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Need Help!! adjusting display
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Complete Newbie who needs some advice
MDD Graphics Card
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radeon 9800 for pc - can i load it into a quicksilver
advice for firmware update G5 1.8
Upgrading an old iMac G4
Please help (Stuck DVD issue)
just got quicksilver, 867mhz, 512 meg, 40 gig, zip drive, dvd machine
Mac OS X 10.4.11 Lost startup disks
iMac On Time
Internal Speaker Problem, Please help
"Mac kills viruses DEAD"!!!
Mac Pro Raid Card - other options?
How to connect Mac Pro video card to older 17" Apple Studio Display
Goodbye cruel Windows world, I'm leaving you today
G4 video trouble - any ideas?
About to buy mac.. what do I need?
G4 800mhz iMac poor video streaming
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Apple Studio Display
iSight - Can it run in G3 B&W?
Can't Open Software Updates
need help with new imac g3
Miroring my mac desktop to TV
Using G4 Imac hard drive as external drive
technical hard drive question
File Transfer (Please Help)
Need help from an expert...
Leopard problem
2 Mac Pro Questions
Do I *really* have USB 2.0?
connect to Hitachi CRT with ?
Replacing the battery in an iMac DV
Dual 1.8ghz G5 Power Mac Video Card Replacement question
help booting Mac G3 266 mhz to cdrom drive please
Will my G4 mem & HHD work in a new Power Mac 8
another ram question
Questions about eMac specs
Sonnet Encore/MDX G4 Duet Questions
mouse problems
connecting my ibook
AGP G4 processor upgrade?
MDD SuperDrive Issues
Current Mac Mini and HD decoding
MDD Questions
Mac-Mini HTPC Video-Out Problems (DVI to Component)
20" vs 24"
is this a good buy?
Power Supply alimentation
Hard drive issue (keys out of order)
HELP! Problem with my Mini Mac....
My Mac keyboard broken
Cheapest solution to replacing ATI Rage 128 pro card ?
Bluetooth Headphones?
iMac 24" slow boot
iMac Longevity
Looking for 32 bit pci sata card
128GB Barrier???
RAM Question
My iMac isn't reading any CD's
Power Mac G4 (Digital Audio) Issues
Applications running very slow on Power Mac G5
adding bluetooth to a G4 tower
Exceeding recomended RAM
USB Upgrade
2nd HD icon disappeared from desktop; how do I get it back?
Rejecting DVD-R but not CDs
disappearing external hard drives
Hooking up my MBP to my display
Losing hard drive space
iMac G5 USB Keyboard/Mouse won't work
Start Up disk what is it ?
Photobooth not working correctly
Haalpp! G4 & Ext HDD prob
A question on iMac noise.
Do Mac Pro components fit Power Mac? Advice needed for Project.
Battery Replacement
New 20" iMac: Problematic
Mac Memory do i need it
My keyboard is misspelling words!!!!
Help Please! My keyboard on my desktop is screwy
Apple Macs to support ATI HD 4800 series?
New HD question
My iMac is dead.
Hello all, new to Mac
I-MAC G5 video issues
force eject disc?
Advice for MacPro purchase
Using 2.5" Drives.
new iMac -- screen lines
24" Inch iMac overheating
What is this key
my Mac's logic board is broken...
Video Card
disc sizes
Novel way of selecting boot device on iMac
Mac PowerMac G4 Specs questions
How much power does a 1ghz G4 eMac use?
logic boards. why are they so expensive if they break all the time.
Just bought DP g4 - HD movies?
HELP! 17" iMac 2.0core2duo
Slow G4 with potential.
24" iMac screen flickering
G3 400MHz Indigo - Best OS???
Old core duo iMac 17" which hd for upgrade
G4 died now G5 died - OVER IT
PPC G5 Dual 2.3 vs. MacPro Dual 2.66
iMac Memory how much do i need
iMac Hard Drive Went Fubar...
what video card type is this
Upgrade RAM
MDD question
I lost my keyboard!
There is an ant in my iMac
Power Mac G5 won't come on sometimes
Does the mini have a DVD drive
G5 1.8 - RAM Question...
RAID-ing Hard Drives.
Mechanical MS Mouse on iMac?
ATI Radeon Mac card causing Mac to refuse to start
Sometimes it takes too long to restart, what gives?
Few questions about iMac G5 speed for todays apps
bizzare issue with my Mac Pro
RAM upgrade problem
USB question
iMac Penryn: tell me why.
Sound Quality Problem, Please Help
acquired an iMac G3
which processor upgrade?
iMac to Tv
Problem with Mac mini
APG G4 Questions
iMac G4 Questions
Power Mac G3 B&W Worth Upgrading?
G4 Cube - is there an easy "dummies" guide to building one out there ?
Which is better ? iMac slot-load 700 or G4 tower 500 dual ?
Mac Pro vs iMac
Verifying Hard Drive Issue
Upgrading RAM coupe Q's
G5 Power Issue
Upgrading Issues
iMac Pioneer DVR-K06 won't take discs...
iMac Display on Windows PC
Two questions 'bout Mac mini
mini; white screen start up/stuck disc
Trade imac and canon 40d :for mac tower
screen goes black
QS867 and Sonnet TSATA not playing nice
Esata Card Has anyone used them?
Problem after installing memory
Setting up new Mac Pro
RAM Query
NVIDIA Quadro FX 5600 for gaming?
Quicksilver startup issues - crashes except in safe mode
Serial to USB Adapter Not Recognized
Trouble Booting Up
Memory Upgrade
iMac dust in screen
iMac Help, about refurb units and ram.
incorrect number of thread records
help with purchase
Montevino - MacBook/iMac/Both?
USB2 card
Question on RAM and FB-DIMMs
G4 cube still feasible for today's ordinary tasks?
Two Video Outputs
What do I have here ?
April 08 iMac 20" - Best RAM?
Graphics problems?
G3 400mhz Slot Load
Own a Mini, want to add something external to it !
Resetting/Removing Open Firmware password
Sata controller + port multiplier ??
Which model of G5; PCI-X vs PCI
G3 Internet?
Turn off Main Screen While Using External
Is a mini a good gaming machine?
iMac transport cases - where to get
Converting Built In iSight to Webcam?
RAM: Crucial Vs Apple
eMac vs iMac
Help getting a Power Mac 9500 to boot
Surge Protection
G3 booting questions
FYI: On 1st generation nVidia 8800 GT
New GPU for old Power Mac
iMac hum
What to do with my old iMac G3?
Buzzing from External Speakers
G5 PowerPC problem
G4 Dual 450 Clock Problem
iMac G4 to MacBook Pro help!
Digital Audio 733 - install DVD-Rom
Editing with the Mac mini
Faulty iMac G5 Display
Which 8800 to buy
Help PLS! - Green LED next to iSight always ON :(
Display Resolution
Where should I buy some ram on the cheap?
Newbie needs help recording music from 78 RPM records.
Troubleshoot a 1.25GHz With Me!
Value of a 1.8 single G5?
IDE HD Upgrade G4 Dual 450 Questions
What's going on with the mini?
24" customization
mini good? will the 450$ for for the iMac be worth it?
iMac G5 PPC Equal Ram?
iMac for College
iMac takes about 10 attempts to power on.
Could this be an incredible PC?
Need help deciding...
More ram for iMac
Is a dual G4 1,42GHz daughter card compatible with my G4 MDD 2003 single 1,25GHz?
Fan Sounds Louder after deleting/adding Admin
In case your Mac Pro is getting louder....
When did the 2.4ghz iMac come out?
My eMac, the step child. More questions!
G5 dual 2.0 VS. Intel Mac mini
More ram = Lower benchmark?
iMac G3 Networking With A PS2
how to install new processor in a G4 desktop
Strange problem on startup
New 24" Penryn iMac...problems from day one:(
Old iMac G3 problem
Old Power Mac G4 with Windows harddrive
Power on tune
Video card question
How To Dedicate Processors To Specific Tasks
Thoughts on what I did
help upgrading memory in a G4 desktop
Questions about video cards with an Apple G4
G4 Shutting Down Unexpectedly
Weird Blue Lines on iMac
Can you use a 1.8Ghz G5 Power supply on a 2.3Ghz?
Motherboard Differences, 2.3 GHz and 2.5 GHz PowerMac G5?
Dual Monitor brightness distortion
dvd drive
Samsung Spinpoint f1 750gb on 2006 Mac Pro - Help!
how can i know i'm buying the right memory kit?
Mouse trouble
Mini as Airport Base station?
pci ethernet card inquiry
Trouble waking up
Is this a Dual Processor unit..
Current Mac Pro
Video cards for a 2008 Mac Pro
Superdrive failing advice needed
Help needed in selecting new desktop to upgrade too
Very thin lines on screen
Some advice please, iMac Applecare
New iMacs GPU cards... Difference?
2.3Ghz weird power cable port.. PICS
Mac Pro + SATA Optical Drive
SUPER RAM for iMac??!!
Ext. speakers with eMac. Why low volume?
Desktop G4 - Sleep Problems
New Mac Mini?
Mac Mini Memory
iMac/eMac Questions *Mac Newbie
uprading my 1.66ghz Mini
need advice on Mac Pro setup CS3
G4, 125 mhz needs upgrading
Transfering data from G4 to G5
G5: Memory recognized incorrectly
Need help choosing a replacement DVD Drive
iMac or G5?
HELP! When I boot up, my Hard Drive is not recognized! HELP!
Speaker Interference
x1600 video card
How to open CD tray with older keyboard?
newbie with a G4 Sawtooth... need guidance
Urgent, Help Me Regarding Keyboard. Please
iMac broken ughhhhh help please
G4 websites/info needed
Another Mac Pro or iMac question - pls help
Power Button does nothing
Headphone detection?
Time Machine - No back up Volume to Select/Time capsule not visible in shared devices
Urgent help needed! Cant mount HD on G4!! homework on there!:(
Logic Board replaced twice in 2 years?
New iMac and want to clone
2.8 or 3.06 / ATI or NVIDIA
Quality difference in 20/24"
dual displays
Annoying Drive problem
Anyone have a front USB port/card readers in their G4?
G4 400Mhz Upgrade???
CD/DVD Rom Not Reading .MOV file discs
G3 usb keyboard
Humming noise when Back Light Dims
Advent USB Hub
Kernel Panics on boot, no networking available
How loud is the iMac under full load?
MAC os x 10.5
Beep on Startup
iMac stolen
imac G5 Ram in an intel imac
ati radeon 9550 firmware
Install laptop memory
can i get wireless n on a G5?
Is it possible?
iMac installing own RAM (new to Mac)
PCI HDD Controller
B&W G3 Suddenly wont turn on
Trying to run Beryl in Fedora 8 as Virtual Machine
HELP!! urgant!!:( Mac wont start!! college deadline!! all my work on there!!
verify raid set button grayed out
boot up problem (battery/raid)?
S-Video Output Problem
My Mac Pro runs like a dog
Geforce 8800 GS for iMac- good decision?
Buying a Mac Pro soon, advice sought.
RAM question
imac g3 video problem
Optical out works not as expected
CPUs are running at 30-50% each while doing practically nothing!
Can anyone identify this iMac G5 part?
Can i use a PC monitor (15pin) on a mini mac PC?
Skipped Damaged Area in DVD Player?
White vertical line
Problem ejecting CD from Imac
Power Mac G4 AGP Graphics
Interesting screen "issue"
sleep issue
Headphone Problem
Dual 800mhz/1GB Ram G4 or Single 933mhz w/ 1.5 GB Ram?
Should I buy a G4 MDD?
Black screen
2 Queries
defrac hard drive?
What machine do I need?
I need G4 MDD, Hard Drive Up-Grade advice, please.
New 08 Imac - memory question
Sup up a Power Mac G5
My Mac is Going Really, Really Slow
Mac Pro damaged being transported - what broke?
Removable media rejected straight away
iBook hard drive upgrade
radeon x1600 with directx 9
Question about replacement
Can't install OS 9, can I add second hard drive with OS 9 on it?
Imac g4 RAM
how to install internal Memorex 20X
Making a Good Thing Better
Having trouble installing ram
Lost all my info in Entourage calendar
Bought my first iMac!!
Wireless on iMac G3
Quad Vs. Dual
Using Imac Screen for Xbox 360?
IMAC G4-Superdrive burn errors: apple repair or buy non-apple external drive?
power mac g5 will not boot up
MATSHITADVD-R UJ-846 disk drive not working
Bad hard drive or memory, neither?
Want to upgrade Ram
I cant get garageband to load on my mac
Anyone have an internal drive expansion unit for their G5?
iMacs graphic card
G5 Tower (Tiger, non-intel) shuts down after start up
How much?
connecting imac to tv?
The infamous spinning wheel of color
dumb question..... dual cpu vs. one cpu-on a G4 MDD
Woohooo... :d
help with my G5 Mac
Memory: Speed vs Quantity?
Installing own memory when buying a new Mac Pro
graphics card for PowerMac6,1?
does the imac have a disk util to clean the hard drive
G4 upgrade - I seek enlightenment, not "naysayers" suggesting I "toss out" my machine
Replacing G5 DVD-R???
Possible to use 4-5 year old AppleCare (iMac/eMac) on new iMac?
What the best way to clean my iMac
Upgrade from 9.3 to 10.4
G4 Tower - No video after installing a second HD
G4 adding 320Gb Hard drive and installing 10.5
G4 adding 320Gb Hard drive and installing 10.5
Power Mac G3 issue
My iMac G4 17" superdrive have dont read discs
Mac Mini Power Failure
display/pixilating issues with OS X 10.5
G5 Matshita Superdrive and DVD-RW media
Headless Clone Needs Head
Has any one used a 9000 series nVidia card?
Mac Gaming/Ram/Bootcamp!!??
can not connect to net
External drive recognition problem
Imac 20"
Headphone jack configuration
G4 still have a strange restart problem: desktop all funky
iMac 2.4 GHz Bootcamp - Wrong drivers?
Moving files from old PowerMac 8100/80
Still the cheese grater?
Mac Pro Boot With Tiger?
Screen Flickering at anything below 89hz
Capture Card
Installing new master hard drive
g5 hard dive question
MDD HDD question
iMac randomly restarting
G5 iMac (non intel) running at HD 63C
Which RAM to BUY? Screenshot included
G4 733Mhz PCI VGA
so sad...
Monitor Cam
Mac Mini as a server?
10.5 Installing Issues, Help!
Recognizing Mac vs PC same card SLI for boot camp
Is a Power Mac G5 still a feasible computer option?
Can someone help me?
eMac won't display anything
Ultimate $2500 Mac pack...
New Video Card Needed! Dual VGA or DVI
Running out of HD space
Formatting a HDD via TDM?
Difficult inserting a disc.
Max Actual RAM vs Apple RAM
Xserve G5 Noise Levels
2.8 GHz Extreme vs. 2.8 GHz
In search of new internal hard drive for Power Mac G5
G4 Dual 450 Gigabit HD Size Limit Question
2 X 8800 Gt
Attention iMac G4 800Mhz users do i upgrade or go windows PC route
Mac dying!!! needs YOUR attention!
imac 800Mhz PPC G4 should I upgrade from 256MB memory
Media setup
emac bootable cd problem
Difference in graphic cards?
Are 24" iMac's considered High Def monitors?
Replacing my superdrive
G5 (Power PC) won't boot with 2nd hard drive
where to buy??
Refurb 2.4MHz vs. New 2.4MHz and 2.66MHz
imac g3 help
Beep of Death?
Adding memory to imac issue
Can the New iMac take the new NvidIA?
About to Buy a SUPER Mac Pro. Have a few questions...
do you know ???? or have you heard
should I restore firmware
sleep mode, flashing light, black screen - help!
My evil iMac
What can be Upgraded?
iMac Reviews
Internal RAID 1 SATA Drives Disappeared
New Graphics Card for the iMac--do I need it?
Mac-mini Superdrive CD-ROM is only 24x?
iMac G5 won't come out of display sleep
SATA or SATA2? G5 iMac
700Mhz Random Shutdown?
New iMac Blues
3.06 GHz iMac Performance Tests vs. Power Mac, Mac Pro
iMac RAM
Eating up my Ram!
Can i upgrade the CPU on my 20" iMac? (2ghz)
Help my G5 wont start past login!
WTH?! Desktop erasures, changed dock and icons, confusion
iMac G5 booting problem
Cable with new keyboard
Help! My Mac won't boot (G5 iMac on Panther 3.9)
Pixel Checks @ The Apple Store
Refurbished iMac or the new one?
iMac v Macbook Pro v Mac Pro
I Woooooon !!!
CPU compatibility for power mac g4 digital audio
imac vs. macbook pro
Two nVidia Quadro FX 5600 in one Mac Pro?
New iMac's
Fb Ram For My Mac Pro
Powermac G4, (AGP Graphics)
Two intel core 2 duo?
iMac noise every 20min