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Cheapest Mac Pro or most expensive iMac?
problem time
Will Mac mini suffice for digital photography / HD video editing?
G5 Fibre channel card/Can i replace with graphics card?
problem with video
problem with video
Battery Life
Will no longer connect to Internet
Memory Issue?
Numeric Keyboard
dual 2.3 g5 ppc wont power up
iMac hard drive failure
Mac Pro and High End Graphics card
iMac G5 freezes after sleeping
iMac using vga muxlab blaun
Quad Core vs Eight Core Mac Pro
G5 Quad/Dual HD swap? or fresh HD install?
What shall I get
iMac G3 won't power up
Mini CD in iMAC?
bad hard drive
Wow capabilities on maxed out imac
Optical Output not Working
Is My Mac Pro SATA compatibal for blue ray burner
G5 RAM Help Needed
24" Aluminum iMac Won't Start
how can I test the power supply and/or logic board on Power Mac
How to listen through Mini's built in speakers?
What RAID set up should I get??
MacMini & MacBook Pro
Dual Displays (Cinema Screens) on Powermac G5
do I need an airport card to access net or simply netgear usb wifi
HD Failing ?
8-core 2.26ghz Nehalem Mac Pro Upgrading
Screen Pixelated During Reboot From Standby
Combo drive disappeared... any ideas
Lock Mini to one screen mode?
Display information
Superdrive shared to windows?
Second monitor
iMac monitor problems.. it's gone insane!
iMac G4 wireless
G4 Problems
Do all intel-based Macs have DVD drives?
Interesting video issue...
Data Transfer Problems - new iMac
Mac Mini turns on but says to turn it off
Hardware test Error
Upgrading RAM
media centre with projector
TO buy now or wait
Possible iMac hard drive fail.
I'm getting a new Mini
SuperDrive Problems =/
NX7300LE and powermacG5 oddity
Finder won't Relaunch
Mac Mini and 42'' HDTV
My mac wont start up properly
G5 mpeg-2 HD video on 30 inch cinema display
Looking to Switch to iMac
iMac Hard Drive Replacement
Trouble getting iMac G3 to boot
RAM type for Mac mini question
G5, 2nd monitor problem
Transfering HD to new tower.
Problems after loading
How to remove locked files in the bin?
DVD Player Driver
New hard drive
which imac to get for a dorm room?
Big Monitor Problems - Any solution?
running dual monitors
Which iMac for graphic design
G3/400 Problems with booting
MacPro and Wireless Mighty Mouse Compatibility?
Managed to buy a 7200rpm Hitachi IDE for my mini !
Degree of Difficulty
Applecare from Craigslist
Power Mac G4 processor in G3
Big HDD exceeds 128gb limitations
Which to get!
Powermac Quicksilver DVD drive info?
Will this RAM work?
Photobooth won't start, problem w/USB ports.
Which iMac should I go for?
Unbuffered memory for Mac Pro 3 (2xQuad core)
$300 instant rebate on all mac's at Guitar Center
Apple gave me a computer—which would you keep?
Imac G4 Fuzzy Bloody Screen Is Ruining My Attempts At World Leadership
iMac 4850 HD now shipping
tried Repair Disk thru CD BOOT, but failed
bootup speeds
optical sound and volume control
which mac pro video card for gaming?
My New Imac g4
Which DVD ROM?
Drive doesn't show up
2009 mac mini hard drive upgrade
MacPro 3.2ghz vs MacPro 2009 2.92ghz Nehalem CPU
Mac min 1.83 up to 2.26 To use Type of CPU?
Emac question about cd/dvd player
New Mac Pro for Studio?
Optical Drive questions
mac Mini (power PC) new hard drive time.
What can I do with iMac 20 inch 2.4 ghz internals?
2nd internal Hard Drive not appearing...
Comparing iMac to....
G5 Seagate isnt showing up on the Desktop anymore
Mac Pro Problems
USB device Won't work verunless it's plugged into the first USB port
capture card
capture card
Imac G4 Power Supply Swap
Hello, new member, soon to be iMac owner!
Powermac G4 upgrade possible?
Mac mini question
Imac utilizing/using 8Gb ram.
Buying a Used iMac g5
mac mini as primary computer
how to hook a new mac mini to a tv
testing new RAM on a Powerbook G4
single quad processor upgrading.
buying a g5 tower - adding extra ram
upgrading CPU of mac mini
iMac stopped working tonight
Trying to install 2nd Hard Drive
G4 MDD: before i go buy a logic board...
Using Apple In-Ear Headphone's microphone on a Mac
WIFI for a Graphite Tower
Mac mini Panther to Leopard Upgrade
REFURBISHED iMac's: When will the new gen models start showing up as refurbished?
erasing data
Newly installed ram slows down speed.
G4's RAM into this new MacPro?
G4 Tower and Ram Cards/Upgrade
imac g4 screen fuziness...
Do i need a new Mac?
Imac G5 (isight) isight not working.
G3 blue & white processer
Hung On Gray Screen
Which iMac would suits architect?
new pioneer dvr-117d
Machine for RAW Photography + HD Video
G5 OSX Crashing with High Fan Speed
eMac os x Tiger work with eMac 1.25ghz?
Best OS for Mac G4?
Repair motherboard for 17" iMac G5
Odd question about cleaning my iMac
G4 Mini Gray Screen, won't eject DVD
Monitor for Mac Mini
CD Reading/Writing Problems
Replacement Video Card?
Repair Imac or get a new one?
Is this Ram Compatible
New Mac Mini graphics performance
Cube not sufficient for crt?
New Mac Mini Dual monitors?
Os X install trouble
PowerPC G5
Value of my used iMac
4-core to 8-core
just installed Tempo SATA E4P. Not working
Mac pro RAID utility warning message
Displaying blank white screen on startup - stuck there
Start up problems
IMAC Nvidia vs. Ati : Longterm support/stability vs performance?
new 24" 2.66 is slow
Love switching
G5 cutting out
Memory Upgrades
imac g4 hard drive replacement issue
Max Resolution g4 Powermac
MBP DVI now no signal detected
iMac G5 suddenly died - what now?
G4 Sound Card/ Startup
External HD Install Issues
what is good to do with a used old Power Mac G4 that someone is giving away?
Keyboard stops working
Power supply for a G5 monitor
Mouse wheel doesn't scroll a page up
G4 8570 Mdd
Eee By Gum! An Imac G4 Ramm Question ;)
2 ghz Intel Core Duo Pro - 10.4.11
Local Machine Name Changed
Possible dead HD on imac
My mac mini has slowed down
Disc drive...
Can I increase the input parameters to accept my typing style?
Email issues
Powermac g4 MDD Upgrade info
iMac has become slower
imac 2.66 ghz speaker issues
ADC on G5 Powermac
iMac G5 (Early 2006) won't turn on
hard drive problem?
Chance to get iMac G5 for cheap but questions
Something is very wrong with my G4
how to open first model g5?
Macbook Pro ram in a Mac Mini
G4 MDD hard drive upgrade question
How can I add a 2nd display to get an extended desktop?
iMac value vs. Macbook 13"
Can a bad Optical Drive affect my Intel Imac boot sequence?
very slow video streaming
External 500gb can't read/write
Preparing my iMac for donation
2009 MacPro Unboxing Video
Mysterious wire in Power Mac G5
Error Message: "can't find the the harddrive"
Just Added a Mac Mini to the Collection!
Buying Decision - Octo 2.8 or wait for cheaper quad
G5 iMac hd install questions
G5 No Sound, Using Line Out
How to connect iMac 24" monitor with PC laptop?
Intel processor identification
Ram upgrade question - Mac Pro
Feeler for g5
G4 800 Mhz Upgrade/Rebuild Questions
From Raid Card to SATA HD
Looking for compatible video card for Power mac 3,6
2.8 8 Core or the new 2.66 Quad Nehalem?
Mac-Mini and Airport
Desktop Mouse scrolling issue
G5 day/time keeps reseting
From macbook pro to mac pro
Dual Video Card Headaches X1900 and HD3870
Frozen cursor on G5 iMac
iMac G4 - Ram upgrade questions
Help with first Mac Pro purchase, new or used?
iMac or mini?
No screen on startup iMac G5.
b&w g3 not working
Can my iMac support faster memory?
alive but still limping on
Rebuilding Mac Pro from salvage
replacing a G5 processor
Mac Mini on blitz
g5 freeze after startup and blank screen
eMac memory to 2GB
iMac G3 wirless internet
G4 quicksilver desktop keeps dissapearing
speakers on an iMac?
What type of Ram does a eMac Require? (USB 2.00?)
Will PowerPCs become redundant?
G4 Quicksilver 933 wont see hard drive
24" won't boot
Problems with Mac G4
Mac mini waking me up
G5 Imacs - Display / Brightness control / monitor coverings?
Pulsating Fan on G5
Imac G5 internal speaker about to blow?
Aditional diplay advise please.
Airport Problem With New 20' Mac
Laptop as external DVD-R/DVD-RW?
Mac Mini Target Disk Mode Backup Drive
My new iMac.
iMac Display Problem
Quicksilver G4 Processor Question
DVD Drive
Brand new 24" iMac, just works... almost.
Refurb 2.8ghz vs. new 2.66ghz?
imac G3 HD not detected
Apple Store Graphics Cards
System Freezes
My emac made a loud pop and blue flash....
Red vertical lines in cinema display
NEC chipset PCI cards and Powermac G4
What graphics cards can I put in the new mac pros?
mac mini tv out
Is it enough
Another Ram Q
New iMac spitting out cds
9650 SCSI drive to g4 ATA drive
I need some advice....
Installed 4GB RAM (2 x 2GB) on iMac 24" 2.8Mhz Extreme and system hangs.
imac ram
HD not recongnized
4 quad processor vs 8 quad
Should I get a new mini or a used 17" iMac?
which pro
g5 fan squeaks like mad sometimes
Use monitor with dead hard drive on another computer
Can the Mighty Mouse "Snap To"?
help getting g4 a wireless connection (usb adaptor)
Max Ram for 24" Imac
Imac 09, 1 x 4GB Dimm
Favourite iMac
Good external hard drive?
Video card change questions + bootcamp...
Did you buy a MacPro Recently?
Kernel Panics after upgrade to 10.5
Largest Hard drive for an eMac
monitor spanning
Looking for RAM
Mac Mini - logic board?
G5 screen flickering red on & off
Mac Mini Won't Load Up
Copying data from email into numbers on iMac
New to Mac and this Forum
new mac mini for programming
G5 coming out of sleep
new mini: can it game?
G5 Powermac as home entertainment system?
Mac G5 USBs won't work
PowerPC G4 won't boot from Tiger.
ati radeon hd 2600 pro or nvidia ge force 9400 M
windows keyboard - screen cap trouble
can't find hard drive
G4 FW800 case side panel misalignment: cracking sound
Questions about selling iMac
iMac Working w/ Cinema 4D , Modo and Zbrush
Imac wont turn on
NVIDIA GeForce GT 130 or ATI Radeon HD 4850?
G5 power failure help
Mac Mini turn itself off after 60 seconds
PowerMac G3 Upgrades
WD Externel Hard Drive
Mac Pro start up problems
Fan comes on and stays on
Checkered screen at start up?
New Mac prices outside of the US. Are you happy with them?
Quicksilver System Hanging Alot
Two iMacs sharing DVD drive?
possible to revert two mirrored drives to run normally
G4 (Quicksilver 2002)
2006 20" iMac CD Vibrating
airport for emac
iMac G5 automatically goes to sleep mode
PowerMac G5 Hardware test
Ram Upgrade, Massive Price Difference...
Cap k not working
Unlucky or stupid? Bought iMac hours before the release of the new one
Airport card not installed
G4 Quicksilver processor upgrade
Antenna on eMac
iMac G3 Disk booting...
Serial number on iMac case?
Good deal?
Considering to buy a mac pro
New updated
Think I'm buying a new Mac Pro but....
Tiger on eMac
Mac Pro Mouse Issue
Which imac to get?
nasty looking insect
Old screen
Going to buy a new iMac, would like to ask you guys a couple questions before I do
dual core G5 reset weirdness
Noob question on superdrive in mac pro / install OS
Is this a good deal?
Is this forum also for Mac Pro questions?
Start-Up Problems
Red pixels?
Mac Pro
Quick Question
eMac G4
Help in choosing the right tool for the job
Mac g4 quicksilver 1ghz model h.d question
Hard drive swap
iMac Dead?
emac logic bd connector
Mini Mac as NAS
Adding second video card to Sawtooth G4
Mac mini G4 Noise Level
International "Power" Issues, Mac Dual G5 2.7 (3 GB SDDRAM)
iMac RAM Upgrade
Display problem when disconnecting iMac from TV
is it time to replace the HD
Seeking G4 Sawtooth upgrade help/advise
G4 Mac Mini minijack Toslink digital optical out?
how loud are the new mac pros?
6pin to 6pin firewire- What can i do between two macs?
quieter fan upgrade for quicksilver 2002 G4
iMac 24 Resolution / Color Problem
Is it possible to upgrade
Which Hard Drive
CD drawer won't open
Imac good for graphics?
pro photogs: imac vs. mac pro
What configuration of Mac Pro?
mac mini monitor connection problems
G4 Start up issues
Quad Xeon vs Harpertown
loud fans on my imac powerpc g5
G5 Power Supply Access
slot loading g3 blueberry
Buying powermac g3
G4 Sawtooth suggestions
Imac g5 wont boot--invalid memory access
Display Feedback
Memory Upgrade - Weird Issue
Dead mini
Going Mac.
Power Mac G5 Power (shutdown/restart)
just bought a used imac g5 isight 2.16
PowerMac G4 - OS X Leopard
Raid question on Mac Pro
Can an Imac boot without it's main screen connected?
iMac 7,1 Superdrive not recognized in system profiler
PowerMac G4, looking to buy
CD/DVD Drive went kaput?
iMac G5 dead and gone?
MacPro Hardware Question
Should I buy a G4 mini?
Someone's idea of what a new Mac mini would look like
Mac Mini/ Apple Tv
firewire not working
RAID 0 problem
CD/DVD drive slot blocked (closed)
Wont Detect CD Drive
can't start up from OS X DVD
iMac - How to switch from built-in to external USB camera?
iMac SuperDrive Acting up
iMac g3 video disconnect
Sleep or Shut down?
USB Ports not responding
G3 tower, PC parts?
G4 "Digital Audio" Video Card Questions
Imac Tray load Ram question
another question about a RAM Upgrade
Screen stain on my iMac 24"
Proud owner of new Imac tonight (my first *new* Mac!)
My PowerMac G4 won't start
Shut Down?
Buy a PowerMac g4?
USB Hub & iPod Nano (4g) help
Imac 24" 3.06ghz with DDR3 in refurbished (UK)
startup problems on a 24" iMac
External Speakers, Low Volume
Is a complete Leopard reinstall the right thing to do?
iMac G4 wireless card
Any Mac Mini users?
Question for Spore players.
Scrap B&W G3 Secure Disposal
20" imac compared to 24" imac
RAM 800Mhz on Mac Pro at 667Mhz
need a new superdrive for 20" iMac, but which?
9800GTX w/G92 question
Very Grainy Display
To buy or not to buy...
Disk Drive Problems
My G4 Desktop died... I think
G4: Unable to find driver for this platform: PowerMac4,2
Cannot restore from backup with new hard drive?
To buy or not to buy
Should I buy an eMac
Can Older G4 Power Mac "Read" Large Hard Drives?
What's Wrong with my iMac?
hd Memory/ram
Aluminium keyboard problem
Imac mid 2007 low-end 20" help
iMac not recognising external devices - HD Failing?
Can I do this with a PowerMac G4?
Screen Resolution
Multiple displays connection problem .
Power Mac G5 Quad Core 2.5 Froze now will not turn on
Best graphics card for old G5 dual 2.7, switch from AGP to PCI?
Kernal Panic on a G4
G5 PPC Memory Slots?
November 2007 Mac Pro with NVIDIA Quadro 5600 Win only
external hard drive not showing up
freezing at startup, slow performance, etc.
imac g4 question
worth it
imac G5 questions
logicboard swap
Need specific answer, iMac 20" 2.4 and Apple Color
G4 Quicksilver shuts down on going to sleep
Need a compatible camcorder
optical audio out, software enable / disable
Powerbook G4 not working
iMac super Hot Sometimes: Why?
driver for G3 to enable file sharing with windows xp
What exactly is PCI Express?
iMac G5 plays online videos very poorly.
Imac G4 15" won't start up
CD/DVD burner
iMac G5 stops by itself
Powermac G5 as a Music Studio
What price to sell my iMac G5 which needs a new logic board?
eMac Freezes--not the capacitor issue
G5 monitor issue
Video GFX Card?
PC musician switching to Mac: old G5 or new Mac Pro?
G5 airport issue
G5 staying the game?
USB Over Current Notice
Mac Disk 1 is in CD but will not recognize and eject doesn't work.
just moved to italy...what do I need to make my imac work?
Video Card Upgrades For My G4 Gigabit Ethernet
New Harddrive
Sonnet Encore 1.4GHz DOA ?
New mac user needs advice.