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boot from external
Imac G3 upgrade problems
iMac is not booting, goes to firmware boot :O?
Just Sold My Mac Have A Few Questions
G4 Power Mac. No video. Chimes, fans come on.
do i go for a preowned Mac
mini with 10.5 Server
Microsoft Keyboard & Mouse Drivers for Mac
Problem when booting my G4 Mirror Door 1.25GHz
Is it possible to substitute a 24" iMac with..
Eject Disc While Off? (or Startup Disk Trouble)
Power Supply Failure?
Sound card compatibility
Aluminum iMac Connection to HDTV
new G3/G4 need Upgrade Advise
Mac Pro suggestions?
Should I fix my Power Mac
CPU for my Logic Board?
Got my new Mac 20"
Need Advice
iMac 24's for tradeshow displays?
Intel Centrino iMacs?
Audio on mini
Big problems with Mac mini
Sleep Issue
G4 Power Mac Upgrade Question.
Mac Mini DVI - TV DIY attempt ;-)
Are Intel Imacs 32 or 64 bit??
need help with Power Mac G3
VS iMac
Fan Replacement
Slow Mac Problem
Considering this trade, need opinions
Weird RAM issue
Thinking about getting a 24" iMac..
Mac and Dell
Power Mac G5 Issues
Not Long Now before i get my Mac but which one
Dead G5?!
Got my iMac & love it!
Anyone with experience buying a refurbished iMac?
Streaming video on Power Mac G4
iMac Alu Sound Problem...
Bluetooth on an iMac
G5 (JUNE 04) logic board
G4 iMac won't turn on
Quitting Applications (RAM?)
Buying Mac Pro
G5 Problem
Can I know if someone extracted info?
G4 Digital Audio Sonnet upgrade
£799 iMac - any good?
Second DVD Drive
Mac Pro sleep Issue
Changing Login Screen Help? Now I Have A Blue Screen :(:(
WoW pauses if run from HDD on 2nd bay.
ID my Powermac G4
PC to Mac advise needed
Repairing bent G5 case?
3 repeating alarm sounds in sleep mode
Memory issue
Apple Studio Display 21 Problem
Is the screen left on damaging over time?
Please Help CD Stuck
iMac Makes Clicking Sound, Won't Start Up
installing tiger or leopard
View an iMac camera from somewhere else, even if you do not have a camera?
Revisiting Mac Roots Help...
New System - a few issues
For $1000 dollars... G4 w/ Proc. Upgrade, or G5?
Connecting a second monitor to iMac 2.8gz
G3 freezes when CD is inserted
Black Face Intel iMac 1TB Hard Drive Replacement
Two iMacs: Dual screens?
will the NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT work on my PowerMac6,1?
New here, question about brightness of iMac screen...
Mac G4 400 Mhz HD Upgrade
G5 iMac wont power up
Hard Drive Format Blocking Factor
iMac 1.8 PowerPC won't see new AirPort card
new iMac release date?
Instructions for Removing a RAID card?
Power Mac G4
Power Mac G5 RAM Upgrade
Will a 1.25 G4 Single core and DP work with the same mobo?
iMac G4 Help
Superdrive issue - tracks 13+ won't play
Buying iMac
Problem after RAM upgrade
2.8 Extreem compared to Mac Pro
i think i put my ram in backwards
Upgrade iMac G4 Processor
Need suggestions re USB connections
Boot ROM chip
part of display shifted or gone
iMac won't boot completely?
iMac RAM upgrade
iMac G4 1.25GHz 20'' manual???
Keyboard issue
High end machine rental
Bad logic board G4 MDD? Help please
Custom Spec Mac Pro's
Power Mac G5 processor in a G4
Mac Pro Slow? Need more RAM?
newbie help needed
When did Apple cease building the pre-intel G5?
Bad RAM?
Graphics Card for Mac Pro
iMac for video editing
looking to upgrade
CPU Upgrades
HD unaccesable/disapeared from Desktop (but still visible in Disk Utility)
Quicksilver G4 867 video card question
imac newbie help needed.
Question: External drive for Time Machine & iTunes
G4 trouble
Mac Pro EFI update...
Ultra ATA PCI Card
Power PC speed vs. Intel Speed
Power Mac G5 LCD wont start
Trying to get the g3 to get up an running.
Sonnet 1GHZ vs Dual G4 450 or 500
iMac Screen Getting Worse
booting from cd
G5 memory not showing up
Output Video and Audio
New Mac Pro Hard Drive Options
No video on the Mac mini G4... Sound at bootup
Computer won't turn on!
iMac as external monitor
Quicksilver G4 867
Power Mac G3 Upgrades
SCSI PCI Card still useful?
Too good to be true?
G5 Won't take in disks. Disk drive dead?
iMac Core 2 Duo 2.16 I want to upgrade to 4gb, can I?
eMac, Where Art Thou??
newbie imac problems
Slow iMac
Business computers
Soundcard for Mac Pro
Is 2.0ghz Mac mini ok for light video editing?
G4 (Quicksilver) makes horrible noise (but works)
3rd strike!
Connect to cable for TV without the TV?
iMac G5 advice needed
How much for a 1.66ghz
Mac mini Ruined?
How good is the iMac G4 800
System locks up completely
Dashboard Problems
MDD won't sleep or shutdown. Kernel Panic?
screen stuck in "negative"
iMac Pro, worth it?
Will this ram work in my Mac?
Dual G5 no HD no FW, what now? plz help!!!
G5: Is my card blown or is it the computer..
Power Mac G5 2.3 vs. Intel C2D 2.2 Relative Performance
trouble on my G5...
Help with sound
Power Mac G5 Memory Upgrade Problem - Help!
My firewire 800 isn't working
Ati x1900 is this the overheating card
Mac Memory vs. Memory
New HDD - Can't Install System
Formatting HD
Switching motherboards?
Mac mini Boot Problem
iMac or Mac Pro...Hmmm!
bought first Mac and need help upgrading it!!!!
Help with overscaning
What would you recommend?
Searching For Compatible RAM
Mirrored Drive Door G4 Dual Mon. Question
Screen is Dead
Apple iMac - Wake Up Apple!!! give it what it needs
Mac mini HD upgrade Recommendations
Connecting to tv (Help)
Loopy eMac issue
Jerky documents
iMac GRAY Screen boot problem
Access to a Mac Pro from a PC Notebook?
Turning off the display
Major Noob in need of processor information!
Did I Break the Mac mini?
How to take a G5 apart book?
Two Screens + Mac mini
Old G3 firmware will not update untill loading...9.22 cant load 9.22 until...
Quick Monitor Question
iMac G3 DV and TV Tuner/RF Input
eMac G4 1.25Ghz Value
External usb TV tuners for mac?
About to buy a 20 or 24in iMac...Some ???
Snagged a freebie Power Mac G4
Switching main hardrives
How do you setup a duel monitor on an iMac Duo Core
Strange noise at intial startup
iMac is Dead
Blue Screen on starting
Mac G4 questions
replacement board
what to get?
1G Ram not enough for iMac?
Installing RAM issues
Can a mini drive surround sound?
camara light
Screens Just Gone!
Adding extra HD & RAM
What is the best Mac Pro configuration for my needs?
iMac wont boot with cdrom
G5!! what is a flashing "?" on the folder
My Mac is crashing only while game playing - Please help? :)
Mac Pro memory...
iMac setup and dimensions
Internal HD Upgrade of Mac G5
iMac Update.
My first experiance (Power Mac G4)
Should I upgrade to a Mac Pro Quad?
What do you think of Sonnet cpu upgrades
Speaker Problem!
Mac G5 crash issues. Hardrive-related? Please Help!
How to connect Monitor to G4
Customize iMac?
How do I max out the RAM on my G4 Tower?
G5 TO TV Connection
iMac g3 boots to black screen, runs fine
Buying Power Macintosh G4 Quicksilver advice please
C2D cores Temperature!!
Power Mac MDD Dual 867
Panasonic HDTV with no Picture?
iMac core 2 duo ram
Only reading 8GB of ram out of 16GB installed
ADC extension cable
iRam not reading well and processor upgrade help!
AC power problems
How do I tell if a Power Mac G5 motherboard is bad?
Looking To Buy A G4 Case
Mini Mac Problems With CD Drive
severe boot problems on Mac mini
boot from G4 tower, view on iBook G4
PPC G5 upgrading graphic card
thinking about getting a Mac mini
iMac question
G5 Starts Up Fine But Doesn't Start Monitor Consistently!
RAM Upgrade Help Please!!! iMac G5 Core Duo
Dim Screen
Is it really worth trying to bring a G4 AGP up to an acceptable moderen spec?
Inherited a G5 Recently
Power Mac G3 Blue and White Questions
iMac freezes with Screensaver
Dual G5 fan spooling up and down...
Mac mini harddrive
Power Mac G5 hard drive not being found
G3 333MHz (Rev D) hardware questions
Video problem
USB issues
Syba USB PCIe card suggestions?
Upgrading my RAM
Mac mini won't eject disc help
New iMacs
Carrying case
Processor Upgrade Question
iMac G5 screen... small anomaly+other problems.
older G5 or new iMac
Mac G5
hooking up Power Mac G4 to a samsung Plasma
Intels Dual-Core Xeon
Power mac G4 keeps rebooting when switched off?
iMac remote control of applications?
My Mac doesn't recognize the size of a new Hard Drive
many Mac minis make a maxi?
Not all 8 cores being used
Buying an 800Mhz eMac - is this wise?
iMac G5 can't recognizes 2 Gb memory as only 1 Gb
10.4 on new 8-Core Mac Pro?
G4 Upgrade?
1.6mhz processor upgrade -good idea or not?
Can I use it as a standalone monitor?
Restoring a G4
Airport Extreme iMac vs iBook
iMac 24" 2.4 Processor Upgrade?
Strange colors on screen?
Help with DVI to HDMI
Syncing my MBP and Mac mini?
Can't open second HDD
iMac 20" RAM Upgrade
2.0 or 2.4Ghz Core 2 Duo??
Mac Pro or iMac
Mac newbie with a G4 Quicksilver needs help building!
Problem with optical drive door
Locking up
No bluetooth?
issue with connected iMac to TV
Graphics issue on G4
iMac sounds the alarm!
Hooking up a monitor & mouse 40ft (12m) away
Question about using both NVidea and ATI on Mac Pro under Windows XP
8 core, maxing out at 45%?
Where's my mouse pointer?
Where is the best place to get ram?
2 or 3 gig memory upgrade?
Mac Pro/PC hardware compatibility
spoiled superdrive
Clicking noise on power up?
G4 newbie questions
New Graphics card = better online video playback?
iMac G3 indigo memory questions.......
iMac with a Jammed CD!!!!
Freezing eMac
Can I use both an NVidea 8800 GT and a ATI 2600 XT in the same Mac Pro?
just got a new beater (G4 content)
Which thermal paste to use
Tiger HD Swap w/o Install discs
want to upgrade eMac
iMac 32-bit or 64-bit
Ata66 Vs Firewire 400 - Which Is Faster?
iMac screen cleaning
Topic : Mac pro cinema display cuts out and can't access Mac with screen sharing
iMac HD replacement
What kind of Merom processor is it?
hot rod g4 or standard g5..that is the question
Help Please
Booting with one CPU, PC graphics cards?
I think the monitor on the old G3 went bad....what should I do with it?
G4 and high density ram......
Mac Pro video editing configuration
What would you do with a "retired" G4?
New vs. Refurbished
Can not be a wifi WPA basestation?
Powermac G4 into a Powermac G5/Mac Pro Case?
Security Update is bogging my computer down!
Ram for Mac Pro (New Mac User)
Online games running slow. Processor Upgrade?
G4 Upgrade
Trouble With My eMac
Mac Pro Ram Configuration
Mac Mini DVD drive - disc not recognized/won't eject
Powerpc G4 RAM max
Setting Master/Slave on Hard drive HELP
A Good Deal?
Two hard drives in Powerpc
Another Ram question (pc2700 or pc something else)
A little Adice Please
Media Center
1.9 G5 - Worth going from 1.5 gig to 2.5 gig?
B&W G3 HD has shrunk
Mac throws a curve ball
G5 - Help me understand RAM
nuimpact vs kingston vs Mac memory
iMac won't come past grey screen
Repacement DVD drive for older G5
g3 with firewire drives good for file server?
Question, Inquiry, Help
computer wont boot from disk
Intel Mac mini
Help, desktop ATI 2600 xt on iMac alu 20"...
G4 Graphics card problem
Mac Memory
Stuck Pixel
iMac dead after 9 days
Core 8: Stereo Output Plug is Defective?
Silly Light Question
newbie mac user cant get screen to display
Any news on iMac displays?
Putting Mac to sleep with internet?
Adding hd, memory, and superdrive
iWork '08 install query; G3 and G4
Centon 133 333 512 mg sdram problem
Upgrade conflicts: Processor vs Flashed Video Card
Mini as a student machine and DAW?
Panther Install
Problem with ethernet board after installing RAM and upgrading from 10.2.8 to 10.3.5
G4 Questions
DVD Upgrade
Missing Firewire Bus
Need Help - Disk Utilty Can't See Hard Drive
Problems with my new (used) G4 dual 1.25
2.66 Mac Pro with no sound output from rear audio out jack. . .
disc drive problem
Upgrading RAM?
New Mac user, questions about RAM upgrade and keyboard...
G4 Restart problems after file transfer
Mac Pro CPU Upgradability?
The 2008 Mac minis
iMac 24 inch alu...good or bad graphics...
Mouse with mind of it's own...
Connecting iMac to Samsung LN-T1954H Monitor (Resolution Issue)
Question about adding a second optical drive in a Mac Pro
built in iSight camera light stays on
iMac G5 Superdrive problem
G5 - Not going into sleep mode on its own and erratic fans
Laggy DVD playback
(Light topic) My routine for cleaning my Apple bluetooth wireless keyboard!
need input please
Power Mac G4 - can you identify which model?
superdrive problems
Mac Pro Quad Core to 8 Core Upgrade Decision
I would liek a little help in memory options for my white iMac please.
The truth about RAM?
iMac G5 screen problem
Ram Upgrading
PowerMac 933 MHz G4 Video Card Options
HELP : Mac Mini Slow down
Can a HD from a PC work in a Mac Pro
hmmmmm... iMac.... MacBook... Wireless
Is my G4 on it's last legs?
Need Help with eMac - could be simple ??
Setting up a raid.
Camera turning black after taking a couple pics
3 or 4 RAM slots?
Intel QX6 Series & QX9 Series
Getting my Mac to "see big drive"
Adding second internal DVD/CD burner
iMac and upgrading graphics card.
Fatal Mistake
iMac 20" 2,4Ghz - Poor Image Quality with DVD's + worryingly hot!:(
Question about displays
Constant Crashes Since Leopard Upgrade
iMac Built-in iSight
Power Mac G-5 - Startup & Fan
Memory Upgrade, No Difference?
About graphic cards!!
Reboot time?
iMac G5 - What Happened?
Choosing between iMac and Mac Pro
Upgrading a Power Mac G4
number pad not working
RAM & HDD Upgrade
G4 QuickSilver Help
Calibration problem, please help.
Mac Pro 8 core arrived, pc cards Work !!
Power Mac G4 as a Media storage
G4 and screen issue
Computer either possessed or creating SkyNet
How many external hard drives can you have connected?
When did the mini get digital audio?
iMac G3
Mac mini performance
RAM Configurations
Need help iMac or Mac Pro
New Mac Pro Cooling question
eMac question
Building a Mac from scratch help me
iMac HDD Failing??
Added ram but can't start system
Will maxing out the ram/upgrading the HD make my mac FAST again?
Which RAM can i add?
Adding 2nd DVD Drive to Mac Pro
toslink not working
Clearing Hard Drive
Need some help with desktop replacment
My eMac dilema
Question about 2nd video card on Mac Pro
which Mac have I got G3 or G4???
hard-drive case for a Power mac G4
Aluminum iMac making very odd and loud noise
Possibly purchasing iMac G3
TV on your Mac
Still new to Macs, need hardware advice.
Extra Internal Drive for Power Mac G5
old blue blond iMac disk drive eats disk
Running on a mini?
Mac Pro
iMac fan speed ??
do you turn your computer off at nights or put it to sleep
G4 not starting up
Separate video cards for OS X and Windows?
Future Purchase
iMacs with universal power compatibility?
problem with sleep
Waking Display from Deep Sleep
Help, my tower wont turn on
New Member.. Clean Up Question
Mac mini not reading copied CD's
G4 1.25ghz noot booting up!!!!
Metal Keyboard Static Shock
New 2.4 ghz 20" iMac
New to macs, just wondering
Getting an iMac...will it do?
Slow iMac
Which iMac to buy?
Is this possible?
G5, screen gone mental!
iMac Optical Drive Replacement
iMac G4 and Mac OS X 10.3
Ordering Mac Pro. Neew advice...
Is my Mac DYING?
Quicksilver, good deal?
iMac backlight ..Help!
Just about to buy an eMac, I've got a few questions, Please help.
initial startup with bluetooth keyboard?
iMac indigo slot loading. Internet problems..
FOR SALE Apple MacBook Pro (APPMA092LLA) Notebook 2.16 GHz, 17 in...$500usd
one 2.8 or two 2.8?