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iMac G5 Pre-sight hard drive upgrade - heat issues with 1 tb?
eMac died
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Still 'viable'?
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RAM on newer iMac work on older iMac?
Im buying a new Mac
Just installed ATI Radeon 9800 Pro
only the fans run when I power up
i can hear the fans and all but no screen and no sound
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24" OS x 10.5.7 2.8ghz intel 2gig RAmM -running slow
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iMac G3 Doesn't boot up
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Using multiple hard drives and raids
Installing Tiger and Leopard
Computer keeps shutting off
TV machines
My G5 never shuts down properly - ideas?
G5 white screen with external interrupt
Graphic card
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can't find the portable Hard Drive icon
Kernel panic error during reformat/reinstall?
Default Boot
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iMac or 24" Cinema display with MBP
Reset vram?
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mini for my entertainment center
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Desktop solution
Imac 24" Image Burn
New Video Card for G4 MDD MAC
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Upgrade to new MacMini or Macbook White ???
Upgrade to new MacMini or Macbook White
Same RAM as Macbook?
G4-grey screen no spinning thing- can open in firmware
G4 Can't repair disc
iMac no boot
Hosting Problems.
No chime, but G5 powers up
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Can U.S motherboard be used in U.K machine
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Performance questions on a Mac Pro
iMac G3 logic board replacement
new guy ,dont have a clue
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Best video card for powermac g4
2 Hd one computer
Video Camera
Maximum size hard drive for a G4 1.25 DP (MDD)
Mac Pro Xeon vs Xeon Nephalem Advice,Opinons,Votes
No power to fan ?
G5 imac intermittent yellow screen
New disk in 24" iMac
It doesn't power up
utorrent software
MacPro and Raptor
17" imac and external monitor help!
Should I remove storage drives not in use?
iSight camera stopped working
Mac Pro or iMac
Display disabled on power-on
Dual Displays
e Mac & Portable Hard Drive Advise
Help connecting mac to TV
Power Mac G4 Issues
New Mac User
Electricity keeps going out
Need to buy a old(er) mac to test Leopard OS X, which will work?
how easy to install new battery by self
help upgrade to a used mac mini
G4 MDD Dual 1.0 Ghz logic board part?
G4 Fuse blown
Internal drives missing from desktop
Which iMac?
iMac-eMac RAM...
Connecting An Old Iomega Drive
iMac G3 as a television?
Open drive on boot
Power Mac G5 Issues
G4 CD Rom issues
How many users have Ati 4890 on their MP???
Horrible Mac Troubles
iMac G3 Booting Issues
My Imac has eaten too much...
iMac G3s
G4 freezez on startup
Replacement OS Disc from Apple for 19.99?
very hard to start when its cold
G4 Hard Drive Problem
Merge Audio and video
Which OS X For An iMac G4?
Monitor vertical "banding" problem
Mac Mini Ethernet won't connect
Make Second Internal Drive Default Storage Drive
Installing Windows on a separate hard drive?
Sync two Macs
imac fell off of desk, and won't start up
Which graphics card for 30'' monitor on G5 Dual core ?
Buying a iMac
Buying a used Power Mac G4 from craigslist
Help w/ reassembling iMac 20"
Leaopard on Powermac Dual 500mhz processor?
iMac G5 won't boot, won't load ext HDs
How do I...
Monitor mismatch ... can I fix?
How would you ship an iMac?
A little Help?
What should I buy?
PowerForce G3 1.0GHz ZIF accelerateor
External USB Drive No Longer Recognized
iMac vs. Macbook Pro
Cant connect to Wireless Network
Bluetooth Keyboard Connection Lost
connect imac to tv via homeplug
Buying a Used Mac
MAC mini turns off right after turning on
Not picking up RAM after installation
Two 20" iMac LCD displays have different brightness levels.
Problems with Mac desktop
Possible to have dual monitors on mac mini?
G3 and ubuntu
iMac G5 1.8GHz hard drive compatability
So which of these video carss would be better?
I had my imac in my attic for a few months...
Crashing my new 8 core Mac Pro
Power Mac G4 install disks
I need opinions :(
Running Hot
Screen keeps going black
Is this iMac a good deal?
Price justification
Mouse Fails Any Command
Getting a Mac Mini
mac pro 10.5.7
powermac or imac
time machine and an external drive
Not sure which Mac to get for FCP/Avid... Input much appreciated
Installing Memory
Blue and White G3 Question
iMac faded colors
eMac G4/800 VS wifi
Which Mac is best for gaming?
When will be available Mac in Hd?
Block of pixels on screen
Imac memory upgrade
Should I buy a new iMac or fix it?
Grey Screen During Reformat
Mac Mini - What to do with it
G4 Graphics card upgrade question
Sound Problem
External Speaker pop noise
QuickSilver G4 2002 video Graphics?
sleep problems
20" imac G5 1.8ghz
Wireless Keyboard - Imac
Micron 512 sd ram
Mac Pro Video Settings
maximizing Mac mini performance
USB over current notice relating to ipod classic
Imac Keyboard/Remote not working for any Functions..
G4 - Processor upgrade?
G3 DV+ won't do anything.
Imac Remote AND keyboard not working
iMac 2.16Ghz constantly freezing
faliure to boot
2 monitors "fried" by imac
20" Imac, 2.0 mhz, 2gigs of ram
iMac Black screen
Wifi stability + 10.5.7?
Test Drive a Macintosh?
Cd's are rejected
Brightness adjustment
Continuously reboots while holding C or Option
iMac not recognizing both memory cards
Help? File Compression not working?
imac question
Help me pick my first Apple iMac.
HDTV Tuner with Cable Box
Power Mac G5
Hard drive not booting
Issue with Wireless Keyboard
iMac Aluminum gets hot and leaves burn-in marks on screen
Dell 2709: more than one video card?
Sound Loss
PowerMac G5 not powering up
G5 Hanns-G monitor HH221HPB issue
Need help switching computers
OS 9 to OS 10.4 on a G4 partition
20" Cinema display (Alu) dim bands
Dual screen context menu problem
Bootable Ext HD_not booting?
Mac Pro Quad Core Additional Ram
purchase through internet or salesperson
Bought a used mini and have a question
boot failure
Java Script Error Please Help
Spinning wheel
Mac Compatable DVD-RW Drive
Imac G5 airport/internet issues
iMac G4 memory upgrade
Power Mac G5 Memory Question / Issue
powermac g4 power supply
replacement keyboard and mouse
Kernel panic
Power Mac Upgrade?
How big of a HD can I put in?
Mac Pro internal HD problem
Sound Problem
can't connect to the internet, empty Trash and more
g5 questions
Watching videos on my 500 MHz G3
difficulties pulling the trigger on a Mac Pro
20 inch imac take apart video
(3.1) LED Cinema Display and my woes!
Mac Mini Hard Drive Upgrade
G5 Hardware Question, Expert Needed
problems w/ screen
Mac Pro from Macbook Pro
Core Duo Crossover
Just got my iMac
Number of cores vs processor speed vs RAM
G5 Pixelation distortion shut down
Eizo Monitor USB Inputs won't recognise mouse or keyboard
Apple repair stuck- Imac ati video issue
Key commands before startup won't work!
Powermac g4 won't shut down
Display blocks of color instead of icons on boot
9800 gtx+ on a Mac Pro, possible?
G3 DV400 No Display Problem
Deleting from the hard drive removed the files from my external hard drive?
powermac g4 will not start
iMac G5 - start up problems
I Mac how good for gaming?
Free Repairs
screen keeps moves with my cursor
Leaking G5
Need Apple Hardware Test
Exchange Hard Drives
Reccomendations for UK trade parts suppliers
USB Over Current Notice
Performance Question
Do mHz mater when installing software?
09 iMac 24" video card question
G4 desktop is dead
Reinstalling Leopard on an Intel Imac
How to hookup Mac Mini to Plasma
Anyone know the PATA bus speed for 06 iMac?
pixelated icons
5.1 Surround Sound?
motherboards question
how do I enable WLAN card - what is it?
20 inch aluminum imac HDD issue?
DVD drive problems?
ATI Radeon 4870 won't work in Windows via Bootcamp
Won't Turn On? B/w G3
RAM question
I want to convert!
How can you update a G3 Tower from 350 mhz to higher?
Is my HDD dying?
IMAC DUO accepts 2GB memory in top slot, not bottom
modding an emac....this is interesting
Image internal HDD from external enclosure?
Mini DVI or Mini DisplayPort? (pic)
Mac G3 Tower makes beep at startup, worked before
I need help making a part ID... A Mac expert would be great!
optical digital audio out - older mac minis
Are these memory bank and module temperatures high?
Which is the better?
ATI Radeon HD 4870 on First generation mac pro?
Mac Pro - Air Port Extreme wireless kit
any harm in having iMac wireless turned on along with ethernet?
Is it powerful enough to stream MLB.TV in HD
G3- How to go about upgrading graphics card
Move g5 into mac pro case
ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT DVI channel 1 faulty, need new card but which 1?
intermitent keyboard failure
Monitors on G4 MDD 1 Ghz go black after start up
Problems installing Tiger on a G3
Power Inicator Flashing On Startup, Goes To Black Screen
Bought Refurbished 20" (early 08) for $849 - Maybe bad idea?
Looking to buy a Mac Pro, advice?
Memory Puzzle
Imac Isight G5 20', fan connector wires
Blue and White G3 processor upgrade
BootCamp Question
Mac Mini For Business (and occasional editing)
Spaces keeps crashing my Mac Pro
Base/screen stability issue with 24" 2009 iMac
Newly Mac convert looking Video Programs
G5 performance problems.
G3, This disk is unreadable
iMac 2009 Bluetooth problems
Nvidia GeForce 9400M or ATI HD 2600 PRO?
Mini (early 09) Memory and internal disk DIY replacement parts?
Printer for Power book 7600 os 8.2
Maximum OS for Power Mac upgrade
Which DVI adaptor cable do I need?
I need help buying.
mini-disc stuck in drive, any hope?
Trouble with new crucial RAM
Temperature control for desktops?
G4 is good for?
Help!!! What causes iMac display anomalies?
MacPro takes forever to boot
Deleting a shared "network"
Mac Mini Freezing
hdd and battery
won't boot from internal HD
monitor for mac pro
Monitor advice, anyone?
Whats a good webcam for a CRT iMac?
m5183 G4
what's the practicality of a Mac mini?
Octo 2008 vs Quad 2009 with introduction of Snow Leopard
Entry level imac decent enough for my needs?
eMac green hue
Late 2006 iMac 24" screen quality?
iMac troubles
How big of an internal HD will work?
G4 problem - nothing on screen !
Is it worth it?
G4 MDD will not boot
Partition or not? That is the question!
Performance / memory problem?
Hardware upgrade for Imac 20 inch
Buying Mac Pro
Problem on boot up
3 monitors
Cheapest Mac Pro or most expensive iMac?