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Favourite iMac
Good external hard drive?
Video card change questions + bootcamp...
Did you buy a MacPro Recently?
Kernel Panics after upgrade to 10.5
Largest Hard drive for an eMac
monitor spanning
Looking for RAM
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G5 coming out of sleep
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G5 Powermac as home entertainment system?
Mac G5 USBs won't work
PowerPC G4 won't boot from Tiger.
ati radeon hd 2600 pro or nvidia ge force 9400 M
windows keyboard - screen cap trouble
can't find hard drive
G4 FW800 case side panel misalignment: cracking sound
Questions about selling iMac
iMac Working w/ Cinema 4D , Modo and Zbrush
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NVIDIA GeForce GT 130 or ATI Radeon HD 4850?
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Mac Mini turn itself off after 60 seconds
PowerMac G3 Upgrades
WD Externel Hard Drive
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Fan comes on and stays on
Checkered screen at start up?
New Mac prices outside of the US. Are you happy with them?
Quicksilver System Hanging Alot
Two iMacs sharing DVD drive?
possible to revert two mirrored drives to run normally
G4 (Quicksilver 2002)
2006 20" iMac CD Vibrating
airport for emac
iMac G5 automatically goes to sleep mode
PowerMac G5 Hardware test
Ram Upgrade, Massive Price Difference...
Cap k not working
Unlucky or stupid? Bought iMac hours before the release of the new one
Airport card not installed
G4 Quicksilver processor upgrade
Antenna on eMac
iMac G3 Disk booting...
Serial number on iMac case?
Good deal?
Considering to buy a mac pro
New updated
Think I'm buying a new Mac Pro but....
Tiger on eMac
Mac Pro Mouse Issue
Which imac to get?
nasty looking insect
Old screen
Going to buy a new iMac, would like to ask you guys a couple questions before I do
dual core G5 reset weirdness
Noob question on superdrive in mac pro / install OS
Is this a good deal?
Is this forum also for Mac Pro questions?
Start-Up Problems
Red pixels?
Mac Pro
Quick Question
eMac G4
Help in choosing the right tool for the job
Mac g4 quicksilver 1ghz model h.d question
Hard drive swap
iMac Dead?
emac logic bd connector
Mini Mac as NAS
Adding second video card to Sawtooth G4
Mac mini G4 Noise Level
International "Power" Issues, Mac Dual G5 2.7 (3 GB SDDRAM)
iMac RAM Upgrade
Display problem when disconnecting iMac from TV
is it time to replace the HD
Seeking G4 Sawtooth upgrade help/advise
G4 Mac Mini minijack Toslink digital optical out?
how loud are the new mac pros?
6pin to 6pin firewire- What can i do between two macs?
quieter fan upgrade for quicksilver 2002 G4
iMac 24 Resolution / Color Problem
Is it possible to upgrade
Which Hard Drive
CD drawer won't open
Imac good for graphics?
pro photogs: imac vs. mac pro
What configuration of Mac Pro?
mac mini monitor connection problems
G4 Start up issues
Quad Xeon vs Harpertown
loud fans on my imac powerpc g5
G5 Power Supply Access
slot loading g3 blueberry
Buying powermac g3
G4 Sawtooth suggestions
Imac g5 wont boot--invalid memory access
Display Feedback
Memory Upgrade - Weird Issue
Dead mini
Going Mac.
Power Mac G5 Power (shutdown/restart)
just bought a used imac g5 isight 2.16
PowerMac G4 - OS X Leopard
Raid question on Mac Pro
Can an Imac boot without it's main screen connected?
iMac 7,1 Superdrive not recognized in system profiler
PowerMac G4, looking to buy
CD/DVD Drive went kaput?
iMac G5 dead and gone?
MacPro Hardware Question
Should I buy a G4 mini?
Someone's idea of what a new Mac mini would look like
Mac Mini/ Apple Tv
firewire not working
RAID 0 problem
CD/DVD drive slot blocked (closed)
Wont Detect CD Drive
can't start up from OS X DVD
iMac - How to switch from built-in to external USB camera?
iMac SuperDrive Acting up
iMac g3 video disconnect
Sleep or Shut down?
USB Ports not responding
G3 tower, PC parts?
G4 "Digital Audio" Video Card Questions
Imac Tray load Ram question
another question about a RAM Upgrade
Screen stain on my iMac 24"
Proud owner of new Imac tonight (my first *new* Mac!)
My PowerMac G4 won't start
Shut Down?
Buy a PowerMac g4?
USB Hub & iPod Nano (4g) help
Imac 24" 3.06ghz with DDR3 in refurbished (UK)
startup problems on a 24" iMac
External Speakers, Low Volume
Is a complete Leopard reinstall the right thing to do?
iMac G4 wireless card
Any Mac Mini users?
Question for Spore players.
Scrap B&W G3 Secure Disposal
20" imac compared to 24" imac
RAM 800Mhz on Mac Pro at 667Mhz
need a new superdrive for 20" iMac, but which?
9800GTX w/G92 question
Very Grainy Display
To buy or not to buy...
Disk Drive Problems
My G4 Desktop died... I think
G4: Unable to find driver for this platform: PowerMac4,2
Cannot restore from backup with new hard drive?
To buy or not to buy
Should I buy an eMac
Can Older G4 Power Mac "Read" Large Hard Drives?
What's Wrong with my iMac?
hd Memory/ram
Aluminium keyboard problem
Imac mid 2007 low-end 20" help
iMac not recognising external devices - HD Failing?
Can I do this with a PowerMac G4?
Screen Resolution
Multiple displays connection problem .
Power Mac G5 Quad Core 2.5 Froze now will not turn on
Best graphics card for old G5 dual 2.7, switch from AGP to PCI?
Kernal Panic on a G4
G5 PPC Memory Slots?
November 2007 Mac Pro with NVIDIA Quadro 5600 Win only
external hard drive not showing up
freezing at startup, slow performance, etc.
imac g4 question
worth it
imac G5 questions
logicboard swap
Need specific answer, iMac 20" 2.4 and Apple Color
G4 Quicksilver shuts down on going to sleep
Need a compatible camcorder
optical audio out, software enable / disable
Powerbook G4 not working
iMac super Hot Sometimes: Why?
driver for G3 to enable file sharing with windows xp
What exactly is PCI Express?
iMac G5 plays online videos very poorly.
Imac G4 15" won't start up
CD/DVD burner
iMac G5 stops by itself
Powermac G5 as a Music Studio
What price to sell my iMac G5 which needs a new logic board?
eMac Freezes--not the capacitor issue
G5 monitor issue
Video GFX Card?
PC musician switching to Mac: old G5 or new Mac Pro?
G5 airport issue
G5 staying the game?
USB Over Current Notice
Mac Disk 1 is in CD but will not recognize and eject doesn't work.
just moved to italy...what do I need to make my imac work?
Video Card Upgrades For My G4 Gigabit Ethernet
New Harddrive
Sonnet Encore 1.4GHz DOA ?
New mac user needs advice.
Function Keys: Function Changed
Powerpc G3 m4787
Random Sleep Display
power mac g3 desktop
I have concerns about my Mac
Educational edition
Mini wont recognize Microsoft keyboard (Wireless Entertainment Desktop 8000)
New mac user but sadly disappointed!
Mac Mini Lines on Screen
Mac mini shut down when start
ID specs without an OS?
Just inherited a G4.. 755mhz?
2 monitors one g4 2 stock cards?
redrawing screen
Where can I find my CPUs RPM?
Extra Ram
mini mac help
G4 motherboard help needed
Upgrading Ram on 24" iMac
iMac or Another?
New Desktops?
Internal disk backup/Dead PowerPC
Backing up 2 macs to a USB HD
Some questions about RAID
Memory swapping?
Need Help Please
DVR/CD drive only reading CD not DVD
G5 Advice needed please
TV Tuner CArds
I want a Macbook Pro as fast as my G5
What can I do with a Powermac g5?
MDD G4 PSU failed... :(
i mac g3
Powermac g4 led switch help
Powermac g4 led switch help
Resurrecting a G4
Damaged case
MacPro and a big monitor
Upgrade my G4 or buy a used G5?
heating issues . . . machine shutting down
need help with memory
system from exInstalling OSX operatingternal device
From apple store: "unexpected delay" with iMac. Possible new upgrades?
mac pro won't shut down
Does moors law apply to apple
i need usb HELP?
Some Problems with new Imac
Adding RAM to my desktop
Start up sound
I bet no one has heard of this install disc booting problem!
Best 1TB Hard Drive for Mac Pro
Mac mini ram query 2
Horror with 10.5.6 Graphic Nightare
Rhythmic squeaking and subsequent freezing.
G5 quad - processor upgrade?
partitioned drive help
Input speakers[cuts of, not smooth]
iMac G3
MacPro for HD and graphics Help!
Direct audio to different outputs?
Clueless With iMac G3
MIDI problem
Its finally arrived...
Whats for the best?
Best mouse for Mac Pro
Unbelievable update
iMac G4 memory upgrade
Looking into an iMac.
Installing Ram
Wait for Mac Mini Revision or act now?
New to the world of Mac Pro
Help With Purchasing a New iMac
Mac Pro Twin Graphics Cards
mac mini ram query
g3 keeps ejecting the os disk
How do I interpret the codes from the Apple Hardware Test Program...
Kernel Error
desktop customization
Adding widgets to the Dashboard
File extension which I don't understand - .dmg.bc!
Should I get a PowerMac G5 tower or Mac Mini for Leopard server?
G4 AGP CPU Upgrade?
MDD 2003 bad usb ports
Wireless adapter for emac?
Gtx 260 video problems
Imac g5 lines across screen
G4 won't wake up!
iMac problem; background looks strange
Need help with some G4 display issues
New Design?
New Design?
installing os x on an external drive from several different computers = epic fail
urgent probleme
Problem When Running Final Cut Pro 5..please Help!
Looking to buy used Powermac G5
strange lines across my screen
Dual Powermac G5 2.0Ghz Problem
shutting down
Mac Pro keyboard/hardware
would this work?? Mac Mini to Pc Laptop.
Mac mini display issue
Reuse Memory?
Reuse Memory?
Should I invest in a Power mac?
Need HELP! mac keeps doubling
Computer keeps going to sleep even though it is set up not to
Mac Pro vs. iMac
Intel core duo startup disk
I want to jump off of a tall building.
Accidently changed something with the color
iMac: Won't get passed white screen
Right decision?
need help with imac
Need Help! Freezing
please help with my dillema
Span dual monitors on old G4 933 quicksilver?
Brightness inconsistency
Internal Hard Disk Help!
Is this what a G4 should look like?
USB hub, speaker output
Which optical drive would u get?
Should I keep my new iMac?
Alternate way to eject/insert CD on G4
My C2D iMac is broken... Help?
Need help choosing hard drive with powermac
G4 Boot Problems
power mac g5
Intel Core 2 Duo 2.33 VS the new Intel Core Duo 2.4
Help needed with optical digital audio output
New iMac Screen failures....
a dream
Old Memory/New Memory G5 issues
sawtooth processor upgrade
iMac upgrade
RAM Upgrade
G4 MDD rear HD bay lever "stuck"
Help with custom resolution and size of desktop.
Guidelines needed..........
iMac G5 fans on all the time.
G5 trouble
Original iMac, collectors item??
Making the Most of my G5
Dish doctoring...
Autocad and mac
Adding RAM to my desktop
Anyone ever bought a Mac off of Ebay?
all about imac
New iMac: Headphone Jack...broken
Disposing of computers/hard drives
G4 CPU upgrade
New HArd Drive
Bizarre USB issue with Imac
HD Video Skips...
Shutting Down Daily
Anyone know when mac pro's will be updated?
Does anyone know of a Mac boot disc that can wipe my hard drive (or any suggestions)?
iMac Core 2 Duo underclocking
Replacing a fan in a Power Mac G4(m8493)
2006 Powermac G5, Airport Receptivity Problems
Problems with new RAM on iMac G5
mac mini boot up issues
Apple Studio Display LCD to G3 B&W
mac pro sli question
G4 won't read more than 256meg of memory!
White iMac 2.16ghz 160GBHDD - Odd issue!
iMac to external HDTV
How much storage can a PowerMac G4 dual 867MHz can handle?
iMac 24" Al
G4 Problem booting up!!
G4 MDD issues
How to get mac-laptop to work while closed
g4 firmware password problems & more! :(
G5 (20 in) - Shuts down during start up
getting a new graphic card for a 1.8GHz PowerPC G5
G4 upgrade problem from 10.2 to 10.3 (only grayscale colors)
Buy in Canada or China?
G4 Quicksilver Problem: Hard Drives Won't Show Up.
Mac Mini bootup failure question
Fusion and slipstream
Burned DVDs
Value of a G4
Permanently clean keyboard?
Ram for 8-core mac pro - Kingston or iRam?
Wondering if there's any hope....
iMac really broken, please help
old g4 plastic screen with new G5 mac pro?
New and wont wake up
Intel iMac brightness/power management problem
buying a new iMac, should I wait, and which size?
New HDD for imac g5 (isight)
Intel iMac (Late 2006) Hardware Problem
Do You Have An Imac G3?
Uses for old G4 Powermac tower and 23" screen?
Is my new Imac DOA?
Shift always On
Should I get a mini?
Removing scratches from new imac screens
keyboard and mouse not working
Purchase Help MDD 2003 vs MA876LL
bought a used imac
Macworld no iMac?
Internal CD drive and internal DVD burner not showing up
sound issue
not reading cd or dvd in drive
Which Sound Card?
Emac Hybrid Upgrade
Help me
Moving from G4 400 to G4 1G FW800, suggestions regarding drives
Power Mac G4 Blue screen on startup
quick Q re: RAM upgrade
How Would I Format my Hard Drive?
External Sound Card
How much RAM and where?
Help with iMac G5
Early 2006 Black Screen and Sleep issues?
installing 667MHz memory in a 533MHz Imac G5
Convert USB 1.1 to 2.0?
G5 iMac - SuperDrive won't burn DVDs any more
G4 MDD Video Upgrade: I'm so confused!
Latest imac or mac mini?
main comp
DVD Stuck in Mac Mini - Tried everything...PLEASE HELP
My G5 is on the way
A little help with cleaning my iMac?
usb upgrade
imac 24 inch.....whtie screen only...but get the "tone" after turn on
Newbie and some questions
Optical Drive Replacement
imac to hdtv
iMac 2.66 worth it?
Seeking 24" Anti-Glare Shield
Pairing with HP wireless keyboard
Hard to start my Mac PRo 2.66
G5 worth getting?
I like the glossy screen
wanting to buy a mac
Which iMacs Do You Like Best?
My brand new iMac
monitor problem (weird)
G4 model m5183 Won't Boot
will not boot up....i'm an idiot!
CD won't eject
Accessing PC Hard Drive on Mac G3 via USB
Samsung VP-DC171 and the Mac Mini
Would this memory work on my iMac?
Do warranties transfer to new owner?
memory for 2.1ghz G5?
The Mac Mini's Digital Output
Lost Restore Disc
Working with a g4 tower
Losing power
Swapping stock HD on Mac Pro for faster HD
RAM for G5
Major Overhaul In My House
Problem with mic input and speakers
iMac to HDTV
New Member - Problem setting up EpsonR320 printer to Mac OSX v 10.5.2
installed 4GB, shows only 2GB
Having trouble connecting internet to Imac, any ideas?
Cannot Shut Down from Finder
G4 iMac question
sonnet upgade problem on B&W
G3/G4 Hard Drive Question
How much is this iMac worth?
upgrading Intel iMac to 2+ GHz?
iMac to 37" Vizio via ??
Upgrade PowerMac G4 model m8493
733MHZ Upgrade
10K HD from my PC to my iMac?
My eBay G4 Gigabit Project
CDs wont play -- DVDs ok
Can I upgrade my ram?
Not sure if I have a hard drive problem.
Help with a loose part/vibration dampener
need advice on mac desktop selection--please help!!
multiple drives question
Older Cinema Display Goes on and off
New mac pro/need help setting up HD's
Dual Cinema display setup help!
What do you think of the mac mini?
iMac Disk drive - no whirring, no anything! Doesn't even seem to be there, but it is
G5 2.7 Vs Macpro
G4 no DVD read?
Printing problem
I mac 2.4ghz 250gb harddrive, 2gb ram
on the imac is there hdcp support?