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'Network Utility' labelled in foreign language
strange display & Behavior
iMac Logic Board
Mac Pro Ram?
New iMac humming + buzzing soudns?
Powermac G5 - HUGE extra power, but not utilizing it?
Mac Pro Graphics Card out issue
Powermac G5 vs 2009 Mac Mini
27" screen envy for those that bought the 24" recently?
Imac 27inch memory upgrade
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Quick RAM Question.
powermac G5 server
Imac display off
Imac to HDTV -sound?
Imac 27" making weird noise
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Mac Pro Riser Card
My 24" imac wall mounted!
need some advice about new imacs
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video card for photoshop CS4
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Sound Issue
1st gen Mac Pro 2.66 Quad core expand?
production aluminium enclosure
System slow down when devices are connected to Firewire ports
My imac G5 fan is going berserk
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G4 display issues
New iMac - old firewire
Screen Bleeding
HD 4870 in Mac Pro 1.1 issues
2.0 C2D , Clock Resetting issue
Is it better to leave my display on or off??
The black dot on the Mini server.
IMAC 24" (Mid 2008-Early 2009) DDR2 to DDR3 Ram Upgrade
Help Connecting Mac Pro To Sony TV
Random Kernel Panics for no apparent reason... Help!
Video Card Failing on iMac 20" G5?
Jumpy video playback on YouTube but not apple's site?
Uhm How Do I Clean This Thing?!
27' iMac (i5/i7) with 2GB of Memory?
what os x's can be used
macbook 13" vs imac g5
New Hard Drive
iMac G3 question
The New iMac 21.5" and 27"
27" imac 2nd display
Old iMac to New iMac
G4 unstable
27" iMac as an External Monitor
G5 tower OSX Start Up issue
How much is my iMac worth?
Want a mac mini, but read something about a possible update soon
Mac Gigabit Ethernet Cards Network Performance
usb pci card installing
PowerMac G4 (QuickSilver 2002) 2nd Display Issue
Emac Reading Duel Layer DVD
Monitor upgrade
started to crash as if power has gone
Buying a Mac on ebay
G4 Desktop OS X shutdown problem
upgrade g5
Bluetooth not available
Where Are My Pictures - newbie?
use emac monitor with mini?
Mac Mini Video Signal Issues
Mac Pro RAM
Beeping noise after startup
Terrible Mac Pro graphics glitches and garbling - please help!
G4 Quicksilver dual 800mhz
Spitting out discs!
Transfer files from G4 powermac to intel imac
g4 digitl audio leopard will not install.
Firewire Drive Causes Kernal Panic
White screen of death getting worse!
Two 24" Running Simultaneously
Before reinstalling the OS, should I look into SS drives for my iMac?
Cracked LCD
Problem installing software
iMac g5 mouse/keyboard problem
Powermac G5 , take a bargain or wait?
cd/dvd-drive problems :(
Just shutting down or booting up on its own
Problems with a back up drive
How to boot a mini from an external HD
changing hard drives on my Quicksilver
G5 not powering up...
G4 Quicksilver 867
Help needed for Mac Mini recording studio setup
USB port Current budget
How to extract data from Power Mac 8100/80?
Replacement Hard Drive for Imac G4
White imac won't read discs
Wall mount a 24" imac, What bracket?
Problem Installing 10.4.3 Install Black Face DVD
Looking to buy 1st. Mac Used
Whitening or cleaning iMac case
opens cd driver
which to buy?
quicksilver change
G5 Video Card
iMac G3 Hard drive
Problems with my iMac g5
G5 Tower upgrade question
Apple 24-inch LED Cinema Display on a PowerPC G5
Quad 2.93 vs. Octo 2.26
My DDR won't shut down.
PowerMac G5! Good buy or not?
my g5 has no arms!!! (since dfu patch from iclarify)
PowerMac G4 Upgrade...
iMac G5 20" HD question...
Can the mini be paired with a widescreen?
I think my HDD is dying
has my mac had its day?
2 displays x one card!
Need Monitor suggestions for G5
Remote access concerns
iPhoto slows down my computer
Interesting problem....
What to do with this 250g Serial ATA drive
iMac Mini - Failing Hard Drive
Wifi isn't working on Mac ?
eMac video playback problem
Monitor Issue
24 inch intel imac doesn't power up
G4 2 gig Ram Upgrade
Can't get OS to load
imac 2.66 or imac 2.95 or imac 3.06
Mac Pro RAID 0?
Emac Crashes on startup
Powermac G5 or new imac 2.66GHz intel core 2 duo?
Target mode killed my eMac
Upgrading DIMM slots?
Most basic iMac with 4gb RAM, running Oblivion?
Some questions about converting to a RAID setup
G4 2.0 usb pci card
Can't delete locked files in Leopard
Imac wont start
apple remote control
AHT Error Code
Adding Internal Storage
How do you back up your mac mini?
Using time machine to copy G5 HDD
Mac pro TOSLINK light not working?
General question about powermac G4 CPU temp
Is my iMac dead?
G5 2.0ghz processor fit G4 533 dual or 400mhz single core?
Anti-glare or Glossy screen to work with graphic design
iMac system turns on from being shut down
upgrade or not
My "new" iMac G4!
G4 Startup Problem Gray screen Black Rectangle
G4 unplugged during sleep mode
should I upgrade my G5 or get a new computer?
PRAM Batteries
Power Mac g5
iMac G3 display trouble
MacBook -> PowerMac G5 or Mac Mini
Blue screen on start up
RAID Issues
external speaker/headphone problem
old graphite iMac DV - dvd drive problem
Where to get an intel one used/trade in for one?
G5 sounds like Darth Vader breathing, not starting
Logic Board removal on a Power Mac G5
Yet another flashing question mark screen thread
Failing Hardrive Fan
Where is the Love?
Should I get a dual core Mac pro or a single core version -- and Monitor question
PowerMac G4 Dual Optical - will not boot & no display
iMac G4 M5521
External HDD error - Trash problem
what is lifespan of a G-5
Power mac does not have mic input?
Airport Extreme card for Imac G5
my disc drive wont read certain discs
Your satisfaction with your Mini?
G5 went to sleep, never woke up
Stability on a shiny desk
It started saying "Kernel Error"
High pitch noise
Going from WIndows to Mac
Ram for G5
USB Multi-touch Trackpad?
A bug inside my monitor!
Price Check on iMac
What is the verdict on this G4 system?
Testing eBlast on Outlook from a Mac?
Quad Cores and OSX Snow Leopard
finally decide that i am going to get imac
Silver g4~ once on/off problem please advise
Mac Mini won't recognise External Hard Drive
Buy Mac Pro now or wait?
miss behaving mac
Memory recognition
ATY Rage Graphucs Card ?
Apple external superdrive for MacBook Air won't work on G4 mini
Who repairs DOA logic boards?
Upgrading my imac 5,2 processor?
replaced hard drive now can't install OS
Hi, just introducing myself...
Making a G4 the best it can be
when to replace G5
Yet another dying PowerMac G5- kernel panics galore
Wanting to buy new or used mac possibly
Mac G4
buying new mac, need advice
Replaced bad caps and still got problems...
turn off, sleep, or do nothing
Funny mark on the edge of the screen
iMac CD/DVD drive failure
what's the best superdrive that'll work in a 2005-2008 intel mac mini ?
G5 Randomly Powers Down
Advice On Buying Used Mac Pro?
Looking to purchase a power mac
Mac Mini - HDCP problems with iTunes Hi-Def
DVD burner error 0x80020022
Brand New Nehalem Mac Pro Video Card migration issue
Insanely loud fans on Twin G5
X button not working
I bought a new iMac 24" today!!
what should i buy? MAC PRO or IMAC
How to compress a powerpoint? and use the compression tool
No Display - Graphics Card???
No Chime, Black Screen, No Nothing! Argh!
Need some repair help, iMac G5 17" 1.8ghz
imac G5 1st gen. power supply
Older Mac G5 Memory Issues
Mac mini or imac or wait?
brown horizontal line across screen
G4 Mini internal dvd/cd drive failure
The 'Dongggg' has gone
RAM Help
G5 integration work, I think I am being scammed.
Old G4 Running Slow
Need help, dead MacMini.
auto boot when power on
17" early 2006
How can I change a key of the numpad?
Dual 2.7 G5 Fan Speed - What are these wires??
Imacg G4 Led Mod
My mini upgrade story
Audio default problem with Mac Pro and Snow Leopard
Internal Storage on Mac Pro
RAID / Bootcamp (2009 Nehalem)
eMac Stand
Booting issue after adding a second hard drive
Instructions on removal of Optical Drive
Hardware test = Video RAM-error detected
Ran Apple Hardware Test: Error on Memory
Quicksilver Issue
no keyboard, no mouse on startup
Problems With Mac Pro Optical Drive? Battlefield 2142
Can my computer get a virus?
OS discs confusion
Intel Imac Random Shutdown problem
My Official "Help me buy a Mac" Thread
iMac 24" has a burned in image but it goes away sometimes?
Mac Pro CPU question
Emac, won't start
Type of SATA cable required for Optical Drive
blue vertical line has appeared on my screen
What's the best way to upgrade my iMac G3 HDD?
The screen display very large
powermac g5 better than what I got?
powermac inside dimensions
iMac Won't Wake from Sleep: I Have to Restart
Frustrating problem with external speakers
setup on two optical drives
how much RAM can i install on my IMAC?
Mid '07 iMac slow and unresponsive
Mac Pro configuration
MacPro-Game Machine Migration
no os and wont boot from combo drive
Is 1-lane enough for RAID 0?
monitor for Mac mini
Keyboard mapping Home & End keys
Optical drive wont read DVD Data.
Imac to TV connections
Mac Pro VGA
24" iMac Aluminum not starting
iMac not seeing cd/dvd drive
Accessing Hard drive
how do i transfer my internal 20gig HD to 250 HD
Buying an eMac 700MHz G4. What kind of performance can I expect?
Switching from PC's to iMac or Mac Pro?
Extremely Dark Screen On Emac 2002-3
Cannot reinstall OS X 10.4 Computer cannot see HD.
eMac Airport?
Apple Hardware Test
video card for the dual PPC G5?
Completely dead iMac
brand new 24 inch imac progress report
reboot loop - fan problems?
Screen goes very dim
Running a VPN with an old B&W G3.
emac won't backup
Adding memory to an iMac G4
powerclean my G4
iMac to TV?
imac dual monitor clicking twice
Best Time to Buy iMac?
Problem - G4 to iMac file transfer
Macbook Dock!
RAM won't show as installed
More memory - is it worth it?
Bondi Rev. A project
Mac Mini G4 or Intel?
G4 very slow, sometimes shuts down
original iTunes song files missing
iMac (early 2006) - does almost nothing!
iMac system crash
Looking for good advice
G5 Powermac-what does this mean?
G4 hard drive upgrade
Hard Drive In PC
iMac vs MacPro
When Apple will change Mac Pros?
New To Mac
Power Mac G4 (PowerPC G4) & Adobe CS4
Upgrading from mac x 10.4.11 t0 10.5.6
bought a dvi to vga adapter
Buying help
Replacement Graphics Card
Fresh install with a newly installed Nvidia GeForce 7600GS and have no display
PowerMac G4 won't turn on
Recommendations needed for duff Superdrive
Upgrading my Power Mac g4
mac pro temperatures
Clone Power Mac G5 HD
PCI / PCI-X on PowerMac G4/G5 & SCITEX TAXI2-PCI-card(s)
wireless network collapsed
Tints under 12% donít show up, using Imac Screen.
spilled liquid
Attaching external speakers-very basic questions
Looking for 2GB of memory for mini
Powermac G5 Or Mac Mini
Intermittent Wireless Connectivity Problems
Hooking up my G4 Mac Mini to the TV
Powermac G5 - Snow leopard
Just picked up a G3 iMac for a tenner - good deal?
iMac & MacBook Pro at the same time?
iMac Intel 20' and second screen: it doesn't work!!! :O
g5 imac 2.1 will not accept cd's, or dvd's
iMac G5 Power Failure issue, but past recall
Trouble getting online
fresh install of OSX, mac wont start
Is the Glass Plate Cover on the iMac 24" Not Covered by the Warranty
G5 Will not sleep/shut down
PowerPC not turning on
G5 Audio Input Problems
Splitting a Mac Pro
boot from cd
Which hardware for office desktop AND backup
Installing memory in Mac Pro...very basic question.
Connecting Mac Pro to TV
Band in a Box 2009 for intel Mac, Work on PPC?
Graphics Cards
Erg Imac Wont Power On
They want to switch my Mac for a PC
missing pixel
New iMac... no Snow Leopard?
Getting the "stuff" off my harddrive...
Problems with 4yo 17" Imac G5 CD / DVD Burner
Random Black screen and audio freeze
help fixing my imac
emac video mirror questions
Software Update app crashes, itunes, etc.
buying spares or repair machines
G3 First Stage Fedora Bootstrap
iMac tray load firmware problem....
Configure Mac G3 to Startup using Monitor
Painting an eMac?
Hard Drive Failure - Advice
Mini vs iMac
G3 no boot manager
Boot Camp Partition disappeared
G4 Dual Mirrored Dive Doors and 10.5.8
new iMac
Graphics card upgrade for G4 Mirror door that supports OpenGL
DDR3 RAM for Mac Pro: OCZ series pros & cons
iMac G5 won't boot!
1.83 Core Duo Mini - Upgrading: Limit on HD size?
Powermac G5
My iMac won't start up :(
iMac 24" Alum - Question Re: Removing Glass Panel To Clean Interior Side
folder that flashes a question mark
Need a new hard drive for iMac G5 17"
I need a new graphics card for cool games
How do I replace the Power Supply..?
question on usb card
G3 question building question
Threw out partition, recovery, oh my..
half way between tiger and leopard
Removing Yahoo Messenger
downloads running one after another?
Is AppleCare tranferrable?
Mac mini keyboard help
Installed 8gb but it's only showing 6gb
The computer crashes...
Connecting iMac to Macbook Pro
Taking my iMac from Canada to Germany
im g3 hard drive upgrade
How to Open SuperDrive without Apple Keyboard?
G4 Dual 500MHz Kernel Panic
Using 1066 MHz ram in last years iMacs
boot and harddrive
Power Mac G5 New OS
Hard drive full. Why?
How to Kill a G3
ordering the GFX card
Upgrading memory on a PPC G5 DP 1.8
PowerMac power failure
Kids' machine? What should I buy?
What kind of adapters/wires do I need.
Overclocking Dual G4 MDD 867MHz - L3 cache info
Booting win 7 from USB flash drive?
Connecting a Samsung YP-Q1 via usb?
Crashing, memory full?
10 Dollar G3s
Logout has timed out because application
installing OS on new HD
G5 crashing
Some Odd Adventures -Would Like Some Clarification From The Experts
All the games I play, Freeze.
Looking for iMac Model A1058 specifications
New to Mac having powermac G4 issue
Mac Mini monitor issue
Hard drive Setup
Mac Mini keeps repeating registration process
Streaming internet video problems on Quicksilver G4
iMac Intel speakers
Hard Drive quit booting!
Hard drive question
sharing audio with a second speaker euiped monitor
Raiding my Mac Pro, advice please!
best screen Gamma?
Power Mac G4 Hard Drive replacement
24" HD Display...cord not designed for easy use with Power Mac
power mac G5 print settings
Getting my first mac
you tube etc ,poor view,jerky
screen wont darken imac 10.5.8
Wireless keyboard for iMac.
Mac Mini won't start up.. sorta?
Strange and worrisome noise
New to mac, PC gaming questions, Paralels etc...
How can I reeboot my iMac?
Magic Jack on Mac Mini
Silly question from New Guy.
Why hello
Emailing a photo...
Freeky G4
Fixing a leaky Powermac G5
1st gen Mac Pro or new iMac?
Advanced Windows User - New iMac
Stands for Mac Mini
G4 Dual Mirror doors - black screen, no boot sound.
External hard drive recognized on Mac book but not Power Mac
iMac 20" suddenly won't turn on
RAM or Processor
eMac has stuck resolution
G5 Quad still a good option or do I need to be punched in the face?
Dual displays
G4; How do I get this computer working?
SATA Cards
Battery: no charge
Pro Caddy 2 not working properly
says i only got 10gb of ram when its supposed to be 12gb
Will it handle Web browsing, music, videos, divx -> DVD conversions and light video
iMac Firewire 400 problem/upgrade question
G4 HD unmounted
G5 display problem
Rubbishly slow internet...
Apple Delivery
Duplicate restart, shutdown menus, strange flashing icon
Quicktime plugin Firefox
Yonah OR Merom
G4 Fan
Internal HD Problem
Graphics chip question
I'm having a real big problem with my IMac!
iMac 20" (late 2006 model) - opinions needed
How Do I Disable a Video Card?
Unable to find driver for this platform "PowerMac2,1" - error with no solution?
Setting up a new HDD in a G5
iMac G3 Disk Drive put into PowerMac
G5 - Should I buy?
Mac Pro Power Button
Switching graphics cards between a iMac G4 and a MacBook Pro
Decisions, decisions: move from PC to Mac?
desperate for G5 solutions...