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Confused about G4 iMac maximum RAM??
20" iMac Duo turns off suddenly
cd drive not showing up in devices
superdrive not writing to dual layer dvd+r
How is iMac 24" Sceen for Photo Processing?
2.4 or 2.8
Santa Rose Chip Set
imac g3 keyboard not working on boot
Old G3s
Monitor---"no signal"
eMac - bad video
Ram install issue
Powermac G4 MDD or Quicksilver to DLP
No open?
Matched pairs w/ memory modules
How to make the best out of Mac Pro?
iMac screen keeps blacking out...
24" iMac Screen will not turn on. HD runs though?
Considering Used Mac Pro
no way to eject cd
Powermac G4 for the bin or not? newbie user!
What is the max resolution the Mac Mini 2.0GHz can output?
8800 in a Mac Pro
powermac g4 1.25 upgrages
G5 gos without any warning, into sleep mode
PowerMac G4 processor upgrade
iMac 20" or 24"
Scratches on the INSIDE of the screen?
Imac monitor color distortion
memory upgrade
Will 7200 rpm hard drive damage my iMac?
Black Smudges growing on Screen
G5 Hard drive clicks on start up and system freezes
FW disk on 9.0.4 powermac
Imac hard drive problems
Intermittent cut-out
Macbook Pro vs. iMac
PRAM - what is it?
Volume Key locked on Keyboard
G3 Blue & White No Chime
Hard drive compatibility
RAM upgrade for MacPro
Radeon 9600 pro video card for G4?
Second hand Power Mac G5 or new iMac?
How To Extend Monitor Cables? Mac G4 Too Noisy!
want to get rid of OLD computer....
New iMac 20" 2ghz or 2.4?
Thinking of buying a second hand Powermac G4, a few questions.
Mini and connecting multiple monitors
g3 imac HD
Can the new iMac support two 4 gig memory sticks?
System X
Cleaning iMac Screen
video card for G4 Quicksilver 733 Mhz?
Does iMac support a second monitor?
Upgrading a power mac G4, WITHOUT upgrading RAM or processor!
eMac graphics card glitch
g4 Quicksilver power fault
USB bus speed
Connecting 5.1 speakers to an iMac
Can G4 Quicksilver cause monitor to have weird horizonatal shadows across screen?
Problem upgrading RAM
DIY upgrading memory Intel??
New Mac Pro
Can I upgrade an eMac G4/700MHz processor?
what hardware should i get preinstalled?
G5 Video Problems... Help!
mac minis in a lab setting
IMac Hardisk crash!!
Which is Faster
Start Up Problems w/ Mini
Is the 2.8ghz worth it?
NEW ALU IMAC Blue Screen Lock Up ?
Disc won't always eject
G5 or Mac Mini
Connecting to a plasma TV
Imac Performance Speed
Can you use an iMac as a second monitor?
apple memory vs OWC.
The CD stuck.
How to and Latest firmware
iMac G4 can't read Tiger install DVD, can read other DVD's though?
Second Display issues
Mac Pro GeForce 7300 GT - 24" monitor?
G4 (PowerPC) video cards in (Intel) G5.....?
just got my new imac! (:
Ram questions
New iMac: when, where to buy?
Powermac g5 no chime on startup
processor type
G5 Firewire
mmd dual 867 dvd operation
Mac shuts down
Stuck pixels -- whole vertical line!
transcend fb dimms
2.66 or 3.0 mac pro
Apple emac booting problem
Help Mini!!
Ram installation problem
second 7300 or ati?
Is this a good deal?
imac, is it worth it?
Can you get the imac thumpin'?
Mac Mini Keyboard
Logic Board Question
How long does your iMac takes to start up?
External Raid storage help!
B&W G3 Hard disc size (How big can it be?)
3rd party sata controller drivers
Hooking up iMac to 40" Samsung LCD?
general cpu question
Can't turn on Mini, or reinstall OS X
1.5 gig G4 video ram
mmd dual 867 internet hang
Dual ADC video card?
2 X 10K Drive Raid 0 vs Single 15K Non-Raid
good deal?
Mac Pro Odor Problem: A Success Story
Firwire card not responding on g4
mmd dual 867 memory question
Imac ram issue
unresponsive button
installing leopard with brand new primary H-Drive
9800 pro for g4
20" Aluminum iMac Overheating?
sawtooth with dual cpu
Identifying G3 and G4 desktops.
ATI Radeon X800 XT replacement
G4 need help turning it on!!!!
powermac g4 mmd dual 867 memory upgrade
G4 doesn't see mouse/keyboard after trying to add USB wireless
MDD vs. Sawtooth?
upgrade or downgrade?
Plleeassee Need Help Now -cpu Upgrade Gone Bad!
Screen goes dark, then off
Does new firmware fix iMac freezes?
Dampening iMac cloths?
Freezing iMac problem solved! Maybe...
CPU Removal in sawtooth
powermac mmd dual 887
Sounds Cards
Need Ram: Dual 1 GHZ PowerPC G4
New iMac Needs More RAM
Media Hard Drive/Formatting
Two More Questions!
Agp Graphics & Mirror Door G4's
Viewing videos on a mac
network connection problem
dual monitor setup
Quick question
upgrading RAM, what brand is better for aluminum iMac?
Mac mini ram upgrade
G3 G4 speed
matching monitor to mac
Getting a new imac Tuesday, But had some questions
PowerPC to Intel
Sleep Mode Problems
Sata Controller Questions
Thinking of selling my mac...
How Do I set up Wireless to Chat & bluetooth ?'s.
Help me choose please
iMac G4 Black Screen???
G4 Flat Screen Trouble
MDD G4 Logic Board?
Apple not recognizing my serial number?
Which speakers for MacPro
Will this Ram work for my Imac... Link inside
G4 Imac Mouse and kernel panic/crashing problems
cracked imac screen. (intel 2ghz c2d)
Leopard and a Dual 533:Cheap CPU upgrades?
How to Watch TV?
IMAC will not turn on (boot)
Concern about iMac freezing
Fax Modems on G4 Tower
iMac crashing.
comparison please: PPC vs. INTEL
Won't boot except on 66Mhz harddrive controller! New motherboard?
Hot Chocolate on the new keyboard
Dual 1.8 GB G5 --- OR --- NEW iMac??
Advice would be appreciated
Old Mac and new monitor. Need help.
Power Mac G4 - can i upgrade the agp card?
keyboard plugged into monitor
Yet ANOTHER cpu upgrade question
Audio Recording hardware question
mac mini sleep issues!
imac screen vs cinema display?
Need Wireless Desktop with strong signal
Frustrated with Mac Pro with RAID card
Upgrading Hard Drive (HDD) in Dual G5
Macbook Pro vs. iMac
Why does this happen?
Mac Pro Questions
iMac G3 - Display Issues ??
Startup Problems - G5
MACPRO 8-Core, 9GB Ram, iPhoto 08 ver 7.1 SLOOOOOW at open
Power Mac dies when starting in disk mode
Quick Question about customization
Major Problem, Please Help, Thanks :D
Replacing Power Mac G5 Power Supply Unit
cpu upgrade questions
Will mini go Santa Rosa?
Do you still have any freezing issues after the update?
splitting video source to TV and lcd monitor
Tiger (10.4.6) Install Problems (on G4)
Why is my Dual 2.7 G5, 5 gigs ram, Slow?
Mini HDD Size
DVD Drive Not Showing Up
Multiple (3) monitors???
mac mini won't boot
Apple releases iMac Update
Imac G4 RAM Question.
iMac G3
quicksilver buying advice needed
iSight Resolution
Switching to Mini Using Existing PC Peripherals
OSX Leopard Pre-Installed ?
Quick processor upgrade question
Is an IMAC right for us?
Converting DVI to ADC
Mac Donalds
Lost my Firewire Ports
Not responding
Missing iLife
dvd superdrive
G4 hardware question
emac screen
Good deal for potential buyers.
New iMac missed the cut off for new OS by a month
New HD problems
Audio and Video on my iMac screen
iMac vs Mac Pro
3 Gig RAM - Up or Down??
Two ATI Radeon X1900 XT in mac Pro?
eMac problem
need a PCI USB card for G3 powermac
PPC Dual G5 fans
G5 Dual fan noise
HELP!! G4 Nvidia trouble
How much RAM?
Can i use The ram in my mac, in my PC?
Buying a new iMac
iMac Sound?
Using a mac bought in the US in the UK
PowerMac G4 switching off all the time
would this be feasible?
Calling all AL iMac users! - High pitched squeal?
Mac Pro Video Card
mac pro nvidia or ati x1900
Do You Leave Your iMac On...???
Pricce me?
Mac Mini
Confused over a couple of issues
upgrading old iMac g3
More USB Ports
Yay! RAM issue solved with G4 MDD!
Connecting 2 iMacs
Switching HDs
iMac G5 fan noise - is it excessive?
iMac G5
RAM question
clear/numlock key
Powering 30" display @ 2560 x 1600
Buying an iMac for video editing
iMacs, gaming and heat
howdy y`all
Powermac G5 Dual 1.8 won't boot
Is this the correct ram to purchase?
Connecting 2 External Drives with FireWire 800
sound problem
Need to help my Dad upgrade memory for Leopard
upgrade processors in mac pro?
iMac G5 memory upgrade
Poor CPU performance on new iMac 2Ghz C2D
Considering an iMac
how much my imac worth
Questions Re Performance
G5 2.0GHZ Dual - Slouchy performance
Mac mini power supply in Europe
Wireless N on Mac Mini?
interesting thing happend today...
Heat generated in sleep mode
20 inch imac
Mac Pro video cards...
Mac Pro G5 freezes
Hard Drive
OWC RAM What do you think?
iMac update broke my iSight!
what should I do?
How hard is it to upgrade new iMac's hard drive?
new 20'' iMac... thinking of upgrading the graphics card...
G5 hard drive problems
7.1 speakers on an iMac
iMac with touch-screen
macpro and ati x1900
What's a good/compatible Internal Hard Drive.
G5 Monitor won't turn on
Another Newbie question about RAM
Newbie question about G4 MDD keyboard
just got my quicksilver 800mhz
New iMac Keyboard
Memory - RAM
The future?
A question about iSight
PCMCIA card into G4 Power mac?
Imac G4 RAM
G4 doesn't wake from sleep
G4 1Ghz tower... bad power supply?
iSight on MBP and iMac
Need Help
G4 Cube... how to...
Need more memory- What should I do?
Clicking noises on MacPro
Amacroe memory
quicksilver G4 with hp2335
memory for mac mini and macbook
First Problem with New 24"
Loud buzzing from new Intel iMac 20"
Blu-ray drives
Optical Digital Audio problem
iMac 2.0GHz E4400 or T7250?
indecisive! too many options
will this g4 be faster than my g3..
24" White LCD Screen Issues
g3 powermac upgrade
DVD Audio Problems
attention new imac - problems with video card
a HUGE ??
upgrading G4 processor question
instaling ubuntu with mac os 9 ? is it possible.
G4 server's HD's spool up... no power to VGA/usb/firewire/cdrom
G5 internal speaker issue
24" white imac advice
imac 5 question, really easy one ;0)
HOW Do I Connect My imacG5 to My 46 inch LCD high def tv????
Finally ordered mini!
new imac(g3)..why hard drive make noise
office for mac os 9?
Noob breaking his computer...HELP!
eMac solution needed
fan noise on waking Mac Pro from sleep
bluetooth trouble with Mac Pro
Newbie questions
Need help updating my graphics card!!!!!
External HD slow down computer?
G3 w/OS 9 and G5 w/OS 10.4 - Which KVM switch will work?
dvd burning issues
iLugger fitting
Slow response to keyboard input
Mirrored Door G4 Tower
iMac ram?
What kinda HD does my mini have?
Newbie needing help.
Fastest Hard Drives ?
Help me to decide.. Please!
Imac + Xbox 360?
Nvidia & ATi
HD or Bluray?
Help! My iMac doesn't read discs and I can't eject them!
''burn'' on lcd?
Wish me Luck!
B+W rev1 G3 IDE issues - solution?
New Imac and connecting to a HDTV?
iMac G3 333Mhz HD Question??
power mac 7500/100
New firmware update (09-27-07) -- Safe?
Installing RAM in new Mac Pro
Replacing internal start-up drive on Power Mac G5
3gb vs. 4gb on New iMac
Thoughts on this memory deal?
Apple warranty
Power Mac Scare!
question about imac when using MSN messenger...
CPU Temperature issues (iMac Intel)
Checking installed Ram
Please, save my Mac!!!!
CD-RW drive
Anyone know what memory?
need some help with my B&W G3 PowerMac
Burning Dvds from itunes to imac
New Alu Imac can not enter Target Disk mode/Hardware test mode ....
Power Mac G4 to G5 question
BIOS/Mainboard ability to emulate PATA?
Anyone List me Reasons why G4 MDD won't Power up?
WoW Mac Movie Capture and aluminium iMac
Mac Mini not recognizing replacement hdd on os x install
G3 Keyboard/Mouse?
How much is my iMac worth?
G5 Power Supply Question
Dual graphics cards on a dual 1.8ghz G5
Need opinion on buying a second-hand eMac 2006
Imac ''humming'' noise
two aluminum imac upgrade questions
How do I burn DVD's
Mid 2007 Mac Mini; stops responding halfway through restore!
DIY: a cooler macmini
Won't Power Up when I made a Change
DVD burner not working
Now my REPLACEMENT iMac is going bad! Different Video Problem!
NTFS IDE drive and Mac pro
Finally! Buying a new Mac Pro
Aluminium iMac or MBP for games?
HELP! Additional Hard Drive not seen on desktop
video streaming to xbox360/ps3
New iMac Keyboard Problem
New iMac screen tearing problem
Mac Desktop Speed Tests
PowerMac G3 Yah or Nah?
Is iMac likely to be updated with new chips?
Any ideas for future Mac Mini?
os 9.2 trying to upgrade to os x dvd help
imac logs off after an hour
new mac user
Want to keep my 17 iMac but...
Mac Questions iMac Mac Pro
Upgrading. Looking for advice
iMac G5 - Need Advice on Resale Price
Help please. Why is My Mac Pro so much slower than my old pc?
new iMac vs. MBP
MacPro on the way, where does it ship from?
Problems with 1 day old 24" iMac
OWC memory for my iMac
G3 video card replacement
pioneer dvd-rw dvr106d (17" g4) help!
Installing new and only HDD in PowerMac G5
video card upgrade
eMac Ram Upgrade Question
First Generation G5 Speaker
mac mini (599 model)
Help Help Help
Loud Hard Drive
1.66 for 299 - bargain
Powermac g5 Upgrade?
Pimp my iMac!!
IMac g4 help
G3 B&W Powermac needs new HD. What kind does it need?
Cube problems...
Emac 700mhz jet engine?
Seagate drive is no longer readable after software update
New imac suddenly stops reading some DVD's
Utilizing Mac Pro processors
Anyone still use the G3's?
ram for mac pro desktop 2.66ghz
iMac disk in an eMac
Ram Upgrade
PowerMac to Samsung 720p... NEED HELP!
Help with adding PCI devices
New iMac - problem with graphics?
Video Adapter Problem
Empty RAM Slot in Base Model?
Which hard drives for mac pro?
Dual Moniter
Keep 20" iMac, or get something else?
FREE Ipod for UK student (even if recently bought computer)
New iMac vs Mac Pro G5
connecting to the internet
Quick Question
Some Problems i am having with my new mac mini. please help
My first mac!!
Opinions on new Mini please
Any way to add eSATA to iMac?
New iMac Superdrive slot
G4 Problems
internal dvd burner with lightscribe needed
G3 as a music player with remote control
Issue with burning downloaded avi files
ide pci card
Help computer starts but no screen or mouse working?
PMG4 Ridiculously Slow
G4 Hard drive replacement
Looking at G4 867 Dual for 1st Mac
parallel port
Which to choose... iMac or Mac Pro
Imac G3 Booting from cd
imac on the move
Dual CPU test for G4
USB2 and my G4 Mac
Couple of G5 questions
G4 Tower stuck booting OS 9 :(
Keyboard problem
G5 goes "pop" and won't turn on now
Disabling Core in Mac Pro
Won't accept Media
ram (can i put pc ram in my ima)
using an old iMac for a monitor?
switching dvd drives on mac mini
best internal hardrive for G5
Do memory slots slide on the new imac 2.4ghz?
Connect it all together - help
How is glossy screen on iMac? Quad core coming?
a usb mac keyboard and mouse
Turn Old PowerMac G3/G4 into Media Server