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Input speakers[cuts of, not smooth]
iMac G3
MacPro for HD and graphics Help!
Direct audio to different outputs?
Clueless With iMac G3
MIDI problem
Its finally arrived...
Whats for the best?
Best mouse for Mac Pro
Unbelievable update
iMac G4 memory upgrade
Looking into an iMac.
Installing Ram
Wait for Mac Mini Revision or act now?
New to the world of Mac Pro
Help With Purchasing a New iMac
Mac Pro Twin Graphics Cards
mac mini ram query
g3 keeps ejecting the os disk
How do I interpret the codes from the Apple Hardware Test Program...
Kernel Error
desktop customization
Adding widgets to the Dashboard
File extension which I don't understand - .dmg.bc!
Should I get a PowerMac G5 tower or Mac Mini for Leopard server?
G4 AGP CPU Upgrade?
MDD 2003 bad usb ports
Wireless adapter for emac?
Gtx 260 video problems
Imac g5 lines across screen
G4 won't wake up!
iMac problem; background looks strange
Need help with some G4 display issues
New Design?
New Design?
installing os x on an external drive from several different computers = epic fail
urgent probleme
Problem When Running Final Cut Pro 5..please Help!
Looking to buy used Powermac G5
strange lines across my screen
Dual Powermac G5 2.0Ghz Problem
shutting down
Mac Pro keyboard/hardware
would this work?? Mac Mini to Pc Laptop.
Mac mini display issue
Reuse Memory?
Reuse Memory?
Should I invest in a Power mac?
Need HELP! mac keeps doubling
Computer keeps going to sleep even though it is set up not to
Mac Pro vs. iMac
Intel core duo startup disk
I want to jump off of a tall building.
Accidently changed something with the color
iMac: Won't get passed white screen
Right decision?
need help with imac
Need Help! Freezing
please help with my dillema
Span dual monitors on old G4 933 quicksilver?
Brightness inconsistency
Internal Hard Disk Help!
Is this what a G4 should look like?
USB hub, speaker output
Which optical drive would u get?
Should I keep my new iMac?
Alternate way to eject/insert CD on G4
My C2D iMac is broken... Help?
Need help choosing hard drive with powermac
G4 Boot Problems
power mac g5
Intel Core 2 Duo 2.33 VS the new Intel Core Duo 2.4
Help needed with optical digital audio output
New iMac Screen failures....
a dream
Old Memory/New Memory G5 issues
sawtooth processor upgrade
iMac upgrade
RAM Upgrade
G4 MDD rear HD bay lever "stuck"
Help with custom resolution and size of desktop.
Guidelines needed..........
iMac G5 fans on all the time.
G5 trouble
Original iMac, collectors item??
Making the Most of my G5
Dish doctoring...
Autocad and mac
Adding RAM to my desktop
Anyone ever bought a Mac off of Ebay?
all about imac
New iMac: Headphone Jack...broken
Disposing of computers/hard drives
G4 CPU upgrade
New HArd Drive
Bizarre USB issue with Imac
HD Video Skips...
Shutting Down Daily
Anyone know when mac pro's will be updated?
Does anyone know of a Mac boot disc that can wipe my hard drive (or any suggestions)?
iMac Core 2 Duo underclocking
Replacing a fan in a Power Mac G4(m8493)
2006 Powermac G5, Airport Receptivity Problems
Problems with new RAM on iMac G5
mac mini boot up issues
Apple Studio Display LCD to G3 B&W
mac pro sli question
G4 won't read more than 256meg of memory!
White iMac 2.16ghz 160GBHDD - Odd issue!
iMac to external HDTV
How much storage can a PowerMac G4 dual 867MHz can handle?
iMac 24" Al
G4 Problem booting up!!
G4 MDD issues
How to get mac-laptop to work while closed
g4 firmware password problems & more! :(
G5 (20 in) - Shuts down during start up
getting a new graphic card for a 1.8GHz PowerPC G5
G4 upgrade problem from 10.2 to 10.3 (only grayscale colors)
Buy in Canada or China?
G4 Quicksilver Problem: Hard Drives Won't Show Up.
Mac Mini bootup failure question
Fusion and slipstream
Burned DVDs
Value of a G4
Permanently clean keyboard?
Ram for 8-core mac pro - Kingston or iRam?
Wondering if there's any hope....
iMac really broken, please help
old g4 plastic screen with new G5 mac pro?
New and wont wake up
Intel iMac brightness/power management problem
buying a new iMac, should I wait, and which size?
New HDD for imac g5 (isight)
Intel iMac (Late 2006) Hardware Problem
Do You Have An Imac G3?
Uses for old G4 Powermac tower and 23" screen?
Is my new Imac DOA?
Shift always On
Should I get a mini?
Removing scratches from new imac screens
keyboard and mouse not working
Purchase Help MDD 2003 vs MA876LL
bought a used imac
Macworld no iMac?
Internal CD drive and internal DVD burner not showing up
sound issue
not reading cd or dvd in drive
Which Sound Card?
Emac Hybrid Upgrade
Help me
Moving from G4 400 to G4 1G FW800, suggestions regarding drives
Power Mac G4 Blue screen on startup
quick Q re: RAM upgrade
How Would I Format my Hard Drive?
External Sound Card
How much RAM and where?
Help with iMac G5
Early 2006 Black Screen and Sleep issues?
installing 667MHz memory in a 533MHz Imac G5
Convert USB 1.1 to 2.0?
G5 iMac - SuperDrive won't burn DVDs any more
G4 MDD Video Upgrade: I'm so confused!
Latest imac or mac mini?
main comp
DVD Stuck in Mac Mini - Tried everything...PLEASE HELP
My G5 is on the way
A little help with cleaning my iMac?
usb upgrade
imac 24 inch.....whtie screen only...but get the "tone" after turn on
Newbie and some questions
Optical Drive Replacement
imac to hdtv
iMac 2.66 worth it?
Seeking 24" Anti-Glare Shield
Pairing with HP wireless keyboard
Hard to start my Mac PRo 2.66
G5 worth getting?
I like the glossy screen
wanting to buy a mac
Which iMacs Do You Like Best?
My brand new iMac
monitor problem (weird)
G4 model m5183 Won't Boot
will not boot up....i'm an idiot!
CD won't eject
Accessing PC Hard Drive on Mac G3 via USB
Samsung VP-DC171 and the Mac Mini
Would this memory work on my iMac?
Do warranties transfer to new owner?
memory for 2.1ghz G5?
The Mac Mini's Digital Output
Lost Restore Disc
Working with a g4 tower
Losing power
Swapping stock HD on Mac Pro for faster HD
RAM for G5
Major Overhaul In My House
Problem with mic input and speakers
iMac to HDTV
New Member - Problem setting up EpsonR320 printer to Mac OSX v 10.5.2
installed 4GB, shows only 2GB
Having trouble connecting internet to Imac, any ideas?
Cannot Shut Down from Finder
G4 iMac question
sonnet upgade problem on B&W
G3/G4 Hard Drive Question
How much is this iMac worth?
upgrading Intel iMac to 2+ GHz?
iMac to 37" Vizio via ??
Upgrade PowerMac G4 model m8493
733MHZ Upgrade
10K HD from my PC to my iMac?
My eBay G4 Gigabit Project
CDs wont play -- DVDs ok
Can I upgrade my ram?
Not sure if I have a hard drive problem.
Help with a loose part/vibration dampener
need advice on mac desktop selection--please help!!
multiple drives question
Older Cinema Display Goes on and off
New mac pro/need help setting up HD's
Dual Cinema display setup help!
What do you think of the mac mini?
iMac Disk drive - no whirring, no anything! Doesn't even seem to be there, but it is
G5 2.7 Vs Macpro
G4 no DVD read?
Printing problem
I mac 2.4ghz 250gb harddrive, 2gb ram
on the imac is there hdcp support?
ATI X1900XT: Over Clocking Help Wanted.
Buying RAM For My G4
RAM Question - 24 inch MB325X/A,Intel core 2 Duo 2.8G,2G
Mini dvi to hdmi
SMC - Ooops
Any reason not to trade my Macbook for a friend's G5 tower?
Leaopard at 2006-2007 iMac
Fan going berzerk!
Up Grading The CPU, Just For Fun?!
Old 17-inch Studio Display w/ new imac
Problem with my PowerPC G3 "All in One"
imac ram- 200 pin?
Monitor / camera question
buy Imac now or after new year?
Little red dots on my screen!
noises coming from the back...
monitor filters...
Mac Pro Memory
Really strange mouse action
G4 keyboard mouse problem, HELP!
Question ongraphics for iMacs
Core2duo vs Dual core Xenon
PowerMac G4 (Sawtooth) Driving Me to Drink
ATI X1900XT: Red warning light help wanted.
What to buy?
G4 Quick Silver PSU in G4 Gigabit system?
Power Macintosh G3 help please
iMac display problems
When the "Intel® Core™2 Quad Processor" will come for iMacs 20-inch / 24-inch ?
iMac 24" upgrade choices?
Lap or Desk: advice?
MacPro Quad Core
4G of ram + Penryn iMac = FAST!
Fullscreen 1080p on LG - Help!
Problems with power!
iMac has grey screen but boots up! HELP !
New Cooler For ATI 1900XT?
overall height of a 24" iMac
1.8 intel
Linking 2 Monitors
Annoying Humming!
Any clue on what new iMacs are coming in Jan 09?
Xbox through my iMac
HELP - Need a DVD drive urgently!
1.25 MDD Not working..Help!
I've produced a take apart guide and want feedback
G5 distorted video
Mixed RAM Modules
New to mac world.
Biggest HDD ??
Built in camera can't activate in various sites videochat
Question about Ram...
Which Mac
Moving 7GB file to Windows Partition?
2 Video Card setup
Big Difference in 1.2mHz and 1.4 or 4mhz cpu upgrade?
Numeric Keypad
audio jack on back of G4 is way too small...
advice on best processor upgrade on G4 Quicksilver
NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GS on IMac
Imac G5 Power PC 2.0Ghz corsair ram memory compatible?
airport card not showing up
ATI Raedon 128MB 2400 vs. 256MB 2600 PRO
3.5mm headphones
G5 Processor upgrade - true that you cannot?
Mac Pro RAM question
G4 GPU questions.
What is the best FTP to download for 10.4?
Valuation please?
Photoshop hangs when CD/DVD is in drive
Dual G5 - wont stop spinning down pata HDD
Replacing my internal Hard Drive
Using G4 iMac screen on Macbook
Resurrecting my dead iMac G5 !!! :'(
Trouble upgrading G4 from OS 10.2.8 to 10.4
Connecting LCD Monitor To My G4 Dome Desktop ?
Connecting my phillips 28" widescreen to imac
Replace Battery
IMac G5 goes to sleep
Replacing Intel iMac's hard drive
Hard Drive
2gb with 1gb of RAM
Connecting games console
Beeeping noise!!
Help Needed
PowerMac G4 Quicksilver RAM Issues
imac g5 - screen issues?
Desktop & Screen Saver app in Sys Prefs keeps quitting, cant change bkground
Mac Cube
CDs in Mac OS 10.0.3
VGA to DVi
Blank Audio CDs not working
Messed Up My G4 Sawtooth
Memory purchase help
Removing a Partition
won't boot from optical drive
Help! My iMac is dying.
iMac Power Supply
Speed of my USB?
G5 - The Right Choice
20" G4 won't turn on.
Power surged iMac
iMac vs Mac Mini
Microphone in Mac mini (non Intel)
Verticle lines on imac monitor
My iMac's power supply is shot. :(
iMac G4 Error
Mail application won't open?
2ghz Intel Not shutting down properly
Accessing Front USB sockets to replace.
doesn't completely boot up, then restarts
Hard drive borked iMac G5
iMac G4 RAM
Dual 2.0 G5 still worth it?
New Here, Need some help and advice with Mac G4
Imac G5 17inch blank display
RESTARTS on it's own.
Power button/cable
G5 PPC won't power on
all videos skip, stall, audio cuts in & out...
New Mac Pro Monitor Issues
Replacement PCIe Video Card?
XFX GeForce 8600GT
Mac Pro Transfer
PC Formatted Hard Drives on an Intel Macs...What do I do?
New Need Help
strange imac problem
iMAC wont start up
iMac will not start up - spinning wheel at gray screen
Issues with adding Memory
Fan control of powermac g4?
Cant Connect Wireless Keyboard
should I buy a new macbook?
Imac G3 Keyboard Question
HD problem
Monitor won't turn on!
iMac G5 CD Boot problem
Imac G5 20 Power PC 2.0Ghz Ram memory Kingston Value?
iMac G3 Question
MacBook Pro 2008 questions.
MacBook Pro 2008 questions.
"question mark on my mac" please help
Console Message in the 1000s
HD Burning
iMac/ New pirces in January?
External USB HUB's going slow
Questions about imac g5
Cannot see CDROM or HD in MacMini after HD replace
Slight problem with my iMac
Suggestions for MacPro Backup solutions
CD-Drive broken
How much Mac do I need for CS3 or 4
G5 RAM-was recognizing, now won't. ideas?
cd drive ejects when bootup
G5 and Graphics Issues
Help Configuring Mac Pro with Hot-Swap external drives + RAID5, bootcamp
Would this eMac be suitable for me Wireless wise?
Installing extra hard drives
Pleae Help!!!
Correlation between faster HDD rpm speeds + loud fan noise?
Which system is better
new to me imac
iMac hanging with new HD
Need some advice
G4 will not fully sleep or shut down
Just upgrade ram?
Core i7 coming to iMacs first in January?
Help please. Mac 24inc
Trying to run new 20" Cinema display with older style DVI port
Mac & PC with 1 monitor
mac mini memory?
About to goto PC to Mac, But Im looking for the perfect desk? Check the pictures.
Does the new iMac 2.8ghz use desktop or notebook RAM sticks?
Faint lines in top left of the screen? Random?
Confirmation on iMac G3 Specs
?? for Gamers who use PC & iMac
Memory help
Looking to buy
Memory question
G4 10.3.9, Samsung DVD RW not working...
Memory upgrade
MEMORY > Apple > iMac G4 > 1.25GHz 20-inch Flat Panel USB 2.0 (DDR) (2x512 memory car
Internet sharing turns itself off?
mini in Brazil
Intel 8 core will not boot from shut down
Ethernet not showing in network status
My G5's last word was "POP"!
Just got a G5
disconnecting devices from imac
Can my MacPro use the old DDR ram?
Light Vertical Wavy Floating Lines on Display
Imac heat? What is too hot?
upgrading 17" intel core duo imac
G4 power won't come onlight goes on then dims off
Sawtooth G4 Video Card Problems
What have I done to my Desktop
mac mini
My Mac Is Messed!! Help Me God I Have Tried Everything!
terrible sound at output of powerPC G5. fix?
2ghz dual core vs 2.5ghz dual processor
Xserve as workstation
Can't wake iMac up from hibernation
New to Macs - Help with PowerMac G5
Ichat cam not working?
kvm problem
G4 Quicksilver start problem
Hard Drive Failure
Powermac G5 not recognizing RAM
imac weird, bet noone knows
What to use to clean the screen
Power PC ram issue
brand new imac going s l o w e r
Is there an s-video/audio converter for an iMac?
Dead graphics card
apple g3?
HELP! G4 and Ethernet to USB Conversion
Think about getting an iMac.
Price Check: PowerMac G4 Cube
ATI Radeon X800 XT
Please help, G5 sounds like a jet!
Value of this Power Mac?
Using iMac as a monitor for Mac G4
Blue, Green, and Yellow Pixilation (Pic Inside)
Mac g5 duo core upgradeable?
iMac Aluminum: Where to buy memory?
Right now, which iMac is the best value for money???
Turn off computer?
Where to get an old emac or imac?
What is great bout a Mac Mini.
G4 processor question???
Speaker Fan Issue
Distorted Audio with built-in line in or out
iMac G5 won't boot
Cannot boot from cd Rom
Non Apple memory blocks
The Mac Mini
IMac or Mac Pro?
Power Mac G4 Weird Screen Issue
Half of display screen not working-lines,lines,lines
Imac G5 memory upgrade success!
HELP! G5 Quad + Dual Studio displays = HOW?
Some feedback on upgrade sought
Loud and obnoxious noise from CD drive?
Problem connecting Mac to TV (Video)
Need help deciding wether to buy an iMac or PC!
iMac Aluminum + Logitech Z-5500 speakers, how?
Where's my free space on my hard drive
Need help with getting more ram for desktop
Powering off for no reason...
Question about upgrading the HDD
disable audio on G5
G4 Quicksilver won't power up
Best use for an old iMac!
Intel will not negotiate Gigabit
G5 Wont Recognize External HD
DVI cable
audio Help - Mac Pro noise!
G5 '1.8GHz single' compared to '2.3GHz dual'
Mac Mini WTF?
firewire boot
Modified Powermac G4 - how much is it worth?
Power mac G4 going wireless