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adc to vga?
Got a Question..
Problems installing office 2004 for mac
Really Annoying Sound!!!
Anybody Up for a "Lowest Price" Challenge?
Pioneer 118L + Mac Pro 2,1 = frustration
Ati x1900xt
NVIDIA GeForce 9400M Question.
2nd Gen 20" iMac bit the dust...migration begins
imac 27" core 2 duo hot
eSata adapter recommendations?
i5, i7 or Nehalem for heavy Illustrator use?
Disc reading
Price for New MB419LL/A - 24" 2.93 GHZ Mac at Best Buy??
Used Mac Pro Quad Core/2.66 GHz upgradeable??
Where's my display icon on system preferences......
Superdrive issue 20 aluMac
Confusion over iMac hardware
iMminennnt arrival of iMac - a couple of questions
Trouble starting up G5 Imac
Old School Mac Mini Questions
Powermac G5 startup problems Help!!!
last non-intel desktop, doesn't start up at all
Imac quad core vs custom pc.
Powermac question
Help!! Help!!! Help!!!!
Need Help ASAP Guys....
Macs next processors
New to Mac
Mac Pro
How to backup a TC to an external HD?
iMac for Virtual Machines?
New potential Mac Mini customer
fw800 port on g4 shuts it down
Which computer shall i go for?
eMac question....
Raid Cards
Core i7 and i5 vs xeon 3400 and 5500 series
Coming back
New Imac 27" i7...
My Partition Is Having Some Problems.. help please
Graphics card & other mac hardware questions
iMac Backgrounds
Purging the hard drive
French hack to make imac into a monitor
Help PLZ!!!!
Dual KVM Switch for Mac Mini??
Can I use any DVI capable monitor with my G5?
G4 - Won't boot - No startup volumes available
Disk drives not working/responding
urgent help needed with disk error on imac
SATA PCI (X) for PowerMac G4
sound at startup
g5 vs imac
G5 cd/dvd drive issue
G5 Optical Drive Wierdness
PowerMac G5 Bluetooth Dongle issues
Fixing Tiger HD
RAM questions
iMAC 27" microprocessors???
iMac Intel early 2006 boot problem
iMac G5: No response when double clicking folders
eSATA card for Powerbook
iMac 21.5 shows lots of horizontal lines when watching Youtube videos.
Looking to play a .exe game on my Imac
Imac problem with full screen web video
What is the best Webcam for Mac?
New HD in macbook pro - still grinding but now overheating too
Add external HD to iMac
17" white iMac (late 2006) HDD replacement -- Urgent
iMac audio input problem
Strange Issue with Mac Desktop Display
New Mac Mini with Sony Bravia 52"
MacBook Pro to iMac
2nd Screen Won't Register @ Startup
iMac streaming video for a LED HDMI TV
Question to current Mac-mini owners
internet interferes with sound on G4 Powermac
Mac Mini - 2 days old and possible fault
New Mac Pro?
Help! My G5 has no SATA cable
Understanding a Mac Mini
Mac Pro 3,1 DVD tray not opening?!
resetting passw on an imac g5
Syncing Android phones
Advice on desktop.
Specs of new Mac Pro???
Internet crashes G5 PPC
Using my Mac Mini, Apple TV and Time Capsule. How to use them best together...
Emacs: making a twin?
Active Sync Error Message
emac external hard drive
G4 [mirrored drive doors], 1.25 Ghz dual processor machine
Mac Mini Memory Question
IMAC running slowly w/o high memory usage?
Emac (rev 1) with OS X 10.4.11 - Have to restart every time I connect new USB device
Mac SE/30 won't Boot?
Mac Pro won't boot
Help: Mid 2007 model iMac keep's crashing.
Help! Trouble with connecting MB unibody with Bravia via HDMI
iMac vs Mac Pro for video editing
Dual 1.8Ghz G5 - Dead Processor?
Mac Mini vs Apple TV
Mac Pro 1,1 questions
27-inch and graphics card compatibility
Speakers not working
CD stuck in drive
Mac Pro with solid state drives anyone?
27" Imac hdd randomly spin up
iMac Bondi - Dead?
Mac Mini Accept ram from mac book pro
mac pro and new graphics card (radeon 5450)
iMac having frequent glitches / problems
question about Ipevo S0-20 wireless skype phone
Wireless Headphones for iMac
iMac WiFi dropping signal
Changing coolers on iMac 20"- can it be done?
Repair an MDD PSU
G4 Startup Problems/Failing Drive
Problems with file access privliges
imac connect wirelessly to tv to act as media centre
Just got a PowerPC and I have a few questions.
back up one hard drive to another
eMac g4 screen problems
iMac running very slow on start up
Emac G4 leopard?
which Mac should I buy? tower or iMac?
Imac 17" Distorted monitor color
Getting a Mini with 512Mb - Some advice please
Please help . imac 20" alu problems, Keep rebooting when programs are used .
2nd Screen Won't Register @ Startup
Help! Mouse stopped working on Mac Mini
Considering Making the Jump from Vista Quad-core w/ 12GB RAM to Mac Pro
Fuzzy Screen Crash
how can i get imac 24' BOX?
Mac Mini vs Mac Mini Server
iMac 27" i5 Flickering Dilema
iMac G5 Boot problems
moving HD from powermac G5 duo to quad
Please may you advise me on a potential purchase.
Best Multimedia Designer Setup?
iMac G5 PPC - Space bar not working
Dolby 5.1 on Mac Mini
Mac pro fans going full bore
Need comparison advice, dual vs quad mac pro
Windows 7 on Imac
Mac Pro Startup Issues
Bluetooth Keyboard Shortcut?
Old Apple llC pics
Dual Monitors HELP!!!
G5 imac (isight) problem
Quiet G4 MDD 1.33 - box of trouble
Ol' Mac Pro Right For Me?
upgrading HDD on imac G3
mini dvi to dvi adaptor
iMac with GeForce 120gt ?? Enough?
Post for Fans of REALLY Old Macs!
Connecting iMAC to Sony Camcorder
Imac G4 SuperDrive only read osx disc
iMac mini-dvi->HDMI HDTV, doesn't work
1 monitor, 2 monitor, 3 monitor, 4??
Imac Issues
MacBook Pro to Mac Mini - Video Upgrade?
Imac 27"
What the GT130 is in fact... a 9800mGTS
Moving with my iMac.
transferring files from dead machine
printing in greyscale with hp1515n printer
uneven brightness on late 2009 imac
How good is a 1.8 Dual G5? uses?
Power Mac G4: Need power supply
Hard Drive Toast - 2nd, more enlightened, opinion wanted
Monitors keep going black
Refurb 24-inch imac buying advice
iMac Vs PowerMac???
Help...Spinning Pinwheel!!!
iMac won't switch to new user on logout
imac 27"
G5 Freezes
Under utility, CONSOLE.
any cool apps or programs for a new user??
27" Flickering Screen firmware update ...
Best ATi Graphics card for Powermac G4 MDD
15% Back?
I need help on External Hard Drive
G5 quad won't turn on
can you upgrade this imac?
I need help.
Start Up Problem
Upgrading a g4 power mac
eMac webcam
Dual DVI Graphic Card for Power Mac G5
ATI Radeon 3870 HD 512MB MAC
No bootable disc...what now
Can you help me build my new Pro Mac?
NVIDIA GeForce 9400 OR ATI Radeon HD 4670
G5 quad but its dual
Can you manually eject a cd from an iMac intel core duo?
emac takes craps
Choosing video card for new Mac Pro
No new Mac Pro this year?
Upgrade iMac RAM 2GB or 4GB?
How to print two sided w/HP 1510
Dead spot in monitor
Virus Barrier x6
Upgrading hard drive on macbook
Mac Mini: HD or RAM?
More Problems
++++Problems with Installing Adobe....
Wireless modem disconnect problems
Bad times :-(
IPASS SFF-8087 / MiniSAS to 4 discrete sata connectors
Restart/Login problem
Issue Printing with Xerox Workcentre 7242
iMac SD card slot...
G4 fast enough for online flash based kids games?
PMac 1.25 MDD questions
Mac Mini to HDTV
Mac Mini - Is it for me?
24" iMac freezes after failed 1.4 EFI Firmware update
memory ???
iMac cosmetic issues
Upgrade the Logic board
Just got a new Mac!!!
iMac G4 flat panel Power Supply failure?
which iMac? which graphic card?
iBook G4 data transfer to New iMac, Firewire to USB?
Upgrade a new iMac processor?
iMac Won't Remain Asleep
iMac G3 Screen/CRT Issue
1.83 GHz Core 2 Duo (T5600) Firewire issue
Dual G5 Powermac OR Mac Mini C2D
Sawtooth G4 Extremely Slow Flash
Having trouble exporting iTunes library
mac pro ssd boot disk hd4870 problem
USB Bluetooth Dongle
Drive Partitioning
Dead iMac - anyone recognise symptoms
I wonder what happened to my Imac screen?
iMac 2006 17" slow and hard drive squeaks
when i type gmail on my mac, it automatically puts in a string of dropbox information
Removing WD Smartware Icon from desktop.
Tips for buying second hand
Having trouble with airport extreme with iMac 27"
Magic Mouse Connection lost
MAC PRO problems...
Monitor viewing on a Samsung HDTV
How much is my iMac worth?
new mac pro
Flickering is Back?
getting an iMac
Re-use of desktop monitor
Adding hard drive to Mac 7300\200
Target Disk Mode
Adding more speakers ?
Volume controls and Eject key does not work at G5
Quad G5 issues
g3 video driver/extension?
Mail will not send - Snow Leopard
G4 MDD HD Death?
Unidentified Problems in iMac running 10.5.8
Ibook HD data transfer to New Mac mini.
Shut Her Down?
How to erase a HDD when the computer won't boot?
Upgraded to win 7 without updating bootcamp
Some DVD's Keep Ejecting
iMac 2.8 - 24'' - Hard Drive issue?
I don't know if this is the place: Desktop theming
Trashed hard drive
SD Card Slot Issue
Mac Pro doesn't turn on
Upcoming Mac Pro vs iMac i7
Can this be done with an Imac 27"
Buying an iMac 27", couple questions
Powermac G4 - Boot Problems
iMac RAM upgrade?
G5 Dual 1.8 desktop seems Slower than my single G5
2 Additional Monitors..?
just a thought...
G5 won't start if warm
iMac G4 comparisons
iMac help
i think i have buyers remorse.
iMac: FW800 can't connect with HV20 camcorder
Reinstall OSX from external dvdrom
MacPro 2009 Problems:'-(
LAN - Refresh/update connection
mac g5 ram issues
Matshita UJ-85J DVD Drive Fault
27" iMac and 42" external display
mac mini 2.0 with SL, not able to use digital audio with toslink
Can i replace my intel core 2 duo with intel core i5???
Are MDD CPU cards compatible with other g4 PMACS?
Missing Music???? HELP
Imac and new wireless keyboad.
I dont get a few things with upgrading my iMac ?
iMac help
Mac Mini Problem??
Problems with QTX (surprise!) and VLC. Expert help needed.
Can i use an imac screen as a second screen for my macbook?
Want to add a second internal hard drive
Internal Hard drive Suddenly Disappeared
G4 Quicksilver adn G4 dual 867 mirrored doors - same symptoms
Parallels 4.0 to 5.0? 2GB RAM good enough?
MB Pro vs. iMac - Specific application
imac g3 memory problems
Using Macbooks Multitouch on a Mac Pro? Possible?
No Sound on Mac Mini
Buying Advice...Mac Pro 08 vs 09-10, or Imac Quad
Isub not recognised
Mac Pro won't search external drives?
I've decided to buy an iMac...
Hard drive not recognized correctly?
Power supply fan always on at 2800 rpm
Mac mini and PFC active or passive?
do i need antivirus for vista running parallels?
Less than a newbie here...
New-to-me G5 with issues.
undo empty trash ?
Thinking about buying a mac mini.
17" imac intel screen broken
Fan running constantly
newbie....hello all
external hard drive keeps cycling?
need help
Hello I'm new! ..... G5 fan question....
Rendering on a budget: Powermac Quad
Magic Mouse - high friction
Mac Mini Dilemma
G4 Quicksilver 2002 dead DVDRW drive
iMac G5 - blank Screen and High Speed Fan
iMac G5 - blank Screen and High Speed Fan
Apple Remote Functions - Not Consistent
iMac RAM downgrade - iMac won't start
USED iMac selling..what is good price?
macbook mirroring on 37'' vizio 1080p
Upgrading My IMac
Can I use more than one Imac for surround sound via bluetooth
Replacing a CD reader?
Power mac g5
help with internet
trouble finding the cuda (pmu) switch on dual g4 (mirror doors)
problem with g4 dual (mirror door) power up
IMAC 27" Quad Core
New Powermac G4 1.25GHz!!!!!! I want to upgrades!!!
Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo Compatible with Imac 27inch?
iMac Icon Not Opening From Desktop
ps3 to imac27" HELP ME!
Just got a older 23' cinema-any thoughts?
Having trouble figuring out the basics
New to the Forum and in need of assistance
G4 Hard Drive Upgrade
iMac G5 PowerPC keeps shutting down, no reason!
Trouble Connecting Imac to Samsung 6 series tv
Power Mac G4 Problem
Display issue
Formatted External HD and it Failed! Help Please!
Missing Hard Drive Space...
Just Bought a Used iMac G5.
Monitor sleep issues
need hard drive for 733 G4 Quicksilver
Mac Mini connected to Sony HDTV
upgrades for 933 g4
How to delete old version of firefox on iMac
MacBook / iMac vs TV - huge problem. Why?
G4 Upgrade Need Advice
Power light is on, but no response from G5 tower
Mac Pro Video Card Problems
The Kernel Panic- Help
Memory / Ram
G5 iMac stuck in sleep
buy new or repair & upgrade
Is this normal?
27 iMac and PS3?
logit 7.2 for G4
pictures in Sidebar
Connecting External Speakers to 27" iMac
Imac CPU Fan speed issue.
Did I break it?
Mobile Me losing e-mail
No System Preferences Mac G5
Flash Drive Issue
Mac Mini G4 sound and internet problems
Printing from laptop to unconnected printer
Love my PowerMac, but....
How do i connect my cable box to my 27" imac
Older Mac Pro vs. New iMac question
History not deleting
Questions, Questions, got some more questions
Upgrade question?
My iMac's HDD failed - Question
Making one last ditch attempt to revive FrankenMac (my old G4)
New Macbook Pro
Is there a free 'Clipboard'-Macbook Pro
What do I need to do to transfer my files to another mac, +more issues
Second Display in iMac 27"
27" Held back?
some (not all) discs get spit out
1st Gen G5 only boots in safe mode...
3 very slow programs
Will more RAM on my g3 make a difference?
Battery help please
G4 Cube and hard drive problems
Please help!
anti glare for imac
YouTube on iMac G3
Entering Skype ****!!!
What is happening to bay 4?
Need the answer quick!!
Thinking of getting a used Powermac G4
Need help finding the right OS
eMac drive
Replace start-up drive in G4?
MacBook Pro DVD Drive
imac has no os and no hd space to install new
G5 Airport extreme card wireless problem..
raid controller
mac pro wont boot after hd install
Magic Mouse Problem
Power Mac G5 Performance?
Hello & help!
Good Craigslist deal?
HDD won't show!?
OS X Application CD will not work
OS X Wont Load!! HELP!
Help! All music deleted!
eMac making noises and will not boot from cd
imac+mac book pro worth it?
Combine RAM?
Mail crashes when attempting to add a POP3 account
Imac G5 Damaged Logic Board
Buying a used PowerMac G5....PCI-E or PCI-X
Server clients just lost access to all data.
iMac (6,1) Second Monitor
Thought Problem Was Fixed???
Cant conncect mac to new phone via bluetooth
mac pro freezing on sleep
hama usb hub causes imac to wake from sleep
Calling all tech's. Boot Problem.
Shutting Down Too Hot?
How To Wipe My iMac Clean?
Mini CD's
What type of ram for a Mac g4
Internal & External Bluetooth
Imac Upgrade Question
power mac G4 processor upgrade need advice
Converting .lwp files
Worth bidding on 2004 23' cinema thats flickering in left corner?
Thinking of trading my imac for a mac pro...
Good Enough For Logic 8?
Imac Dome
Mac Mini (Early 2009) Questions
Imac G5 Broken Motherboard
Yellow screen on 24" iMac
How to use LaCie to store iMac G5 files?
Looking at Used iMac 3.06's
Bootcamp question
Old iMac help.
"detect displays" isn't there?? on 27inch Imac
Gaming on a Dual 1.8 G5 Power Mac
making an iMac with a bad logic board into a monitor?
Old iMac G4 purge
Wireless Keybaord Issues
Power Mac G4 Upgrade
Superdrive PowerMac G5 DVD-RW
Setting up a MAC for dual language users - clarification requested... (TIA)
Newbie to mac....opening browsers
Apple IMac
macpro worth it?
Internal Hard Drives not showing up suddenly
Is It A Good Time To Get A New iMac?
Airport ?
imac g5 sound "digital out"
iMac problems
Radeon HD 4850 vs GTX 285
what to look for on used g5 powermac
Restoring HDD
imac, thunderbird address recovery
snow leopard on mac mini
New 21.5 Inch iMac
Right machine for the job ...
Seagate Freeagent Go drive not recognised by Mac
IMac v10.6 Memory installation gone wrong
Magic Mouse too slow
dead logic board
Dual monitors on new 24'imac
Imac Render farm
Help with broken Imac and External Screen
boot camp followed by parallels/fusion?
Mac Classic - Transmac, rawrite and fdimage
Upgrading Mac mini
Does imac have replacable graphics card?