card question
I Question about adding a harddrive to my mac
Very odd and annoying Mac Mini firewire error
need audio converter/adapter for non toslink setup
MacPro with six internal SATA drives
miltiple hard drives in an imac?
My iMac G5 died while asleep.
Unable to read DVD
Power Mac G4, mirrored drive, two monitors
Power Mac g3 questions.
My new 20" iMac feels sluggish
What processors are supported by imac 24 ?
24" eye strain?
Mac Pro keeps crashing when using with KVM. where to start my investigation?
Save as and attach file problems
The Little White Light
DVD/CD Drive
20"or 24"?
adding ext. monitor to my macbookpro
I got an important question about my mac
Refurb question
ACD connection
Is the Mac Pro future proof?
PowerMac G4 AGP - Dead?
Ram optimization
New 8-core arrived today...
External Storage
iMac not allowing normal boot
3.5'' CD-Rom in slot drive?
iMac g4 20" How much ram?
eject button for opening dvd tray
PlayStation 3 into 24 inch iMac?
Help - iMac G5 only boots into console login
128 bit memory question
upgrading video card
Insomniac Computer Won't Stay Asleep!
Upgrading G4 AGP Graphics Card - Resolution Issue
Using my tv as a display
G4 Ethernet woes...
OS X - iMac G3's Hard drive spinning up every 4 mins.
iMac or Mac mini?
8-Core Mac Pro
Power Light on G3 iMac power buttons does not flash orange under OS X
Newbie G3 iMac Owner and Dlink DBT-120 Bluetooth Problem
Mac Pro Memory Help
Lost Imac remote
Defrag fo the IMAC?
I-Mac Setup?
1.42GHz G4 vs 1.66 Intel CD
Mac Mini Question and New to forum
Specked Out G3 Won't Play Videos
IMac Video Output
broken clip imac g5
iMac 350MHz upgrade to 10.3
How do I view clips on internet?
iMac or MacBook (long)
128 bit memory
iMac Part Numbers
possible to install graphics card in a 20 inch imac without opening system?
Powermac G3 CD Booting
Video Playback Issue
intel mac book memory would work on mini
Why the big jump in memory prices?
I am thinking of buying an emac this summer/fall
8800gtx Mac Pro?
iMac g4/PowerMac g4 ram swap
Upgrade Recommendations For G5 Power Mac
Major problem!
Graphic Card Question
how come on the 24 inch imac the videocard is weaker than the 17 and 20 inch models?
G4 500mhz as file server?
G4 processor upgrade
RAM Upgrade Help
Powermac g4 dual 800 quicksilver graphics card help!
iMac DV 400 no sound
Mac for beginning video editor
imac restore disk
iMac G3 questions
Intel iMac Microphone Volume/Skype Issues
slow eMac. suggestions?
Powermac Not Reading Hard Drive
42 inch monitor
Mac Mini wont run FCP HD
DVD Gate
what use for just a g4 monitor?
g3 start problems
iMac 17" - 20" - decisions!
OS Classic on Mac Pro (printer problems and other issues)
disk tray woes
Booting G5 From External
Mac mini Memory upgrade problems
Please help new Mac user
virtual pc, access, office, Mac
G3 Plays DVDs but refuses to play CDs
Installing OS 8.5 on Power Mac G3
iMac problem
Problems with PowerBook G4 Quicksilver
Need advice on a new system
my imac screen is very dark..please help me
Another Terabyte of Storage!
Getting an iMac
Help Please - 1.42Ghx G4 Mac Mini HD Upgrade
upgrade to Dual Layer Super drive
Ram or something else?
G3 Screen resolution
No IP Address; can't connect to G4; WHY?
Mac Mini resolutions
What kind of remote can I buy for my power mac?
Help connecting a mac mini to an lcd tv...
Question on Mini's hardware specs